to drink to the dregs - to drink to the thick and turbid sediment

kink - a mental twist

wurst = worst + Wurst (ger) - sausage.

chump - dupe, fool; munch, champ

scullion - a domestic servant of the lowest rank in a household who performed the menial offices of the kitchen; hence, a person of the lowest order, esp. as an abusive epithet.

ply - to employ or occupy oneself busily or steadily; to work at something.

trolly - a railroad dump car, a small truck, an electric car + truly

psychic - psychical, rel. to the human soul or mind

espousal - the formal 'plighting of troth' between a man and a woman; the celebration of a marriage, nuptials, a wedding. 

desertion - the action of deserting, forsaking, or abandoning; wilful abandonment of the conjugal society, without reasonable cause, on the part of a husband or wife.

Futter (ger) - fodder + futter (Slang) - to fuck + Futt (ger, vulg.) - vagina + Vater (ger) - father.

Magd (ger) - girl

As Fritz Senn discovered, the actor Hill, described as "that mountain of flesh," played Cattermole in the play "The Private Secretary" (40.16) at the Gaiety Theatre in 1885 + phrase making a mountain out of a molehill + Souvenir of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Opening of The Gaiety Theatre 29: 'the inimitable "Private Secretary" captured the town, with Helmore as the "Rev Robt. Spalding," and Hill, that "mountain of flesh" as "Cattermole"'. 

stress - a force acting on or within a body or structure and tending to deform it.

strain - force tending to pull asunder or to drag from a position

to tank up - to fill oneself with drink, to drink heavily; to fill a tank of (a vehicle) with a fuel.

dank - to wet, damp, moisten

tout - a spy, an informer; a drinking match; a drunken fit, a spree

entoutcas - a combination of parasol and umbrella

thimble - a bell-shaped sheath of metal (formerly of leather) worn on the end of the finger to push the needle in sewing.

(Colonel) Blimp - a character invented by David Low (1891-1963), cartoonist and caricaturist, pictured as a rotund pompous ex-officer voicing a rooted hatred of new ideas.

dud - of little or no worth, ineffective, fake, bad

dead letter - orig. A writing, etc. taken in a bare literal sense without reference to its 'spirit', and hence useless or ineffective; a letter which lies unclaimed for a certain time at a  post-office, or which cannot be delivered through defect of address or other cause. 

byword - a proverb, proverbial saying; a nickname, byname, epithet of scorn.

surcease - cessation, stop; esp. (a) temporary cessation, suspension, or intermission.

"While stands the Coliseum, Rome shall stand; when falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall" (Byron, Childe Harold IV).

frail - a basket made of rushes; a woman; liable to break or be broken, easily crushed or destroyed; morally weak, unable to resist temptation; Now sometimes applied as a half-jocular euphemism, to a woman who lives unchastely or has fallen from virtue + frails (Slang) - women.

hatch - to bring forth young birds from the eggs by incubation

cellbridge - a protoplasmic connection between cells, na intercelular bridge + CELBRIDGE - Village, on Liffey River 4 miles from Lucan. The private house Marley Abbey was bought by Bartholomew Vanhomrigh, and Swift visited Esther V. ("Vanessa") there. 

abrood - on a hatch, on its brood of eggs + abroad

gan = p. of gin - begin

Genesis 1:1, John 1:1: 'In the beginning'

to wind up - to bring to conclusion, end

Dane - a native or subject of Denmark; in older usage including all the Northmen who invaded England from the 9th to the 11th c.

regularly - at fixed times or intervals, in accordance with rule or established principles.

regroup - to form a new group

busman's holiday - leisure time spent in occupations of the same nature as those in which one engages for a living + bushboy - a native Australian or South African bushman

quacker - one that quacks, a duck; quaker

sandbath - a bath taken by fowls in sand

song Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye: 'Ye eyeless, noseless, chickenless egg'

spa - a medicinal or mineral spring or well

Emillian - of or pertaining to Emilia, a district of northern Italy + million + Aemilia Via (l) - Aemilian Way: name of three different Roman roads, built by M. Aemilius Lepidus and M. Aemilius Scaurus.

bogus - counterfeit, spurious, fictitious, sham

census - an official enumeration of the population of a country or district.

Haussmann, Baron (1809-91) - leading spirit in the rebuilding of Paris + Hausmann (ger) - tenant, lodger.

Jean Alphand was an assistant to Baron Haussmann in the 19th-century rebuilding of Paris. 

handy andy - someone skilled in many jobs + Rooney, "Handy Andy" - title, hero of Lover's novel. He is a bumbling Irish servant who turns out to be an Irish peer.  

secession - Rom. Hist. the temporary migration of the plebeians to a place outside the city, in order to compel the patricians to grant redress of their grievances.

plump - to vote at an election for one candidate alone (when one is entitled to vote for two or more). The original sense was app. to give a direct, straight, unqualified, or absolute vote for a person.

plebeius (l) - a plebeian, member of the Roman lower classes + phlegmatikos (gr) - full of phlegm.

rut - to mount or cover (the female)

dub - to name, style, nickname

limn - to portray, depict (a subject)


fly - a spy (with allusion to the insect's finding its way into the most private places); lure in fishing; man's trouser buttons or zipper + fly (Slang) - cunning, artful.

demisphere - hemisphere

to cover up a person's tracks - to conceal or screen his motions or measures.

tracer - seeker, one who follows the footprints or track of anything

dovecote - a house for doves or pigeons + Seven cities of the ancient world claimed to be the birthplace of Homer; Chios and Smyrna are best supported.

Pigeon - lived at the end of Dublin's South Wall and gave his name to the Pigeonhouse + Heim (ger) - home + Henrik Ibsen: "Et Dukkehjem" (The Doll's House). 

homer - a homing pigeon + home - to fly back to its 'home' or loft after being released at a distant point + Homer

SMYRNA - Now called Izmir, city and port on Aegean Sea, Western Turkey. In ancient times it was first Aeolian, then Ionian; both peoples claimed it as the birthplace of Homer, known as "son of the Meles." 

Rhodes - island off Asia Minor, contender for Homer's birthplace.

Kolophon - city in Ionia, contender for Homer's birthplace.

SEAPOINT - Residential area between Blackrock and Monkstown, South-East of Dublin + Salamis - town in Cyprus, contender for Homer's birthplace.

Chios (gr) - Ionian island, contender for Homer's birthplace 

ASHTOWN - Residential district North of Phoenix Park. Phoenix Park racecourse is just outside the park at Ashtown Gate + Argos (gr) - "Unworked, fallow": city in southern Peloponnesus, contender for Homer's birthplace.

Athens was one of the 7 cities claimed to be the birthplace of Homer.

lordship - the rank of a lord, dominion

chamberlain - an officer charged with the management of the private chambers of a sovereign or nobleman + Chamberlain, Joseph (1836-1914) - British politician, wrecked Home Rule, may have been the force behind Captain O'Shea.

acknowledging - recognizing or admitting as true or valid

prine - the holm or evergreen oak; ilex + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song I Saw Thy Form in Youthful Prime [air: Domhnall].

"Donald a Domhnall," the air to T. Moore's "I Saw Thy Form" + Domhnall (donel) (gael) - "World-mighty"; anglic. Donnell.

reek - to emit hot vapour or steam; to smell strongly and unpleasantly, to stink.

il bel paese (It.) - "the homeland"; the cheese of this name has a map of Italy on the wrapper.

quot - quotation; squat + quot (l) - how many, as many + quiet

tot quot - Eccl. A dispensation or licence to hold as many ecclesiastical benefices as the holder pleases or can get; hence, the holding of such benefices, unlimited pluralism; pl. benefices so held + tot (l) - so many [usually with quot].

reign - royal power or rule, kingdom, sovereignty

sunbath - an exposure to the direct rays of the sun, orig. as a method of medical treatment + szombat (Hungarian) - Saturday.

Wasser (ger) - water + Wassernapf (ger) - water basin + nap - a draught + vasarnap (Hungarian) - Sunday.

bout - a contest, match, trial of strength, physical or intellectual + bye

stoolball - an old english game resembling cricket played chiefly by women [(notebook 1930): 'stoolball'].

Girofle and Girofla - title of and twin sisters in Lecocq's opera + (notebook 1930): '*L* Giroflé Girofla' Giroflé, Girofla (French song): 'Que t'as de belles filles! Giroflé, girofla': 'What pretty daughters you have! Giroflé, girofla' (children's game mentioned in Verrimst: Rondes et Chansons Populaires 51) + giro qui giro là (it) - I wander here and there.

nevermore - never again

fullback - (Football), position in the field behind the other 'backs'; a player in this position + (notebook 1930): 'Africa for the fullblacks'.

arc - an arch (obs.) + (notebook 1930): 'arc of his drive'.

drive - a private road affording access to a residence or other building

stump - a stake; (pl) legs + to pull up one's stumps - to leave one's home, to move one's habitation.

thews - muscles or tendons + thew (Archaic) - thigh + thew (obs) - custom + (notebook 1930): 'thick & thews (Gaels)'.

creater = creature

to look down on - to hold in contempt, to scorn, to consider oneself superior to.

Robinson, Swiss Family - title, characters in a novel by J. S. Wyss 

colle (it) - hill

nouveaux riches (fr) - persons who have recently acquired wealth + nouvelles roches (fr) - new rocks + (notebook 1930): 'les nouveaux roches (Alps)'.

turn to - to direct one's attention to something practically; to apply oneself to or take up an occupation or pursuit.