thoroughgoing - marked by thoroughness or zeal, extreme

trotty - lively, brisk + trout

Spanish Place, Galway + FDV: I caught hooked my thoroughgoen thoroughgoin trotty the first in Spanish Place,

sleek - entirely free from roughness; perfectly smooth or polished

Mayo - county in Connacht, Ireland

TUAM - Town, North County Galway, on the Nanny River; site of great 6th-century monastic see, and one of the Four Sees of Ireland.

Sligo - county in Connacht, Ireland

Galway - county in Connacht, Ireland + FDV: Mayo's Mayo in I make, Tuam's Tuam to I take, Sligo's pea sin but Galway's grace,

chuck - to throw with the hand with little action of the arm; to throw underhand; to toss + FDV: Holy eel and sainted salmon jumping chuck chubb and ducking duckin dace,

chub - a river fish of the Carp family 

duck - to plunge or dive, or suddenly go down under water, and emerge again + 'Chuck and duck' differs from fishing with a floating line in the notion that the line doesn't essentially carry your fly and leader during the cast, the added weight to the line is what carries the line to its destination.

dace - a small fresh-water cyprinoid fish

fishing rod - a rod of wood, steel, or fiberglass used with a line for catching fish + rod[of]iron + IRON.

aequalis (l) - equal, the same + FDV: I never saw your aequal! says she, leppin half the lane.

leppin (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - leaping

lane - Sc. A sluggish stream of water; also the smooth part of a stream + line. 

SHANDON - An area on the North side of Cork City, noted for the bells of St Ann's Church. The coda, marked abcd), contains fragments of all four parts, but connects notably with the 'chimes' of (b), for it parodies The Bells of Shandon. Joyce's annotation to MS 47473, 194 states that here Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connacht are ringing in unison. It continues 'A bell a bell/on Shandon steeple/The questioner, keeping alone at the end etc, should have 8 lllllllls to his howl!' The bells of St Ann's at Shandon in Cork are operated by eight ropes: X must be harmonizing their responses with one rope in each of their eight hands (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake)


ond - on it + and we'll.

on Christmas


Shandean - pertaining to Tristam Shandy + b) Shandon Cathedral, Cork.

fippence - five pence

moy (Anglo-Irish) - plain + c) mills' money [140.27]

aequqal = equal + non aequalis (l) - not equal, not the same + d) aequal [.04] + (eight l's, i.e. one bell-rope per hand for each of the *X*).

whad = what + S

slag - a worthless or insignificant person, a coward, a rough or brutal person + hvad slags (Danish) - what sort.

ladd (Norwegian) - overstock + Lochlann (Anglo-Irish/Hiberno-English) - Scandinavian.

retten (ger) - to save + rette (Norwegian) - correct + rettan (Danish) - serve up.

smutty - dirty; blackened + smussig (Danish) - dirty + flaske (Norwegian) - bottle + smutty flasks + FDV: Whad slags of a lad would retten oleflacks smuttyflesks,

empty out

old man (Anglo-Irish) - draught stout overflow (waste) + FDV: emptout old mans,

melk = milk (n.,v.) + melk (Dutch) - milk.

vitious - vicious

geit - a border on a garment + geit (Dutch) - goat + FDV: melk vitious geit,

Jack and Gill - lad and lass + FDV: scare off jackjills,

fra - from + fra tid til anden (Danish) - from time to time.

tiddle - to fondle or indulge to excess, to pet, pamper; to urinate (Colloquial) + tiddled - somewhat drunk.

anding - breathing, breath + {from time to time scare away children}

toothpick - an instrument for picking the teeth

waste-paper basket - a basket (or box) into which waste paper is thrown + T.S. Eliot: The Waste Land (T.S. Eliot was the bearer of an embarrassing parcel of old shoes from Pound to Joyce, as related in Ellmann: James Joyce 493).

papish - papistical, popish (a hostile epithet)

pasture - food, nourishment + FDV: smoothpick waste paper papish pastures,

outsider (Anglo-Irish) - two-wheeled horse-drawn passenger vehicle

sprink - sprinkle + FDV: sprink dirted water,

dirt - to make foul + {pee around the village}

tobacco - the leaves of the tobacco plant dried and variously prepared, forming a narcotic and sedative substance widely used for smoking or chewing

sweets - sweetened wine or other liquor; applied spec. to British wines and cordials; drugs + FDV: bear around village,

general (Colloquial) - general servant, maid-of-all-work

louden - to become or grow loud or louder + läten auf dem Kirchspiel (German) - ring the church-bells.

kirk - church + FDV: louden on the Kirkpeal,

Fusstritt (ger) - kick + FDV: give foottreats footreats given to malafides,

malafide - in bad faith + Irish pubs used to be open on Sundays to bona fide travellers only.

hjælp! (Danish) - help!

efter - after + hereafter.

burglar + Luggelaw - lake and valley, Wicklow Mountains (name means 'hollow of the hill').

underhold - to hold land by sub-tenure + underholde (Danish) - support.

barnet - In full 'Barnet fair', the hair; hence, the head; the name of the London borough + barnet (Danish) - child + FDV: might underhold three barnets,

Putz (ger) - ornament, decoration + putzen (ger) - to clean, polish.

dirty + crotte (fr) - dung + The Croppy Boy (song).

botte - a brand of marling on sheep + botte (fr) - boot + FDV: putzpulish all boots,

couvre-feu (French) - curfew (literally 'cover fire') + La Couleuvre Noire (The Black Snake) - This is the French-Haitian name for the old brotherhood of Afro-Atlantean magicians. It refers to the snake goddess of outer space, the primordial creative energy. There is another order, which has its powers parallel to this type. La Couleuvre Rouge - the red snake - or cosmic serpent fire. Noire refers to ancient primordial black energy, or fundamental and elemental shakti, the source of being. Red refers to what is derived from the primordial energy. (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudon Gnostic Workbook)

glimtfyr (Danish) - flashing beacon + glim (Slang) - a fire, a candle + FDV: nightcover all firelights,

baas (Norwegian) - stall + baas (Dutch) - master + bás (Irish) - death.

grindstone - stone that revolves on an axle (used for sharping)

knives + kniv (Danish) - knife + FDV: grindstone his knivses, serve time to boss, serve time to boss, grindstone his knivses,

boarded - provided with board (i.e. stated meals) as a lodger at another person's house + full board - the provision of a bed and all meals: an arrangement offered by hotels, boarding houses, etc. + bordet (Norwegian) - the table + FDV: full over boarded,

lewd - lascivious, unchaste

godliness - the conforming of one’s life to the god, righteousness + FDV: lewd man of the method in godliness,

perchance - perhaps

nieuws (Dutch) - news + FDV: perhaps perchance he now sits in the spoorwaggen,

thans (Dutch) - now, at present + now and then.

waggen - wagon - an open four-wheeled vehicle built for carrying hay, corn, etc. + spoorwagon (Dutch) - railway carriage + sporvogn (Danish) - tram.

Y.W.C.A. - The Young Women's Christian Association, founded 1855 in England, adopted its present name in 1877 and has branches all over the world. In many cities it provides residences, club rooms, and educational programs in its own buildings + X or Z - not Y (not young). 

doorstep - the step at the threshold of a door, raised above the level of the ground outside

baywindow - a widow projecting outward from the wall; a large protruding stomach esp. of a man

bros - commercial abbrev. of brothers

swobber = swabber - one that swabs (to clean with swab) + {swobs doorways and windows}

watercloset - a closet or small room fitted up to serve as a privy, and furnished with water-supply to flush the pan and discharge its contents into a waste-pipe below 

scriobh (shkriv) (gael) = skrive (Danish) - write + skreve (Norwegian) - stride.

bacon - a rustic, a clown + {will do gardening or work in the stable}

stable lad - a boy or man employed in or about a stable

begripe - to catch hold of, apprehend, comprehend + begrief vollstandig ihr (ger) - comprehend fully their + begripe (Danish) - understand.

fullstendig (Danish) - complete

Irer (Danish) - Irishman + FDV: must fullstandingly fallstandingly begripe irers' language langurge,

jublende (Danish) - exulting + Jutlander + "Sackerson is 'jublander or northquain', therefore often thought of in connection with Scandinavian invaders, thence pirates in general." (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).


bygger (Danish) - builder + bugger + FDV: joblander or northquain bigger preferred prefurred,

kein (ger) - no

fewd = feud - active hatred or enemity, hostility; a quarrel + few

five - to count by fives

earnest - money paid in advance as a pledge for the remainder; foretaste + ernst (ger) - earnest + FDV: may get earnst,

comic + combative + commission + FDV: no get combitch,



obstain = abstain + FDV: drinklords to please obtain,

zondig (Dutch) - sinful + Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt: 'Han er faderligt sindet imod min Person; - men ökenom, - nej, det er han ikke!' (Norwegian): (of God) 'He is fatherly towards my little self, but economical - no, that He is not!' (inspired by seeing a yacht explode [530.23]). 

unminded - unheeded, unregarded, left unnoticed + FDV: he is fatherly fatherlow soondigged soundigged inmudmined inmoodmined persho pershoon

person + peršun (Serbian) or pershun - parsley + James Joyce: Letters I.254: letter 31/05/27 to Harriet Shaw Weaver: (Joyce's translation of Ibsen) 'He feels like a father for yours truly P.G. But a stickler for thrift - Holy Paul, that he isn't!'

aleconner - an english town official charged with testing ale and beer + {a sound-minded person but an ale inspector, nay, he mustn’t be?} + FDV: but aleconnermen aleconnermon, ney, that must he isn't?

pore = poor + Poor Ole Joe (song).

ole - old + FDV: Answer — Poor old Joe!

joe - guy, fellow; sweetheart, dear

slogan - a war cry or battle cry; the distinctive note, phrase, cry, etc. of any person or body of persons + K

summon - an authoritative call to attend at a specified place for a specified purpose + 'There's someone in the house with Dina' (song) Ulysses.15.420 - REFERENCE.

housesweep - to act as housekeeper, keep house + FDV: 6) Where What means Summon in the Housewipe Housesweep Dina?

dinah - a man’s sweetheart or favourite woman + Dinah, Alice's cat, also makes a return in Through the Looking-Glass – this time with her two kittens; Kitty (the black one) and Snowdrop (the white one). At the end of the book they are associated with the Red Queen and the White Queen respectively in the looking glass world. → "'And what did DINAH turn to, I wonder?' she prattled on, as she settled comfortably down, with one elbow in the rug, and her chin in her hand, to watch the kittens. 'Tell me, Dinah, did you turn to Humpty Dumpty? I THINK you did—however, you'd better not mention it to your friends just yet, for I'm not sure... 'Now, Kitty, let's consider who it was that dreamed it all. This is a serious question, my dear, and you should NOT go on licking your paw like that—as if Dinah hadn't washed you this morning! You see, Kitty, it MUST have been either me or the Red King. He was part of my dream, of course—but then I was part of his dream, too! WAS it the Red King, Kitty? You were his wife, my dear, so you ought to know—Oh, Kitty, DO help to settle it! I'm sure your paw can wait!' But the provoking kitten only began on the other paw, and pretended it hadn't heard the question. Which do YOU think it was?"

tic tac = tick tack = tic toc = tick tock - an imitation of the ticking of a clock, esp. the slow ticking of a large clock + tak (Danish) - thank you + tip.

go leor (Irish) enough, plenty + glory be to the saints of God + {A glorious bit of sailcloth and beeswax to wipe away the mud of the pigs}

now and

beeswax - to rub or polish with beeswax

clauber (Anglo-Irish) - mud from animals' feet + FDV: Gellory be to the sails of cloth nowand I have to beeswax the bringing in all the muck of the parks to us


floor + FDV: and I thawght I knew the his stain on the flower

midden - a dung hill, kitchen midden + maiden + middle.

honeysucker - one that sucks honey + 'You are the honey - honeysuckle, I am the bee' (song).

dandle - to fondle + broke the candles + FDV: and who broke the dandleass

blackcurrant - a shrub that produces small, very dark purple, edible berries; the berry borne by this shrub

Temora - name for Tara in James Macpherson's "The Poems of Ossian" + tomorrow's + Gomorrah.


please + {I hope it’ll pour with rain, praise the climate of old Ireland}

Primate of all Ireland