*E* green belt. (Joyce's note) → green belt - a belt of intentionally-undeveloped open countryside enclosing a built-up area and designed to check its further growth.

lotus - the water-lily of Egypt and Asia, Nymphæa Lotus; the plant yielding the fruit which was the food of the Lotophagi of Greek legend (represented by Homer as producing in those who ate it a state of dreamy forgetfulness, and loss of all desire to return home) + Joyce's note: 'In the very lotest & second to nill, Budd —' + latest (fashion).

bud + bod (bud) (gael) - penis + Dubh-lin (duvlin) (gael) - Black-pool; (Dublin) + budd (Welsh) - profit, gain + Joyce's note: 'the Buddh' → Buddha.

O'Buachalla (o'bukheli) (gael) - descendant of Buachaill ("boy"); anglic. Buckley + buckled.

suit - a livery or uniform; also, in wider use, a dress, garb + shuit (Irish Pronunciation) - suit + Joyce's note: 'buckley uniform' + birthday suit.

Rosen (ger) - roses + SHARON - The fertile plain of Palestine between Joppa and Mount Carmel. The "Rose of Sharon" of Song of Solomon 2:1 has been identified with various flowers, such as the crocus and narcissus (Song of Solomon 2:1: 'I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys') + Rosh Ha-Shana (Hebrew) Jewish New Year.

fifty-seven shillings and three pence + Joyce's note: '57 & 3 up...'.

cosh - the husk of grain; the pod of beans or pease + cash + Joyce's note: 'cosh, the, of' + gosh (Colloquial) - god (in exclamations).

bulge - a wallet or bag, esp. one made of hide; a rise in prices or shares; nonsense (Slang) + (with his hump).

purseproud - proud of wealth, puffed up on account of one's wealth; lecherous (Slang) + Perfidious Albion (a hostile epithet of Britain).

a run (arun) (gael) - "my secret": darling + Eileen Aroon = Eibhlin a run (eilin a run) (gael) - Helen (Eileen) my darling (song).

Eirin (erin) - Little Ireland (nonce) + Eireann (erun) (gael) - [of] Ireland + Joyce's note: 'Proudpurse Alby and little Eireen douraroon' ('Proudpurse' is interpolated into the entry).

covetousness - inordinate and culpable desire of possessing that which belongs to another or to which one has no right + pride, covetousness, envy - deadly sins.

Vanderdecken - Wagner's Flying Dutchman + wonderdokter (Dutch) - quack + decken (ger) - to copulate + FDV: You make me think of a seaman I once.

Balt - a native or inhabitant of one of the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia + FDV: 'somebody saler' + Sinbad the Sailor.

Magellan - a famous Portuguese navigator, Fernão de Magalhães (?1470-1521), the first European discoverer who passed through the channel now called the Straits of Magellan into the Pacific Ocean.

bangled - wearing or adorned with bangles (a ring-bracelet or anklet) + bangled ears - drooping or flapping ears, such as a spaniel's + (with ear-rings).

Lucan - Dublin environ on the Liffey. Two earls of Lucan may have interested Joyce: (1) Patrick Sarsfield, who fought under James II, died in 1693, saying, "O that this were for Ireland!"; (2) Lord Lucan, who commanded cavalry at Balaclava and is associated by Joyce with the Light Brigade + FDV: Or an earl was he, at Lucan.  

Ierne (l) - Ireland + Iron Duke - a nickname of Wellington + FDV: Or no it's the Iren duke's I mean. Come let us.

sombre + somebody else.

Erse (Obsolete) - Irish; Scottish Gaelic + ass's bray.

Rath Greine (ragreni) (gael) - Fort of the Sun [when Diarmuid and Grainne agreed to make peace with Finn they settled at a place called Rath Grainne (Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales 407)]

childer - children

fast - Of persons: Fast asleep (obs. exc. dial.) + FDV: The childer are still fast. There is no school today.

contrary - diametrically different, extremely unlike + contrair - contrary + Joyce's note: 'is so contrairy jetting blopers' ('blopers' not clear) + FDV: Them boys are is so contrairy.

The Head (Joyce's note) (Howth Head).

Bray does be Lispin (Joyce's note) + "Lispn! No wind no word. Only a leaf, just a leaf and then leaves." [619.22-23]

Jacob (heel, Genesis 25:26) + Achilles (heel) + FDV: [He'll Heel trouble and he'll heel heal trable travel.] And her, you wait.

gall-liver (i.e. jaundiced) (*C*)

girl-lover (*V*)

likes - feelings of affection or preference for particular things; predilections + the like - something or anything similar, the same kind of thing. Now chiefly in negative contexts, as 'I never saw the like.'

in the twinkling of an eye - in an instant + I Corinthians 15:51-52: 'We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump'.

som (Danish) - like, as + Tom/Tim (motif).

oft - often + soft + Joyce's note: 'in the twingling of an aye so oft soft'.

same + Shem

anew - a second time as a new trial or action, over again, afresh, once more + Shaun

bredder (Norwegian) - riverbanks + Bruder (ger) - brothers. 

different + doffer (Dutch) - pigeon.

nors (Dutch) - surly + Norse.

zoen (Dutch) - kiss, peace, reconciliation, atonement (Pronunciation 'soon') + noise and sound + Joyce's note: 'Too bredthren as differed as N & S'.

all over - thoroughly, completely, everywhere, over the whole extent, in every part + Joyce's note: 'when one of him bawls & one of him sighs tis you all over'.

crony - an intimate friend or associate, a 'chum' + Joyce's note: 'the 2 queer crones we lit on odd mrs Doddpebble queer mrs Quickenough'.

aunt - an old woman, a gossip (obs.)

water front - land or buildings abutting on a river, a lake, the sea, etc. + Joyce's note: '*Y* may be it's from the head entries and on for the waterfront'.

II Timothy 4:1: 'the quick and the dead' + (quicken tree, pebble).

And when they've had their few (Joyce's note)

mansions + Symons, Arthur (1840-92) - English critic, author of The Symbolist Movement in Literature. Joyce gives his address (134 Lauderdale Mansions, Maida Vale) at 620.21. It was here Yeats introduced Joyce to Symons.

google = goggle - gobble (to swallow hurriedly in large mouthfuls, esp. in a noisy fashion) + google (obs) - to goggle, to squint, to look obliquely.

thingumbob - Used (in undignified speech) to indicate vaguely a thing (or person) of which the speaker cannot at the moment recall the name, or which he is at a loss or does not care to specify precisely + Joyce's note: 'and this one googling the holyboy's surplice and that one wetting his wee'.

widdle - an act of urination + wet one's whistle - to take a drink.

Punch - the name of the principal character, a grotesque hump-backed figure, in the puppet-show called Punch and Judy + pleased as Punch - very pleased, delighted.

recitate (obs) - recite

exploit - an achievement displaying a brilliant degree of bravery or skill

peace + Joyce's note: 'Pearse Orations' + Padraic Pearse - a leader of the 1916 Easter rising, famous for his 1915 oration at the grave of O'Donovan Rossa (ending with the words 'Ireland unfree shall never be at peace').

oration - a formal speech or discourse delivered in elevated and dignified language; esp. one delivered in connexion with some particular occasion, as an anniversary celebration, a funeral, etc. + Persse O'Reilly.

jackeen - a contemptuous designation for a self-assertive worthless fellow

gaper - one that stares or gazes in wonder or curiosity

wanton - a lascivious or lewd person

blow off - to complain, to relieve by vigorous speech

hugly - obs. f. ugly + Holy Jesus (Judas, Judy).

(a daughter)

out of the blue sky - unexpectedly + Joyce's note: 'Your wish was my will. And lo, out of a sky. harks me....'.


mother's + match - to associate, join in companionship or co-operation (persons or things) + Joyce's note: 'She just wants' matcher's wit'.

findling - obs. var. of foundling (a deserted infant whose parents are unknown, a child whom there is no one to claim) + feelings

runaway - an act of running away

astray - out of the right way, away from the proper path; in or into error or evil

Greeks + as merry as a grig - extravagantly lively, full of frolic and jest Commonly associated with sense: grig = a grasshopper or cricket, but it is possible that this sense is itself merely an erroneous inference from the equivalence of the above phrases with 'a merry crick', 'merry as a cricket'. The relation of merry grig to the earlier recorded synonym merry Greek is obscure; no doubt one of them must have been a perversion of the other, but the difference of recorded date is too slight to afford ground for saying that merry Greek is the original. The probability seems indeed rather on the other side, as it is not easy to explain why Greek should be used in this sense, for which there is no precedent in Fr.

sore - mental suffering, pain, or trouble; grief, sorrow

[lingua] Latina (l) - the Latin language + Edgar Allan Poe: The Raven: 'Tell this soul with sorrow laden' + Joyce's note: 'as merry as the gricks. 'Twouldbe sad should leaden sorrow'.

Isis - ancient Egyptian goddess

hotchpotch - Cookery. A dish containing a mixture of many ingredients; fig. A mixture of heterogeneous things, a confused assemblage + gospod (Serbian) - almighty, the lord + *S* "Sackerson's voice throughout the book has a cattarhal drunkards 'slops hospodch' sound, as if he were uderwater." (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

lusky - lazy, sluggish + sluskinja or, correctly, sluškinja (Serbian) - maidservant, servant girl + *K* + FDV: But let them. [We've light enough.] Slops and the slut too.

'Tea for Two, and two for tea' (song)

dog - to follow like a dog, to follow pertinaciously or closely

Copenhagen + dove/raven.

pert - forward in speech and behaviour, unbecomingly ready to express an opinion or give a sharp reply; Said usually of children, young people, or persons in inferior position, such as are considered to be too 'uppish' or forward in their address + parts

spin a yarn - (fig., orig. Naut. slang), to tell a story (usually a long one).

yearn - a yearning

cottage - a small or humble dwelling-place