wallow - to move about heavily or clumsily

REGENT CIRCUS - When Nash built London's Regent Street, in 1816-20, the circus at the intersection with Piccadilly Street was called Regent Circus, and only later in the century did it become universally known as Piccadilly Circus + raggiante (it) - radiant + circos (l) - precious stone mentioned by Pliny.  

cabal - a small body of persons engaged in secret or private machination or intrigue; a secret + Cabal - King Arthur's dog + cobblestone - rectangular paving stone with curved top (once used to make roads). 

coping - Arch. The uppermost course of masonry or brickwork in a wall, usually made of a sloping form to throw off rain + København (Danish) - Copenhagen.

cavin - a hollow way or natural hollow, sufficiently capacious to hold a body of troops, and faciliate their approach to a fortress + cabin + cavern.

canine - of, belonging to, or characteristic of, a dog; having the nature or qualities of a dog + (canine constant ~ faithful dog).

American + ammirare (Italian) - to wonder at.

approximate + 'paroxysm' from Greek par oxys: beyond acute.

preciosity + a peu prés (fr) - almost.

Atlas - high mountain in Mauretania, on which heaven was fabled to rest + at last.

allongement (fr) - elongation in space or time + alignment.

stickler - mediator, meddler

BATTERSTOWN - Town, County Meath, 15 miles North-West of Dublin. Baile an Bothair, Ir. "town of the road" + Booterstown - district of Dublin + Battle of Badour, won by Arthur.  

bare + Finn's hunt for the magic boar.

truth + Twrch Trwyth - a boar hunted by King Arthur in Mabinogi, killed by Mordred.

Mordred on Modred - King Arthur's nephew/son, who brought down the Round Table and was killed by Arthur + madradh (Irish) - dog + moderates. 

CAMDEN STREET - The section North of the Grand Canal of the main road from Dame Street to Rathmines and Rathgan (not to Booterstown) + CAMLAN - Somewhere in Cornwall, possibly near Camelford, site of the battle (53 AD) in which King Arthur was killed, betrayed by his nephew Modred, who also was slain.   

Hannibal + The Book of Aneirin: 'an Arthur in the exhaustive conflict'.

Otho, Marcus Salvius (32-69) - Roman emperor for three months 69 A.D. Ineffectual emperor, he commited suicide so creating a by-word for softness of character + an author to return [transition to Shem].

aiger = eager - tidal bore + eager - characterized by or manifesting alacrity or impatient desire + William Shakespeare: Hamlet I.4.2: 'a nipping and an eager air' + aigre (fr) - chill, bitter.

struggle for lifer - one who has a struggle to live; usually, one who is unscrupulous in his efforts to advance himself in the world

wooing - alluring, enticing + 4 elements: fire, air, earth, water.

divest - to unclothe

Nathaniel Lee: The Rival Queens (a play) + *IJ* + {he removed his clothes to save the two girls from drowning in the Liffey}

Grimshaw, Bagshaw, and Bradshaw - a farce performed at the Haymarket, 1856 + *VYC*.

make off with  - to decamp with (something) in one's possession


taxed - subjected to a tax

rated - subject to rates

licensed - to whom or for which a licence has been granted; provided with a licence. Now often spec. (of a house, etc.) licensed for the sale of alcoholic liquor.

rented - possessed of property yielding a revenue or income (obs.) + rant - to use bombastic laguage + licence granted.

stonehead - the top of the stratum of solid stone or bed-rock beneath the loose or soft superficial deposit + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Cath-loda I: 'Three stones, with heads of moss, are there'.

white horse - a mass of rock enclosed within a lode + The 'White Horse of Wanstead' is a figure almost 400 ft long cut into the side of a chalk hill near Uffingtom, England; by tradition it originally celebrated Alfred's victory over the Danes + White Horse Hill, Berks, England.

print - any indentation in a surface, preserving the form left by the pressure of some body, as the print of a foot in the ground

costellare (it) - to constellate, to spangle

miracolone (it) - big miracle + mira (it) - look + culone (it) - big arse.

monstrum (l) - monster; evil omen + uccellino (it) - little bird.

lead - to go in advance of others, take the lead in an expedition or course of action


hiss - to make this sound as an expression of disapproval or derision

snake charmer - an entertainer who exhibits his proffesed power to charm or fascinate venomous snakes

stage + {led the applause at the Creation [play] and hissed a charming snake off the stage}

hound - to hunt, chase, or pursue with hounds

haunter - one who haunts (in various senses), a frequenter

harrier - harasser, a persistent attacker; a hound that resembles a foxhound but is smaller (used to hunt rabbits)

marrier - one that marries

terrier - a small, active, intelligent variety of dog, which pursues its quarry (the fox, badger, etc.) into its burrow or earth + 'terrier' derived from Latin terra (hence, burial).

tamh (tav) (gael) - sleep, death + tavs (Danish) - silent + Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief (nursery rhyme) + 4-stage Viconian cycle: thunder, marriage, burial, ricorso [414.31].

Olaf - first Norse king of Dublin

oxman - a man who tends or drives oxen + Oxman - Viking (as in Oxmantown, part of North Dublin).

Thorgil - Turgesius [051.16] + Turko the Terrible - first Christmas pantomime at Gaiety Theatre, Dublin (Ulysses.1.258).

vespasian - a public lavatory in France (from Titus Flavius Vespasianus, Roman emperor) + Vespasianus (l) - Roman emperor, A.D. 69-79, overthrew Vitellius who had overthrown Otho.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (161-180 A.D.) - Roman emperor, stoic philosopher, author of Meditations 

whiggamore - Originally, One of a body of insurgents of the West of Scotland who in 1648 marched on Edinburgh, their expedition being called the 'whiggamore raid, road, or inroad'; later (contemptuous), = Whig.

traditor (l) = traditore (it) - traitor + Tory + tory (Anglo-Irish) - robber.

raglan - an overcoat without shoulder seams (after the lord Raglan, the Brittish commander in the Crimean war) + Raglan Road, Dublin + Ragnarøkr (Old Norse) - destruction of the Norse gods.

MARLBOROUGH PLACE - A mews off East side of Marlborough Street. 

cromlech - a structure of prehistoric age consisting of a large flat or flattish unhewn stone resting horizontally on three or more stones set upright

Cromail (krumil) (gael) - English name Cromwell + Cromleach and Crommal Hill, County Antrim, in James Macpherson's "The Poems of Ossian".

farfamed - that is famed to a great distance, well known

lurcher - a prowler, swindler, or petty thief

Lubar (luber) (gael) - Convolutions; according to Macpherson, a name for the Six-Mile river, Co. Antrim + (pissed into the river).

mareschal = marshal - to arrange, place or rank in order at a feast + Marschall (ger) - marshal.

wardmote - a meeting of the citizens of a ward; esp. in the City of London, a meeting of the liverymen of a ward under the presidency of the alderman

delimit - to mark or determine the limits of

main - the chief or principal part; a host of men, a (military) force

netted - caught in a net + net weight.

nibble - to take little bites, to eat or feed in this fashion

turn the scale - to cause one scale of a balance to descend

gross - to become gross or great, to increase + gross weight + grace.


BANBA - One of the 3 queens of the Tuatha Dé Danann (according to Keating); the others were Eire and Fodhla. Sovereignty rotated annually among the 3 kings, and each year the country took the name of the ruling queens. Since Eire was queen when the Milesians arrived, they knew Ireland by her name alone. 

Beurla (Irish) - English language

mela (it) - apple + melarancia (it) - orange (fruit).

doughty - valiant, brave, stout

granturco (it) - maize + El Gran Turco (sp) - Sultan of Turkey.

orge (fr) - barley

formento (Italian Archaic) - wheat

Luxemburger + Lachs (ger) - salmon + bulge, lean + {a Luxemburger [lax], he leaps like lean salmon}

genial - sympathetically cheerful, jovial, kindly

sagacity - keenness and soundness of judgement in the estimation of persons and conditions

benevolence - disposition to do good, desire to promote the happiness of others, kindness, generosity, charitable feeling (as a general state or disposition towards mankind at large).

forbear - an ancestor, forefather, progenitor (usually more remote than a grandfather) + [Mahon].

turnpike - tollgate, a toll road, a main road

Carey, James (1845-83) - one of the Invincibles who killed Lord Frederick Cavendish and T. H. Burke in the Phoenix Park, then turned informer + quare (l) - by what means, how?

cur - a dog; a worthless, low-bred, or snappish dog + cur (l) - why? + Daniel Curley was one of the Invincibles hanged for the murders.

burked (Slang) - smothered + barked + {how was he convicted, and why was he murdered?}

partitioned - having partitions, divided or separated by partitions

Irsk (Danish) - Irish + holm (Danish) - islet + Partition of Ireland, 1922.

United Irishmen - nationalist group founded by Wolfe Tone, 1791

swig + take a swing at - to deliver a punch with a sweep of the arm (boxing) + svig (Danish) - deceit + svigermoder (Danish) - mother-in-law.

Methyr - name of Isis in Plutarch + methy (gr) - wine + mother.

gorko (Serbian) - bitter + tasted a bit corky (wine) + Maxim Gorky: The Mother.

(salmon travelling upriver) + REFERENCE

komm (ger) - come + Tom, Dick and Harry.

eile dich (ger) - hurry up

Huckleberry Finn

Tom Sawyer

warden - one who guards, protects, or defends + warden (ger) - wait.