caddy - a can with a lid, for water, tobacco, biscuits, etc.; gen. A storage container for objects (usu. small) in everyday use.

mugissement (fr) - roaring, bellowing (often used of sea) + megistos (gr) - greatest + his mug is tossed + On His Majesty's Service + FDV: Carried in a caddy of or screwed and corked, on his mugisstosst surface. Blob. With a Bob bob, bob, bottledy bob.

bob - a light rebounding movement + (bobbing bottle) + "When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along" (a 1926 American hit, especially as recorded by black-face singer Al Jolson; lyrics include such lines as 'Wake up, wake up you sleepy head' and 'Get up, get out of your bed').

blob - ? to produce blobs or bubbles, to 'flop' in the water + (onomat.) + blob (World War I Slang) - glass of beer.

Book of Common Prayer: Burial at Sea: 'when the sea shall give up her dead'.

Ruaidhri O'Conchobhair[Donn] (ruri o'kunukher[doun]) (gael) - Ruaidhri (Norse Rothrekr) descendant of Conchobhar ("high-will"), the Brown; anglic. Roderick O Connor, last high king; Ruaidhri's (the senior) branch of O'Conchobhair family is called Donn ("The Brown"), 2nd branch is Ruadh ("the Red") [N.B. "ruddery"].

dunner - one that solicits payment of debts; a resounding or reverberating noise; a blow causing vibration + Donner (ger) - thunder.

Christmas + till kingdom come - for a very long time (often used when the action described is considered to be waste of time).

unbuild - to pull down, destroy, demolish (a building or structure)

bungalow + Joyce's note: 'bankalone cottages' → loan from bank (i.e. mortgage).

cohabit - to live together as husband and wife: often said distinctively of persons not legally married

respectable - regarded by society to be good, proper, or correct + FDV: [[You must build our villa there and we'll cohabit respectable. You're not so giddy now any more.] Only don't start your games of last night again. For the loves of the sins! Before the naked sky.]

gowan - a general name for various yellow or white field flowers + Mac an Gobhann (mokun goun) (gael) - son of the smith + gówno (Polish) - shit.

ser- (Pan-Slavonic) - shit-

The oldest pyramid, at Medum, has lost its outer casing over the centuries to reveal the inner Babylonian-ziggurat-like stepped structure (a figure of it is shown in The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XXII, 'Pyramid', 684)

babble + Tower of Babel.

round tower (door)

pip - (of a young bird) to crack (the shell of the egg) in hatching

Little Bo Peep (nursery rhyme) + peep - to look quickly and furtively at something, esp. through a narrow opening.

sterro (it) - excavation + ster (Dutch) - star

Jove - a poetical equivalent of Jupiter, name of the highest deity of the ancient Romans

Peer Gynt - Norwegian folk hero, subject of play by Ibsen + Jack and the Beanstalk (pantomime) + Joyce's note: '& See wd we hear how Jove & the peers talk'.

soleness - the state or condition of being sole, alone, or apart + Henrik Ibsen: Bygmester Solness (The Master Builder) (Solness has stopped climbing the towers he builds, for fear of giddiness, but at the play's end tries again and falls to his death).

summit (Joyce's note) Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Howth section: 'Summit'.

grand plotting + ground-plot - a plot of land on which a building stands + Joyce's note: 'all your grand scale planning. Humps, the high you hised us!' ('grand scale' not clear).

hump - a fit of ill humour or vexation, sulks

dump - a fit of melancholy or depression; now only in pl. + Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme).

douse - to strike, punch, inflict a blow upon; to plunge or be plunged into water + Joyce's note: 'Then, dumps, we doused'.

sorra (Irish) - not

rambling damn + not to care a damn - not to care at all + Abraham (and Sara).

pomp - splendid display or celebration, magnificent show; splendour, magnificence

patriarch - a venerable old man; esp. the oldest man, the 'father' of a village or neighbourhood + Joyce's note: 'porter's pub' [.16, next line]

limpid - pellucid, clear

marge = margin + (river-bank).

hoom = home (obs.) + At Trinity Church I Met My Doom (song).

stunt - a fit of sulkiness or obstinacy; a piece of business, an act, enterprise, or exploit

Mac Donnchaidh (mok dunukhi) (gael) - son of Donnchadh ("brown-warrior") + donkeys' years - (occas. ears, with punning allusion to the length of a donkey's ears and to the vulgar pronunciation of ears as years) Colloq., a very long time + FDV: Only don't start your games of last night again. For the loves of the sins! Before the naked sky.]

guess + gossip.

tucht (Dutch) - discipline + taught

Tefnut - goddess of Egypt

bet - the earlier form of better, the comparative of well

backword - withdrawal from a promise or from an accepted invitation, also dial. a contradiction, rude answer

for the love of - for the sake of, on account of

sixteen + Sinn Féin (Irish) - We Ourselves (slogan) + Saint Fintan's - district in Howth-Sutton area of Dublin + Saint Fintan's Church (ruins), Howth + Joyce's note: 'sinfintins'.

baile (Irish) = by (Danish) - town + Joyce's note: 'the Bailby P.C. rincing his eye' + Bailey Lighthouse, Howth.

pleaseman (obs. rare.) - one who tries to please men, a man-pleaser + Ulysses.12.577: 'The baby policeman, Constable MacFadden, summoned by special courier from Booterstown, quickly restored order and with lightning promptitude proposed the seventeenth of the month as a solution equally honourable for both contending parties'.

rince - obs. or dial. ff. rinse + se rincer l'œil (French) - to look with pleasure at an attractive person (literally 'to rinse one's eye') + (lighthouse light) + "Most distressingly, Shem-Sackerson is a 'seequeerscenes' (556.24), the 'patrolman Seekersenn' (586.28), peering (583.24) at the window behind which ALP and HCE make love... It is in this capacity that to HCE he becomes Shem at his most odious, and that to ALP he becomes the hated McGrath: as we will see Shem is punished for his voyeurism by being struck in the eye; Sackerson is found near the end 'rincing his eye'; both are described as 'Envyeyes... when they binocular us from their embrassured windows in our garden rare'. (235.24-6)." (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

culler - one who culls, selects, or gathers + cul (fr) - arse + lady killer.

reform - to put a stop or end to (an abuse, disorder, malpractice, etc.) by enforcing or introducing a better procedure or conduct, to abandon wrong-doing or error + Joyce's note: 'One of these fine days you'll have to reform again'.

child + Sheilmartin - a peak on Howth + Saint Martin.

loveliest loveleavest dress (Joyce's note)

leafiest - superlative of leafy + Liffey river + FDV: I am so exquisitely pleased about the lovely dress I have. You will always call me Leafy, won't you? Queer grand old Finn, if I knew who you are!

darling + O'Dubhshlain/Dubhlainn/Dunlaing (o'dulan/dulin/dulan) (gael) - descendant of Dubhshlan ("black-challenge")/Dubhfhlann ("black-Flann['ruddy']")/Dunlang ("fort-house/ship"); anglic. Dowling.


old boy - a former pupil of a (particular) boys' school, esp. an English public school

Killarney + Collooney, village, County Sligo + eau-de-Cologne - a perfume consisting of alcohol and various essential oils, originally (and still very largely) made at Cologne.

maraschino (liqueur)


Swift's Esthers (Stella and Vanessa, *IJ*)

nasturtium - (name may derive from Latin for 'nose-twister' or 'nose-torturing') a genus of cruciferous plants having a pungent taste, of which the best-known representative is the Watercress (N. officinale) + everyone's nostrils.

nose of Howth (Joyce's note) → Nose of Howth - northeastern tip of Howth.

medeus condignus (l) - by the most worthy god!

town + Swift: A Tale of a Tub.

owld = old (obs.)

marauder - one who roves in quest of plunder; a freebooter, plunderer + 'Grand Old Man' - Gladstone.

compliment - usually in pl. Formal respects, remembrances, greetings; esp. in phrases, as to make, pay, present, send (one's) compliments + song 'Tis the Harp in the Air [air: Cummilium] + Finn MacCool (MacCumhal).

meget (Danish) - very + maybe.

tinger - one who or that which tinges + finger went to my ear.

wing - to send off swiftly, to convey by or as by means of wings

ting - the sound emitted by a small bell, or other resonant body, as a thin glass vessel, as the result of a single stroke + (tailor's daughter answering the telephone).

milkbrother - a foster-brother

BRAY - Gael. Bri (bri): "Hillside"; Coastal resort town ("The Irish Brighton") South-East of Dublin in County Wicklow. Bray Head is a 793-ft hill projecting from the coast South of Bray.  

bes (Ulster Dialect) - Habitual present tense of 'to be'

brag - to vaunt, talk boastfully, boast oneself + bragt op (Danish) - brought up + dragged up.

Borstal - a reformatory for juvenile delinquents (named after the one in the village of Borstal in Kent) + Bristol.

foul place + fireplace.

Pentecost - a festival of the Christian Church observed on the seventh Sunday after Easter, in commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost + petticoats.

pledge - a drink in honor of or to the health of a person or event + taking the pledge - swearing to give up drink.

howsomever - in whatever manner, however + Joyce's note: 'Still you done me fine'.

crushts (Joyce's note)