le mieux (fr) - the best + FDV: not Le Decer Le Mieux

Benjamin Lee Guinness of Guinness brewery + FDV: not Benjamin's Lea 

Bartholomew Vanhomrigh and Dick Whittington (Lord-Mayors of Dublin and London, respectively) + FDV: not Tholomews Haddington Whaddingtun

Antwerp - City in Belgium. Joyce visited it in 1926 and called it "Gnantwerp" because of the mosquitoes (Letters I, 245) + FDV: not Antwarp not Byrne's

musca (l) - a fly + Moscow.

corry = corrie - the name given in the Scottish Highlands to a more or less circular hollow on a mountain side, surrounded with steep slopes or precipices except at the lowest part, whence a stream usually flows + cora (Irish) - weir + two Corry's pubs, Dublin (circa 1900).

WEIR'S PUB - James Weir and Co, wine and spirit merchants, 6-7 Burgh Quay, Dublin, around the turn of the century + FDV: not Weir's

THE ARCH - Pub, 32 Henry Street, Dublin + FDV: not the The Arch 

smug - a smug person + FDV: not the The Smug

Dutch + THE SCOTCH HOUSE - Public house on Burgh Quay, Dublin + FDV: not The Dutch Dotch House

THE OVAL - Public house, 78 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin + uva (l) - grape + úbhall (Irish) - apple + uvo (Serbian) - ear + FDV: not The Oval Uval 

nayther (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - neither + FDV: not Nagle's not Mooney's not Mooney's not Nagle's nothing Grand nothing splendid (Grahot Granho or Spletel Splotel) nayther nayther Erat Est Erit noor norr Non Michi sed Sed Lucefro?

erat (l) - there was, he [she, it] was + est (l) - there is, he [she, it] is + erit (l) - there will be, he [she, it] will be + "The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are and the Old Ones shall be. From the dark stars They came ere man was born, unseen and loathsome They descended to primal earth." (a translation of a cipher manuscript of Dr. John Dee's called Liber Logaeth, a portion of a larger manuscript, the origin and nature of which is not known. This document could be inspiration for H.P.Lovecraft's Necronomicon) + "The Old Ones are, the Old Ones were, and the Old Ones shall be. Since the dawn of the times, in the primal Chaos, in each center of the infinity called Naxyr, the Gods were and were-not; they swam in the shapeless waters of darkness, in the void of the Naxyr." (Beginning of Ripel's The Magick of Atlantis: Sauthenerom, the Source of the Necronomicon. In preface, Ripel states: "In respect to the Sauthenerom (The Book of the Law of Death) I can assert that it shall be considered the source of the true Necronomicon (The Book of Dead Names) - which is to say, the text from which consequently derived the Necronomicon. Concerning the Sauthenerom, for now I am not permitted to make any revelations and, thus, I hide the mystery of this book's origin in the following words: 'And in the twilight of the Gods, knowledge was not lost, but light was hidden from the gaze of the uninitiated. The Gods drew back into the abyssal depths of infinite Void...' From this point, I check my regression in time toward pristine Light, ultimate expression of human becoming.") 

non mihi sed lucifero (l) - not to me but to light-bringer (lucifer) + Michael and Lucifer (Mick/Nick motif) + {''It wasn’t me'', said Lucifer}

(wrong answer)

obesity - excessive fatness or corpulence + Obedientia civium urbis felicitas - the municipal motto of Dublin (''Happy the city where citizens obey'').

civilian - a non-military man or official

solicitude - anxiety, care, concern + felicity - happiness.

orb - the globe of the eye, the eye-ball; the eye + FDV: Answer — The Thine obesity, of the O civilian, is hits the felicitude of us our orb!  

capitol - statehouse; capital + Capitol, Rome + X

dea - abbr. of deacon + dea (l) - godess + a dhia (Irish) - o god! + dear + Adear, adear! (motif) + FDV: What Irish capitol city (ah dea o dea)

deltic - rel. to delta (fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, "D") + Celtic + Delphic oracle.

origin - beginning of existence in reference to its source or cause

nu (gr) = nuin (Irish) - letter "N" + ruinous end (dust to dust) + FDV: [with a deltoid deltic origin and a nunous end [(a dust to dust!)]]

Ah, ho! (motif)

boast + FDV: of two syllables six letters can boast of having

extensive - extending over or occupying a large surface or space + a) Phoenix Park + FDV: c) the most extensive park people's park in the world

Guinness's Brewery + FDV: a) the most expensive brewing industry in the world

expansive - expanding over or occupying a large surface or space, broad, extensive

peopling - population + FDV: b) the most expansive public thoroughfare in the world

thoroughfare - a main road or street + O'CONNELL STREET - Dublin's principal thoroughfare, sometimes called "the world's widest street." 

Philippic - name for the orations of Demosthenes against Philip king of Macedon in defence of Athenian liberty; hence applied to Cicero's orations against Antony, and gen. to any discourse of the nature of a bitter attack, invective, or denunciation + philohippikos (Greek Artificial) - fond of horses + hiccup.

theo- (gr) - god + bibosus (l) - given to drinking, fond of drink + theobibosus (gr-l) - god-drinking, god-drunken (i.e. wine in Mass) + theophobos (gr) - god-fearing + tea is produced from plants of the genus Thea (i.e. tea drinking) + FDV: d) the most philohippic phillohippuc theobibbis theobibbous populatio paupulation in the world?

population + {most horse-loving, god and drink worshipping population of paupers in the world}

harmonize - to bring into harmony, agreement, or accord; to make harmonious

Belfast [Ulster; famous for its shipbilding industry (hammers, banging, ribs, bolts, rivets, din, grease, waters)] + (first romantic advance) + FDV: a) Belfast Delfas. (Ul)

gould - gold + GOLD + FDV: And when you'll hear the hommers of my heart,

foxy - sly, clever; Of a woman: attractive, desirable, sexy + flax (Belfast's linen industry) + flaxy lass (*I*) + FDV: my floxy lossy loss,

bing bang - onomatopea of a heavy thump or a continued banging noise + bang (Slang) - fuck.

against + FDV: bingbanging again the ribs of yer resistance

yer - your

thunderbolts + FDV: and the tenderbolts of my rivets

rivet - a short nail or bolt for fastening together metal plates or the like; pl. money, coins.  

destruction + FDV: working to your det di destraction,

shever = shiver + FDV: ye'll be sheverin

dinful - full of din or resonant noise, noisy + sinful + FDV: with all yer dinful sobs

cope-curly (Ulster Dialect) - head over heels + FDV: for the day when we'll go riding copecurly.

Orange (Ulster loyalists)

conny - a general epithet of approbation or satisfaction, nice, comely + concordial - characterized by concord, harmonious.

cordial - hearty; coming from the heart; liqueur, an invigorating and stimulating medicine, food or drink + FDV: You with yer orange garland and me with my conny cordial,

rollick - to frolic, sport, or romp, in a joyous, careless fashion + (launching of a ship).

wetted - made wet, moistened, damped + wedded + FDV: down the greaseways of rollicking into the waters of wetted life.

Cork (Munster; famous for its gift of the gab through its association with Blarney Castle) + FDV: b) Dorghk. (Mu)

times + (wedding bells) + FDV: And sure where can you have such good old chimes anywhere, and leave you,

on the mash (Slang) - in constant pursuit of women + (wedding march) + {as on the whiskey}

engage - to bind by a promise of marriage, to betroth + {as I engage you with my soft accents}

plovery - characteristic of plover (bird) + FDV: and how I'd be engaging you with my plovery softest of soft accents

descant - to play or sing an air in harmony with a fixed theme; gen. to warble, sing harmoniously + {you beneath me with vines in your hair} 

beundre (Danish) - admire + beyond + FDV: and descanting on the scene before below me of the loose vines of your hairafall

loose - unleashed, unaffixed, free

vine - the climbing plant that produces grapes; a straw rope + with vine-leaves in his hair' - a recurrent motif in Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler".

loof - the palm of the hand + leafs + {and your hands braceleting your slim ankles}

ankle - the joint between the foot and the leg + FDV: with my two hand loving loofs braceliting the silks slims of your ankles

rise, sink

soapstone - a soft stone having a soapy feel + FDV: and your wildmouth mouth's flower rosy and bobbing at round the soapstone of speech.

silver - Of sounds: Having a clear gentle resonance like that of silver; soft-toned, melodious + Speech is silver, silence is golden (phrase) + SILVER + {and your mouth rising [to kiss] following my slivery speech}

Dublin (Leinster; famous for its affluence, gentry, money) + FDV: c) Nublid (Ga)

'uise (ishi) (gael) - well, indeed + isha (Hebrew) - woman + Issy (*I*).

avourneen - darling, sweetheart + FDV: Isha, why wouldn't be happy, avourneen,

mill - a building specially designed and fitted with machinery for the grinding of corn into flour + FDV: on the mills money he'll soon be soon leaving you

owned - possessed; acknowledged + FDV: when I've my own garden owned streamy Georgian mansion lawn to recruit on upon by Dr. Cheek's special orders

brooklime - a species of speedwell + Brookline, Rathgar, Dublin + Brooklyn, New York City.

Georgian - of or resembling the style of architecture esp. domestic architecture, characteristic of the reigns of the first four Georges (kings of Britain 1714. - 1830.) + Dublin is noted for Georgian architecture + Dublin, Georgia.

Mansion House, Dublin (Lord-Mayor's residence)

recruit - to increase or restore the vigour or health of (a person or animal); to refresh, re-invigorate (one's spirits, etc.)

copper - a vessel made of copper, particularly a large boiler for cooking or laundry purposes; a copper mug or vessel for liquor + COPPER.

panful - a quantity that fills a pan

soybean - the bean of Glycine max., grown for food

Irish whiskey (Power's Distillery, east of Watling Street)

Guinness's Brewery, James's Gate, Dublin (west of Watling Street) + FDV: with my panful of soybeans & Irish in my east hand and an bottle James's james's gate in my west,

arrear - a duty or liability overdue and still remaining undischarged, esp. a debt remaining unpaid + FDV: after all the errors errears & erroriboose of embattled embottled history,

erroribus (l) - to or for wanderings, meanderings, uncertainties, follies + Ouroborous - Greek name for an image of a serpent devouring its own tail, representing cyclicality and self-recreation, a major theme of FW + boose.

combative + comparative.

embottle - to put into a bottle + embattled - filled or covered with troops in battle array.

churn - to agitate milk or cream in a churn so as to make butter + turning over a new leaf (phrase) + FDV: with yourself churning over the new newleaved butter (more power to you!)

Power's Irish whiskey + more power to you - good luck.

Atlanta, Georgia

Oconee - river in Georgia + Dublin, Georgia, on the Oconee river + FDV: the best and the cheapest from Atlanta to Oconee

gaarden (Dutch) - the yard; yards, gardens + (yawning) + FDV: while whilst I'll drowse be drowsing in the gaarden.

Galway [Connacht; famous for its fishing industry (hook, trot, eel, salmon, chub, dace, rod, line)] + FDV: d) Galway Dalway.