ain - one, own + My Ain Fireside - song by Elizabeth Hamilton (1758-1816).

fireside - the side of a fire-place; originally, the place occupied by the two seats right and left  of the fire under the chimney.

Himmel (ger) - heaven, sky + Hamilton, William Gerard, "Single Speech" (1729-96) - Irish M.P., made a brilliant maiden speech in Parliament and never spoke again + (notebook 1924): 'Irisg cd play Hebr-' Crawford: Back to the Long Grass 185: 'Gordon knew as much of Arabic as the Irishman did of the page of Hebrew: a bit of a musician, Patrick, in answer to the question whether he could read some Hebrew characters they showed him, said "Read it? Shure, and I could play it!"'.  

quicksilver - the metal mercury, so called from its liquid mobile form at ordinary temperatures.

quaternion - a set of four parts, things or persons

lobster pot - a trap for catching lobsters

crab - to catch crabs; to spoil, ruin; complain, to find fault

keel - the lowest longitudinal timber of a ship or boat, on which the framework of the whole is built up; a ship.

importunate - burdensome, grievous, grave (obs); troublesome, persistently troublesome (obs.)

overreach - to reach above or beyond, go beyond; overtake, outwit

excrescence - an abnormal, morbid, or disfiguring outgrowth; a disfiguring protuberance or swelling on an animal or vegetable body.

wart - a small, round, dry, tough excrescence on the skin

yit (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - yet

new made - recently or freshly made + nue (fr) - cloud.

mott - a girl or woman, harlot, a loose woman; a particle of dust; a spot, a blemish + Motte (ger) - moth + mots (fr) - words.

prurio (l) - to itch; to feel sexual arousal + plural

plausible - such as to be received with favour; acceptable, agreeable, pleasing.

uncustomarily - unusually

perfumed - impregnated with sweet odour, scented

ath = oath



Themis - ancient Greek goddess of law and justice + times

Fingal - Finn's name in Macpherson's Ossian poems. Fingal is a Scottish hero who comes to Ireland and fights the Danes. The Irish called certain Norse invaders, fingal or fingall, meaning "fair stranger."  

Hibernian - Irishman + myriad - countless, innumerable.

hoolies (Anglo-Irish) - wild parties, uninhibited celebrations

Hodge - abbreviation of the name Roger; used as a typical name for the English agricultural labourer or rustic + head

wherry - to carry in or as in a wherry (a light rowing-boat) + worry

Frenchy - a disrespectful name for a Frenchman or a French Canadian

curry - to tickle; to employ flattery or blandishment so as to cajole or win favour.

The national anthem of Belgium is "La Brabançonne" by Campenhout + breagh (bra) (gael) - fine, handsome + bean (ban) (gael) - woman.

Bieter (ger) - bidder + Beete (ger) - beds (of flowers) + Beter (ger) - one who prays.

Fritz - a German

asleep at the switch, etc. - negligent of or oblivious to one's responsibility, off guard

waylay - to wait for (a person) in the way and accost  

parker - the keeper of a park + Parker, Charley - one of Wilde's boys, a soldier who was prepared to testify against him + barker (Slang) - pistol. 

beschoten (Dutch) - shot at.

lintil = lentil - duckweed, leguminous plant + Jacob bought Esau's birthright with pottage of lentils (Genesis 25).

cuppy - like a cup, hollow + happy + in his cups - boozing.

jacob - the gold coin; a simpleton + Jacob's Biscuits - manufactured in Dublin. It was a Jacob's biscuit tin that the Citizen throws at Bloom. In FW they are the mess of pottage for which Esau sold his birthright to Jacob.   

dime - a silver coin of the United States of America, of the value of 10 cents

upon the perish - on the point or in process of perishing

charm - the chanting or reciting of a verse supposed to have magic or occult power

Ivan Grozny or Ivan the Terrible - (1530 – 1584) was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547 and Czar of Russia from 1547 until his death;                        taurus (l) - bull. 

soap - to address with smooth or flattering words, to flatter + softsoap (Slang) - to flatter with soft words.

Bad (ger) - bathroom + badend (ger) - bathing.

bulgy - bulged, protuberant

bung - a brewer, or landlord of a public house; a large cork

tip tap - light knocking or tapping

to be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth - to be born in affluence or under lucky auspices + silver tongue - eloquent person + Nuad Silver Hand - god or king of the Tuatha dé Danaan + nua (nue) (gael) - new.

(notebook 1922-23): 'Brian marches round I - his left hand to the sea - (LB)'

that will do (that'll do) - that is sufficient

see - The building in which a bishop's throne is placed, a cathedral. Obs. rare.

dubbeltje - a former silver coin of the Nederlands

Amsterdam + damp (Dutch) - haze, vapour, steam, smoke, fume.

liberal - open to the reception of new ideas or proposals of reform + phrase to know Him is to love Him.

chrysme = chrism - to annoint with a chrism (a consecrated oil)

predikant - preacher

to turn a deaf ear (to) - not giving ear; unwilling to hear or heed, inattentive + dorcha (durukhu) (gael) - dark.

Darius - 6th-century Persian king, defeated at Marathon

infuriated - provoked to fury; maddened with passion; furiously enraged

jut - something that projects

mint - to make (coin) by stamping metal

mong = among

six o’clock

era - a historical period; a period in an individual's life

misadventure - ill-luck, bad fortune + liv (Danish) - life.

moonshine - moonlight; intoxicating liquor, illegally distilled corn whiskey


pottle - a container holdin one pottle (half a gallon) + bottled

Hahn (ger) - rooster + reich (ger) - rich; empire, reign + Hahnrei (ger) - cuckold + Alte (ger) - old person + Heinrich (Henry) VIII - The Famous History of the Life of King Henry the Eighth was one of the last plays written by William Shakespeare, based on the life of Henry VIII of England. An alternative title, All is True, is recorded in contemporary documents, the title Henry VIII not appearing until the play's publication in the First Folio of 1623.

Richard the Third

mandrake - any plant of the genus Mandragora. The mandrake is poisonous, having emetic and narcotic properties, and was formerly used medicinally. The forked root is thought to resemble the human form, and was fabled to utter a deadly shriek when plucked up from the ground. The notion indicated in the narrative of Genesis xxx, that the fruit when eaten by women promotes conception, is said still to survive in Palestine.

shrieked + Schrei (ger) - cry, scream.

convoluto (l) - to whirl, roll around rapidly + convolusio (l) - cramp, convulsion (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

Weib (ger) - female + Henrik Ibsen: "The Wild Duck".

rotter - a thoroughly objectionable person

resurrection - the action or fact of rising again from sleep, decay, disuse, etc.

gird - to surround, encircle (the waist, a person about the waist) with a belt or girdle.