razzle dazzle - to dazzle, daze, 'bamboozle' (to deceive by trickery, to mystify, confound).

graith - clear, plain

unconcernment - unconcern + coutrement = accoutrement - apparel, outfit, equipment.

postmortem + mantua - a loose gown, worn by women in 17 - 18th c + post- (l) - after + Mantua (l) - birthplace of Vergil + Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass ch. VI: 'Humpty Dumpty': 'it's like a portmanteau - there are two meanings packed up into one word'.

glassery - glazier's work and materials + glossaries

Latins + lapin (fr) - rabbit.

grig - a small person or creature, dwarf + Greeks

not on your life - not on any account, by no means + nutting - gathering of nuts.

dobar dan (Serbian) - good afternoon + grobar (Serbian) - grave-digger + Graber (ger.) - graves + The classical Armenian language is "Grabar". 

allemande (fr) - German + ARMENIA - ancient country in West Asia; now a landlocked mountainous country in Eurasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Darius - 6th-century Persian king, defeated at Marathon + C. Marius (l) - conqueror of Jugurtha, seven times consul + Dariiamauish (Elamite) - Darius (mentioned in Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 290n, as part of an inscription of Artaxerxes II Memnon (the son of Darius II)).

zov (Armenian) - sea + orti (Armenian) - son + mazerov (Armenian) - with hair, by the hair + merav (Armenian) - he is dead.

plate = plat - plain, straightforward, downright = plat and plain

flat - absolute, downright, plain

sine (l) - without + shine, tu, re, ine, ashikne (Ainu - original language of Japan) - one, two, three, four, five + shine ainu (Ainu) - one man + ainu utara (Ainu) - men.

kik (Danish) - peep + e kik an (Ainu) - you are beaten, you are struck.

ainu anakne (Ainu) - the man + Genesis 2:18: "And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him'. 

anakar (gr) - to the head, upward + anax (gr) - lord, master + Anakes (gr) - "The Lords": Castor and Pollux + Anacharsis (gr) - Scythian sage c. 600 B.C. (one of the Seven Sages) + anacair (anekir) (gael) - affliction, distress + anak (Malay) - child, young of beasts (or birds, plants).

tutu - granny, grandpa + tutus (l) - guarded; safe, secure + James Joyce: Ulysses.18.536: 'titties'.

on the other hand - Used (besides the physical sense 4) to indicate two contrasted sides of a subject, circumstances, considerations, points of view, etc. +  rand (Dutch) - edge, rim.

asking + ashke (Ainu) - hand (related to Ainu ashikne: five).

forrarder - dial. comp. of forward

exin (l) - from there, thence

mesdames - pl. of madame + Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, Messieurs, s'il vous plaît (fr) - Ladies, Young ladies, Gentlemen, please + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.108: 'Rabelais dit marmouselle, pour jeune fille' (French 'Rabelais says marmouselle, for young girl').

messrs = messieurs - pl. of mr. + cerf (fr) - deer.

silva (l) - woodland

Schwanz (ger) - tail + Schwan (ger) - swan + she wants

God's truth - the absolute truth + Trut (ger) - turkey.

kapak kapak (Albanian) - little by little

Don't mince matters, but speak plainly; It's of no use mincing matters, or making secrets, is it? (from English-Albanian dictionary of Idioms) + minzë (Albanian) - pupil of eye.

foully - in a foul manner, lewdly, wickedly

black and white - writing, print; sharply divided into good and evil groups or sides + plak (Albanian) - old.

smut - a black mark or stain; a smudge. Also fig. + smût (Albanian) - sick.

feeble - a feeble person; weakedness; a weak point

apple charlotte - a dish made of apple marmalade covered with crumbs of toasted bread.

model girl - a woman, who is employed to display clothes by wearing them + moll (ger) - minor (music) + molle (Albanian) - apple + vogel (Albanian) - small + Vogel (German) = vogel (Dutch) - bird.

spisse (l) - thickly, closely; rapidly

peach - to inform against, betray + péché (fr) - sin.

honey - A term of endearment: Sweet one, sweetheart, darling

camelia - a moderate strong red + camélia (fr) - prostitute.

pants - drawers; underpants, panties, or shorts worn as an outer garment

truthful - sincere; accurate and sincere in describing reality

A double n (Ann) + Dublin.

treestone - a precious stone having tree-like markings + Tristan

Isolde + ysol (Welsh) - consuming, devouring

mons - pl. of mon (man, abbr. of monsieur); mountain (*E*) + mons Veneris (l) - "Mound of Venus": prominence above the pubic bones in women.

tent peg - one of the (usually wooden) pegs, with a notch at the upper end, to which when stuck in the ground the ropes of a tent are fastened + Ancient Arabs believed mountains kept the earth steady, as pegs do a tent (mentioned in Koran 78:7)

pal - a close friend

on the run - in flight esp. in order to escape the police

badman - outlaw, desperado

Venis = Venice + penis

kathairo (gr) - to cleanse

take charge - to assume care, custody, command or control

waxwork - work executed in wax

pardonnez-moi (fr) - excuse me

ich bin frisch (ger) - I am fresh

bey (Turkish) - Mr, sir

jiggery pokery - humbug, nonsense

talk turkey - to talk plainly and honestly exp. about practical matters + talk turkey (U.S. Slang) - talk business.

meet to - in close contact with + face to face - looking one another in the face.

mate (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - meat

nichil - nothing, naught

browned - made brown + Bruno

nolens (l) - unwilling + Nola

devilish - excessively, exceedingly

now and again - sometimes

habes aures at num videbis? (l) - you have ears and you will not see?

habes oculos ac manipalpabat? (l) - you have eyes and [he/she] touched by hand + Vulgate Psalms 113:5-7: 'Oculos habent et non videbunt. Aures habent et non audient... Manes habent et non palpabunt' (Latin 'Eyes have they, but they see not. They have ears, but they hear not... They have hands, but they handle not').

slant - glance + to take a slant at (U.S. Slang) - to take a look at [(notebook 1924): 'take a slant at'] + FDV: Let us now draw nearer to it since it has after all met with misfortune & see all there is to be seen. One cannot help noticing that some about half of the lines run from E to W, others from N to S. These ruled lines along which the traced words can run, march, walk, stumble in comparative safety seem to have been first of all drawn in a pretty checker with by using lampblack & a blackthorn. Such crossing is antechristian though the explanation may be geographical geodetic quite as easily as domestic economic.

Sullivan, The Book of Kells 4: (of the Book of Kells) 'in the year 1006... "the large Gospel of Colum Cille"... was stolen by night from the greater church at Kells, and found, after a lapse of some months, concealed under sods'.

tombstone - a stone or monument of any kind placed over the grave of a deceased person to preserve his memory.

anxious - full of desire and endeavour; solicitous; earnestly desirous (to effect some purpose).

pleace = please


jolly - very

a year - every year, yearly, per annum + song 'Christmas comes but once a year, and when it comes it brings good cheer'.

joist - a beam, timber + joy

unctuous - oily, greasy; characterized by spiritual unction (in later use esp. of an assumed or superficial nature); complacently agreeable or self-satisfied.

nope - definitely not, no + nobody + bobby - policeman.

truly + James Joyce: Ulysses.3.385: 'Aquinas tunbelly'.