tighten - to grow tight or tense; to be stretched tight or drawn close. Freq. const. up

Himalaya Mountains + maya (Sanskrit) - illusion + Joyce's note: 'Imla ma yes'.

hindmost - furthest behind or in the rear + devil take the hindmost.

whisk - a brief rapid sweeping movement; a sudden light stroke, rush, dart, etc.

spry - active, nimble, smart, brisk; full of health and spirits

spink - flecked, speckled, spotted

spank - the action or fact of spanking or moving along rapidly and sharply + Joyce's note: 'Coming, swimming in my hindmoist & diveltaking on my tail. A whisk brisk sly spry spink spunk skit of a thing theresomewhere, saultering.'

sprint - a short spell of running, rowing, etc., at full speed

there somewhere

saunter - to walk with a leisurely and careless gait

saltarella - an lively Italian dance + Cinderella + sauterelle (fr) - grasshopper + Joyce's note: 'Salterella, coming into her own' (entry is preceded by a checkmark) + "Storiella as she is syung." [267.07-.08]

younger - a younger person

tithe - a tenth part (of anything)

Ellmann: James Joyce 176: (of Joyce, Nora and the night after the Martello Tower incident) 'The night after leaving the tower he went to her, told her his plans, and asked, 'Is there one who understands me?''

brash - offensively bold, presumptuously daring

lilt - to sing cheerfully or merrily

carriage - manner of conducting oneself socially; demeanour; deportment, behaviour. (Referring to manners.) (arch.)

bumpkin - an awkward country fellow, a clown + carriage turned back into a pumpkin at midnight in pantomime Cinderella.

puny - a raw or inexperienced person; a novice, tyro

bleary - dull, dimmed, poorly defined or outlined

din - a loud noise; particularly a continued confused or resonant sound, which stuns or distresses the ear + Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme): 'All the king's horses and all the king's men'.

pulchra (fem.) (l) - beautiful + Anna Livia (all anew) Plurabelle.

amazia - non-development of the breasts in a female, with consequent want of provision for suckling offspring + Amazons had one breast cauterised to shoot arrows better + amasia (Portuguese) - mistress + Amazon river + Joyce's note: 'Amaz { storm cloud' [.31] 

Nile river

ownest - obs. erron. form of honest (a.)

HWANG HO (HOANGHO) RIVER - the great river of North China, the "Yellow River," aka "China's Sorrow" because of its disastrous foods

aura (l) - breeze + voles (l) - you may fly + voleti (Serbian) - to love.


lonely + loony (Slang) - lunatic.

loneness - the quality or condition of being lone; solitariness, loneliness

pass out - to die; to faint, become unconscious

slip - to move out of place with an easy sliding motion; Of rivers, etc.: To pass into the sea + Joyce's note: 'I'll slip away before they wake They'll never see'.