reflex - the reflection or image of an object, as seen in a mirror or surface acting as such + lost in her reflection (mirror) + conditioned reflex (Pavlov's dogs).

cocorico (French) - cock-a-doodle-doo


coach dog - a dog of Dalmatian breed, usually white spotted with black, kept to run in attendance on a carriage + Joyce's note: 'poached dogs'.

horner - one who blows a horn; one who cuckolds, a cuckold-maker (obs.) + horny - sexually excited, lecherous + Joyce's note: 'horner corner' 'Little Jack Horner, / Sat in the corner' (nursery rhyme).

mutther (Irish Pronunciation) - mutter + Mother Goose - wrote all the nursery rhymes + " — Good marrams and good merrymills, sayd good mothers gossip, bobbing his bowing both ways with the bents and skerries," [316.11-.12]

sport - a companionable or likable person + FDV: It seems so long since. As if you had been long far away. You will tell me some time if I can believe its all. You know where I am bringing you? You remember? Not a soul but ourselves. We might call on the Old Lord, what do you say? He is a fine sport. His door always open.

mighty + moiety - one of two (approximately) equal parts.

promontory - a point of high land which juts out into the sea or other expanse of water beyond the line of coast; a headland + prominent Tory.

New Year's day + new era + nevera (Serbian) - unfaithfulness + door of Howth Castle traditionally left open since Grace O'Malley kidnapped the heir in revenge for being refused admission.

invoice - to send an invoice to ("She invoiced the company for her expenses") + invited.

White Head, White Hat - Finn MacCool is often said to mean "white head" on "white hat"; "head" identifies him with "Howth", which is Danish "head" + FDV: Remember to lift your take off your white hat, eh?

how do you do + Howth.

isthmus of Sutton (connects Howth to mainland Ireland) + his majesty.

gracy - full of teaching about grace, evangelical + Grace O'Malley.

curtsey - An obeisance; now applied to a feminine movement of respect or salutation, made by bending the knees and lowering the body. Commonly to make, drop a curtsy + Kersse the Tailor.

kow-tow - Chinese custom of touching ground with forehead as mark of respect + Joyce's note: 'no go bo kow bow tow' + 'If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain' (proverb).

ceremonialness - the quality or state of being ceremonial + Joyce's note: 'Ceremonialness on the lowest place be' + Christ's advice to the wedding guest to take the lowest place (Luke 14:10).

bring to light - to reveal, make known, publish

porpoise - a small toothed whale with a low triangular dorsal fin and a blunt rounded snout + on purpose - by design, as opposed to chance or accident; purposely, designedly, intentionally.

plaise - please; plaice (fish) + Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease? (motif). 

knight - to dub or create (one) a knight

else, or

daub - to plaster, close up, cover over, coat with some sticky or greasy substance, smear + dub

Magyar - an individual of that Mongoloid race, now forming, numerically and politically, the predominant section of the inhabitants of Hungary + chief magistrate - in a monarchy, the sovereign: in a republic, usually the president.

vom (ger) - of the + William Shakespeare: King Lear III.4.174: 'Fie, foh, and fum'.

hungering - the action of the verb hunger; craving, longing + Hungary + hungrig (ger) = hongerig (Dutch) - hungry + Vanhomrigh, Bartholomew - Vanessa's father, Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1697. According to the Dublin Annals, he "obtained from William III a royal donative, a collar of SS in lieu of that lost in 1688." The SS collar is the mayor of Dublin's chain of office.

uniform, (Lord-Mayor's) chain and epaulettes

aural - of or pertaining to the organ of hearing

fancy - delusive imagination

Howth Castle + castle in the air - visionary project or scheme, day-dream, idle fancy.

currant - the raisin or dried fruit prepared from a dwarf seedless variety of grape, grown in the Levant; much used in cookery and confectionery; attrib. and Comb., as currant-bun, -cake, -grape, loaf, -vine + currant bread (Cockney Rhyming Slang) - head + current bun (Cockney Rhyming Slang) - Sun (newspaper).

cinematograph + Joyce's note: 'my currant bread's full of silly mattercraft' + (many motor craft in the river's current).

a loaf (of bread) + a leaf + enough is enough - one must be satisfied with what has been achieved, etc.

Ruff's (Colloquial) - Ruff's Guide to the Turf (horse-racing almanac) 

follied (Irish Pronunciation) - followed + O felix culpa! (Exsultet).

klatsch- (ger) - applaud; gossip + clyatcha (Russian) - a jaded nag, a worn-out horse.

O'Seachnasaigh (o'shokhnasi) (gael) - descendant of Seachnasach ("elusive") + Shaun's.

mount - to go upwards, ascend + Dollymount - region on coast between central Dublin and Howth.

Struldburg - In Swift's Gulliver's Travels, given as the native appellation of 'the immortals' in the kingdom of Luggnagg, who were incapable of dying, but after the age of eighty continued to exist in a state of miserable decrepitude, regarded as legally dead, and receiving a small pittance from the state.

Houyhnhnms - wise horses in Swift's Gulliver's Travels + (onomat.)

rollicking - carefree, extremely joyous

donderen (Dutch) - to thunder + The Rocky Road to Dublin (song).

heathery - covered with or abounding in heather + Beinn Eadair (ben edir) (gael) - Eadar's (masc. personal name) Peak; Irish name for Howth Head.

calm + FDV: We might can sat sit on us down on the heathery benn, me or you. To scand the arising.

scandere (l) - to climb + scan the horizon (for rising sun).

arising - rising of the sun

Drom Leac (drum lek) (gael) - Flagstone Ridge; place on S. side of Howth Head; anglic. Drumleck

Evora R (Joyce's note) → Sir Amory Tristram, the first Earl of Howth, supposedly defeated Danes at the bridge of Evora (a stream on the north side of Howth).

Gleann/Glinn a' Duna/na nDun (gloun/glin adune/nanun) (gael) - Valley of the Fort/Forts; valley, Co. Wicklow; anglic. Glen-of-the-Downs. + glina (Serbian) - clay.

lon (lon) (gael) - blackbird + lone

luna (l) - the moon + nula (Serbian) - null.

our souls + Sinn Féin, Sinn Féin Amháin (Irish) - Ourselves, Ourselves Alone (slogan).

salvation - the saving of the soul; the deliverance from sin and its consequences, and admission to eternal bliss, wrought for man by the atonement of Christ + FDV: Ourselves alone at the sigh site of salvocean.

ashore - Of motion: To, or on to, the shore; to land + anchor.

by means

draims (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - dreams + the man of my dreams + main drains [214.02] + FDV: And watch would the letter you're wanting becoming may be. That I pays for with me greams dreams.

prompt - something said or suggested to incite to action, or to help the memory

primer - an elementary school-book for teaching children to read + FDV: Scratching it and patching at with the prompt of a primer.

scrip - a small piece or scrap (of paper, usually with writing upon it; rarely, of other things) + scripts + Joyce's note: '& what scrips of knowledge I picked up myself'.

Nut - Egyptian sky goddess + In Irish mythology, the nuts of knowledge were eaten by the salmon of wisdom which Finn caught. 

crux - a difficulty which it torments or troubles one greatly to interpret or explain, a thing that puzzles the ingenuity; the chief problem, the central or decisive point of interest.

vav (Hebrew) - hook (name of letter)

aleph (Hebrew) - ox (name of letter)

heth (name of letter) + Ann Hathaway + hesitancy.

signed, sealed and delivered - officially signed and completed

tattat - a sharp rapping sound, esp. of a knock at a door

on the map - in an important or prominent position; of some account or importance; in existence

rased - cut, scraped, altered by erasure, demolished, etc. + raised + based on transcript.

tranship - to transfer from one ship to another + transcript - a written copy + Traum (ger) - dream.

Boston, Mass. + FDV: based Based on traumscrapt from masson Maston, Boss.

round - to pass or travel round (the world, a place, etc.) + Jules Verne: Around the World in Eighty Days + FDV: After rounding his world of ancient days.