leap year

coach and four - a coach with four horses

peck - to kiss perfunctorily, a snappy kiss + song Peg O' My Heart (Peg o' my heart, I love you, / We'll never part, I love you, / Dear little girl, sweet little girl, / Sweeter than the Rose of Erin).

anew - as if a new start were being made and without reference to past actions + XO

bask - to expose oneself to, or disport oneself in, an ambient flood of genial warmth, as in the sunshine, the rays of a fire; to lie enjoying the heat which radiates upon one. fig. of the 'sunshine' of love, favour, prosperity.

panorama - a mental vision in which a series of images passes before the mind’s eye.

flore = floor + flores (Portuguese) - flowers.

duly - to the extent or degree that is due; adequately, sufficiently, fully.

duty + Alexander: Space, Time and Deity (discussed in Lewis: 'Time and Western Man').

sooty - foul or dirty with soot + city

plenty + planxty - a harp tune of a sportive and animated character, moving in triplets.

gouty - affected with gout, distorted with swellings or protuberances

vacant - a vacant space, a vacuum

sleepish - somewhat sleepy

hapless - unfortunate, unlucky, luckless

accuracy - the state of being accurate; precision or exactness resulting from care; hence, precision, nicety, exactness, correctness.

Camelot - king Arthur's palace, a place of idyllic happiness + Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (William Shakespeare: Hamlet).


auctus (l) - increase, growth + actual

future + futuo (l) - to fuck.

preterite - of or pertaining to bygone time, former

suspensive - having the power or effect of suspending, deffering or temporarily stopping the operation of something.

exanimation - deprivation of spirits, disheartening, discouragement

accord (with) - to agree, be in harmony, be consistent

the eye of a needle - a minute opening or space

sight - to get or catch sight of, to see


ingredient - present as an ingredient (a component part, constituent, element).

egregious - prominent, projecting; Of persons and personal qualities: Distinguished, eminent, excellent, renowned (obs.)




recourse - course, movement, or flow in some direction; resort or application to some person  or thing for assistance, help, or safety; a periodical recurrence; a running, coming or flowing back, a return (freq. in phr. course and recourse).

reverberation - a re-echoing sound; a reflection of light or colour.

nut cracking night - hellowe’en (the night of all the witches which the church transf. into the eve of all saints) + knot (Slang) - coit.

conjugation - the action of joining together or uniting

node - a knot or complication; an entanglement

redissolution - an act of dissolving again

mouldered - turned to dust, crumbled, decayed

William Shakespeare: As You Like It II.7.26: 'And so, from hour to hour, we ripe and ripe, And then, from hour to hour, we rot and rot; And thereby hangs a tale'.

nonesuch (Slang) - vulva

even - evening; the eve of a holy day or church festival

silencer - one who silences

intempestuous = intempestive - untimely, unseasonable, inopportune + intempesta nox (l) - the dead of night + intempesta... Nox (l) - dismal Night (mother of the Furies), Vergil, Aen. XII. 846.

nox (l) - night + Nox - Roman goddess of night. 

gallicrow - scarecrow

spot - to pick out, detect, notice, to locate accurately

lucinus (l) - light-bringing + lucens (l) - shining + M. Annaeus Lucanus (39-65 A.D.) (l) - poet, author of Pharsalia, epic on Roman Civil War.


twain - two, couple, pair

melt - metal or other substance in a melted condition. Also fig.

tother - the other (of two) + proverb One man's meat is another man's poison.

coining - the making of coin, minting; fig. Deliberate invention, fabrication + Poyning, Sin Edward - in 1459 induced the Irish parliament to pass "Poyning's Law," which said all acts of the English parliament were in force in Ireland, and the Irish parliament could pass no laws without the king's approval. 

sap - the vital juice or fluid which circulates in plants; a fool + sun + surprising

fole = foil (a leaf); fool + fulfilling

nimb - nimbus, halo

nihil (l) - nothing

girly - girlish + Galahad - son of Lancelot, Grail knight.  

becoming - befitting, suitable, having graceful fitness

wrestless - restless; 'not admitting of being turned aside' + Jacob and Esau struggled in the womb (Vulgate Genesis 25:22).

Ecclesiastes 1:7: 'All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full'

starring - the action of the verb star; spec. the acting or touring of a 'star' performer.

Hengest and Horsa, the Saxon brothers who led the initial invasion of England.

Japhet and his brother Ham.

beau - a man who gives particular, or excessive, attention to dress, mien, and social etiquette.

pale - paleness, palor + tales

pall - to become dull or uninteresting, to become pale

rosered - red like a rose

oragious - stormy, tempestuous + orange

gelb (ger) - yellow

to blow out - to extinguish (a flame) by a current of air

star gazer - one who gazes at the stars


kaleidoscope - an optical instrument, consisting of from two to four reflecting surfaces placed in a tube, at one end of which is a small compartment containing pieces of coloured glass: on looking through the tube, numerous reflections of these are seen, producing brightly-coloured symmetrical figures, which may be constantly altered by rotation of the instrument. fig. A constantly changing group of bright colours or coloured objects; anything which exhibits a succession of shifting phases.

yurn = yearn + Issy

love match - a marriage of which the motive is love

shee - she + shee (Anglo-Irish) - fairy.

that + toit (tit) (gael) - smoke.

drawe = draw; p. of drive

smoke - something of little substance or value

retourne = return + Rosseter: song 'What then is love but mourning, What Desire but a self-burning, Till she that hates doth love return'.

pette = pet

pitouet (Provençal) - young boy

angiolo, angiola (it) - angel (masculine, feminine)

gnaw - to bite (something) persistently so as to injure it or remove portions of it.

-een (Anglo-Irish) - (diminutive)

nudge - to touch or push (one) slightly with the elbow for the purpose of attracting attention. 

(notebook 1922-23): 'I bet you'

Parisian - rel. to Paris

smear - ointment

vanity table - a dressing table