mosque - a Muslim temple or place of worship

synagogue - a building or place of meeting for Jewish worship and religious instruction. 

palmy - notably flourishing or prosperous + palmy days - triumphant, flourishing days.

to crack a nut - to puzzle out, make out, solve

suck up - to swallow up

applaud + laut (Malay) - sea.

cushla ma chree - darling + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Come o'er the Sea [air: Cuishlih ma Chree].

porter - one who has charge of a door or gate; a kind of beer, of a dark brown colour and bitterish taste, brewed from malt partly charred or browned by drying at a high temperature.

baxter - baker

boon - a benefit enjoyed, blessing, advantage

broadwife - a female slave

bound - to spring upwards, leap; to advance with leaps or springs

exalt - to raise or set up on high; to lift up, elevate; to elate with pride, joy, etc. 

assemble - to put together

delude - to befool the mind or judgement of, so as to cause what is false to be accepted as true.


ostrov (Russian) - island

mabbul (Hebrew) - flood

flure = floor - to bring to the floor or ground; to overcome in any way; to beat, defeat.

fatlike - resembling fat

tallow - the fat or adipose tissue of an animal

grease - the melted or rendered fat of animals

yea - yes, more than this, not only so but, affirmation, assent

dripping - that drips

scorbutic - 'one affected with scurvy'

raaf, raven (Dutch) - raven, ravens + James Joyce: Ulysses.15.3948: 'An eagle gules volant in field argent displayed'.

volant - represented as flying, having the wings expanded as if in flight + gueulant (fr) - bawling.

fjeld - a barren plateau of the Scandinavian upland + fjell (Norwegian) - mountain.

dubh (duv) (gael) - black + duif, duiven (Dutch) - dove, doves.

No man is a hero to his valet.

haycock - a small rounded pile of hay + Slang phrase son of a seacook (abusive).

emmet - ant + Emmet, Robert (1778-1803) - Irish rebel hero, hung.  

[Forum] Boarium (l) - cattlemarket at Rome + boaro (it) - cowherd.

taurus (l) = tauros (gr) - bull

mangy - having the mange; squalid, poverty-stricken, shabby

skunk - a North American animal of the weasel kind, Mephitis mephitica, noted for emitting a very offensive odour when attacked or killed; a contemptible ill mannered person.

nettle - a plant of the genus Urtica, of which the commoner species grow profusely on waste ground, waysides, etc., and are noted for the stinging property of the leaf-hairs + on nettles - in fidgets, excited.

rashness - the quality of being rash, inconsiderate haste or boldness.

coq - cock (chicken)

pro homine (l) - for man, for a person + prohomo (l) - vice-man, one who stands in place of a person (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

dapifer (l) - feast-bearer: waiter at table

panis et circensus (l) - bread and circus contests + pancircumcensor (gr) - all-around-censor.

Pontifex Maximus - chief priest in ancient Rome + hortus (l) - garden + magnus (l) - great + hortifex magnus (l) - great gardenmaker.

tope - an ancient structure for the preservation of relics (India and SE Asia); to drink, esp. to drink copiously and habitually.

tipple - to tumble or topple over; to drink freely or hard; to drink (intoxicating liquor), esp. to take (drink) constantly in small quantities.

type - a small cupola or dome; a person of certain character

topple - to fall headlong, tumble or pitch over

start something - to make trouble, create a disturbance

gate - to watch + get your goat - make you annoyed or angry (where goat is given as a slang term for anger: "Wouldn't that get your goat? We'd been transferring the same water all night from the tub to the bowl and back again."; The Times printed a piece in memory of the then recently deceased Friedrich Baedeker. This included a side-swipe at American tourists and uses the phrase as a typical piece of Americana: "... goggled Americans whispering aloud, 'Wa-al Sadie, these durned three star things get my goat'!"

man in the gap (Anglo-Irish) - sturdy defender, hero

Thomas Moore: National Airssong: Oft, in the Stilly Night: 'the light Of other days'.

dire - dreadful, dismal, mournful, horrible, terrible, evil in a great degree

dreary - dismal, gloomy; repulsively dull or uninteresting

timor (l) - fear

Tartar + tortura (l) - torture.

puzzling - bewildering, confusing, perplexing

startling - that causes a shock of surprise; that suddenly and forcibly compels attention.

perturbing - that disturbs greatly, unsettling, confusing

brugh - a town or borough; broch (tower) + Export Guinness is transported from the brewery to ships at the Custom House Quay and other quays below Butt Bridge by a feet of Liffey barges; in the days of steam barges, their stacks were hinged for passing under the Liffey bridges + Brugh Riogh (bruri) (gael) - King's Palace, Limeric; anglic. Bruree.

customs - the area at a seaport, airport, etc. where goods, luggage and other items are examined.

doff - to undress oneself, put off one’s clothes

gibbous - hunch-backed, having a hump

heft - weight, heaviness, bulk, mass; a dwelling place; a book + Heft (ger) - notebook.

helve - a handle of a weapon or tool, as an axe, chisel, hammer, etc.

cutlass - a short sword with a flat wide slightly curved blade; now esp. the sword with which sailors are armed.

to have an old head on young shoulders - young person as staid or experienced as an elderly one.

age - to grow old, to become old

caller - fresh, cool + song Caller Herring.

turgid - swollen, distended, puffed out

tarpon - the Jew-fish, a giant representative of the herring tribe found in the warmer waters of the western Atlantic.

endocrine - denoting a gland having an internal secretion which is poured into blood or lymph.

living + Lowen (ger) - lions.

life + loaf - a portion of bread baked in one mass; Obs. exc. dial. Bread.

bannock - the name, in Scotland and north of England, of a form in which home-made bread is made; usually unleavened, of large size, round or oval form, and flattish, without being as thin as 'scon' or oat-cake. 

perching - the action of the verb perch

BASLE (BASEL, BALE) - Swiss canton and city on both sides of Rhine River, where in an annual ceremony 2 legendary figures, der wilde Mann and the bird Vogel Gryff arrive on a float on the Rhine. Site of 1st bridge (1225 AD) over Rhine between Lake Constance and North Sea. 

do be (Anglo-Irish) - habitual present tense of 'to be'

pitch - to cast, throw, or fling forward

Kingstown + Konig (ger) - king + Stein (ger) - stone.


triumphus republicae (l) - triumph of the State (imitation of Latin inscriptional abbreviations) + tronfio (it) - puffed up.

prosperitas publica (l) - the public prosperity (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

bally - used as a mild impercation and intensifier, ’jolly’, ’bloody’ + Balaclava

hollow - a depression on the earth's surface, a valley; a hole, cave, den, burrow (obs.) + THE HOLLOW - Opposite the main entrance to Zoo, Phoenix Park.

vacuum (l) - empty space, open space



mountain dew (Colloquial) - Irish or Scotch whiskey, illicit whiskey

lumen (l) - light; lamp + lume, lumi (Albanian) - river.