havoc - devastation, destruction

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal I: 'Moran the son of Fithil!' (glossed in a footnote: 'Moran signifies many').

rope - to lay hold of

Home Ruler - one who advocates or practises Home Rule (government of a country, colony, province, etc., by its own citizens).

figure - portray, consider, assume, to give figure to, to form, shape, to represent in a picture.

hoist - to raise aloft; to set or put up; to place on high

shaggy - covered with or having long coarse or bushy hair

ration - to supply (persons) with rations, to provision; to divide (food, etc.) into rations, to serve out in fixed quantities.

isobaric - indicating equal barometric pressure

patty - a little pie or pasty

RIESENGEBIRGE - "Giant mountains"; mountain range, part of Sudetic Mountains, along the boundary between South-West Poland (former Prussia) and North Czech. 

to fit up - to supply with necessary fittings, furniture, or stores

plantureux (fr) - copious

existency - something which exists; a being, an entity

song, "Sweet Rosie O'Grady" + oog (Dutch) - eye.  

mite - a very small object; often, a very small living creature, as a tiny child.

taut ship - a disciplined or strictly run ship

scupper - pl. an opening in a ship's side on a level with the deck to allow water to run away; a deprecatory term for woman esp. a prostitute.

awash - washed by the sea, covered with water

mack - neat, tidy, apt, convenient

Liebster (ger) - dearest

scutum (l) - shield + aquascutum (l) - water-shield.

kay - key; left, sinister; "k" + gay women (Slang) - whores + kay (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - quay.

G man - a political detective in Ireland, a special agent (U.S.) + gee - horse, "g".

pierce - to enter, penetrate, or pass, as something sharp-pointed, into or through.

ally - one united or associated with another by treaty or league

host - an armed company or multitude of men; a "company" of sparrows.

third party - a person other than the principals

rot - the process of rotting, or the state of being rotten; decay, putrefaction.

rant - to talk or declaim in an extravagant high-flown manner; to use bombastic language; to be jovial, boisterous, uproariously gay or merry.

oxtail - the skinned tail of cattle used for soup

porto - a well-known strong dark-red wine of Portugal

flippant - ready in the use of words, speaking freely, fluent, talkative, voluble.

bigoted - obstinately and blindly attached to some creed, opinion, or party + Pigott Richard - English journalist. On April 18, 1887, The Times published a facsimile of a letter purporting to be written by Parnell condoning the Phoenix Park murders of May 1882. Nearly two years later, on the examination of Charles Russell, counsel of Parnel, Pigott's mis-speling of the word 'hesitancy' had revealed him as the forger of the letters supposedly written by Parnell himself, for in them the same error occured. 

silvicola (l) - inhabiting woods, sylvan

Matrosen (ger) - sailors + Hosen (ger) - trousers.

sinews - strength, energy, force + the sinews of war - money. 

fief = feoff - an estate of inheritance in land + William Shakespeare: King Lear III.4.174: 'Fie, foh, and fum'.

copyhold - a kind of tenure in England of ancient origin

alday - every day, always

polemy - warfare, strife; polemical writing + polemopoliteia (gr) - war-citizenship + polity - mode of administering or managing public or private affairs, policy.

suntime - a time of brightness or joy; solar time

for the love of - for the sake of, on account of

Janus - the name of an ancient Italian deity, regarded as the doorkeeper of heaven, as guardian of doors and gates, and as presiding over the entrance upon or beginning of things; represented with a face on the front and another on the back of his head; the doors of his temple in the Roman Forum were always open in time of war, and shut in time of peace.

petti - - designing garments having some of the characteristics or functions of a petticoat + pickle - an unattractive woman.

jewess - a female jew

Raoul - hero of Meyerbeen's opera, Les Huguenots; hero of Sweets of Sin.  

in the sulks - in a state of ill humour

popeling - papist, a petty or deputy pope + James Joyce: Ulysses.8.622: 'poplin... The huguenots brought that here'.

run down - to collide with and knock down, to chase until exhausted

Huguenot - a French Protestant (16., 17. cent.)

uber (ger) - over + Meer (ger) - sea + Schall (ger) - resonance, echo.

Blücher (1742-1819) - Prussian marshal who came to Wellington's aid at Waterloo.  

supercharger - a device for increasing air pressure

Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 15: 'Mons. Ducrow and his Equestrian Company in the interesting spectacle, "The Battle of Waterloo." Ducrow was indeed the Napoleon of Equestrians' (Andrew Ducrow was a horseman).

Mudson (Slang) - Adam

Henrik Ibsen: "The Master Builder"

paunch - the belly + Punch - the name of the principal character, a grotesque hump-backed figure, in the puppet-show called Punch and Judy. (The name Judy for 'Punch's wife' appears to be later.) 

judex - judge

full of beans - lively

brehon - a lawyer of ancient Ireland

cauchemar (fr) - nightmare

ectoplasm - a viscous substance which is supposed to emanate from the body of a spiritualistic medium, and to develop into a human form or face.

to pass for - to be taken for, to be accepted

baa - the bleat of a sheep + nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool?

black sheep - a bad character

wooly - a woollen garment or covering; a sheep

dramatize - to convert into a drama; to put into dramatic form, adapt for representation on the stage.

shepherd + Schubert, Franz Peter (1797-1828) - German composer. 

Samuel A. Ossory Fitzpatrick - author of 'Dublin, Historical and Topographical Account'

emirate - the jurisdiction or government of an emir

Song: "The Boys of Wexford" (about the 1798 insurgents)

babu - a Hindy gentleman + babbo (it) - daddy.

boro - rice harvested in spring; a pledge, borrow

schenken (ger) - to give (present), to pour out (a drink) + schenkt (ger) - pours, gives + Schenke (ger) - pub.

the brig (Slang) - military punishment cells + sent to Coventry - ostracised.

drey = dry + drei (ger) - three.

Ortschaft (ger) - village, place

entumulatus (l) - put into a burial mound, buried 

triplex (l) - threefold

likeness - a sculptured image, a statue; resemblance, similarity

terre cuite = terra cotta - a hard unglazed pottery, an object of art made of this substance + cuite (fr) - burned, fired.

to give (something or someone) a rest - to stop thinking or talking about

rainbowed - brightened or spanned with or as with a rainbow

ebriety (Archaic) - drunkenness + Liberty, Fraternity, Equality - the motto of the French Revolution.

fraternity - a body or order of men organized for religious or devout purposes a body of men associated by some tie or common interest; a company, guild.

the obverse and reverse - the front and the back side

to make a virtue of - to make a merit of, to gain credit by

Necessity is the mother of invention + make a virtue of necessity - obtain kudos from apparently willingly doing something that one was in fact couldn't avoid doing. It is also used to mean 'submit with good grace'.

mar - to spoil, impair + to mar (one's) market - to spoil (one's) own trade.

gunwale - the upper edge of a ship's side; flat braided cord attached near the lower edge of a sail for tying up a reef.

imperial - a kind of roofing slate

point - a lace for tying parts of a garment

tenter = tenter hook - a hooked nail or spike, a metal hook upon which anything is hung.

lath - collect. Laths as a material used in building (chiefly as a groundwork for a coating of plaster) to form a wall or partition + lath and plaster (Rhyming Slang) - master.

plaster - a composition of a soft and plastic consistency, which may be spread or daubed upon  a surface, as of a wall, where it afterwards hardens; spec. a mixture of lime, sand, and (generally) hair, used for covering walls, ceilings, etc.

allthing - even, just, all through, entirely; everything + Althing (Danish) - national assembly.

ovum (l) - egg + ovo (l) - to exult, rejoice + uovo (it) - egg.

basideus (l) = basileus (gr) - king

kongsemne (Norwegian) - heir to the crown; pretender, claimant + Henrik Ibsen: "Kongs-Emnerne" (The Crown-Pretenders).

rex regulorum (l) - king of princes, king of kinglings