how do you do? - common phrase used in inquiring as to a person's health + FDV: So? How Who do you no to now nigh, lazy and gentleman?

wode = void; wood + woda (Polish) - water + FDV: The answer echo is where in the balk back of the wodes, callhim forth call himforth.

Brieftrager (ger) - postman + briefdrager (Dutch) - letter carrier + FDV: (Shaun MacIrevick, briefdragger, of for the concern of Jhon Jhamiesen and Song, rated onehundred onehundrick and thin per storehundred on this nightly quizquiquok of the twelve apostrophes set by Johnn Jacky Jocky Jockit MicEarweak. He misunderstruck the an aim of number three of them [and placed his left correct replies to four of them in their incorrect natural order disorder.])

concern - a business organization; a business, a firm

rate - to reckon, calculate, to estimate the worth or value of

sto (Serbian) - hundred; table + stor (Danish) - large, great + great hundred, long hundred - 120.

quis - who (wants this) + quo = who + quock = quake + quis, quae, quod (l) - who, which (masc., fem., neut.) + quiz

Apostles - the twelve witnesses whom Jesus Christ sent forth to preach his Gospel to the world + apostrophe - " ĺ " + REFERENCE

misunderstand - to take (words, statements, etc.) in a wrong sense

riposte - an effective reply by word or act

myther = moider - to labour very hard + mytheria (gr) - traditions + FDV

rector - the permanent head or master of a university, college, school, or religious institution.

the Pope, Pontifex Maximus (Lat. pontus, bridge) + most (Serbian) - bridge + Maximos tries to bridge the gap between Christianity and Paganism in Henrik Ibsen's "Caesar and Galilean" + in Genesis of the Geneva Bible, Adam and Eve 'made themselves breeches' .

beanstalk - the stem of the bean-plant: so called in the fairy-tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

bluegum - Australian timber tree

baobab - a tree, also called 'Monkey-bread,' with a stem of enormous thickness.

welingtonia - the popular name in England of Sequoia (Wellingtonia) gigantea, a large coniferous tree, native of California.

nudi - - naked + [pedibus] nudis (l) - with bare [feet].

trouter - one that fishes for trout

claudeo (l) - to limp, be lame + cloud - to cover or darken with clouds; hence fig., to overshadow, throw into the shade.

conciliation - conversion from a state of hostility or distrust; the promotion of good will by  kind and considerate measures.

esker - a long narrow mound of material deposited by a stream flowin on within or beneath a stagnant glacier + esker (Anglo-Irish) - sandy ridge.

sport - to make public and ostentatious display of, to show of, to wear with satisfaction.

chaingang - a gang or number of convicts chained together to prevent escape + chaingang (Slang) - jewellers, watch-chain makers.

Hollander (Dutch) - Dutchman

albert - a watch chain worn across the front of a vest


heinousness - extreme wickedness, atrociousness

successive - characterized by or involving succession, brought about or produced in succeeding stages. 

Serbian - of or belonging to Serbia + serebryanyj (Russian) - 'silver' + srebrn (Serbian) - of silver + sere (Archaic) - withered.

drawingroom - a private chamber attached to a more public room; now, a room reserved for the reception of company, and to which the ladies withdraw from the dining-room after dinner.

hearth rug - a rug laid before a fireplace to protect the carpet or floor

Wilberforce, William (1759-1833) - British M.P., chiefly associated with the abolition of the slave trade. 

heather - the native species of the LinnŠan genus Erica (herb)

VARTRY RIVER - Rising at the base of Mt Douce in County Wicklow, it flows South to Roundwood, where it is dammed to form the reservoir which, since 1868, has been the main South Dublin water supply. From the reservoir the much-diminished Vartry traverses the Devil's Glen and ends at the sea inlet of Broad Lough, near the town of Wicklow. 

protestant + prode (it) - brave.

boyne - a flat shallow tub or bowl + river Boyne + song The Protestant Boys (an Orange song; 'Boyne' appears in the song).

fodder - food in general (obs.); food for cattle

America + Marken (ger) - stamps + marken (Danish) - the field.

ge- (ger) - (prefix for certain nouns, past participles)

tutor - one employed in the supervision and instruction of a youth in a private household.

Cornish - the ancient language of Cornwall, a member of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages; it became extinct in the latter part of the 18th c.

voucher - one that sponsors or guarantees, witness