humpty-dumpty (Slang) - ale boiled with brandy + FDV: after his good few mugs of four ale and shag.

shag - a strong coarse tobacco cut into fine shreds

original + uro (l) - I burn + gyn (gr) - woman + urogenital.

apiece - for each piece, article, thing, or (colloq.) person; each, for each, to each + Joyce's note: 'cut & come again / one apiece' PICTURE

father + Adam Seaton Findlater (1855-1911), manager of Findlater and Company, grocers, politician in Edwardian Dublin, involved in 1903 in revision of Griffith's Valuation act (a rent reduced to the government rating valuation of the farm) in Dublin and Belfast + Alex Findlater (grand-uncle of Adam Seaton Findlater), founder of Findlater and Company, general grocers, wine and spirit merchants, 29-31 Upper Sackville Street, built Abbey Presbyterian Church, Dublin.


Griffith, Arthur (1872-1922) - edited The United Irishman, founded Sinn Fein, was briefly president of the Free State.

variations + varus (l) - contrary 

Christmas + crossword puzzle.

Parzelle (ger) - parcel (land) + The Letter: lovely present/parcel of cakes + FDV: While for whoever likes that urogynal pan of cakes one apiece it is thanks, to beloved, to Adam, our first earlyfirst Finnllater, for his beautiful crossmess parzel.

FDV: Well, we simply like their dumb cheek cheeks wagging here around about around he being that as bothered that he possibly pausably could by the fallth of hampty damp. Certified reformed peoples are proftably proptably saying to quite agreeable deef. Here gives your answer, pigs and scuts. It He is another he what lives stays under the himp of holth. The herewaker of the fame name our hamefame is his real namesame who will get himself up and erect, confident and heroic when but, young as of old, a wee one woos.

demd - damned + Joyce's note: 'it like his cheek' 47471b-022v, MT: Well, I like their ^+damn+^ cheek for them to go and say around about he as bothered as he possible could. | JJA 46:278 | Dec 1923 |

Rath Garbh (ragorev) (gael) - Rough Fort; S. Dublin district; anglic. Rathgar

wag - to be in motion or activity; to stir, move; to oscillate, shake, or sway alternately in opposite directions

amphi - on both sides, of both kinds, both, around + alphabet

bothered (Irish) - deaf (from Irish: bodhar)

pausably (obs. rare.) - in the way of pausing or dwelling upon something; deliberately, without haste


humpty - humped, hump-backed + Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme).

certified - attested by certificate, furnished with a certificate; made certain; assured

quite - actually or truly or to an extreme

deef - obs. form of deaf

is + lives.

scut - a term of contempt for a person (dial. slang.) + Picts and Scots.

himp - to limp, to hobble + hump + hill.

holt - a wooded hill + Howth + FDV: It He is another he what lives stays under the himp of holth.


hame - obs. and Sc. f. home + FDV: The herewaker of the fame name our hamefame is his real namesame who will get himself up and erect, confident and heroic when but, young as of old, a wee one woos.

confessional - the act of confessing to a priest

alma - an Egyptian dancing-girl + alma (l) - bounteous, nourishing, kind (feminine) + alma (sp) - soul + Joyce's note: '(signed)' → {ALP's signature and a postscript the revered letter ends}

Luvia - name given to part of Asia Minor

polla (it) - fowl, chicken + pollo (it) - spring of water + bella (it) - beautiful (feminine) + FDV: Alma Livia Poolabella Pollabella.

The Letter: P.S.

Rollo or Rolf Ganger ("walker") - chief of the Normans who invaded France, first duke of Normandy

fett (ger) - fat + to be fed up - to be surfeited or disgusted (with), bored or tired to breaking-point.

ream - clamour, outcry, shouting + nursery rhymes - a tales in rhymed verse for children + reams of nonsense.

rig out - to dress, clothe, fit out or provide with clothes; to fit out in some way

ritzy - having class, poise, or polish; stylish, glamorous + from rags to riches (Cinderella) - a very common phrase in English that is often used to describe either people or stories about people who begin their lives in extreme poverty and end up comfortable and wealthy, often through hard work or exceptional talent + Ritz - common hotel name.

decuman - From Latin decumanus, variant of decimanus (of the tenth), from decimus (tenth), from decem (ten). The word was often applied to waves from the belief that every tenth wave is greater than the others + Document no. 2 - De Valera's proposed alternative to the 1922 Treaty.

a soft day (Hiberno-Irish) - referring to a rainy day with that particular soft drizzle, and an overcast sky, but yet relatively bright. This is a translation of the Irish "l bog".

FDV: Soft morning, city! I am leaffy leafy speafing. Lifp! Folty and folty they all the nights have falled being falling on to long my hair. Not a sound, falling. The woods are so fond always. It is for our my golden wending. Come Rise up, Rise up, man of the hooths, you have slept so long! I am Leafy, your golden, so you called me, exaggerator! Here is your shirt, the day one, come back. The stock, your collar. Also your double brogues. I want to see you looking fine for me. You make me think of a seaman I once. Or an earl was he, at Lucan. Or no it's the Iren duke's I mean. Come let us. The childer are still fast. There is no school today. Them boys are is so contrairy. [He'll Heel trouble and he'll heel heal trable travel.] And her, you wait. But let them. [We've light enough.] Slops and the slut too. It's Phoenix, dear. It is the softest morning that I can ever remember me. The trout will be so nice at brookfest. With the a cut of roll roly polony after. To bring out the tang of tay. Am I not Are my not truly? Only you must buy me a new girdle too. Come. Give me your great big hand for miny tiny. We will take our walk before they ring the bells. Not such big steps. It is hardly seven mile. It is very good for health in the morning. It seems so long since. As if you had been long far away. You will tell me some time if I can believe its all. You know where I am bringing you? You remember? Not a soul but ourselves. We might call on the Old Lord, what do you say? He is a fine sport. His door always open. Remember to lift your take off your white hat, eh? We might can sat sit on us down on the heathery benn, me or you. To scand the arising. Ourselves alone at the sigh site of salvocean. And watch would the letter you're wanting becoming may be. That I pays for with me greams dreams. Scratching it and patching at with the prompt of a primer. based Based on traumscrapt from masson Maston, Boss. After rounding his world of ancient days. Carried in a caddy of or screwed and corked, on his mugisstosst surface. Blob. With a Bob bob, bob, bottledy bob. [[You must build our villa there and we'll cohabit respectable. You're not so giddy now any more.] Only don't start your games of last night again. For the loves of the sins! Before the naked sky.] I am so exquisitely pleased about the lovely dress I have. You will always call me Leafy, won't you? Queer grand old Finn, if I knew who you are! I will tell you all sorts of stories, strange one. About every simple place we pass by. It is all so often and still the same to me. If I lose my breath for a minute or two don't speak, remember. [It's thinking of all.] I'll begin again in a giffy jiffy. Look! Your blackbirds! That's for your good luck. How glad you'll be I waked you. My! How well you'll feel. For ever after. First we turn a little here and then it's easy. I only hope the heavens sees us. Here weir, reach, island, bridge. There! That's what cockles the hearty! A bit beside the bush and then a walk along the

Paris 1922-1938

leafy - clothed with leaves or foliage; made or consisting of leaves + Liffey speaking.

folt (fult) (gael) - long head-hair; foliage (figurative) + foltach (fultokh) (gael) - long-haired + Genesis 7:17: 'the flood was forty days upon the earth' + FDV: Folty and folty they all the nights have falled being falling on to long my hair.

listen + lisp.

babes in wood (Joyce's note) → Babes in the Wood (pantomime)

crew - a pen, cote, or fold for animals, as pigs, sheep, fowls + Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe.

goold - gold + golden wedding - the 50th anniversary of a wedding + FDV: It is for our my golden wending.

Howth + man of the house - the chief male in a household + FDV: Come Rise up, Rise up, man of the hooths, you have slept so long!

meseems + sleep + muslim - a follower of the religion of Islam.

(pondering, chin in palm) + Joyce's note: 'on your pondered palm.'

caput (l) - head + cape - a piece of land jutting into the sea; a projecting headland or promontory.

pede - a foot or base + cap--pie - head to foot.

with pipe on bowl (Joyce's note) 'Old King Cole was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was he, / He sent for his pipe and he sent for his bowl and he sent for his fiddlers three' (nursery rhyme).

terce - a third part

sixt - obs. forms of sixth

nine + Tierce, Sext, Nones - canonical hours.

macmerries (Joyce's note) + merrymakers.

cole - a deceiver, cheat, sharper (at dice) + Finn mac Cool

nirvana - in Buddhist theology, the extinction of individual existence and absorption into the supreme spirit, or the extinction of all desires and passions and attainment of perfect beatitude + novena - a devotion consisting of special prayers or services on nine successive days + Joyce's note: 'Norvena's over'.

Ulysses.15.4173: 'I was once the beautiful May Goulding' (maiden name of Stephen's mother) + Joyce's note: 'may my life'.

exaggerator - one who or that which exaggerates + soger (Archaic) - soldier + FDV: I am Leafy, your golden, so you called me, exaggerator!

drool - nonsense, foolish or empty talk

sharm - noise, din, chatter, vocal noise (in later times esp. of birds); obs. form of charm + shy

Stout Stokes (Joyce's note) + Whitley Stokes - an authority on Celtic studies.

awfully + County Offaly + take off - to copy, reproduce.


tak (Danish) - thank you

toddy - a beverage composed of whisky or other spirituous liquor with hot water and sugar

yaw haw - to laugh rudely or noisily

helpunto min, helpas vin (Esperanto Artificial) - one who would help me helps you

stock - a kind of stiff close-fitting neckcloth, formerly worn by men generally, now only in the army + (from laundry).

comforter - a long woollen scarf worn round the throat as a protection from cold

overall - an outer garment such as a cloak, ulster, or waterproof; a tunic, blouse, or the like worn over the other clothing as a protection against wet, dirt, etc. + Joyce's note: 'iverols' + Oliver (anagram).

nevertheless + Mount Everest.