mountebank - an impudent pretender to skill or knowledge, a charlatan; (quasi-adj.) That is a mountebank, characteristic of a mountebank.

party wall - a wall which divides two adjoining properties having half of its thickness on each property.

quill - the feather of a large bird (usually a goose) formed into a pen by pointing and slitting the lower end of the barrel.

style - Antiq. An instrument made of metal, bone, etc., having one end sharp-pointed for incising letters on a wax tablet, and the other flat and broad for smoothing the tablet and erasing what is written.

turbid - mentally confused, perplexed, muddled; disturbed, troubled.

pellucid - perceiving clearly, mentally clear

mastication - the action of masticating or chewing

seer - a magician; one to whom divine revelations are made in visions

scribe - a copyist, transcriber of manuscripts; one who writes at another's dictation (obs.) + Joyce's note: 'scribe' + Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 106: 'The position which the artist and the craftsman held in society, is an indication of how the arts were loved and esteemed in Ireland. The title of scribe is frequently used in our ancient literature to enhance the dignity of a bishop'.

site - the situation or position of a place, town, building, etc., esp. with reference to the surrounding district or locality; Archæol. A place containing the remains of former human habitation; an excavation.

atwixt - between

trike - tricycle, tricyclist

rightdown - complete, thorough + Gilbert and Sullivan: The Gondoliers: song A Right Down Regular Royal Queen.

racer - one who races or takes part in a race; a scalpel, razor; a race-horse + racy of the soil (phrase) - characteristic of Irish.

pained - affected with pain (physical or mental), hurt, distressed

whittle - to cut thin slices or shavings from the surface of (a stick, etc.); to dress or pare with a knife; to reduce or sharpen by doing this.

laden - loaded, burdened

loot - goods (esp. articles of considerable value) taken from an enemy, a captured city, etc. in time of war; also, in wider sense, something taken by force or with violence; booty, plunder, spoil; now sometimes transf., illicit gains, 'pillage' (e.g. by a public servant).

momentum - impetus gained by movement + moments + FDV:  Now, patience, And remember patience is the great thing. And above all things we must neither be nor become impatient. Think of all the patience possessed by both Bruce Brothers & the their Scotch spider. If after years and years of research a sage solemnly tells us that the great one is 3 syllables less than a name his own surname, that the ear of Earwicker was the trademark of a broadcaster and his wicker the local cant for an aeronaut patent then as to this radio-oscillating epistle epiepistle to which we must ceaselessly return what where exactly at present is he who is the man the bright soandso who is able to give us the dinkum oil? 

Confucius (master Kung) also repeatedly inculcates the need of patience and thoroughness, as in this: "Do not be desirous of having things done quickly; do not look at small advantages! Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly. Looking at small advantages prevents great things being accomplished." (Analects, bk. xiii., c. xvii.) And the slow but solid achievement which attends this course is thus portrayed: "The way of the superior man may be compared with what takes place in travelling, when to go to a distance we must first traverse the space that is near and when in ascending a height we must first begin from the lower ground." (Doctrine of the Mean, C. xv., v. 1.)

codex - a manuscript volume: e.g. one of the ancient manuscripts of the Scriptures (as the Codex Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, etc.), or of the ancient classics + Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 156: (ancient China's) 'strict puritanical rules of propriety'.

kapros (gr) - fruit, corn; profit

sinking fund - a fund formed by periodically setting aside revenue to accumulate at interest, usually for the purpose of reducing the principal of a national, municipal, or company's debt. Sinking funds were established by the British Government in 1716, 1786, and 1875 for reducing the National Debt.

conjoint - united, combined, conjoined

The eighth Robert de Bruce (1274-1329) revived his grandfather's claim and became king of Scotland in 1306. His brother Edward (d. 1318) was killed while fighting to make himself effective king of Ireland.

incorporated - included as part of a whole

Scotch - of, belonging to, or native to, Scotland

The "Elberfeld horses," including "Clever Hans," tapped out the answers to simple sums with their hooves, and were exhibited in the years before WW I; (Elberfeld - City, NW Germany).

delve - to dig; to make laborious search for facts, information, etc., as one who digs deep for treasure.

tubthumper - a violent or declamatory preacher or orator + tubthumper (Slang) - parson.

kinedoun (Armenian) - tavern + kini (Armenian) - wine.

k'ahana (Armenian) - priest

giardiniere (it) - gardener

mesanger - messenger + maison (fr) - house + mise mano (it) - put his/her hand on + misen (Armenian) - the meat + manoug (Armenian) - child.

darn - damn + darnal (Armenian) - to return.

barbar - barbarian + barbar (gr) - sound, to Greeks, of all languages other than Greek + barbar (Armenian) - language, dialect, speech.

carriage house - a coach house + karejour (Armenian) - beer.

ascendant - ancestor

Joyce's note: 'Yes - and less'

fion - a piece cut from a fish and used for bait

aforetime - formerly

broadcaster - an apparatus for broadcasting radio or TV programs; a device for cowing seeds by scattering it over the ground.

wicker - a pliant twig or small rod, usually of willow, esp. as used for making baskets and various other objects.

jargon - a barbarous, rude, or debased language or variety of speech; a 'lingo'.

ace - fig. As the ace at dice was the lowest or worst number, ace was frequently used for bad luck, misfortune, loss. But in some games at cards, the ace is the most valuable, and hence the 'ace of men' the perfection or highest.

patent - a licence to manufacture, sell, or deal in an article or commodity, to the exclusion of other persons.

as to - as it regards, so far as it concerns, with respect or reference to

epistle - a communication made to an absent person in writing; a letter + epi - - Used in prepositional and advb. senses, 'upon, at, or close upon (a point of space or time), on the ground or occasion of, in addition' + epi epistoles (gr) - about a message, upon a letter.

samite - a rich silk fabric worn in the Middle Ages, sometimes interwoven with gold.

Kohle (ger.) - coal

brickdust - powdered brick; a tint or colour resembling that of brickdust.

ceaselessly - without ceasing, incessantly

whereabouts - interrog. About where? in or near what place, part, situation, or position?

Tophet - the place of punishment for the wicked after death; the place of eternal fire; hell (heb.) + where in Sam Hill (U.S. phrase) - where in the world (19th century).

glor (Armenian) - round + sokh (Armenian) - onion + sol - the sun (personified).

tooraloo - goodbye

Aladdin + abaodan (Armenian) - refuge, sanctuary + Wyndham Lewis called ''Ulysses'': 'an Aladdin's cave of incredible bric--brac'.

sagacity - acuteness of mental discernment; aptitude for investigation or discovery; keenness and soundness of judgement in the estimation of persons and conditions, and in the adaptation of means to ends + k'aghak' (Armenian) - city, town.

slip  - to give quietly or slyly

dinkum oil - the truth + + Joyce's note: 'dinkum' + Joyce's note: 'give me the dinkum oil'.

naysayer - one who refuses or oposes + FDV: To conclude purely negatively from the positive absence of political allusions hatred and its _____ that it cannot ever have been the work pen product of a man or woman of that period & those parts is as unjust as it would be to conclude from the nonpresence of inverted commas on any page that its compiler was constitutionally incapable of misappropriating the actual words of others.  

odia (l) - hatreds, grudges (pl.)

unlooked for - unexpected, unanticipated

to leap at - to exhibit eagerness for, to jump at + proverb Look before you leap.

tantamount - equivalent

infer - to draw a conclusion or inference; to reason from one thing to another.

constitutionally - by virtue of one's constitution (of mind or body); by constitution, naturally.

misappropriate - to appropriate to wrong uses; chiefly, to apply dishonestly to one's own use.