le mieux (fr) - the best

Antwerp - City in Belgium. James Joyce visited it in 1926 and called it "Gnantwerp" because of the mosquitoes (Letters I, 245). 

musca (l) - a fly

corry = corrie - the name given in the Scottish Highlands to a more or less circular hollow on a mountain side, surrounded with steep slopes or precipices except at the lowest part, whence a stream usually flows.

WEIR'S PUB - James Weir and Co, wine and spirit merchants, 6-7 Burgh Quay, around the turn of the century.

THE ARCH - Pub, 32 Henry Street 

smug - a smug person

THE SCOTCH HOUSE - Public house on Burgh Quay

THE OVAL - Public house, 78 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin + uva (l) - grape. 

nayther (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - neither

erat (l) - there was, he [she, it] was + est (l) - there is, he [she, it] is + erit (l) - there will be, he [she, it] will be (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

non mihi sed lucifero (l) - not to me but to light-bringer (lucifer).

obesity - excessive fatness or corpulence + Obedientia civium urbis felicitas - the municipal motto of Dublin (''Happy the city where citizens obey'').

civilian - a non-military man or official

solicitude - anxiety, care, concern + felicity - happiness.

orb - the globe of the eye, the eye-ball; the eye

capitol - statehouse; capital + X

dea - abbr. of deacon + dea (l) - godess + dear

deltic - rel. to delta (fourth letter of the Greek alphabet)

origin - beginning of existence in reference to its source or cause

nu (gr) - letter N

extensive - extending over or occupying a large surface or space

expansive - expanding over or occupying a large surface or space, broad, extensive.

peopling - population

thoroughfare - a main road or street + O'CONNELL STREET - Dublin's principal thoroughfare, sometimes called "the world's widest street." 

Philippic - name for the orations of Demosthenes against Philip king of Macedon in defence of Athenian liberty; hence applied to Cicero's orations against Antony, and gen. to any discourse of the nature of a bitter attack, invective, or denunciation + philohippikos (gr) - fond of horses.

theo- (gr) - god + bibosus (l) - given to drinking, fond of drink + theobibosus (gr-l) - god-drinking, god-drunken (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

harmonize - to bring into harmony, agreement, or accord; to make harmonious.


gould - gold

foxy - sly, clever; Of a woman: attractive, desirable, sexy


bing bang - onomatopea of a heavy thump or a continued banging noise + bang (Slang) - fuck.


yer - your


rivet - a short nail or bolt for fastening together metal plates or the like; pl. money, coins.  

shever = shiver

dinful - full of din or resonant noise, noisy

conny - a general epithet of approbation or satisfaction + concordial - characterized by concord, harmonious.

cordial - hearty; coming from the heart; an invigorating and stimulating medicine, food or drink.

grass way - a border of grass at the side of a road

rollick - to frolic, sport, or romp, in a joyous, careless fashion

wetted - made wet, moistened, damped



on the mash (Slang) - in constant pursuit of women

engage - to bind by a promise of marriage; to urge, exhort, persuade, induce.

plovery - abounding in plovers, characteristic of plover

descant - to play or sing an air in harmony with a fixed theme; gen. to warble, sing harmoniously; to discourse at large, enlarge (upon, on a theme). 

beundre (Danish) - admire

loose - Of clothes: loosely fitting + blue

vine - a suit of clothes; a straw rope + eyes + with vine-leaves in his hair' - a recurrent motif in Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler".

loof - the palm of the hand + leafs

ankle - the joint between the foot and the leg

soapstone - a soft stone having a soapy feel

silver - Of sounds: Having a clear gentle resonance like that of silver; soft-toned, melodious + "Speech is silver, silence is golden".


'uise (ishi) (gael) - well, indeed + isha (Hebrew) - woman.

avourneen - darling, sweetheart

mill - a building specially designed and fitted with machinery for the grinding of corn into  flour.

owned - possessed; acknowledged

brooklime - a species of speedwell

Georgian - of or resembling the style of architecture esp. domestic architecture, characteristic of the reigns of the first four Georges (kings of Britain 1714. - 1830.)

recruit - to increase or restore the vigour or health of (a person or animal); to refresh, re-invigorate (one's spirits, etc.)

copper - a vessel made of copper, particularly a large boiler for cooking or laundry purposes; a copper mug or vessel for liquor.

panful - a quantity that fills a pan

soybean - the bean of Glycine max., grown for food

Irish - Irish linen, snuff, whisky, etc.

arrear - a duty or liability overdue and still remaining undischarged, esp. a debt remaining unpaid.

erroribus (l) - to or for wanderings, meanderings, uncertainties, follies + Ouroborous - Greek name for an image of a serpent devouring its own tail, representing cyclicality and self-recreation, a major theme of FW.

embottle - to put into a bottle + embattled - filled or covered with troops in battle array.

churn - to agitate milk or cream in a churn so as to make butter + phrase turning over a new leaf.

more power to you - good luck

Oconee - river in Georgia

gaarden (Dutch) - the yard; yards, gardens