consonant - an alphabetic or phonetic element other than a vowel

to say it with (som.) - to express one's feelings, make one's point by use of (that thing), esp. in the phr. say it with flowers.

missile - largesse (consisting of sweets, perfumes, etc.) thrown by the Roman emperors to the people.

arabesque - to ornament in arabesque (a species of mural or surface decoration in colour or low relief, composed in flowing lines of branches, leaves, and scroll-work fancifully intertwined).

scalding - that scalds, scalding hot

souchong - any of several Chinese black teas

taper - a wax candle

cat’s paw - the paw of a cat; one used by another to accomplish his purposes, dupe; ground ivy.

clove - the dried flower bud used as a pungent aromatic spice + 'clove' is derived from French 'clou': nail.

coffin nail - cigarette

champ - to make a biting and chewing action or movement with the jaws and teeth.

to have a lark - to have a frolicsome adventure, a spree + song The Lark in the Clear Air.

in the clear - unencumbered; free from trouble, danger, suspicion, etc.

into the bargain - over and above what is agreed or might be anticipated, besides.

habit - fashion or mode of apparel, dress

full dress - the more elaborate apparel proper to a public ceremony, a dinner or evening party.

undress - ordinary dress, a loose robe (gown)

footwear - shoes

TIBERIAS - Town on Western shore of the Sea of Galilee, on Lake Tiberias (where Jesus divided the loaves and fishes and walked on water; John 6). Founded in 2nd decade of 1st century AD and named after the emperor Tiberius, it became the chief center of rabbinic scholarship, where the Jerusalem Talmud was edited. The Massonite scholars in Tiberias introduced the "points" for vowels in Hebrew script.  

incest - the crime of sexual intercourse or cohabitation between persons related within the degrees within which marriage is prohibited.

salacity - lustfulness, lecherousness

gerontophil - loving old people, esp. old men; desiring sexual relations with old people.

tenderloin - the tenderest or most juicy part of the loin of beef, pork, etc.

hint at - to make a slight but intelligible suggestion of

softnosed  - (of a bullet) expanding + hardnosed (U.S. Slang) - tough, practical.

peruse - to read through or over; to read thoroughly or carefully; hence (loosely) to read.

mayhem - needless or willful damage + mayhap - maybe.

erogenous - sexually sensitive or stimulating + erroneously - otherwise than is the fact.

spoon - pl. Without const.: Sentimental or silly fondness; an instance of sentimental love-play + it's a case of spoons with them (phrase) - they are sentimentally in love.

prostituta in herba (l) - exposed on the grass, a prostitute in the grass + prostituta in verba (l) - unchaste in words, foul-spoken + prostituta in erba (it) - budding prostitute (literally 'prostitute in the grass').

dinky - neat, pretty; small + Joyce's note: 'dinky pinks (drink)'.

pink - pink colored clothing; a hole or eyelet punched in a garment for decorative purposes.

deliberatively - in a deliberative manner; with deliberation, deliberately (obs.)

summersault = somersault


perpetual curate - vicar

soutane - cassock

gingerly - extremely cautious or wary

balm - fragrant oil or ointment used for anointing

whereupon - upon what, for what reason, at what, about or concerning what.

Grace O'Malley

Joyce's note: 'are you [chaste?] / By whom?' (MS 47473-044v-045, MT: have you been chaste, | my child? by whom ^+be who+^, father? | JJA 46:348-9 | Feb-Mar 1925 | I.5§4.*3+ | FW 115.20-1 [Robbert-Jan])

potential - possessing potency or power; potent, powerful; possible as opposed to actual.

wider - widow; whither; wither + und so weiter (ger) - and so forth.

grisly - ugly; grizzly (grey, greyish) + mir grusige alte Sieche (Swiss German) - we nasty-minded old fellows.

sykos (gr) - a ripe fig + psychos (gr) - cold, coldness + psychoanalysis (Sykos on 'alices).

unsmiling - not smiling

Alice from 'Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland'

Jung, Carl Gustav (1875-1961) - Swiss analytical psychologist who read Ulysses "without one smile" (Letters, III, 261-62). Jung said Ulysses showed Joyce had a schizophrenic mind. Lucia Joyce was Jung's patient briefly, in 1934.

Freude (ger) - joy

penumbra - a partial shade or shadow

procure - to obtain (women) for the gratification of lust

oracular - of mysterious portent; ominous, portentous + ocular - rel. to the eye.

compression - the action of compressing, pressing together, squeezing + impression

in camera - in the judge’s chamber; in private, secretly, privately

virgate - to branch in diverging lines, bearing many small twigs

undemonstrative - restrained or reserved in expression of feeling

hold up - to maintain one's position or state; raise, lift

contumacy - stubborn resistance to authority + to hold the contumacy - to perform quarantine.

to settle (a person's) hash - to reduce to order; to silence, subdue; to make an end of + hash - chopped food.

all abroad - confused and unable to understand

adverb - a word that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb.

pudenda - the external genital organs of a human being and esp. of a woman.

scope - a means for viewing (microscope) + skopos (gr) - wathcer; object of sight.

neurastenia - functional nervous wakness

nympholept - one who is inspired by a violent enthusiasm, especially by a passion for an unattainable ideal; adj. Inspired by such enthusiasm + nympholeptos (gr) - caught by nymphs: raptured, frenzied.

typus (l) - figure, image

endocrine - hormonal, secreting internally

pineal - rel. to the pineal gland (which secretes melatonin in various mammals and is concerned with photo-periodicity and circadian rhythms).

inverted - turned upside down, reversed in position or order

parentage - derivation or descent from parents, esp. in reference to the particular parent or parents; 'birth', lineage.

prepossessing - causing an agreeable first impression, pleasing; creating prejudice

priapic - preoccupied with phallus, suggesting a phallus + Priapus - son of Dionysus and Aphrodite, god of fruitfulness, represented as a phallus. 

congress - sexual union, copulation, coition

agnate - a relative whose kinship is traceable exclusivelly through males, any paternal kinsman.

cognate - a person related to another on the mother’s side

lubricious - slippery, smooth, slimy, oily; lascivious; voluble, glib (obs. rare.)

meiosis - a figure of speech by which the impression is intentionally conveyed that a thing is less in size, importance, etc., than it really is; Biol. The division of a diploid cell nucleus.

feeler - one who feels + fellow

fancy - to portray in the mind, to picture to oneself, to conceive, imagine

mm - utterance of assent, reflection or satisfaction