mutis (l) - you are mumbling + mutus (l) - dumb, mute

compy - written abbreviation of company + comprehend

torc - a collar, necklace, bracelet, or similar ornament consisting of a twisted narrow band or strip, usually of precious metal, worn especially by the ancient Gauls and Britons.

Kabis (Swiss German) - cabbage + FDV: the royal golden breasttorc of the tint of curly cabbage,

negativistic - of, pertaining to, or characterized by negativism (doctrine characterized by denial)

verdant - of a green hue or colour; green + FDV: the verdant mantle of the monarch as of the green viridity of laurel boughs leaves,

(notebook 1923): 'ready rainroof (parapluie)' (French parapluie: umbrella)

exubero (l) - to grow luxuriantly, to be abundant + exuberans (l) - superfluous.

ober (ger) - over, higher

dead spit of - just like

exuberance - an overflowing amount or quantity; a superabundance

Ard Ri (ardri) (gael) - High King + tsar = czar - a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917).

thyme - a plant of the genus Thymus, N.O. LabiatŠ, comprising shrubby herbs with fragrant aromatic leaves, found chiefly in the Mediterranean region + FDV: the commanding azure eyes of a thyme and parsley aspect,

alongside - side by side with

nos (l) - we


sowl (Irish Pronunciation) - soul + soul of a bitch's bastard (bishop pastor).

enamel - an opaque or semitransparent glassy substance applied to metallic or other hard surfaces for ornament or as a protective coating

maledictive - invoking evil, accursed

then ollave (notebook 1923) Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 86: 'A student who had passed through the various degrees and attained to the highest grade was known as an 'Ollave or Doctor''.

lentil - a name for duckweed + FDV: the enamelled Indian gem of the ruler's maledictive ring as a rich once an olive lentil,

kikiriki (ger) - cockadoodledoo + kiri (Japanese) - fog.

violaceous - of a violet colour; purplish blue + FDV: the violet violaceous warwon contusions of the prince's features tinged uniformly as with an infusion a brew of sennacassia.

cuntusion - a bruise + contusiones (pl.) (l) - batterings, bruisings; bruises.

highup - in a high or elevated position, high above the ground; also fig., of high place or rank

cocky - 'vain, affecting airs of importance' (Jam.); conceited; arrogantly pert

sublime - standing high above others by reason of nobility or grandeur of nature or character + sublimissime (l) - most loftily.

autocrat - a monarch of uncontrolled authority; an absolute, irresponsible governor

glut - full indulgence in some pleasure, ending in satiety or disgust

saturated - completely satisfied, filled to repletion (obs.); Of colours: Free from admixture of white.

tinge - to impart a trace or slight shade of some colour to; to tint; to modify the tint or colour of

allaround - around all the parts of, round in every direction

sicut (l) - so as, just as, as for example

chowchow (Slang) - food

sennachie - In Ireland and the Scottish Highlands: One professionally occupied in the study and transmission of traditional history, genealogy, and legend; now chiefly Sc. a Gaelic teller of legendary romances + Seneca, Lucius Annaeus - (1) the elder, a rhetorician (54 B.C-A.D. 39), author of Controversiae, or (2) the younger (3 B.C.-AD. 65), Stoic, politician, playwright, Nero's tutor + medicinal Senna leaves of some Cassia species. 

Sukkot = Succoth - Feast of Tabernacles (a Jewish festival, commemorating the dwelling of the Israelites in tents during their sojourn in the wilderness, held from the 15th to the 23rd of October. It was also called the Feast of Ingathering, and was observed as a thanksgiving for the harvest) + Sucat - name Saint Patrick's parents gave him.

Punkt (ger) - period + FDV: Bigseer, refrects the petty padre, you pore blackinwhite blackinwhitepaddynger, by thiswise apatstrophied and paralogically periparolysed, as he Me My appropinquisher tappropinquish to his Me wipenmeselps' gnosegates a handcaughsheaf of shammyrag as to himshers seemingsuch the sound sense sympol in a weedwayedwold of the fire firethere that the sun in his halo cast. Onman

padre - 'Father': a title applied in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Spanish America, to the regular clergy.

out of whack - disordered, malfunctioning; out of order or alignment

take a tumble - to realize the facts of one's situation, to wake up to something

poor + FDV: you pore blackinwhite blackinwhitepaddynger,

chiaroscuro - the style of pictorial art in which only the light and shade, and not the various colours, are represented + shiroi (Japanese) - white + kuroi (Japanese) - black.

thiswise - in this manner, thus + FDV: by thiswise apatstrophied and paralogically periparolysed,

aposteriori - A phrase used to characterize reasoning or arguing from effects to causes, from experience and not from axioms; Facetious. From behind, on the back, on the buttocks + a posteriori (l) - empirical.

apostrophized - addressed in an apostrophe + atrophied.

paralogical (obs.) - involving or characterized by paralogism or false reasoning; illogical, unreasonable

peri- - 'round, around, round about, about, near' + periparalysis (gr) - allaround paralysis.

celestial - of or pertaining to heaven, as the abode of God (or of the heathen gods), of angels, and of glorified spirits

iro (Japanese) - colour

Iris - Greek rainbow-goddess

rainbow (pot of gold at end) + boon (Dutch) - bean.

for (the) time being - during the period under consideration

completamente (it) - completely + complementarily.

neutro- - combining form of neuter (taking neither one side nor the other; neither male nor female) + electrolysis - chemical decomposition by electricity.

viridity - the quality or state of being virid or green + virtud (sp) - virtue.

Sager (ger) - sayer

eruption + ruber (l) - red + eruberuptio (l) - a red breaking-out.

appropinquo (l) - to approach + t'appropinqui (it) - you come near + FDV: as he Me My appropinquisher tappropinquish to his Me wipenmeselps' gnosegates

gn˘sis (gr) - knowledge

handkerchief + hand-caught sheaf + FDV: a handcaughsheaf of shammyrag

shammy - composed or made of 'shammy' or chamois leather + seamarog (shamerog) (gael) - trefoil, clover, shamrock.

Saint Patrick landed in Ireland in A.D. 432.

Balenoarch - scrambled Italian arcobaleno, rainbow; Italian baleno, "lightning flash" + Balor (balor) (gael) - Fomorian king, grandfather of Lugh + archos (gr) - ruler, leader.

wide wide world

father + FDV: as to himshers seemingsuch the sound sense sympol in a weedwayedwold of the fire firethere that the sun in his halo cast. Onman

holocaust + blessing: 'In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen'.

begotter ~ begotten - procreated + Gotter (ger) - gods + begetter.

bog cotton - any of several bog seeds + begotten.

begad - an exclamation, used to give weight to a statement + begat.

up to putty - worthless, useless (Austral. colloq.)

shutting + (Laoghaire's druid (called Luchru or Lochru) performed miracle of blotting out sun).

shutter + Schatten (ger) - shadow, shade.

stonker - to render useless; to put out of action, thwart. Also, to kill, destroy; to defeat or outwit

thumping - fig. (colloq.) Of striking size, extent, or amount; exceptionally large or heavy + thumb


arse (exposed when Patrick kneels) + Ard (ard) (gael) - High.

thud - a heavy blow; a thump with the fist. Also fig. a severe affliction, a 'blow' + REFERENCE