bulkily - in a bulky manner + Buckley + Archdruid Berkeley + FDV: Juva: Buckily: and he is fundementally fundementially theosophagusted over the whorse proceedings.

theosophy - The word was revived early in the 17th c. in Latin and vernacular forms, to denote a kind of speculation, such as is found in the Jewish Cabbala and is illustrated by the writings of Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535), Paracelsus, Robert Fludd, and others, which sought, usually by the doctrine of the macrocosm and microcosm, to derive from the knowledge of God contained in sacred books, or traditions mystically interpreted, a profounder knowledge and control of nature than could be obtained by the methods of the Aristotelian or other current philosophy. The name theosophy was often applied specifically to the system of Jacob Boehme (1575-1624), which, though not claiming to the same degree traditional authority, was largely expressed in language borrowed from writers of the school in question. The word has then and since been applied to more ancient and more recent views having more or less affinity to those already mentioned + disgusted + oesophagus.

whole + (horse race) [.34-.36]

petrification = petrifaction - the action of petrifying, conversion into stone or stony substance + petrifactionibus (dat., abl., pl.) (l) - from stonemaking.

Harald Fair Hair (Haarfager) (850-933) - first king of Norway, annexed Scottish isles + ild (Danish) - fire + horrid warfare.

dickens - the deuce, the devil + Huns.

rex (l) - king + rearises + resurrects.

memorial - something by which the memory of a person, thing, or event is preserved, as a monumental erection, a custom or an observance + FDV: Muta: Petrificationibus! Who now rearrexes from undernearth the memorialorum?

believe firmly believe. Finn Finn!

ullum verum (l) - any truth; any duty + ullo verum (l) - for anyone, certainly + all over 'em + Oliver. 

fulgor (l) - lightning

Rhodanum (l) - the Rhône river + F.E.R.T. - "Fortitudo ejus Rhodum tenuit" (His firmness guarded Rhodes). This is a tribute to Amadeus the Great (b.1249), the founder of the dynasty of Savoy. In 1310 he helped against the Saracens at the siege of Rhodes. 

relentlessly + a Roland for an Oliver - a blow for a blow, tit for tat.

ziff - a beard + tip of his staff.

ubi (l) - where + deinde (l) - next.

suavium (l) - kiss + House of Savoy.

Fenicio (Italian) - Phoenician + fenice (Italian) - phoenix + earwig's felicity + Obedientia civium urbis felicitas.

soly - obs. ff. solely (adv.) + Sol supremus (l) - Supreme Sun[-god]

leary = leery - alert, knowing, wary + High King Laoghaire (Leary) became Christian after Saint Patrick defied his orders and defeated his druids.

Rugular - king of Huns [.03] + ruga (l) - wrinkle + FDV: Muta: Why soly smiles the supremest with such for a leary on his regular rugular lips?

every time

half a crown (bet)

guy + boy.

Eurasian - of or pertaining to Eurasia, i.e. to Europe and Asia considered as forming in reality one continent + FDV: Juva: He has holf helf his crewn on the burkeley boy but he has holf his crown on the Eurasian Generalissimo. / Shoot. / Rhythm and Colour at Park Mating. Two draws. Three ties. / And here are the details.

generalissimo - the commander of a combined military force consisting of army, navy, and air force units + "In the Muta/Juva dialogue, where the actors are observed from afar, we see it as 'Bulkily', who stands apart 'in druidful scatterings', disgusted by the insult to his transcendentalism. He is opposed by HCE, Patrick, the Russian General. King Leary places bets on both sides: 'He has help his crewn on the burkeley buy but he has hoif his crown on the Eurasian Generalissimo'." (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake)

Sechseläuten - Zurich spring festival

vello (l) - to pluck  + truly (doubly) veiled.

paradisiacal - relating to or befitting Paradise + cynical.

ut (l) - as + vivat (l) - 'may he (or she) live' + volumen (l) - book + sic (l) - thus, like this + ut vivat volumen sic pereat paradisus (l) - that the volume may live, so may paradise perish, that the book may live let paradise be lost; that the revolution may live, thus let paradise perish.


wom - obs. form of whom + womb + woman + ten to one.

suck + Sucat - name given to Saint Patrick by his parents.

quaff - to drink deeply; to take a long draught


sec (fr) - dry + sic (l) - thus

water + warte (ger) - wait.

wet + wett- (ger) - bet.

pia e pura bella - Vico's Latin catch-phrase for holy wars: 'pious and pure wars' + "In FW the phrase [pura et pia bella] is sometimes used for a girl's name - say, Issy or Stella - and ought, I'm sure, to connect with Plurabelle. It must be remembered that a girl, Biddy O'Brien, caused the war at Finnegan's wake. (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake) + at pia et pura et bella (l) - indeed pious and pure and fair (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

winne - obs. form of win

og seng (Danish) - and bed + J.H. Voss: 'wine, women and song'

unification - the action or process of unifying or uniting; the result of this

pass on - to proceed from one existence or activity to another

diversity - the condition or quality of being diverse, different, or varied; difference, unlikeness

appeasement - an act of appeasing, pacification + 4-stage Viconian cycle (motif).

descends + day sends.

hot-water bottle

warming-pan - a long-handled covered pan of metal (usually of brass) to contain live coals, etc., formerly in common use for warming beds; a female bed-fellow. 

ironmonger - someone who sells hardware + Erin-mocker + monk. 

moot - discussion, debate; in later use esp. forensic argument, legal contest or pleading; meeting, assembly  (Archaic) + Moor Park, where Swift met Stella.

peredos (gr) - seat of the Gods + Peredos - a race horse, Mr Atherton says + John Milton: Paradise Lost [.16]

Grand National - famous horse race 

television + velivisio (l) - a sail-seeing; a veil-seeing; a wish-seeing + veni vidi vici (l) - I came I saw I conquered.

dub - a beat of a drum; the sound of a drum when beaten

stage - to put (a play, etc.) upon the stage

tussle - a vigorous or disorderly conflict; a severe struggle, a hard contest

willy - willing, eager; well-disposed, benevolent

widger - a small gadget or mechanical device + J.W. Widger - the most famous rider of a Waterford racing-associated family (won the 1895 Grand National race [.35] riding a horse called 'Wild Man from Borneo') [039.11] + veni vidi vici (l) - I came I saw I conquered.

drawers (*IJ*) [611.01]

heliotrope - a light purple color, similar to that typical of heliotrope flowers + (colour of drawers).