wiggle - to proceed with twisting and turning movements, to wriggle

lens - spec. A lens or combination of lenses used in photography

"...as the hen saw. Wonderfully well this explains the double nature of this gryphonic script and while its ingredients stand out with stereoptican relief we can (speep) ^tour^ beyond the figure of the scriptor into the subconscious editor's mind" + REFERENCE

pure and simple - nothing but..., nothing besides ..., no more than...; mere, simple + puling - spiritless, whining, of a feeble or sickly nature.

bethink - consider

stump - the portion of the trunk of a felled tree that remains fixed in the ground

beech - a well-known forest tree

poultry - domestic fowls collectively

gee up - a command to a draft animal to move ahead

girly - girlish + girly girly - a girl, a little girl.

quad - quadruplet

gospeller - one of the four evangelists

Targum - each of several Aramaic translations, interpretations, or paraphrases of the various divisions of the Old Testament, made after the Babylonian captivity, at first preserved by oral transmission, and committed to writing from about 100 a.d. onwards.

ZINGARI CRICKET CLUB - A London club (zingari, It "gypsies") whose touring side's annual visit to Dublin during the Horse Show week in August was the occasion for a gala ball at the Lodge in Phoenix Park + zingari (it) - gypsies.

Schulerin (ger) - girl student + shooler (Anglo-Irish) - vagrant, wanderer, beggar (from Irish: siubhlóir).

peck - unit of dry capacity equal to 1/4 bushel (0.36 cubic meters); food, grub; a kiss like a bird's peck + cup + nursery rhyme Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper.

kindling - easily combustible material, an act of igniting + kindness

sack - a general name for a class of white wines formerly imported from Spain.

auld - old + Auld Lang Syne (song): 'We'll tak a cup of kindness yet for the sake of Auld Lang Syne.

kindly - of good nature or natural qualities, kind hearted + Joyce's note: 'lead kindly hen' Freeman's Journal 25 Jan 1924, 9/2: 'Lunacy Grows': 'meeting of the Joint Committee of the Grangegorman Mental Hospital... A Member - Lead kindly light. Mr Daly - Yes, let us have some light on the subject'.

fly - the action of flying

moult - the action of moulting

hatch - the action of hatching, incubation, a brood (of young)

socio - - social, sociological

sound as bell - perfect or without fault

volucrine - rel. to birds

normalcy - state of being normal, normality

propagate - to produce as offspring, procreate, reproduce, breed

hoosh - to boost, lift

fluff - light, feathery stuff, such as the downy particles that separate from dressed wool.

din - a loud noise

genesic - pertaining to genesis or origin

gammon - ridiculous nonsense suited to deceive simple persons only; 'humbug', 'rubbish'.

auspice - prosperous lead; a sign or token given by birds

golden age - the first and best age of the world, in which, according to the Greek and Roman poets, mankind lived in a state of ideal prosperity and happiness, free from all trouble or crime.

vengeance - the act of avenging oneself or another + with a vengeance - with great force or violence; in an extreme degree; to an unusual extent.

dirigible - a dirigible balloon or airship

ague - a malarial fever; an acute or violent fever (obs.)

rejuvenate - to restore to youth; to make young or fresh again

the white man's burden - responsibility of the white for the coloured races

sublime - supreme, perfect

incubation - the action of sitting on eggs in order to hatch them

lioness - the female of the lion + lioness (Slang) - prostitute.

dishorn - to remove the horns from + Joyce's note: 'dishorn' Freeman's Journal 10 Jan 1924, 7/6: 'Letters to the Editor': 'I would like to draw the attention of the public to the grossly cruel practice of dishorning aged cattle'.

discipular - of, belonging to, or of the nature of, a disciple

publicly - openly, in public

flank - the fleshy part of the side of an animal or a man between the ribs and the hip.

fleece - the woolly covering of a sheep or similar animal

assuredly - certainly, surely

gloom - an indefinite degree of darkness or obscurity; painful or depressing darkness + (notebook 1924): 'gloompourers'.

grouse - to grumble

weekday - a day of the week other than Saturday or Sunday

bleak - cold, chilly

Janiveer - January + (notebook 1924): 'bleak Janiveer'.

palmy days - triumphant, flourishing days

waste - waste or desert land

oasis - a fertile spot in the midst of a desert

biddy - an adult female domestic fowl, maidservant, woman + Belinda

Joyce's note: 'when Biddy Doran looks at literature' Collins: 'The Doctor Looks at Literature' (published in 1923 by George H. Doran Company; contains a chapter on Joyce, whom the author had met in 1921).

mere - exclusive of or considered apart from anything else, bare

marcella - an English cotton fabric + James Joyce: Ulysses.16.850: 'Marcella the midget queen'.

midget - an extremely small person


master of arts - a recipient of master's degree + mistress - a female teacher (now only of music, drawing, etc.)

hearsay - information received by word of mouth, usually with implication that it is not trustworthy.

toga virilis - the white toga of manhood assumed by boys of ancient Rome at the end of their 14. year + James Joyce's 'Stephen Hero' mentions McCann's review, including a lady's verses, 'The Female Fellow': '(a swallowflight of song)... signed "Toga Girilis"'.

teasy - inclined to tease, annoying

cop - a heap, mound, tumulus + copy + copë (Albanian) - piece.

fist - handwriting

nasibus (l) - to, for or by noses (dat. abl. pl.)

note - to notice or observe with care

jotty - of the nature of jottings or fragmentary notes + song The Jolly Young Waterman (temperance song).

watermark - a distinguishing mark or device impressed in the substance of a sheet of paper during manufacture, usu. barely noticeable except when the sheet is held against strong light.

MAGASIN DU BON MARCHÉ - Paris deptartment store, 7th Arrondissement; bon marché, Fr "bargain. 

ar (Albanian) - gold + ari (Hebrew) - lion + ari (Malay) - poisonous snake.

lumi - - formed by irradiation + lumë, lumi (Albanian) - river.

fol = fool + me fol (Albanian) - to speak.

falemi nderës (Albanian) - thank you

nadje (Albanian) - (in the) morning

shaw = show + Shaw, George Bernard (1856-1951) - Irish playwright, who in 1924 said in print that the dirt of Ulysses was true to Dublin as he knew it, and should not be suppressed: "If a man holds up a mirror to your nature and shows that it needs washing-not whitewashing-it is no use breaking the mirror. Go for soap and water." This explains why, so often in FW, Shaw is anagnammed to "wash." It is not demonstrated below but GBS is firmly tied to Harriet Shaw Weaver (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

blague - to talk pretentiously and usu. inaccurately, lie bastfully; humbug

rect - erect (v.)

rudis (l) - stick, rod, staff + rudess (fr) - rough.

robur - a very hard-wooded variety of oak + robur (l) - strength, anything strong.

shew - show

frizette - a band of small curls, usu. artificial, worn on the forehead + grisette (fr) - young workingclass woman.