decipher - to make out the meaning of (anything obscure or difficult to understand or trace).

unfettered - unrestrained, unrestricted

Irish Independent (newspaper)

vaunt - to put forward boastfully

dubiosity - doubtfulness, uncertainty, ambiguity

authorship - the origin of a literary production

holus bolus - all at once, altogether + Joyce's note: 'holusbolus'

authoritativeness - definite quality

brindisi (it) - a toast + cease - ceasing, stoppage + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.15: 'Brinde, verre à porter des toasts, aujourd'hui toast... et le mot remonte, comme son correspondant italien brindisi, à l'allemand dialectal ich bring dir's, je te porte (le verre) à ta santé' (French 'Brinde, a glass for toasting, nowadays a toast... and the word derives, like the corresponding Italian brindisi, from the German dialect ich bring dir's, I bring you (the glass) to your health').

beaker - a large drinking vessel with a wide mouth, an open cup or goblet + (sound of glasses clinking against each other in a toast).

clink - money; rhyme, assonance; instant, moment + (sound of glasses clinking against each other in a toast).

bottler - a worker that puts up goods in bottles

on the face of it - on a merely superficial view, prima facie; obviously, plainly

volt - to turn or roll over; (a horse is said to) volt when raries or stands upright + voltiger (fr) - perform on horseback.

desultory - skipping about, jumping or flitting from one thing to another; irregularly shifting, devious; wavering, unsteady + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.81: 'Les chevaux desultoires de Gargantua (souvenir de Pline) sur lesquels il avait "apprins à saulter hastivement d'un cheval sur l'autre sans prendre terre" voisinent avec son habileté à voltiger' (French 'the desultory horses of Gargantua (a reminder of Pliny) on which he had "learned to jump hastily from one horse to the other without touching ground" relate to his competency at equestrian vaulting').

to hold one's horses - used esp. in imper. (hold your horses!) = be patient, hold on! + to change (swap) horses in midstream (while crossing a stream) - to change one's ideas, plans, etc., in the middle of a project, progress, etc.

roughshod - Of horses: Having shoes with the nail-heads projecting; chiefly fig. in phr. to ride roughshod over, to domineer or tyrannize over, to treat without any consideration + FDV: Though apparently & to a rough mind this document is a thing once for all done & there you are somewhere and finished in a certain time be it a day or a year or even supposing it should turn out to be a long stretch of goodness only knows how many days or years. But anyhow somebody [somewhere sometime] wrote it, wrote it down all, wrote it all down and there it is, full stop. Ah yes but one who deeply thinks will always bear in his mind that this downright there you are & there it is is only all in his eye.

baffle - confusion + Buffalo Bill or William Cody (1846-1917) - Indian fighter, wild-west showman. 

telephone directory - a book containing an alphabetical list of the names, addresses, and numbers of telephone subscribers.

coccolanius (l) - scarlet butcher + coccolana (l) - scarlet wool ("though your sins be as scarlet... they shall be as wool" Isaiah 1:18) + cocco (it) - the apple of one's eye + coccolare (it) - to cuddle + lanius (it) - butcher.

Gallotaurus (l) - Gaul-bull + gallotaurus (l) - cock-bull [cock and bull story?] + gallus (l) - cock + taurus (l) - bull.

there you are - used to emphasize the finality or unchangeable nature of a fact, situation... =  there it is.

potable - fit or suitable for drinking, drinkable

at the back of one's mind - in the underlying or remote part of one's mind + Bacbuc - oracle of the bottle in Pantagruel. Its wisdom was "Trinch" + bakbook (Hebrew) - flask, bottle + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.30: 'temple of the Divine Bottle, where the maid of honour is Bacbuc (the Hebrew word for bottle)'

downright - direct, straightforward, not circuitous; plain, definite

there it is - expressing resignation to an unpleasant fact

in one's (mind's) eye - in one's mental view, in contemplation + all my eye! - nonsense!

soferim - teacher (Jew.) + soferim (Hebrew) - writers, scribes.

Babel - the city and tower, of which the attempted construction is described in Genesis xi, where the confusion of languages is said to have taken place + lebhabh (Hebrew) - heart.

dormerwindow - a projecting vertical window in the sloping roof of a house.

gossip - a person, mostly a woman, of light and trifling character, esp. one who delights in idle talk; a newsmonger, a tattler.

cry from the housetops - to make public, to proclaim so that everyone knows.

the writing on the wall - an event, decision, etc. that is a sign or warning of future ruin (Belshazzar's feast, Daniel 5).

hue - to depict, describe vividly

mod = mood + Mod (Old English) - mind, spirit.

mote - to argue, discuss + møte (Norwegian) - meet.

FDV: All Every single person place & thing was moving, changing [every part of the time]: the travelling inkpot, the hare & turtle, pen & paper, the continually more & less intermisunderstanding minds of the anticollaborators, the variously inflected, differently pronounced, otherwise spelled, changeably meaning words themselves vocable scriptsigns.

hobbly - rough, uneven + gobble - to swallow hurriedly in large mouthfuls, esp. in a noisy fashion. 

Turkery - the Turkish religion or practice; Islam (obs.) + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.10: 'La turquerie - une turquerie conventionnelle et fantaisiste - continue à défrayer les comédies de Rotrou et de Molière' (French 'The turquerie - a conventional and a fantastical turquerie - continues to play an entertaining part in the comedies of Rotrou and Moliere').

inkhorn - a small portable vessel (originally made of a horn) for holding writing-ink.

pot - ink pot

collaborator - one who works in conjunction with another or others; esp. in literary, artistic, or scientific work.

inflected - Gram. Of a word: Varied in the terminations to express varied grammatical relations.

changeably - with constant change or variety

vocable - capable of utterance

script - a kind of writing, a system of alphabetical or other written characters.

so help me God - the customary formula in a solemn oath + holp - help + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.236: 'Roy Petault... L'Hostel du Roy Petaud où chascun est maistre... Ce roi Pétaud est, à notre avis, tout simplement le Roitelet... dans le patois: Roi pétaud, c'est-à-dire péteur' (French 'King Petault... The Hotel of King Petaud where everyone is master... This king Petaud is, in our opinion, simply the Wren... in dialect: King petaud, namely farter').

jacinthinous - of the colour of jacinth, dark purple + hyakinthos (gr) - blue flower from blood of youth, Hyakinthos: the color blue.

bar - an obstruction, obstacle; a barrier

ball - a globe or globular body

wriggle - a sinuous or tortuous formation, marking, etc.; a wriggling or meandering course.

juxtaposed - placed side by side, adjacent + Joyce's note: 'juxtaposed linked by speed spurts of' Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 212: 'Slow writing yields 124 letters a minute, despite the inhibition accompanying the juxtaposed layout... As soon as the movement accelerates, at 152 lettres, the ligatures appear'.

jotting - something jotted down, a brief hasty note or sketch

by spurt - in or with brief unsustained or spasmodic efforts; fitfully, spasmodically.

thankful - grateful + FDV: We ought to be deeply thankful that we have even a [written on with now dried ink] piece of paper after it all & cling to it as with drowning hands.


dung fly - two winged fly that breed in dung + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.394: 'vers le soir... alba di tafani, l'aube des mousches, le soir... "some three or four hours after sunne-rise". C'est l'heure où le soleil est dans toute sa force et où les taons piquent avec le plus d'âpreté' (French 'towards evening... alba di tafani, the dawn of flies, the evening... "some three or four hours after sunrise". It is the hour when the sun is at its most powerful and when the gadflies bite with the most harshness').

dried - deprived of moisture + Joyce's note: 'written on in ink' ('in ink' not clear)

scrap of paper - Applied contemptuously to a document containing a treaty or pledge which one does not intend to honour.

take it or leave it - expression of indifference or a refusal to bargain, compromise, etc.

leaf - to turn over the pages

luft = left

let the cat out of the bag - to make known something that was secret esp. to make it known accidentally and at a wrong time + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.314n: '"Les pêcheurs diéppois ne parlent jamais dans leurs bateaux ni de prêtres ni de chats"' (French 'The fishermen of Dieppe never speak in their boats of either priests or cats').

coigning - coigns collectively + coign (Archaic) - corner-stone.