besom - an implement for sweeping, usually made of a bunch of broom, heather, birch, or other twigs bound together round a handle; a broom + let bygones be bygones (phrase).

bosun = boatswain - an officer in a ship who has charge of the sails, rigging, etc., and whose duty it is to summon the men to their duties with a whistle + business is business (phrase) + Joyce's note: 'besom & bosun'.

journée (fr) - daytime + Laurence Sterne: A Sentimental Journey [.36]

laus (l) - laudation, praise + Saint Michael and Lucifer.

Budge: The Book of the Dead

hold up your free fingers. Yes, it is the daying (Joyce's note)

lampern - the river lamprey (fish, Petromyzon fluviatilis) + lantern + Aladdin's lamp.

windbag - fig. (contemptuous). An empty pretender, or something pretentious but unsubstantial; esp. a voluble and senseless talker + Joyce's note: '4 windbags of Erin blew his lamp'.

rucksack - a bag or knapsack carried on the back by walkers, climbers, etc.; = backpack + (rucksack looks like hump).

Dannymans hump (Joyce's note) Dannyman - sinister hunchback, informer in The Colleen Bawn + dannyman - informer (after Danny Mann, the sinister retainer in Gerald Griffin's The Collegians) + dan (Serbian) - day.

hike - a long walk

Arcturus - the brightest star in the constellation Bootes; formerly, also, the whole constellation, and sometimes the Great Bear itself + Joyce's note: 'send Arctus guide us!' → S.A.G. ('Saint Anthony Guide'), written on letters by pious Catholics.

isma! (Arabic) - listen!

Ilma - Mr Thompson says, Russian "elm"; Mr Bates says, Finnish "air, weather." 

burster - one that bursts; a worker who breaks stone with a light hammer + burster (Australian) - a violent summer storm.

owld = old (obs.)

Finvara - ancient Irish god who became king of Faery. A sacred hill bears his name + Ceannmhara (kyanvore) (gael) - Head of the Sea, village, Co. Galway, on S. Galway Bay; anglic. Kinvarra + Fionnmhara (finvore) (gael) - Clarity of the Sea + The Ould Plaid Shawl (song): 'Not far from old Kinvara... an angel chanced to fall, / A little Irish cailin in an ould plaid shawl'.


breakfast + brook fish (e.g. trout) + FDV: The trout will be so nice at brookfest.

taste (Anglo-Irish) - small portion

roly poly - a kind of pudding, consisting of a sheet of pastry covered with jam or preserves, formed into a roll and boiled or steamed + polony - Polish sausage + FDV: With the a cut of roll roly polony after.

black pudding - a kind of sausage made of blood and suet, sometimes with the addition of flour or meal + Black pool - Dublin (from Irish: dubh linn).

bring out - to bring into clearness, distinctness, or prominence

tang - a sharp distinctive flavor that lingers on the tongue; a penetrating taste or flavour

tay - tea + FDV: To bring out the tang of tay. Am I not Are my not truly?

fain - disposed, inclined or willing, eager. Const. of, for, to + Is tu fein (is tu fen) (gael) - It is / And yourself.

roost - obs. form of roast (roasted, prepared by roasting) + Rostbrot (ger) = geroosterd brood (Dutch) - toast.


oatmeal - meal made from oats; Short for oatmeal porridge + me alterum (l) - another me + Joyce's notes: 'oaxmealsturn' & 'oatmealstime' + Oxmantown - part of North Dublin (named after 'Oxman': 'Ostman': Eastman: Viking).

turn - the time for action or proceeding of any kind which comes round to each individual of a series in succession

all out - entirely, completely, quite


chippy - lively, brisk; fissured, cracked

popinjay - a vain or conceited person, esp. one who dresses or behaves extravagantly + Joyce's note: 'the cuppinjars — cream, O' + Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger.

clutter - to run or move with noise of bustle and confusion; to make a confused noise or clatter

clotter - to run together in clots, to coagulate; fig. and transf. To huddle together or up.

cream - the oily or butyraceous part of milk, which gathers on the top when the milk is left undisturbed; by churning it is converted into butter. Clotted or clouted cream, known also locally as Devonshire, Somersetshire, whipped cream + clouted - Said of the cream obtained by 'scalding' or heating milk, which makes it thick or clotted.

girdle - a belt worn round the waist to secure or confine the garments

Market Nore Norcwall (Joyce's note) + Mark of Cornwall + North Wall, Dublin.

-sen (Danish) - son of + Joyce's note: 'They all says I need it. The one from Isaacsen's has slooped its line'.

Loopline railway bridge, Dublin (alongside Butt Bridge, named after Isaac Butt)

Ulysses.4.25: 'Mrkgnao' (cat) + Mark.

fy (Welsh) - my + Morgan le Fay was King Arthur's half-sister. Early works featuring Morgan do not elaborate her character beyond her role as a fay or magician + fie!

arth (Welsh) - bear + art thou.

padder - a person that pads; one who robs a pedesterian, a highwayman + pater (l) - father.

avick (Anglo-Irish) = a mhic (Irish) - my son, my boy + Peadar a mhic (pader avik) (gael) - Peter my son/boy + veliki (Serbian) - great, enormous.

miny - pertaining to a mine; mineral + for my tiny (hand) + fa, mi, ti, do, la (notes) + FDV: Only you must buy me a new girdle too. Come. Give me your great big hand for miny tiny.

minincey hands (Joyce's note) + Nancy Hand's - name of The Hole in the Wall, also known as The Blackhorse Tavern, a pub near Phoenix Park (after its 19th century proprietress).

lingua - a language or 'lingo' + lingua (l) - tongue, language + languor (l) - faintness, feebleness + languo (it) - I languish + Joyce's note: 'langua of flows' → language of flowers.

jargon - a 'lingo'; used esp. of a hybrid speech arising from a mixture of languages + Jorgenson, Jorgen (b. 1780) - Dane who joined the British navy, spied for them, then fell on evil days and was sent to Van Diemem's Land, where he wrote books, including a vocabulary of aboriginal words. 

bear understands (Joyce's note)

nod + not so? + Joyce's note: 'nodst?' ('st' is interpolated into the entry)

lil - colloq. contraction of little

mo - an abbrev. (chiefly found in written Black English) of more

draw back - to cause to return, retreat, withdraw

glave - sword + glove + glava (Pan-Slavonic) - head.

Hugon, King - French hobgoblin

falsk (Danish) - false, forged + false skin + foreskin.

infamis (l) - of ill repute, notorious + smooth as an infant's.

on ice - kept out of the way until wanted, in reserve; in custody, in prison

chemical - to treat with a chemical or chemicals

lifeness (obs. rare.) - lifetime + (photography).

Finnegan's Wake (song): 'Tim Finnegan... he carried a hod' + head

scaffold - a platform from which criminals are executed (hanged or beheaded)

fell - cruel, ruthless; p. od fall + Yeats: letter of 31 July 1895: 'The cover of my book with Unwin has caused quite a flutter of approval among his clerks but I have not seen it. Fell's design I have seen and that is very admirable'.

Florizel - a fictional character in Shakespeare's 'The Winter's Tale'. Florizel is the son of Polixenes – King of Bohemia. He falls in love with Perdita, and wishes to marry her. His father objects to the marriage, however, and warns Florizel that his inheritance will be revoked if he ever seeks Perdita again. Polixenes objects to the marriage because he believes Perdita is a shepherdess and therefore unworthy of a royal marriage with Florizel. In spite of this, Florizel remains in love with Perdita. With the intervention of Camillo, the dilemma is resolved because Perdita is actually of royal origin (the daughter of King Leontes) + Florizel - the name of the prince in Sleeping Beauty + flower.

weeny - very small, tiny

steed - a horse, usually one for riding + (child on a white horse on Tarot card XIX, The Sun).

flesh + Samuel Butler: The Way of All Flesh.

lave - to wash, bathe + lave (Irish Pronunciation) - leave.

temple + teampal (t'oumpul) (gael) - church, esp. Protestant + timpul (Rumanian) - time.

earthly - pertaining to the earth, terrestrial + early + FDV: We will take our walk before they ring the bells.

hearse - a bier; a coffin; vaguely, a tomb, grave (obs. or arch.) + REFERENCE

pax (l) - peace + Fox Goodman.

shindy - a spree, merrymaking + REFERENCE

end of Wagner's Ring, Wotan's ravens fly off