reeraw (Anglo-Irish) - fuss, confusion, clamour, revelry (from Irish: r-r)

Pute (ger) - turkey-hen + peut-tre (fr) - perhaps, maybe + puteter (Danish) - potatoes.

purple patch - a brilliant or ornate passage in a literary composition (after L. purpureus pannus).

massacre - the unnecessary indiscriminate killing of human beings; a general slaughter.

Boucicaultsong: I've a Terrible Lot to Do Today

goddam = goddamn - damn; the utterance of this phrase

stick and stour (stone) - Often used to signify all a person's goods and chattels.

stank - p. od stink; pond, pool, a ditch containing water, dam + stank (Dutch) - stench.

Jacobite - in British history, a supporter of the exiled Stuart king James II (Latin Jacobus) and his descendants after the Revolution of 1688; The movement was strong in Scotland and Wales, where support was primarily dynastic, and in Ireland, where it was mainly religious.

quinque - - five + quinquaginta (l) - fifty + quinquagenarius (l) - a fifty-year old; captain of fifty man + Quinquegentiani - "Of Five Cities": a people in Cyrenaica (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake). 

Tertius (l) - "Third": Roman proper name + terzo (it) - third + terzi (Turkish) = terzi (Albanian) - tailor.

srm, sermi (Albanian) - silver

hane (Danish) - cock + hane (Albanian) - inn.

klokken (Danish) - o'clock + klokken tolv (Danish) - twelve o'clock + klukke (Danish) - to cluck.

zigzag + zog (Albanian) - bird; young + THE REVERED LETTER

goodish - rather considerable (as in number or extent) + FDV: The bird of promise in the case was the hen of the Doran's and what she was scratching looked uncommonly like a goodishsized sheet of letterpaper originating from Boston (Mass) of the eleventh of the fifth to dear which proceeded to mention Maggy well and everybody athome is general health and well and the a lovely face of some born gentleman and with a parcel of cookycakes for tea well and it was must now close a grand funeral Maggy and hopes to hear from with love & four kiss crosses [from loving] from a large looking stain of tea. The stain, & that of tea, marks it at once as a genuine relique of old Irish MS poetry.

sheet - an oblong or square piece of paper or parchment, esp. for writing or printing; spec. one of the pieces of definite size (varying according to the kind) in which paper is made + Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, ch. 53: 'The sod just for so much as a good sized sheet of letter-paper might cover, was trod and broken'.

transcript - a written copy + tranship - to transfer from one ship to another.

Edgar Allan Poe - (b. Jan. 19, 1809, Boston, Mass., U.S.--d. Oct. 7, 1849, Baltimore, Md.), American short-story writer, poet, critic, and editor who is famous for his cultivation of mystery and the macabre.

from first to last - from beginning to end, throughout + An early Joyce's note reads: "on the N[orth] E[ast] slope of the dunghill the slanteyed hen of the Grogans scrutinized a clayed p.c. [postcard] from Boston (Mass) of the 12th of the 4th to dearest Elly from her loving sister with 4 kisses." 

hate (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - heat

houten (Dutch) - wooden

general election - an election of representatives thouroughout an entire country

wedding cake - a cake made for wedding


muggy - marked by warm dampness, humid

Several of Paul's epistles close: 'Salute one another with a holy kiss' (Romans 16:16, I Corinthians 16:20, II Corinthians 13:12).

hole-and-corner (phrase) - secret, clandestine, underhand

wholly - completely, totally

pee - 'P'

ess - 'S'

Joyce's note: 'white ants eat ban - God's name' (the dash is apparently a minus sign)

affectionate - loving, fond, tenderly-disposed

tache - a spot, stain, blotch + tache (fr) - spot, mark, stain.

tch - an utterance of this exclamation (used to express vexation) + chai (Pan-Slavonic) - tea.

overcautious - too cautious + cautelousness (obs) - craftiness; wariness + cautel (Middle English) - crafty device, deceit, cunning; caution, precaution; a direction for the proper administration of the sacraments (especially in 'Cautels of the Mass').

master builder - one who is skilled in the art of building, an architect. Chiefly in rhetorical use or fig. context;
bilker - one who practises cheating.

to mark off - (Engin. and Shipbuilding): to mark (an object) with lines to serve as a guide for subsequent cutting, machining, alignment, etc.; to represent (a dimension or detail) on an object in this way.

on the spur of the moment - suddenly, without thinking + on the spot - straightway, at once.

relique = relic - a surviving trace of some practice, fact, idea, quality, etc.

pottery - the products of the potter's art collectively; pottery-ware, earthenware + Brook, Charlotte (d. 1793) - authoress who published in 1789 ("with somewhat effusive apologies for leaving her pianoforte and needlepoint") Reliques of Irish Poetry;  The "reliques" are poems in the Irish character with translations in English verse, including poems about Cuchulain, Deirdre, Finn.

ladylike - resembling what pertains to a lady + Lydian - the designation of one of the modes in ancient Greek music, characterized as soft and effeminate.

languishing - pining with love or grief

how - an artificial mound, tumulus, or barrow; care, anxiety, trouble, sorrow (obs. dial.)

photoist - photographer + FDV: Any photoist worth his chemicals will tell you that if a negative melts while drying the resultant positive will be a grotesque distortion of values, tones & masses. This freely is what must have happened to that missive unfilthed by the sagacity of a slant eyed hen.

worth ones salt - worth the money that one is paid; efficient or capable + chemicals - a substance obtained or used in chemical operations.

tip - to give private or confidential information

teaser - something difficult to solve or decide about

grotesquely - comically incongrous or absurd, bizzare

tip - a place or receptacle into which earth or rubbish is tipped or shot, a dumping-ground.

missive - a written message, a letter

turb - a number of individuals or units gathered together; a group of trees + turf

keep off the grass - a notice frequently posted in a park or garden to which the public are admitted; also used fig. as a warning not to take liberties, encroach, or interfere + wisp - to rub (esp. a horse) with a wisp, to twist into a wisp.

boucher - a treasurer, cashier; butcher (obs.)

sagacity - keenness and soundness of judgement in the estimation of persons and conditions, and in the adaptation of means to ends.

song Love Me Little, Love Me Long

orange flower - the white flower of the orange-tree + flavoured - having a specified flavour + FDV: The heat Heated residence for who since nobody knows when in the orangeflavoured mound had gro partly dissolved the first impression and caused some features palpably near nearer us to be swollen up most grossly while the farther back we seem to get the more we need the loan of a lens to see as much as the hen saw. Wonderfully well this explains the double nature of this gryphonic script and while its ingredients stand out with stereoptican relief we can see peep tour beyond the figure of the scriptor into the subconscious writer's mind. 

obliterate - to blot out (anything written, figured, or imprinted) so as to leave no distinct traces.

to start with - 'to begin with', at the beggining

palpably - clearly, obviously, manifestly

pecker (Slang) - penis; nose

grossly - excessively, flagrantly; indelicatly, indecently