mosque - a Muslim temple or place of worship + quiet as a mouse - very quiet.

synagogue - a building or place of meeting for Jewish worship and religious instruction

Dilmun - Sumerian garden of Paradise (on eastern shore of Persian Gulf), in which Tree of Life is date palm [.09-.11] 

palmy - notably flourishing or prosperous + palmy days - triumphant, flourishing days.

crack a nut - to puzzle out, make out, solve + {after his head was cracked [Humpty Dumpty/Joyce’s skull cracked as a child]}

suck up - to swallow up

applaud + laut (Malay) - sea + Arthur's companions: Sugyn, who could suck up seas; Gillia, chief Irish leaper; and Gwevyl, who could let one lip drop below his belt and turn the other on to his head.

cushla ma chree = cuislin a chroidhe (Irish) - little pulse of my heart (endearment) + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodiessong: Come o'er the Sea [air: Cuishlih ma Chree] + {with one girl on his lap and another on his knee}.

porter - one who has charge of a door or gate; a kind of beer, of a dark brown colour and bitterish taste, brewed from malt partly charred or browned by drying at a high temperature + Glewlwyd of the Mighty Grasp - Arthur's gateman in The Mabinogion.

baxter - baker

boon - a benefit enjoyed, blessing, advantage

broadwife - a female slave + Broadway + white bread.

bound - to spring upwards, leap; to advance with leaps or springs + The Mabinogion: Culhwch and Olwen: 'Thou shalt receive the boon... as far as wind dries, as far as rain wets, as far as sun runs, as far as sea stretches'.

exalt - to raise or set up on high; to lift up, elevate; to elate with pride, joy, etc. 

assemble - to put together

delude - to befool the mind or judgement of, so as to cause what is false to be accepted as true + 'go away + don't be silly' (notebook 1924).


ostrov (Russian) - island

Mare Inferus - Tuscan Sea, west of Italy + inferno.

mabbul (Hebrew) - flood

flure = floor - to bring to the floor or ground, to overcome in any way; to cover with a floor, to furnish with a floor + flew.

Moyle - sea between Ireland and Scotland

fatlike - resembling fat

tallow - the fat or adipose tissue of an animal + a long Sumerian poem on Paradise: 'It shall be the ninth day in her ninth month, month of the period of woman. Like fat, like fat, like tallow'.

grease - the melted or rendered fat of animals + gracefulness.

yea - yes, more than this, not only so but; affirmation, assent

dripping - that drips

scorbutic - 'one affected with scurvy' + a long Sumerian poem on Paradise: 'None said, "O disease of the eyes, thou art disease of the eyes". None said, "O headache, thou art headache". None said to an old woman, "Thou art an old woman". None said to an old man, "Thou art an old man".' + (Bruno takes a page and nearly a hundred examples to say he calls things by their right name: 'calls bread bread, wine wine, head head, foot foot' etc.)

URU - Sumerian ideogram for 'city' + a long Sumerian poem on Paradise: 'Thou hast founded a city, thou hast founded a city, to which thou hast assigned its fate. Dilmun the city thou hast founded, thou hast founded a city to which thou hast assigned its fate'.

raaf, raven (Dutch) - raven, ravens + Ulysses.15.3948: 'An eagle gules volant in field argent displayed' + (pirate boats of Dublin Danes had raven flags).

volant - represented as flying, having the wings expanded as if in flight + gueulant (fr) - bawling + gule - In heraldry, gules is the tincture with the colour red, and belongs to the class of dark tinctures called "colours".

fjeld - a barren plateau of the Scandinavian upland + fjell (Norwegian) - mountain + field.

dubh (duv) (gael) - black + duif, duiven (Dutch) - dove, doves.

halo - an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint, aura + No man is a hero to his valet (proverb).

varlet - in medieval times a youth acting as a knight's attendant as the first stage in training for knighthood + *S*.

*K* + peacock + son of a seacook (abusive slang phrase)

haycock - a small rounded pile of hay

emmet - ant + Emmet, Robert (1778-1803) - Irish rebel hero, hung. 

boar + [Forum] Boarium (l) - cattlemarket at Rome + boaro (it) - cowherd.

taurus (l) = tauros (gr) - bull

ostrich + Österreich (ger) - Austria.

mangy - having the mange; squalid, poverty-stricken, shabby + mongoose.

skunk - a North American animal of the weasel kind, Mephitis mephitica, noted for emitting a very offensive odour when attacked or killed; a contemptible ill mannered person.

nettle - a herb of the genus Urtica, which is covered with stinging, mildly poisonous hairs, causing an instant rash + on nettles - in fidgets, excited.

rashness - the quality of being rash, inconsiderate haste or boldness + FDV: brewed pressed the beer of sapientia ale age out of the nettles of rashness,

coq - cock (chicken) + attributed to Henri IV of France: 'I want there to be no peasant in my realm so poor that he will not have a chicken in his pot every Sunday' + FDV: put a roof on the house lodge for God Hymn and a cog in the his pot for homo,

pro homine (l) - for man, for a person + prohomo (l) - vice-man, one who stands in place of a person + {he built the roofs of churches, and made sure people had food}

dapifer (l) - feast-bearer: waiter at table

panis et circensus (l) - bread and circus contests + pancircumcensor (gr) - all-around-censor.

Pontifex Maximus - chief priest in ancient Rome + hortus (l) - garden + magnus (l) - great + hortifex magnus (l) - great gardenmaker + {he was waiter, circus entertainer and chief gardener}

tope - an ancient structure for the preservation of relics (India and SE Asia); to drink, esp. to drink copiously and habitually

tipple - to tumble or topple over; to drink freely or hard; to drink (intoxicating liquor), esp. to take (drink) constantly in small quantities

type - a small cupola or dome; a person of certain character

topple - to fall headlong, tumble or pitch over

start something - to make trouble, create a disturbance + {he still makes our hair stand on end}

gate - to watch + gets our goat - makes us annoyed or angry (where 'goat' is slang term for anger: "Wouldn't that get your goat? We'd been transferring the same water all night from the tub to the bowl and back again."; The Times printed a piece in memory of the then recently deceased Friedrich Baedeker. This included a side-swipe at American tourists and uses the phrase as a typical piece of Americana: "... goggled Americans whispering aloud, 'Wa-al Sadie, these durned three star things get my goat'!").

man in the gap (Anglo-Irish) - sturdy defender, hero + {man with a notebook on a ferry, and the hardman on a gun-run}

Thomas Moore: National Airssong: Oft, in the Stilly Night: 'the light Of other days'

dire - dreadful, dismal; causing fear or dread or terror

dreary - dismal, gloomy; repulsively dull or uninteresting + Dear Dirty Dublin.

timor (l) - fear + timur (Malay) - east.

Tartar + tortura (l) - torture + M.G. Lewis: Timour the Tartar (a play given at Crow Street Theatre, Dublin).

puzzling - bewildering, confusing, perplexing

startling - that causes a shock of surprise; that suddenly and forcibly compels attention + Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 63: 'Mr. Irving's wonderful success in "Hamlet"... His bold innovations and original readings startled some, puzzled many, but set all a-thinking'.

perturbing - that disturbs greatly, unsettling, confusing

brugh - a town or borough; broch (tower) + Kingsbridge Station, Dublin + Export Guinness is transported from the brewery to ships at the Custom House Quay and other quays below Butt Bridge by a feet of Liffey barges; in the days of steam barges, their stacks were hinged for passing under the Liffey bridges + Brugh Riogh (bruri) (gael) - King's Palace, Limerick; anglic. Bruree.

customs - the area at a seaport, airport, etc. where goods, luggage and other items are examined

doff - to undress oneself, put off one’s clothes; to remove a hat as a greeting or mark of respect.

gibbous - hunch-backed, having a hump, protuberant + gibus - opera hat (a collapsible top hat operated by a spring) + (old Guinness steam barge on Liffey, lowering funnel at bridges).

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

heft - weight, heaviness, bulk, mass; a dwelling place; a book + Heft (ger) - notebook.

helve - a handle of a weapon or tool, as an axe, chisel, hammer, etc. + (joke about genuine old cutlass with new blade from one owner and new handle (helve) from another).

cutlass - a short sword with a flat wide slightly curved blade; now esp. the sword with which sailors are armed

have an old head on young shoulders - young person as staid or experienced as an elderly one

age - to grow old, to become old

caller - fresh, cool + Caller Herring (song).

turgid - swollen, distended, puffed out

tarpon - the Jew-fish, a giant representative of the herring tribe found in the warmer waters of the western Atlantic


chameleon + Comal - a son of Albion [137.07], who slew by mistake the girl he loved who was disguised as a warrior, in Macpherson's The Poems of Ossian: Fingal + Comala - a daughter of Sarni, who, passionately in love with Fingal, follows him, disguised as a youth, and dies of grief, being wrongly informed of his death in battle, in Macpherson's The Poems of Ossian: Comala.

endocrine - denoting a gland having an internal secretion which is poured into blood or lymph

living + Lowen (ger) - lions.

life + loaf - a portion of bread baked in one mass; Obs. exc. dial. Bread.

bannock - a flat bread made of oat or barley flour; common in New England and Scotland + 'Forty Bonnets' - nickname of Mrs Tommy Healy of Galway + (ALP).

he put up the blind (let the sun in)


perching - the action of the verb perch + (statue).

BASLE (BASEL, BALE) - Swiss canton and city on both sides of Rhine River, where in an annual ceremony 2 legendary figures, der wilde Mann and the bird Vogel Gryff arrive on a float on the Rhine. Site of 1st bridge (1225 AD) over Rhine between Lake Constance and North Sea + Ballsbridge - district of Dublin

do be (Anglo-Irish) - habitual present tense of 'to be' + dubh (Irish) - black.

pitch - to cast, throw, or fling forward + pitch darkness.

Kingstown Harbour (Dún Laoghaire harbour) + Konig (ger) - king + Stein (ger) - stone + Königstein - Saxonian town, Germany + {the doves [girls] are all over him [statue] during the day, but at night the dark ravens [3] set traps for him behind Kingstown Harbour}

triumph + tronfio (it) - puffed up.

repertory - repertoire, a collection of works (plays, songs, operas, ballets) that an artist or company can perform + triumphus republicae (l) - triumph of the State (imitation of Latin inscriptional abbreviations).



prosperity - an economic state of growth with rising profits and full employment + prosperitas publica (l) - the public prosperity.

bally - used as a mild impercation and intensifier, 'jolly', 'bloody' + Baile Atha Cliath (Irish) - Dublin (Pronunciation 'Ballaclee') + Balaclava + idol (with head of wood and feet of clay).

hollow - a depression on the earth's surface, a valley; a hole, cave, den, burrow (obs.) + THE HOLLOW - Opposite the main entrance to Zoo, Phoenix Park.

Tristan + {he flattened trees when he fell in Phoenix Park}

vacuum (l) - empty space, open space + "..."experience" always has a colorfully narratable content to it, whereas sleep pitches one into a "vaguum" and sends one off "touring the no placelike no timelike absolent (609.1-2 ["absolute" "absent"]). To note further that English does not have a single word - let alone a mimetic convention - that does for the "absent" what "representation" does for the "present," is to begin seeing why Finnegans Wake had to be written as peculiarly as it is." (John Bishop: Joyce's Book of the Dark).

mountain boulder + molten butter.

mountain dew (Colloquial) - Irish or Scotch whiskey, illicit whiskey

lumen (l) - light; lamp + lume, lumi (Albanian) - river + lemon peel.