stick to - to adhere, keep or hold to (an argument, demand, resolve, opinion, bargain, covenant, and the like); to refuse to renounce or abandon; to persist in.

futurism + futuete! (l) - fuck!

leglifter (Slang) - fornicator + (notebook 1930): 'chorus girls they hang their legs like censers'.

cense - to judge, estimate; to burn incense before, offer incense to; esp. by way of worship or honour.

souriantes (fr) - smiling

boor - any rude, ill-bred fellow

browbending - frowning + nursery rhyme Brow Bender: 'Brow bender, Eye peeper, Nose dreeper, Mouth eater, Chin chopper'.

grommellants (fr) - grumbling

hindmost - final, last, terminal, all the way to the rear

yeled (Hebrew) - male child

glimse = glimpse + Thomas Moore: song: Tho' the Last Glimpse of Erin with Sorrow I See.

lug (lug) (gael) - mountain-hollow

luk = look; luck + luch (lukh) (gael) - mouse.

asana - manner of sitting (as in practice of yoga)

stave - to drive off or beat with a staff or stave; esp. in to stave off, to beat off (a dog in Bear- or Bull- baiting; also transf. a human combatant), to keep back (a crowd).

reglar - regular + Ragnarøkr (Old Norse) - destruction of the Norse gods.

rack - the rib section of lamb used for chops and roasts

cloak - to cover with or as if with a cloak, hide, disguise, screen

reclined - placed in a reclining or recumbent position

padstool - a mushroom + paddy - Irishman; policeman + paddenstoel (Dutch) - mushroom, toadstool.

Christien = Christian

Advent - The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour of the world; the Incarnation. Hence his expected Second Coming as Judge, and the Coming of the Holy Spirit as at Pentecost.

easterling - an inhabitant of an eastern country or district; also, a member of the Eastern Church + Easter - one of the great festivals of the Christian Church, commemorating the resurrection of Christ, and corresponding to the Jewish passover.

Pentecost - a festival of the Christian Church observed on the seventh Sunday after Easter, in commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost + pentekostitis (gr) - inflammatory disease of fifty.

bequest - transference or bestowal by will, or by a similar procedure.

fanfare - to call attention to with much clamour

Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Go Where Glory Waits Thee

Ball, John - English rebel, subject of Morris' romance, "The Dream of John Ball." Mr Atherton knows a nursery rhyme in which John Ball "shot them all." 

ballotist - a professed advocate of the ballot (the method or system of secret voting, originally by means of small balls placed in an urn or box; an application of this mode of voting).

Maxwell, James Clerk (1831-79) - British physicist

clark = clerk

commenced + comminxit (l) - he [she, it] polluted, defiled, pissed on + (notebook 1930): 'to comminx'.

(notebook 1930): 'under articles'


Borgia - infamous Italian family

bier - a tomb, a sepulchre; beer + Bier (ger) - beer + een vat bier (Dutch) - a barrel of beer + vatbier (Dutch) - draught beer.

bure (sr) - barrel

buttle - to serve or act as butler

bawn - the wortified court of a castle, an enclosure about a farmhouse or castle in Ireland + bawn (Anglo-Irish) - white.

(notebook 1930): 'Al *E*' Paget: Babel 31: 'Let the reader try... raising the tip of his tongue to touch the roof of his mouth, as if pointing to the sky. If... the reader simultaneously grunts... he will find that it results in articulating a sound which might be written ULL or OLL in English, or AL in the Latin languages. AL... is therefore a natural gesture-word meaning up'.

(notebook 1930): 'an = wind' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'AN breathe'

roh (ger) - raw, crude

re - regardings, concerning, with regard to

huckleberry - the fruit and plant of species of Gaylussacia, low berry-bearing shrubs, common in North America; U.S. colloq. A small amount, degree, or extent; a person, spec. (derog.) a person of little consequence + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn.

whenas - while; for the reason that; although, whereas

tuck - to put into a snug place, to pull or gather up in a fold or folds, to fold.

toss - to fling or jerk oneself about 

youngster - a young person who is not of age; a child, esp. a boy + yang (Chinese) - ocean. 

fou - drunk; foul + fou (fr) - mad.

hock - the wine called in German Hochheimer, produced at Hochheim on the Main; hence, commercially extended to other white German wines.

Becher (ger) - beaker, mug

wherein - in what, in which, where

gauge - to 'take the measure' of 

raisin - a cluster of grapes; a grape (obs.) + reason

(notebook 1930): 'ad = eat' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'AD eat'

aliment - nutriment, food

(notebook 1930): 'da = give' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'DA give'

dole - food or money given in charity

rap - to exchange, barter (dial. and slang.) + (notebook 1930): 'rup = break' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'RUP break' .

rustic - a countryman, a peasant; a stone of the kind employed in rustic work (usu. pl.)

tame - to overcome the wildness or fierceness of (a man, animal, or thing) + (notebook 1930): 'tan = stretch' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'TAN stretch'.

turmoil - disturbance, tumult; trouble

has + (notebook 1930): 'sa = sow' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'SA sow (corn)'.

semination - sowing, planting

sue - to woo, court; to institute legal proceedings against (a person) + (notebook 1930): 'su = squeeze' Paget: Babel 47: (listing Indo-European roots) 'SU squeeze out'.

skivvy - a female domestic servant

on the sly - secretly

from hand to mouth - with attention to immediate wants only; by consuming food as soon as it is obtained, without provision for the future + (notebook 1930): 'from hand to mouth' Paget: Babel 54: 'the influence of unconscious mouth-gesture will continue to affect human speech as long as the pantomimic instincts of man and the sympathy between his hand and mouth both persist'.

earish - auricular + Irish + (notebook 1930): 'to learn earish'.

hack - to clear (a path) by cutting away vegetation + (notebook 1930): 'hang = static hack = dynamic' Paget: Babel 60: 'compare such words as clang and clack, hang and hack... the nasal sound symbolizes something static, the same mouth-gesture without the nasal bypassing something dynamic'.

hick - hiccup + heck - hell + hock - prison; to tease or harass + hic haec hoc (l) - this, this here (masc., fem., neut.)


hereafter - after this in time

Rialto - an exchange or mart

ANNESLEY - Bridge (also Road) over Tolka River, West of Fairview Park 

BINNS'S BRIDGE - Bridge carrying Drumcondra Road across the Royal Canal. 

BALLS BRIDGE - Bridge which carries the ancient highway from Dublin to Blackrock over the Dodder River.  

James Joyce: Ulysses.2.41: 'How, sir? Comyn asked. A bridge is across a river' (possibly alluding to Skeat's definition of a bridge as 'a structure built across a river').

dearth - scarcity of anything, material or immaterial; scanty supply

vile - to bring to a vile or low condition, to defile

ville - a town or village

town + song The Wild Man from Borneo: 'The flea on the hair of the tail of the dog of the nurse of the child of the wife of the wild man from Borneo has just come to town'.

dye - to diffuse a colour or tint through; to tinge with a colour or hue; to colour + died

tartan - to clothe or array in tartan

rue - a perennial evergreen shrub + (notebook 1930): 'tormentil rue root } red' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Red... Rue root... Tormentil'.

dulse - an edible species of seaweed, Rhodymenia palmata, having bright red, deeply divided fronds + (notebook 1930): 'lichen dulse currants & ales } brown' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Brown (yellowish)... Lichen... Dulse... Currant, with Alum'.

bracken - a fern; spec. (in modern writers) Pteris aquilina, the 'Brake'; a shade of brown resembling the colour of turning bracken; a warm orangey-brown + (notebook 1930): 'ashtree & bracken bog myrtle } yellow' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Yellow... Bog-Myrtle... Ash-tree root... Bracken root'.

teasel - a plant of the genus Dipsacus, comprising herbs with prickly leaves and flower-heads, used for teasing or dressing cloth so as to raise a nap on the surface + (notebook 1930): 'broom whinbark teasel fuller's thistle heather } green' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Green... Broom... Whin-bark... Teasel, or Fuller's Thistle... Heather, with Alum'.

sundew - any plant of the genus Drosera, which comprises small herbs growing in bogs + (notebook 1930): 'sundew cup moss rue root } purple' (there may have been an unsuccessul attempt to cancel 'rue root', resulting in an ambiguous semi-cancellation of 'cup moss') The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Purple... Sundew... Lichen, Cupmoss'.

cress - the common name of various cruciferous plants, having mostly edible leaves + (notebook 1930): 'wild cress } violet' ('violet' replaces a cancelled 'yellow') The Scottish Clans and their Tartans xxviii: (native dyes used in Scottish tartan manufacture) 'Violet... Wild Cress'.

gone + Gunn, Michael (1840-1901) - manager of the Gaiety Theatre, South King Street, Dublin; husband of Bessie Sudlow, father of Selskar Gunn + (notebook 1930): 'Gunn' The Scottish Clans and their Tartans 28: (a Scottish clan) 'Gunn'.


stood - p. of stand - to resist without yielding or retreating + (notebook 1930): 'underwent a sharp siege'.

girth - to gird, surround, encompass + grosser (ger) - larger.

Cosgrave: North Dublin, City and Environs 29n: 'there are twenty-four Dublins in the United States'.

germinate - to sprout, put forth shoots, begin to vegetate

namesake - a person or thing having the same name as another + Lublin - City in Poland.

initial - an initial letter 

young rose [BUD] ...French - Egyptian [NIL] - Dublin

slump - to fall or sink suddenly, collapse; a sizable group or quantity, lump, a collapse.


blood is thicker than water - the tie of relationship is strong


Howth + hoed (Dutch) - hat + song Finnegan's Wake: 'Tim Finnegan... he carried a hod'.

surrounded + you and I...surrented by...bldns - [dUblIns] 

brwnt (Welsh) - foul, dirty

Erin’s free port + polt - a blow, a hard rap or knock; poult (a chicken, a child).

The Inner City of Peking contains Hwang Cheng, known as the "Imperial City" or "Forbidden City" + hwang (Chinese) - yellow + huang-shang (Chinese) - a term for Emperor (Chinese French Romanisation chang). 

pipey - containing tubular formations, having the hollow form of a pipe + highty-tighty (Slang) - uppish, quarrelsome.

fancy - to frame in fancy; to portray in the mind; to picture to oneself

fag - a cheap cigarette; any cigarette (the current use)