faint - to fall into a swoon. Also with away.

ANNAMOE - Village, 2 miles South-West of Roundwood, County Wicklow. Laurence Sterne fell into the mill race here when he was 11. A River rises South of Sally Gap, flows through Luggela, Lough Tay, Lough Dan. There is an Annamore House on Ballyfermot Hill (Road), just South of Chapehizod + Eanach Mor (anokh mor) (gael) - Great Fen; anglic. Annaghmore + Joyce's note: 'Anna sleep' (there is a wide space between the two words, which might represent a failed attempt to write 'more', or not) + Joyce's note: 'Annamore sleeps' + more (Serbian) - sea + Annamoe river.

Strongbow, Richard, earl of Pembroke - led the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in 1170. He married Eve MacMurrough and ruled Leinster till he died in 1176. He was buried in Christ Church Cathedral; his tomb was long a Dublin landmark, a place where debts were paid, business done.  

bigtimer - one who has reached the big time, a top-ranker

weak + Joyce's note: 'allgirl is weak. So Ivar made Evas wrwhps, the wind? As if from norewere. Ludegude of Lashlannd, how he whips me cheeks!' (the digits 3, 2, 1 are written above the words 'Ivar', 'made', 'Evas', respectively; 'Lashlannd' is split across two lines, with a hyphen after the 'h')

at times (obs. rare.) - at one time and another, at various times, occasionally

adamant - unshakeable, inflexible, esp. 'to be adamant', stubbornly to refuse compliance with requests. (The point at which the n. use passed into adj. is not determinable) + Adam and Eve.

Epiphany - the festival commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles in the persons of the Magi; observed on Jan. 6th, the 12th day after Christmas + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1839: 'Dublin visited by an awful storm on the night of the sixth January, causing great destruction of life and property' (6 January is the Feast of the Epiphany) + Apocalypse.

bogue - An acanthopterygian fish (Box or Bo÷ps vulgaris), found in the Mediterranean, and rarely on the British coast + bow + pogue (Irish) - kiss.

arrow + arrah (Irish) - but, now, really + ara na bog (ore nu bog) (gael) - one given to kissing.

Lord God

Lochlainn (lokhlin) (gael) - Scandinavia, Norway + Lochlannaigh (lokhleni) (gael) - Scandinavians.

see + Xenophon: Anabasis IV.VII.24: 'Thalatta! Thalatta!' (the cry 'Sea! Sea!' of the ten thousand men led by Xenophon out of Persia upon sighting the sea; also in Ulysses.1.80)

weir - a low dam built across a river to raise the level of water upstream or regulate its flow + The Weir, river Liffey, Islandbridge + Liffey river is tidal to Islandbridge (i.e. sea meets river).

reach - that portion of a river, channel, or lake which lies between two bends + FDV: Here weir, reach, island, bridge. There! That's what cockles the hearty! A bit beside the bush and then a walk along the

tiler - one who covers the roofs of buildings with tiles + tailor

dot - a little child or other tiny creature + daughter

swanky - Of things: imposing, stylish, 'posh'.

boost - to lift or push from behind (one endeavoring to climb); to push up + boasting

fad - a crotchety rule of action, a peculiar notion as to the right way of doing something + dad + like a father to me.

swagger - smart or fashionable in style, manner, appearance, or behaviour

swell - a fashionably or stylishly dressed person

Upper O'Connel Street was in the 17th century Drogheda Street. In the 1740's it was widened and renamed Sackville Street

freaky = freakish

sloppery - sloppy matter + The supper table with its fruit, flowers, crystal, silverware and decorated china.

forkful - as much as may be lifted on a fork + "Stairs, The Following Fork, He's my O'Jerusalem and I'm his Po," [105.06-07] 

whistler - one who whistles with the lips + 'prince of triflers' (Swift).

schola (l) - school + (onomat.)

atlas - a collection of maps in a volume; a similar volume containing illustrative plates, large engravings, etc., or the conspectus of any subject arranged in tabular form; satin (Archaic).

goose - a tailor's smoothing-iron

Singer - a make of sewing machine + singing duets.

duo - Mus. A duet.

sewingmachine - a machine designed to perform the operation of sewing

still and all - nevertheless, even so; after all

hilltop - the top or summit of a hill + heliotrope.

Wicklow hills (where Liffey rises) + fell (Dialect) - elevated pasture land (Obsolete fell: hill, mountain).

'To be continued' (printed at end of installment)

bluebells grow + bubbles blow + "There'll be bluebells blowing in salty sepulchres the night she signs her final tear." [028.28]

seekers + elskere (Danish) - lovers + Selskar Gunn - son of Michael Gunn.

Ulysses.11.640: 'Too late. She longed to go. That's why. Woman. As easy stop the sea. Yes: all is lost'

forenenst - right opposite to, over against; facing

bark - the rind or outer sheath of the trunk and branches of trees, formed of tissue parallel with the wood

billow - a great swelling wave of the sea, produced generally by a high wind

coolly - in a cool manner, calmly; in a cool condition, with coolness + Finn MacCool.

darkly - in a gloomy, frowning, ominous manner

sheeny - shining, radiant

stare - a fixed gaze with the eyes wide open

perce = pierce (obs.)

rawly - crudely; so as to be bare or exposed + Persse O'Reilly.

thee + thaw + D'Alton: History of County Dublin 669: says the Liffey was completely frozen over in 1338, 1739 and 1768 (Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section only cites the first two).

principal girl - the leading female role in a pantomime + (a girl for a prince).

pantymamy (Joyce's note) + pantomime's.

Viking + Vulcan.

invision - want of vision, inability to see + invasion

Ireland + India + England.

Thorir - viking who came to Ireland with Turgesius + terror + horror + Thor - Scandinavian god of thunder and war. Tomar is the Irish form. Thunder-gods are important in FW because Finnegan fell on Thursday, Ulysses takes place mostly on Thursday, and Vico says language, religion, the family, and civilization began with thunder (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake). 

delta + marriage ceremony: 'till death do us part'.

dev - variant of div, a demon or evil spirit in Persian mythology + devil.

erspart (ger) - saves up

duv - obs. form of dove + Dubh-linn (duv lin) (gael) -Black-pool (Dublin).

div - Sc. and north. dial. f. do + did.

inn - to lodge oneself, find oneself a lodging + inn (in) (gael) - we, us.

linn - a cascade, waterfall; a pool, esp. one into which a cataract falls + Black Linn - highest point on Howth.

farewell + farvel (Danish) - goodbye.

alas - An exclamation expressive of unhappiness, grief, sorrow, pity, or concern + Ilias (gr, l) - "The Trojan Woman": Helen.


acushla (Irish) - my pulse (endearment) + MacCool.