pew - a fine stream of breath forced through an aperture in the lips; a thin stream of air + A serpent with its tail in its mouth appears on the Tunc page of the Book of Kells (Sullivan, The Book of Kells plate XI) + pe (Hebrew) - mouth (a letter shaped like semicircle with an incurving tail).

Pat - a nickname for an Irishman

curt - Of words, sentences, style, etc.: Concise, brief, condensed, terse.

witty - cleverly amusing, 'sparkling', smartly facetious or jocular

Watte (ger) - cotton wool + (W).

dash - "-"; a stroke of a pen esp. when drawn through a word to cancel it

'Just right Heavenly' (Joyce's note)

trim - fit, competent, proper, suitable

trite - worn out by constant use or repetition, devoid of freshness or novelty + (T).

splutter - Of a pen: To scatter ink in writing; to utter hastily and indistinctly [Joyce's note: 'splutter']

petulance - redeness, peevishness, insolence, insolent behaviour or speech + FDV: the sudden petulence of a capitalised middle, the curt witty dashes never quite at the truth letter.

cunningly - with knowledge employed to conceal facts or designs; craftily, artfully

maze - labyrinth

confused - mingled so as to be indistiguishable; blended, mixed + Joyce's note: 'confused' Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 187: (the caption of a figure) 'Inharmonious, discordant and disparate, imprecise, confused, unorganised, slovenly writing of an idiot'.

drapery - cloth or textile fabrics collectively

bee - "b" + knows not a B from a bull's foot (phrase) + Egyptian hieroglyph for "b" is foot.

dumb show - pantomime; in medieval theatre, mimed preamble summarising play's action + dumm (ger) - dumb.

commoner - one of the common people

pronominal - of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a pronoun; serving to indicate things, instead of naming them (obs. rare.)

fun fair - a fair (or that part of a fair) which is devoted to amusements and side-shows + funeral

engrave - to carve (an inscription, figures, etc.) upon a surface

retouch - to touch again with a view to improving; to amend or improve by fresh touches

pudden = pudding

Very like a whale: in Hamlet, Polonius says this about a cloud.

farce - In cookery: To stuff (an animal, a piece of meat) with force-meat, herbs, etc. (obs); To amplify (a liturgical formula) by the insertion of certain words; to provide (an epistle) with a 'farse' or interpolated vernacular comment.

pemmican - a preparation made by certain North American Indians, consisting of lean meat, dried, pounded, and mixed with melted fat, so as to form a paste, and pressed into cakes; extremely condensed thought, or literary matter containing much information in few words.

nuzzle - to poke or push with the nose in or into something. Also fig.; to burrow or dig with the nose.

trillion - a very large number, 1 000 000 000 000

noddle - the head as the seat of the mind or thought. (Colloq., and usually with playful or contemptuous suggestion of dullness or emptiness.)

sink or swim - Used spec. in reference to the ordeal of suspected witches [to put (a person suspected of witchcraft) to the ordeal of being immersed in water, the proof of innocence being that the person sink]; hence fig. = 'whatever may happen'.

Huysmans: A Rebours 265: 'Le roman... deviendrait une communion entre un écrivain magique et un idéal lecteur': 'The novel should be a communion between a magic writer and an ideal reader'.

insomnia - inability to sleep; sleeplessness

raddled - ruddled, reddened as if with a red ocher color + (notebook 1924): 'raddle' Sullivan, The Book of Kells 47: (of a pigment used in the Book of Kells) 'of red hæmatite of an earthy nature, such as is termed raddle, there is a plentiful supply in the County Antrim' + (Joyce often used a red crayon on his Finnegans Wake notebooks and manuscripts).

obeli (l) - critical marks shaped like spits placed opposite spurious passages in text + (notebook 1924): 'red obeli = E O E' Sullivan, The Book of Kells 24: 'Attention is drawn to the error by four obeli in red, running down the middle of the page between the lines, and others round the margins, and red lines about the corners'.                     

cayennepepper - a very pungent powder obtained from the dried and ground pods and seeds of various species of Capsicum + pepper castor - pepper-shaker, a small vessel for sprinkling pepper.

misalignment - the condition of being out of line or improperly adjusted; bad alignment

magger = maggot

trifle - a matter of little value or importance; a trivial, paltry, or insignificant affair

supercilious - haughtily contemptuous in character or demeanour + (notebook 1924): 'supercillious' → Boulenger & Thérive: Les Soirées du Grammaire-Club 259: 'Diantre! Voilà du purisme sourcilleux, ou je ne m'y connais pas' (French 'Deuce! That is a supercilious purism, if I ever saw one') + supercilium (l) - eyebrow, a circumflex accent mark.

crisscross - to intersect or cross repeatedly + The Letter: four crosskisses.

ees - pl. of "e" + Greek ees = epsilon (gr) - small letter "e": "e" but with top loop open + superciliouslooking Greek ees = eta (gr) - long Greek vowel "e" transliterated by a circumflexed "e": "ê".

cowardlike - like, or after the manner of, a coward; cowardly

perched - seated as a bird upon a perch, set up on a high point

out of date - no longer in vogue or fashion or suitable to the time, obsolete, antiqued + out of place.

Egyptian hieroglyph for "m" is owl

hawk - to chase or hunt game with a trained hawk + send owls to Athens - to 'carry coals to Newcastle', to take a commodity where it alredy abounds + (notebook 1924): 'Ferre noctuam Athenas owls to Athens coquilles à S Michel' → Dupont: Les Légendes du Mont-Saint-Michel 138: 'la coque n'est qu'un petit mollusque... Elle abonde... dans la baie du Mont-Saint-Michel. De cette abondance est né ce proverbe qui signifie faire une chose inutile: "C'est porter des coquilles à Saint-Michel", c'est porter de l'eau à la rivière et des chouettes à Athènes: Ferre noctuam Athenas' (French 'the cockle is but a small mollusk... It abounds... in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. Of this abundance was born that proverb that means doing something useless: "It's carrying cockles to Saint-Michel", it's carrying water to the river and owls to Athens: Ferre noctuam Athenas').

geegee - horse, racehorse + gee - "g".

jesiutically - in jesuitical manner (deceitful, dissembling), with cunningly dissembled policy

Occident - the west

Ostrogothic - rel. to East Goths + (notebook 1924): '*E* ostrogoth'.

kakography (gr) - bad writing (not in accordance with the way in which words are conventionally written) + OED entry on cacography contains the quote: 'The cacography of the Etruscans, as their rude and uncouth manner of writing is termed'.

affected - influenced, acted upon, physically or materially

Etruscan - of or belonging to ancient Etruria or its people; absol. the language of the Etruscans

stable - Of a language: Having fixed meanings + (notebook 1924): 'Etruscan tabletalk *C*'.

The Letter: unto life's end + (notebook 1924): 'the learning betrayed in almost every page' → Kinane: St. Patrick 12: (quoting a letter of approbation from the Bishop of Ross) 'The care, the learning, the deeply religious spirit, betrayed in almost every page'.

headstrong - not easily restrained, directed by ungovernable will

pencraft - the craft or art of the pen + paltry - worthless, insignificant + (horsepower) + 1132.

ghimel - the 3d letter of the Hebrew alphabet, "g" (means 'camel') + Matthew 19:24: 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God'.

eye - Typog.: The enclosed space in the letters d, e, o, etc.

iota - "i" (Greek alphabet) + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 1: (beginning of introduction) 'Its weird and commanding beauty; its subdued and goldless colouring; the baffling intricacy of its fearless designs; the clean, unwavering sweep of rounded spiral; the creeping undulations of serpentine forms, that writhe in artistic profusion throughout the mazes of its decorations; the strong and legible minuscule of its text; the quaintness of its striking portraiture; the unwearied reverence and patient labour that brought it into being; all of which combined go to make up the Book of Kells, have raised this ancient Irish volume to a position of abiding preeminence amongst the illuminated manuscripts of the world'. 

sinistro- - left + gyro - ring, circle + sinistrogyro (l) - I turn around to the left + FDV: Then a sudden sinistrogyric return to some sore point in the past [a word here so cunningly hidden a ______ nest of maze like a fieldmouse in a nest of coloured ribbons]

throne - a seat or position of dominion or supremacy


muddy - turbid or foul with mud; not clear in mind, confused, muddled

terranean - rel. to the earth + Mediterranean (Sea) + Joyce's note: '*C* mediterranean'.

damn - to affirm to be guilty, condemn, to pronounce to be bad

agglutinative - forming derivative or compound words by putting together constituents each of which expresses a single definite meaning

Figures called 'King', 'Queen' and 'Knave', are called court (i.e. coat) or picture-cards + ganz kurz (ger) - quite short + koorts (Dutch) - fever.

doublefold - twofold + Doppelvau (ger) - letter W + {blue face from exertion, peeing and defecating}

flop - right, just, exactly + rightdown - complete, thorough.

(squatting defecator)

fretful - irritable, peevish, ill-tempered; impatient, restless

fidget - a condition of vague physical uneasiness, seeking relief in irregular bodily movements

ef - "f" + (fart).

digamma - the sixth letter of the original Greek alphabet, looks like 'F', sound value of 'W' + horns of a dilemma (phrase) + Egyptian hieroglyph "f" looks like horned viper.

born a barbarian

unfashionable - out of date, outmoded, not in fashion, distorted

lips + lapsus linguae (l) - slip of the tongue.

hetairos (gr) - minion + hetaira - Greek courtesan; demimondaine + Joyce's note: 'heterosexual'

boldfaced - type with a thick or 'fat' face (example) [Joyce's note: 'boldface']

wrongheaded - stubborn in adherance to wrong opinion or principles, perverse