(not blushing, i.e. innocent) + FDV: Mr Stores Humphreys: Just as there is a good in evin, Levia, my cheek is a compleet bleenk.]

plumb - exactly, directly, precisely + thumb.

fingers + FDV: Plumb. One two three four. Finckers.

hizz - to make a hissing or whizzing noise + hazard + hussars + his arse + FDV: Up the hind nose of hizzahs hizzars.]]]

plus + FDV: Whereupon our best thanks to a hundred and eleven ploose one thousand and one other blessings

epistle - a letter. Chiefly (from its use in translations from L. and Gr.) applied to letters written in ancient times, esp. to those which rank as literary productions, or to those of a public character, or addressed to a body of persons + FDV: will now conclude concloose thoose epoostles to your great kindest, well, for all at trouble to took.

The Letter: all at home's health

Fionn-tamhnach (fintounokh) (gael) - Fair Arable-land, town, Co. Tyrone + Joyce's note: 'Fintona' Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Howth section: 'Balkill-road... Finn, Denis, Fintona £24'.

Danis (l) - from the Danes

dire - 'dreadful, dismal, mournful, horrible, terrible, evil in a great degree' + dearest of households (husbands), who will be true (who I'll be true to).

The Letter: unto life's end

brass - money in general, cash (slang or dial.) + phrase 'pocket full of brass' (wealth) + FDV: We are all at home for ourselfsake, that direst of housebonds, whool wheel be true unto loves end so long as we has a pockle full of brass.

pillow - to rest or place (the head, etc.) on or as on a pillow; to lay down on a pillow

conjure up - to call upon, constrain (a devil or spirit) to appear or do one's bidding, by the invocation of some sacred name or the use of some 'spell'; to raise or bring into existence as by magic, occult influence, the art or tricks of the conjuror.

stinker - one that stinks; an offensive or disgustingly contemptible person

foon - obs. pl. of foe + Finn MacCool.

Magrath + (snakes crawl) [618.01]

park + Phoenix Park Murders, 1882 + FDV: Impossible to remember persons in improbable to forget position places. Who would pellow his head off to conjure up a, well, particularly mean stinkerlike funn make called Foon MacCrawl? brothers, mystery man of the pork martyrs?

gibberish - unintelligible speech belonging to no known language, and supposed to be of arbitrary invention; inarticulate chatter, jargon + Vercingetorix (d. 46) - Gallic chieftain who revolted against Julius Caesar + FDV: [Force in gidderish.]

Lorcan (lurkan) (gael) - diminutive of lorc, "fierce"; anglic. Laurence + "Thomas a Becket and Lawrence O'Toole have also changed their characters during the blackout" (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake).

Caractacus - British chieftain who resisted the Romans (48-51) but was captured and sent to Rome + cul (fr) - arse + characters + FDV: Tomothy and Lorcan, the bucket toolers, both are Timsons now they've changed their characticuls during their blackout.

Conan (konan) (gael) - masc. personal name, diminutive of Conn ("intelligence") or name beginning Con- "high"): Conan Maol ("Bald Conan") - companion of Fionn Mac Cumhail, buffoon of Fianna.

Blazes Boylan (Ulysses) + Conan Doyle (had a passion for boxing).

beat, scare, etc., the daylight(s) out of (a person) - to beat, scare (a person) severely + FDV: Conan Boyle Boyles will push pudge the daylights out through him, if we they are correctly informed. Fing! One must simply laugh. Fing him aging!

ould (Irish Pronunciation) - old + Music, Maestro, Please (song).

grand + band + brand (Dutch) = Brand (German) - fire + Henrik Ibsen: Brand.

sing + finger + fing (ger) - caught.

good luck - good fortune, success + Joyce's note: 'good licks' → Mark Twain: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, ch. 35: 'No! O, good-licks, are you in real dead-wood earnest, Tom?'

make up - (esp. Theatr.) To prepare (an actor) for the impersonation of a character by dressing him in an appropriate costume and disguising his features by means of false hair, cosmetics, etc. + make him to wake up + FDV: This Well, this ought to wake him to makeup.

murdherer (Irish Pronunciation) - murderer + Joyce's note: 'fairy g —' Fairy Godmother dresses Cinderella in pantomime Cinderella.

redress - to dress again; to set (a person or thing) upright again; to raise again to an erect position. Also fig. to set up again, restore, re-establish.

gilly - a stupid person, a woman of easy virtue; a wallflower (dial.) + gillie (Irish) - servant, lad + man in the gap (Anglo-Irish) - a sturdy defender (from Irish beárna baoghail: gap of danger) + Gaping Ghyl - a 330-foot deep vertical shaft in Yorkshire (mentioned in The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. V, 'Cave', 574c) [036.35]

sprowl - obs. Sc. variant of sprawl (to crawl from one place to another in a struggling or ungraceful manner) + sprawly - of a sprawling character, straggly.

fool + Finn + FDV: Gilly in the gap. The big bad old sprowly all some uttering foon!

stuff - Cookery. To fill (the inside of a bird or animal, a piece of meat, etc.) with forcemeat, herbs, etc. as a stuffing; to fill (oneself, one's stomach, etc.) to repletion with food.

pudding + FDV: Has now stuffed last podding.

take place

six + FDV: His fooneral will sneak pleace by creeps o'clock toosday.

today + Tuesday.

willkommen (ger) - welcome + king will come + Lord's Prayer: 'kingdom come' + FDV: Kingen will commen.

brewer - one who brews; spec. one whose trade is to make malt liquors + Allsop's Ale.

mansion house - the house of the lord of a manor, a large residence + Mansion House - Lord-Mayor's residence, Dublin.

Morning Post - London newspaper

BOSTON - Seaport city, capital of Mass, US, home of the former Boston Evening Transcript + The Letter: Boston Transcript.

transcribe - to make a copy of (something) in writing; to copy out from an original + FDV: Pens picture [at Manshem House Horsegardens shown] in Morning Post as from Boston Transcript Transcripped.

femelles (fr) - females

predominant - more abundant as an element; prevailing, prevalent (twenty-eight is more than twelve) + pre-Adam.

11:32 a.m. + *Q* and *O* + FDV: [Femelles will be preadominant as from twentyeight to twelve.

forther = further + The Letter: lovely present/parcel of cakes & born gentleman & poor Father Michael & don't forget & grand funeral/fun-for-all + FDV: To hear that lovelade parson, of case, a bawl gentlemale and give pore forther moracles.] Don't forget.

concieved - admitted into, or originated in, the mind; imagined, thought of, etc. + The Letter: hopes to soon hear + FDV: The grand fooneral will now shortly occur. Remember. The remains must be removed before eight hours shorp. With earnestly conceived hopes.

maya (Sanskrit) - illusion + Meus Deus (Latin) + May Day + The Letter: well Maggy/Madge/Majesty.

duteous - dutiful, submissive, obedient, subservient + Bridges: 'The duteous day now closeth' + FDV: So help us witness to this day, to hand in sleep. From Of Mayasdaysed most duteoused.

FDV: Well, here's lettering you erronymously anent other clerical fands alleged herewith. How about it? Our shape was being much admired from the first. Referring to the Married Woman's Improperty Act a correspondent paints out that the Swees Aubumn vogue is hanging down straith fitting to her innocenth eyes. O, felicias felicious coolpote coolpose! If all the McCrawls would only handle virgils like Armsworks, Limited! Never mind Micklemash! Chat me us instead! The cad with the pipe's wife, Lily Kinsella, who became the wife of Mr Snakers and in the hands of the kissing solicitor, will now engage in attentions. Pale bellies our mild cure, back and streaky ninepence. The thicks off Bully's Acre was got up by Sully. And she had a certain medicine brought to her in a licenced victualler's bottle. Shame! Thrice shame! We are advised the waxy is at the present in the Sweeps hospital and that he may never come out. Only look through your leatherbox with P.C.Q. about 4.32 full view to be surprised to see under the grand piano one day on the sofa Lily and a lady very solicitously on the sofa pulling a low [and then [he'd begin to jump a little bit to] find out what goes on besides the solicitous busness by] kissing and looking into a mirror.

lettering - the action of writing letters, letter-writing

anonymously (King Mark supposedly got an anonymous letter) + erroneously.

anent - in respect or reference to, regarding, concerning

fand (obs.) - the action of trying; trial, proof, experience + fanden (Danish) - the devil + finds + Fand is an early Irish sea goddess, later described as a "Queen of the Fairies". Her name is variously translated as "Pearl of Beauty" or "A Tear". She is seen as the most beautiful of goddesses, associated with the Other World islands of pleasure, youth and women.

herewith - with this; along with or together with this

wast - arhaic past of to be

tyke - a dog; usually in depreciation or contempt, a low-bred or coarse dog; a low-bred, lazy, mean, surly, or ill-mannered fellow + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies, song: I Wish I Was by That Dim Lake [air: I Wish I Was on Yonder Hill].

yonther - obs. form of yonder

heel - Among criminals: a double-crosser, a sneak-thief; more generally: a dishonourable or untrustworthy person, a rotter + Genesis 25:26: 'And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's heel; and his name was called Jacob'.

juvenile - a young person, a youth

native copper (Joyce's note) → Copper, as native copper, is one of the few metallic elements to occur in uncombined form as a natural mineral, although most commonly occurs in oxidized states and mixed with other elements. Native copper was an important ore of copper in historic times and was used by pre-historic peoples.

impropriety - want of accordance with good manners or decorum; unbecomingness, indecency; morally improper conduct + Married Womens' Property Act, 1883.

paint out - to express or display by painting, to execute in colours (obs.); fig. To depict as in a painting or vivid description + points out.

Swiss Autumn + Oliver Goldsmith: The Deserted Village 1: 'Sweet Auburn!' + (hair).