grackle - a name applied to various birds originally included in the genus Gracula; jackdaw.

skim - to cover with a thin layer, as with scum

crock - crock-butter, butter salted and put down in a crock for winter use


gooseberry - the edible berry or fruit of the genus ribes

mowld = mould - to cover (plant) with mould

measlest - poorest, blightest, inferiorest

Kilkenny - county in Ireland

stale - to make or become stale; cheapen, to render common + stale (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - steal.

chump - the thick blunt end of anything; also chump-end: esp. the thick end of a loin of mutton.

flure (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - floor

shite - shit; nonsense

plateful - the amount a plate will hold

tak (Danish) - thank you

component - serving or helping to constitute, constituent + O

door boy - a boy who guards the door of a passage in a mine

cleaner - one who cleans + Latin: rites of cleaning in Roman calender, from Lat. februare, 'to purify'

sojer = soldier

crook - swindler, a proffesional criminal

squeezer - one who squeezes

lounger - idler

dogman - a man in charge of dogs

black and blue - discoloured by beating

tramp - one who travels from place to place on foot, in search of employment, or as a vagrant.


Christmass box - a box in which contributions of money were collected at Chrismass (the box being broken when full and the contents shared).

prés salés (fr) - salt marshes

Donnybrook, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, once famous for its annual fair; a scene of uproar and disorder; a riotous or uproarious meeting.

Prater - the name of a large wooded park in Vienna + pratum (l) - meadow + prater (Dutch) - talker.

roebuck - the male roe deer

campus - the grounds of a college or university; the open space between or around the  buildings + campos (l) - field.

ager (l) - territory, district; field, improved land

grassy - covered with grass, abounding in grass

champ - champion; a field + champs (fr) - field.

ASHTOWN - Residential district North of Phoenix Park. Phoenix Park racecourse is just outside the park at Ashtown Gate.  

CABRA - District, North-West Dublin. The Joyce family lived at No 7 St Peter's Terrace (now St Peter's Road), Cabra, in 1902-04. Mrs Joyce died there. 

SANTRY - District, North Dublin 

RAHENY - District, North-East Dublin, North shore of Dublin Bay 

BALDOYLE - Village, North of Sutton and Howth; site of race course.  

latecomer - one that arrives late

all the year round - thorough, thoroughout, from beginning to end

porter - one who carries burdens

in virtue of - by the power or efficacy of (something aiding or justifying); hence, in later use, by the authority of, in reliance upon, in consequence of, because of.

ratiocination - reasoning + retroratiocinatio (l) - backward reasoning.

contribute - to give or furnish along with others towards bringing about a result.

confligo (l) - to fight, contend + confligens (l) - striking one thing against another, opposing, conflicting.

vox - voice

vote - the collective opinion or assent of an assembly or body of persons.

vaticination - a prediction of an oracular or inspired nature, prophecy

crunch - to crush or grind uder foot, wheels, etc.

crust - a hard dry formation on the surface of the body, caused by a burn, an ulcer, or disease of the skin; a more or less hard coating, concretion, or deposit on the surface of anything.

due to - that owes its existence to, attributable to, owing to, in consequence of.

depredation - plundering, pillaging, ravaging; also, plundered or pillaged condition (obs.)

drain - to drink (a liquid) to the last drops

mead - an alcoholic liquor made by fermenting a mixture of honey and water.

incur - to become through one's own action liable or subject to; to bring upon oneself.

intoxication - the making drunk or inebriated; the condition of being so stupefied or disordered.

condone - to forgive or overlook (an offence), so as to treat it as non-existent; esp. to forgive tacitly by not allowing the offence to make any difference in one's relations with the offender.

gratification - something given to gain favour, or as a recompense for anything done or to be done; a reward.

rope - to tie, bind, fasten, or secure with a rope

dupe - to make a dupe of; to deceive, delude, befool

numen - a spirit believed to inhabit a natural object or phenomenon; a dynamic or creative force, genius; deity, divinity + in nomine domine (l) - in God's name.

daimon = demon - a supernatural being of a nature intermediate between that of gods and men; an inferior divinity, spirit, genius.

fee - money

law - a conical hill or mound; a rule of conduct imposed by authority.

consternation - amazement and terror such as to prostrate one's faculties; dismay.

fornication - voluntary sexual intercourse between a man (in restricted use, an unmarried man) and an unmarried woman. In Scripture extended to adultery.

misericordia (l) - mercy, compassion

omni - - all, universall

deliberate - Of a body of persons: To take counsel together, considering and examining the reasons for and against a proposal or course of action. 

sword - to arm with a sword

Bartholomew - one of the twelve apostles

Mor (mor) (gael) - great; the Great

Mac Carthaigh (mok karhi) (gael) - son of Carthach ("loving")

Morpheus - Ovid's name for the god of dreams, the son of Sleep

are + Maggy

yore - of old time, ancient, former + you

maggie - a girl + majesty

lorn - abandoned, left alone; bereft of; lonely, desolate, wretched

lore - the act of teaching; the condition of being taught; instruction, tuition, education.

wive - to take a wife, get married; to be a wife, act as a wife

wile - a crafty, cunning, or deceitful trick; an amorous or playful trick; a deceit, a delusion.

rile - to excite, disturb, to vex, annoy, make angry

ruse - a trick, stratagem

wreathed - formed or combined by twining or interweaving; entwined, intertwined.