For a long time, I.42 and I.52 (the Letter) belonged together. An addition indicated with an "M" precisely on the place of transition between episodes I.42.*1 and I.52.*1 on page 36 (of the red-backed notebook 47471b), seems to announce the imminent breach between the two episodes. The addition to which the "M" refers ("Would we vision her (subconscious editor) with stereoptican relief") is located at the top of page 35v and refers to an eventually omitted paragraph at the end of I.51.*0 (on page 25v) to which it may have been added at a later stage. In FDV, David Hayman transcribed this passage as follows: 

"Wonderfully well this explains the double nature of this gryphonic script and while its ingredients stand out with stereoptican relief we can see peep tour beyond the figure of the scriptor into the subconscious writer's mind." (FDV 87) 

In 1990, Hayman adjusted his initial transcription in The Wake in Transit (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1990), 175. 

(cf. Dirk Van Hulle, "The Wake's Progress: Toward a Genetic Edition," TEXT (Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies) 13 (2000): 221-232) 

In a teleological representation, the fact that this is the only paragraph in the first draft of this section that was not crossed out when Joyce copied it, would imply that Joyce simply did not think it was good enough to be incorporated. But Joyce was generally extremely reluctant to abandon any of his creations of more than a few lines. If one focuses less on the reading sequence and concentrates on the writing sequence, another hypothesis may be suggested. The correspondence between the addition on page 35v and the paragraph on page 25v may have worked in two directions. Either the addition was written first (based on two entries in VI.B.11: "wd we vision him" [B.11:50(l)] and "stereoptrean views" [B.11:125(i)]) and subsequently caused Joyce to elaborate it in a short paragraph; or else this paragraph was written first. Since the left and right margins of this paragraph are somewhat larger than those of the preceding text, the paragraph seems to have been written later than the rest of I.51.*0. Perhaps Joyce did not incorporate it in the second draft, because he had decided that it should be added to the end of I.42 (or the beginning of the Letter), which he marked by the "M". This would mean that Joyce wrote the addition on page 35v ("Would we vision her (subconscious editor) with stereoptican relief") as a reminder for himself that this was the place where the paragraph on page 25v concerning the "subconcious editor's mind" was to be inserted. This would be a rather exceptional procedure, but precisely this exceptional situation might explain why Joyce eventually forgot to incorporate the paragraph in the confusion created by his own method of writing.  

Dirk Van Hulle, 12 December 2000