cushat - ring-dove

caw - Of rooks, crows, ravens, etc.: To utter their natural cry + coo/caw (dove/raven motif) + calling.

Cumhal (kul) (gael) - father of Fionn + Finn MacCool.

riven - split, cloven, rent, torn asunder

snae (Scottish) - snow + white as (the) driven snow - very white.

elicitus (pp.) (l) - drawn out, enticed forth + Joyce's note: 'at the next poll you will be elected or I'm not your elicitor bribe'.

reduce - to make subject to one, to cause to give obedience or adherence to; to bring down to a lower rank or position, dignity, etc. + seduce

Mag Raith (mogra) (gael) - son of Mac Raith ("son of grace"); anglic. MacGrath, etc. + Mac Gearoid (mok garod') (gael) - son of Gerald (i.e., Fitzgerald); anglic. Macgarret.

O'Culach[ain] (o'kulekh[an]) (gael) - descendant of Culach[an] (diminutive of culach, "fat")

O'Muirch[eartaigh] (o'mwirkh[arti]) (gael) - descendant of Muirch[eartach] ("navigator")

Mac Fiannnaidhe (mok fieni) (gael) - son of Fiannaidhe ("soldier")

cockadoodle - to crow

cheeping (chicks) cheep - the short weak cry of a young bird + Joyce's note: 'sookadoodling sweeple cheeping'.

Fionn na nGall (fin nu noul) (gael) - Fionn ("fair") of the Foreigners + Dun na nGall (gael) - Fort of the Foreigners; anglic. Donegal + na nGall (Irish) - of the foreigners (epithet of Diarmaid MacMurchadha who invited Normans to Ireland).

pot - to put into a pot

po - a chamber-pot; a peacock + pot de chambre (fr) - chamberpot + Joyce's note: 'It's like potting the poe to shame on the dresser' → Brenda Maddox: Nora, 109: (of Eva, Joyce's sister, and Nora, Joyce's wife, in 1910) 'One day, after working to arrange the furniture, they all fell into chairs to admire the effect. Suddenly Nora picked up a chamber pot and placed it triumphantly upon the highest piece of furniture in the room. Eva winced. None of the Joyce girls, she felt, would do anything so common'.

dresser - a sideboard or table in a kitchen on which food is or was dressed; formerly also, a table in a dining-room or hall, from which dishes were served, or on which plate was displayed; low table with mirror or mirrors where one sits while dressing or applying makeup; furniture with drawers for keeping clothes.

tam = Tam o' Shanter bonnet, cap - a soft woollen bonnet with flat circular crown, the circumference of which is about twice that of the head, formerly worn by Scottish ploughmen, etc.; introduced, in a modified form, c 1887 as a head-dress for girls and young women. 

Uncle Tom - the name of the hero of Uncle Tom's Cabin, a novel (1851-2) by Harriet Beecher Stowe, used allusively for a Black man who is submissively loyal or servile to White men.

caubeen - an Irish hat, old hat + Joyce's note: 'Uncle Tims Caubeen on the brows of Viker Eagle' VICEREGAL LODGE - The residence of the President of the Irish Republic, North of the Main Road in Phoenix Park, vicinity of Cabra Gate. Built in 1751, it was the Viceregal Residence 1782-1922. Tim Healy occupied it as 1st Governor-Geneneral of the Irish Free State ("Uncle Tim's Cabin") in 1922.

fuddy-duddy - an old-fashioned, stuffy person + holy father.

antilope = antelope + antelope shoes + Joyce's note: 'antelopes I saved for' (only last two words crayoned; the entire entry is circled in green crayon).

for so long

penisole (it) - peninsulae + Joyce's note: 'Pennisola'.

goody - cosy, comfortable (obs.) + Joyce's note: 'goody 2 shoes' → Goody Two-Shoes (pantomime based on a children's story, attributed to Oliver Goldsmith) + (Joyce addressed Nora in 1904 as Miss Goody Two-Shoes).

knot - nautical mile per hour + FDV: Not such big steps. It is hardly seven mile. It is very good for health in the morning.

Puss-in-Boots - clever cat in fairy tale and pantomime 

buadh (bue) (gael) - victory + buah (Malay) - fruit + buah-buah (Malay) - fruits, testicles.

leisure - time which one can spend as one pleases, free or unoccupied time + ALP & HCE.

afar - far, far away, at or to a distance + forty days and forty nights (the Flood, Genesis 7:17).

afear - in fear

in the dark - lacking knowledge e. g. about particular subject or situation + that ark (Noah's; Genesis 7:9).

berry - to go a berrying, i.e. gathering berries

haw - a hawthorn berry + Wild roses of many species are still abundant on the western prairies and throughout the mid-west, especially when water is anywhere nearby. They like sun. Most have pinkish blossoms, but there are white, yellowish, and pale reddish ones also. These roses, blossoming in thorny briar tangles, flower late Spring through mid-summer and then begin to set their haws, hips or berries, which are ripe by early fall. These hips, haws or berries are the cherry-sized red fruits of the rose bush left behind after the bloom has died. Although nearly all rose bushes produce rose hips, the tastiest for eating purposes come from the Rosa rugosa variety. The flavor is described as fruity and spicy, much like the cranberry.

draw out - to make out; to trace out, delineate

aim - fig. The act of directing the efforts towards an object; design, intention, purpose.

hummock - a protuberance or boss of earth, rock, etc., usually conical or dome-shaped, rising above the general level of a surface; a low hillock or knoll + hammock - a hanging bed of canvas or rope netting (usually suspended between two trees).

les (Dutch) - lesson + let's.

Dutch - with each person paying for his own food, drink, etc.; esp. in phr. to go Dutch (to pay for oneself) + DUBLIN UNITED TRAMWAYS CO. The tram-lines (orig horse-drawn) were instituted in Dublin in 1865, and by the turn of the century the DUTC operated to such distant suburbs as Dalkey, Howth, Lucan, and Tenemune.  

greven (Danish) - the count, the earl + Duncriffan - promontory on Howth In the Annals of the Four Masters there is a record of King Criffan's return, with numerous spoils of war, from an expedition abroad, and of his death, in his fort at Duncriffan, Ben Edar, in the year 9 A.D.

nos (l) - we + nos (Serbian) - nose no?

hang - something that hangs or is suspended; a hanging mass or clump; a crop of fruit; to be burdensome or oppressive ("time hangs on his hands")

O'Giollagain (o'gilegan) (gael) - descendant of Giollagan (diminutive of giolla, "servant, youth")

O'hAilleagain (o'halegan) (gael) - descendant of Ailleachan (diminutive of aille, "handsome")

hooligan - a young street rough, a member of a street gang + Joyce's note: 'Time? we've loads before us on our hangs Before Gilligan & Halligan call again to hooligan.'

Sullivans + "chrissormiss wake, all the hoolivans of the nation," [006.15] + Joyce's note: 'the guns left to fight'.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves + lobo (Spanish, Portuguese) - wolf + bobo (Portuguese) - fool.

foxy - fox-like: esp. crafty, cunning

Tadhg (teig) (gael) - Poet; masc. personal name of typical peasant; anglic. Teigue, etc. + Joyce's note: 'olobobo & the foxy theagues!'

bail out - to procure the release of by giving bail, to set free from an unpleasent situation usu. through financial aid + 'The Masked Ball' (song in which Oscar is the king's page, who betrays the king).

Wald (ger) - forest + WARD UNION STAGHOUNDS - Famous hunt, County Meath, formed in the 19th century by union of the Dubber and Hillyhood Hunts. Its kennels are at village of Ashbourne, 7 miles South-West of Naul.

unicorn - a fabulous and legendary animal usually regarded as having the body of a horse with a single horn projecting from its forehead

Buckley + bugle.

drawl - to cause to pass on or away, or move along slowly and laggingly; to drag out, on, etc.

NAUL - Gael. An Aill (un al): "The Cliff": Village, 6 miles South-West of Balbriggan, County Dublin; on Delvin River. The hunt moves through townlands in the vicinity of Naul.  

tallyho - a call of a huntsman at the sight of the fox + Taimhleacht (talokht) (gael) - Plague-grave.

ballyhoo - a noisy attention getting demonstration or talk + Beal Atha hAmhnais (bel ahounish) (gael) - Ford-Mouth of Plundering; town, Co. Mayo; anglic. Ballyhaunis.

riddle - variant of reddle or ruddle + Little Red Riding Hood (pantomime).

health - a salutation or wish expressed for a person's welfare or prosperity; a toast drunk in a person's honour + Here's a Health unto His Majesty (song).

host - to receive (any one) into one's house and entertain as a guest + haste.

duck - an instantaneous lowering of head or body, a rapid jerky bow or obeisance + deoch an dorais (Irish) - parting drink.

capapie - from head to foot, at all points + "Harold stayed not to yoke or saddle but stumbled out hotface... bearing aloft amid the fixed pikes of the hunting party a high perch atop of which a flowerpot was fixed earthside hoist with care." [30.-31.]

reach - to hold out (a thing) and give (it) to a person, to hand to one

clap - to apply, place, put, set, or 'stick', with promptness and effect: properly with the implication that the object in question is promptly brought flat and close to the other surface, but this notion often disappears, and the word becomes a vivid or picturesque equivalent of 'put', 'place', with the implication of energetic action easily performed.

wis - obs. f. wise; obs. Sc. f. wish

poll - the human head. (Not now in serious literary use, but common dialectally everywhere.)

wiggly - characterized by or suggestive of 'wiggling'; (in reference to form) having small irregular undulations + Earwicker.

enlarged - increased, dilated, extended; also fig. free from narrowness, liberal; liberated, set free

hue and cry - a clamour or shout of pursuit or assault; to pursue with hue and cry

Snowtown Castle across the Delvin river from Naul

Cnoc (knuk) (gael) - Hill; anglic. Knock- in place-names + Heathtown, Harbourstown, Fourknocks, Flemingstown, Bodingtown - townlands in barony of Duleek Upper, near Naul, County Dublin.

BODINGTOWN - Townland, parish of Clonalvy, barony of Duleek Upper, County Meath.  

FORD OF FYNE - Local place-name, on Delvin River near Naul.

Deilbhin (d'elvin) (gael) - Little Warp; N. Co. Dublin river.

house to house - performed or carried on from house to house in succession + house-to-house search.

Platonic Garden (Joyce's note) → Botanic Gardens (adjoins Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin).