grazing heifer + Ondt/Gracehoper (motif).

ethel - Of things, actions, etc.: Noble, excellent, splendid, fine, pleasant, 'grand' + ćdel (Danish) - nobleman.

bonde (Danish) - peasant

Mopsus - (1) soothsayer with the Argonauts, or (2) son of Apollo, also a soothsayer + "Eventually we are to hear the laundry of I.8 being delivered (614.01-18)" (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake)

Gracchus (l) - name of a family of prominent Roman statesmen

Herodotos (gr) - Greek historian + heredity - the passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another.


wishwash - a contemptuous name for weak, insipid, or unsubstantial drink (or liquid food) + wash house + FDV: Owned or grazeheifer, ethel or frankling, Mopsus or Gracchus, all your horoditis will incessantlament be coming back from the great wash wishwash Annone Wishwashouse, Ormepierre Lodge,

orme, pierre (fr) - elm, stone

Dun Droma (dun drume) (gael) - Fort of the Ridge; S. Dublin suburb; anglic. Dundrum

blanch - white paint, esp. for the face (obs.) + blanche (fr) - white (feminine) + bleaches.

bountifully - generously, plentifully + beautifully + FDV: [Doone of the Drumes, [blanches bountifully]], nights end made up,


lather - to cover with or as with a lather; to wash in or with a lather

rinse - spec. to put through clean water in order to remove the soap used in washing

dapper - marked by smartness in dress and manners + different.

Rolle (ger) - role + FDV: every article entrusted to our care going through several latherings and every lathering leaving several rinsings so as if each rinse results in with a different role dapperent rolle,

cuff - the end part of a sleeve, where the material of the sleeve is turned back or a separate band is sewn on

choker - a large neckerchief which was worn high round the throat

kink - a sudden bend in a line, course, or the like that is otherwise straight or smoothly curved + kick in the pants.

namby pamby - Of persons: Inclined to weak sentimentality, affected daintiness, or childish simplicity; a namby-pamby person + FDV: cuffs for meek and chokers for sheek and a kink in the pacts for namby.

forbear - to abstain or refrain from (some action or procedure); to spare, show mercy or indulgence to

bane (Archaic) - death + been + FDV: Forbeer, forbear! For nought that is has bane.

Morgenland (ger) - the Orient + Mourne Mountains, County Down + FDV: In the mournenslaund. Themes have thimes and habit reborns reburns.  

ardor - fierce or burning heat; concr. fire, flame

vigor = vigour

forder- (ger) - demand, challenge; advance, implement + fathers + Teems of times and happy returns, the seim anew, ordovico or viricordo (motif) + FDV: To flame in you. Ardour vigor forders order. As Since ancient was our living is in possible to be.

kaffir - 'infidel', Giaour; low fellow (Slang)

cull - a dupe, silly fellow, simpleton, fool + 'Collars and Cuffs' - nickname of Duke of Clarence and Avondale [214.29]

overalls - trousers of strong material, worn, with a similar shirt, as an outer garment by travellers, explorers, soldiers, cowboys, etc.

(best-fitting) + 'survival of the fittest' (phrase).

blue - to make blue in color; to spend lavishly or wastefully, squander + Blood and Iron - a famous speech by the Prussian statesman Otto von Bismarck about the unification of Germany through military means.

starch + FDV: Delivered as. Caffirs and culls and onceagain overalls all the fittest survivalives that blud blued, iorn and storridge can make them.

Manor Mill Steam Laundry, Dundrum, Dublin

clipperclapper - of the nature of a clapper that goes quickly + "Which we all like. Rain. When we sleep. Drops. But wait until our sleeping. Drain. Sdops." [074.17-.19]

nox (l) - night + next + FDV: Whichus all claims. Clean. Whenascleeps Whenatscleeps. Close. And the mannormillor clipperclappers. Noxt. Dose.

Sinn fein, sinn fein amhain (shin fen shin fen awan) (gael) - Ourselves, ourselves alone + FDV: Fennsense, finnsonse, awarn!

tuck up - the action or an act of tucking someone up in bed + FDV: Tuck off upp those wide shorts. Peeps.

shorts - underpants + Moore and Burgess Minstrels used the catch-phrase 'take off that white hat!'

busket = bosket - a plantation in a garden, park, etc., of underwood and small trees; a thicket + pick of the basket.

give - elasticity

puett = pewit - a widely-diffused name of the Lapwing + pet

guetter (fr) - to watch + Parnell: 'When you sell, get my price' + FDV: If you soil may, puett, guett me prives.

newman - man regenerated by religious conversion or experience

marge = margin + Parnell, speech in Cork, 1885: 'No man has a right to fix the boundary of the march of a nation'.

notion - a vague awareness or understanding of the nature of something + unconscious - Psychol. The unconscious mind.

inition (rare.) - entrance, beginning, initiation + A Nation Once Again (song) + FDV: For newmanmaun set a marge to the merge of in unnotions. Innition wons agame.

cherish - to protect and care for (someone) lovingly

persuasiveness - power of persuasion, the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty + peruse - to read thoroughly or carefully.


assemblement - an assembly, assemblage, gathering + FDV: A plain plainplanned liffeyism assemblements Eblania's conglomerate horde.

Eblana - Ptolemy's name for Dublin

conglomerate - gathered together into a more or less rounded mass, or consisting of parts so gathered; clustered. Also fig.

horde - a great company, esp. of the savage, uncivilized, or uncultivated

deva - a god, a divinity; one of the good spirits of Hindu mythology + deva (Pan-Slavonic) - girl + Dear Dirty Dublin + {the dream starts to be forgotten, to be only subliminally remembered — leaving behind many questions}

mole - small velvety-furred burrowing mammal having small eyes and fossorial forefeet

millwheel - a wheel used to drive a mill, esp. a water-wheel used for that purpose

cyclometer - an apparatus attached to the wheel of a vehicle, esp. of a cycle, for registering the distance traversed

tetra- - four + four-dimensional.

gazebo - a turret or lantern on the roof of a house, usually for the purpose of commanding an extensive prospect; also, a similar erection in a garden or pleasure ground; a belvedere or look-out; a projecting window or balcony + gazebo (fake l) - I shall gaze + kritikon (gr) - something picked out, choice.

mamalujo + mamma (l, gr) - female breast.

scandaller (obs.) - one who utters scandal; one who slanders + Sheridan: School for Scandal.

matty (rare.) - matted + Matthew

John-a-dog - an official formerly employed to whip dogs out of a church or chapel + John-a-dreams - generic for 'a dreamy fellow' (William Shakespeare: Hamlet II.2.553) + (Johnny MacDougal and his ass).

autokinetical (obs.) - self-moving, possessed of spontaneous activity + autokinęton (Modern Greek) - self-moving (thing), automobile.

clapper - the contrivance in a mill for striking or shaking the hopper so as to make the grain move down to the millstones + coupling - the name of various contrivances for connecting parts of constructions or machinery, esp. in order to transmit motion.

smelt - to fuse or melt (ore, etc.) in order to extract the metal

expressive - serving to express, indicate, or represent + Work in Progress - Joyce's name for Finnegans Wake during composition.

homely - such as belongs to home or is produced or practised at home (esp. a humble home) + Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

catch-as-catch-can - the Lancashire style of wrestling (expressing laying hold of in any way, each as he can) + (birth, marriage, burial, ricorso).

portal vein - the vena porta, or great vein formed by the union of the veins from the stomach, intestine, and spleen, conveying blood to the liver, where it divides again into branches.

dialytically - by way of dialysis (Chem. Any process in which particles of different kinds are selectively removed from a liquid as a consequence of differences in their capacity to pass through a membrane into another liquid) + dialectically.

decomposition - separation or resolution (of anything) into its constituent elements

pet - specially cherished, for which one has a particular fondness or weakness, favourite

eroticism - a sexual impulse or desire; erotic spirit or character

eccentricity - deviation from an established pattern, rule or norm

legacy - anything handed down by an ancestor or predecessor