safe - to render safe or secure + FDV: Good Gold Gowd Good safe firelamp! hailed the heliots. Goldselforelump! alled they. Awed. Where thereon the skyfold high trampatrampatramp. Adie. Per ye oomdoom doominoom noonstroom. Yeasome priestoms priestomes. Fullyhum toowhoom. / Taawhaar?  

firelamp - Mining. A basket of burning coals used to give light to banksmen where gas is not used + Ireland + {the people, converted, cheer Patrick, as the sun rises — the debate of Saint Patrick and Archdruid Berkeley ends}

hail - to call out in order to attract attention

helot - Gr. Antiq. One of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta, intermediate in status between the ordinary slaves and the free Spartan citizens + helios (gr) - sun.

Hall (ger) - sound

awed - influenced by dread or reverence; awe-struck

thereon - on that, after or as a result of some specified thing; on or upon that or it

scaffold + God Save Ireland (song): '"God save Ireland," said the heroes; "God save Ireland," said they all; "Whether on the scaffold high, or the battlefield we die"' [air: Tramp, Tramp, Tramp].

tramp - a heavy or forcible tread, a stamp

adio + a die (l) - from the day

condoom (Dutch) - condom + oom (Dutch) - uncle + FDV: Per ye oomdoom doominoom noonstroom. Yeasome priestoms priestomes. Fullyhum toowhoom. / Taawhaar?

stroom (Dutch) - stream + per jucundum Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum Filium tuum (l) - through our dear Lord Jesus Christ thy Son.

Teamhar (t'our) (gael) - Prospective-hill; ancient royal capital; anglic. Tara + to where?

sant - obs. var. saint

sog - a drowsy or lethargic state; a sleep, doze, stupor + sagart (sogert) (gael) - priest + Ireland, isle of saints and sages (phrase).

cob - a short-legged, stout variety of horse, usually ridden by heavy persons

karl = carl (obs.) - a man of the common people; more particularly a countryman, a husbandman; esp. A bondman, a villain.

tante (Danish), From French tante, from Old French ante, from Latin amita - “paternal aunt”

Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: 'Tis Gone And For Ever: ''Tis gone and for ever, the light we saw breaking' [air: Savournah Deelish].

poor + pour (French) - for.

daddy + today + FDV: 'Tis gone in farover. So fore now, dayleash. Pour deday. And let every crisscouple be so crosscomplimentary little eggons, youlk and meek meelk in a farbiger pancosmos. With a hottyhammyum all round. Gudstruce!


feis (fesh) (gael) - convention, celebration, festival + feist (ger) - corpulent + Feast of Tabernacles or Succoth - a Jewish festival, commemorating the dwelling of the Israelites in tents during their sojourn in the wilderness, held from the 15th to the 23rd of Tisri (October).

Scenopegia - the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles + skênopêgia (gr) - setting up of tents.

seamrog (shamrog) (gael) - shamrock

shining + Erscheinung (ger) - appearance, phenomenon.

eggs + ons (Dutch) - us.

yolk - the yellow internal part of an egg, surrounded by the 'white' or albumen, and serving as nourishment for the young before it is hatched + you

me + melk (Dutch) - milk + FDV: And let every crisscouple be so crosscomplimentary little eggons, youlk and meek meelk in a farbiger pancosmos.

fabrig (ger) - coloured, mottled, speckled + far bigger.

pancosmic - pertaining or relating to the whole universe

hotty - a hot-water bottle + Houyhnhnms are a race of intelligent horses described in the last part of Jonathan Swift's satirical Gulliver's Travels.

Guds (Danish) - God's

fuit (l) - there was + fiat (l) - let there be + Bury: The Life of St. Patrick 79: (quoting a prophecy attributed to the Irish High King's druids, concerning Saint Patrick and his future conversion of the Irish) 'all his household will respond, So be it, so be it' (or in Latin 'fiat, fiat') + FDV: Yet is no body present here which was not there before. Only is the order other othered. Nought is nulled. Fiutfiat!

laud - praise, high commendation + "The central oriel representing St Lawrence O'Toole is now illuminated by the dawnlight" (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake).

benedictive - characterized by blessing, tending to bless

spathe - Bot. A large bract or sheathing-leaf enveloping the inflorescence (usually a spadix) of certain plants, as arums, palms, etc., in such a way as completely to enclose it before expansion + REFERENCE

calyptra - a hood or cover

glume - one of the chaff-like bracts which form the calyx or outer envelope in the inflorescence of grasses and sedges (PICTURE)

involucrum - outer covering, envelope; covering membrane

periantheo (gr) - to bloom

Amenta - Egyptian underworld + six kinds of flower calyx (i.e. cup [.26], sepals) according to Linnaeus: spathe (sheathed), calyptre (cowled), glume (dry, husky), involucre (remote from flower, whorled), perianth (combined with corolla), amentum (catkin).

fungo - a mushroom or fungus

musca (l) - fly + filical - of or pertaining to ferns.

gramin- - grass + gramen (l) - grass.

palmula - Entom. A process between the tarsal claws in certain insects + seven families of plants according to Linnaeus: fungi (funguses, vagabonds), algae (seaweeds, slaves), musci (mosses, servants), phylli (missing), filices (ferns, neo-colonists), gramineae (grasses, plebeans), palmae (palms, princes).

pantheon - a temple or sacred building dedicated to all the gods, or where images or other memorials of all the deities of a nation are collected + FDV: A spathe of calyptrous glume involucrumines the perinanthean Amenta: fungoalguceous muscafilicial graminapalmular planteon:

melivorous - feeding on honey + vivivorus (l) - feeding on life, eating what is alive + FDV: of increasing, livavid livavic livivorous, feelful thinkamalinks;

luxuriate - to grow or develop exuberantly

everywhence - from every direction + whithersoever - to whatever place.


charnel - a burial-place, cemetery (obs.); a skeleton (obs. rare.) + cyst - Path. A closed cavity or sac of a morbid or abnormal character, containing liquid or semi-solid matter; Bot. A cell or cavity containing reproductive bodies, embryos, etc.

range - to move hither and thither over a comparatively large area; to rove, roam

jawrope - (Naut.), the rope which fastens the two horns or prongs of the boom or gaff round the mast + joyride.

knut - a fashionable or showy young man + knots

thea - a genus of evergreen shrubs + thea (l) - tea + thea (gr) - goddess + FDV: luxuriotiating everywhencewhithersoever among skullhullows and charnelcysts of a weedwastewoldware weedwastewoldwevild when Ralph the Retriever ranges to jawrode his knuts knuckles and her theas thighs;

nauseous - causing nausea or squeamishness; in later use also, highly unpleasant to the taste or smell + Ulysses.8.1031: 'a ravenous terrier choked up a sick knuckly cud on the cobble stones and lapped it with new zest'.


boomerang +  {flowers open to the growing sunlight — morning, with breakfast and bowel movements, has arrived}

paint - painted (fig. Adorned with bright or varied colouring, highly coloured, variegated) + pænt (Danish) - nice, pretty.

spickspan = abbrev. of spick and span - particularly neat, trim, or smart; suggestive of something quite new or unaffected by wear + FDV: one gugulp down of the nauseous forere brarkfarsts oboboomaround and you're right as paint and spick span as a rainbow; amess in amullium; chlorid cup.

Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: Wreath the Bowl [air: Noran Kista]

runco (l) - to weed, to weed out + rancour - a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.

amulium (l) = amulion (gr) - cake + a million.

chlorid (rare.) - of a greenish tint of complexion + florid - elaborately or excessively ornamented.

FDV: Health, chalce, endnessness endnessessity endnessnessessity! Arrive, lukkypiggers, in a poke! The folgor of the frightfools is olymically olympically optimominous; it there is bound to be a lovleg day for mirrages in the open; Murnane and Aveling are undertoken to berr berry that ortchert; provided that. You got to make good that breach suit, Seamer. You going to haulm port hulme huolm, Toilermaster. You still yet must get up to kill (nonparticular). You still stand by and do as hit (private). While for yous, Jasminia Aruna and all your likers, affinitavely must it be by you elected if Monogynes his is or hers Diander, the tubous, limbered limbersome and nectarial. Owned or grazeheifer, ethel or frankling, Mopsus or Gracchus, all your horoditis will incessantlament be coming back from the great wash wishwash Annone Wishwashouse, Ormepierre Lodge, [Doone of the Drumes, [blanches bountifully]], nights end made up, every article entrusted to our care going through several latherings and every lathering leaving several rinsings so as if each rinse results in with a different role dapperent rolle, cuffs for meek and chokers for sheek and a kink in the pacts for namby. Forbeer, forbear! For nought that is has bane. In the mournenslaund. Themes have thimes and habit reborns reburns. To flame in you. Ardour vigor forders order. As Since ancient was our living is in possible to be. Delivered as. Caffirs and culls and onceagain overalls all the fittest survivalives that blud blued, iorn and storridge can make them. Whichus all claims. Clean. Whenascleeps Whenatscleeps. Close. And the mannormillor clipperclappers. Noxt. Dose.

chalice - a drinking-cup or goblet; spec. The cup in which the wine is administered in the celebration of the eucharist + chance.

buy a pig in a poke - to make a risky purchase without inspecting the item beforehand. The phrase can also be applied to accepting an idea or plan without a full understanding of its basis; Pig-in-a-poke is an idiom that refers to a confidence trick originating in the Late Middle Ages, when meat was scarce but apparently rats and cats were not. The scheme entailed the sale of a "suckling pig" in a "poke" (bag). The wriggling bag would actually contain a cat — not particularly prized as a source of meat — that was sold to the victim in an unopened bag. This trick also appears to be the origin of the expressions "Let the cat out of the bag", meaning 'to reveal that which is secret' (if the would-be buyer opened the bag, the trick would be revealed) + lykke (Danish) - luck + Lilliputians - the tiny inhabitants of Lilliput in Swift's Gulliver's Travels.

fulgur (l) = folgore (it) - thunderbolt, lightning-flash + Folger (ger) - follower + father of the faithful (after Rom. iv. 11) - Abraham + Commander or Father of the Faithful - titles applied by Muslims to the Caliph.

optimominosus (l) - full of the best omens

lovely + lovlig (Danish) - legal, lawful.

mirage - an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions; something that appears real or possible but is not + 4-stage Viconian cycle (thunder, marriage, burial, providence).

morning + Murnane - in some renditions, Finn's mother + muirnin (murnin) (gael) - sweetheart.

aoibhinn (evin) (gael) - delightful, pleasant + aluinn (alin) (gael) - beautiful, lovely + evening.

berry - to go a berrying, i.e. gathering berries + carry

ortchard = orchard + bury the hatchet.

provided - on the condition, supposition, or understanding (that)

seamer - an operator of a seaming machine, one that seams + FDV: You got to make good that breach suit, Seamer.

haulm - a stalk or stem; the stalks or stems collectively of peas, beans, or potatoes without the pods or tubers + Home Sweet Home (song).

tailor + FDV: You going to haulm port hulme huolm, Toilermaster.

get up - to dress (the person, hair, etc.) in a certain way + got up to kill - very well-dressed + FDV: You still yet must get up to kill (nonparticular). You still stand by and do as hit (private).

in particular - particularly, especially

yous - dial. varr. you pers. pron. (with pl. inflection, though used in sing. sense also)

a run (arun) (gael) - my secret (endearment: darling) + aruna (Sanskrit) - the dawn + (*I*).

affinitatively - by way of affinity

Monogynia - the first order in each of the first thirteen classes of the Linnæan Sexual System, comprising plants having flowers with only one pistil or stigma + monogynes (gr) - a one-woman man.

diander - a plant bearing flowers with two stamens + andrôn (gr) - of men + in Linnaean classification of flowering plants, genus Jasminum belongs to order Monogynia (having one pistil (female organ or wife)) which belongs to class Diandria (having two stamens (male organs or husbands)).

nectarial - of the nature of a nectary + in Linnaean account of flowers, the corolla (i.e. whorl, petals) has three parts: tubus (throat), limbus (expanded part) and nectarium (where nectar is produced) + FDV: While for yous, Jasminia Aruna and all your likers, affinitavely must it be by you elected if Monogynes his is or hers Diander, the tubous, limbered limbersome and nectarial.