rose taupe - dark reddish gray

slight - to treat with indifference or disrespect, disdain, ignore

..."For every got I care! I can pay my club like she. Three creamings"... (The word "got" may also be "jot" but probably the first letter is indeed a, be it hasty, g. The typist misses the second half of the addition (in the James Joyce Archives printed on the opposite page of the volume), but still somebody strikes out the entire addition as having been faithfully copied) (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 21 May 2002) 

creaming - treatment (of the skin) with a cosmetic cream

tissue - a piece of soft absorbent paper used as handkerchief, for drying or cleaning the skin.

clean up - to wash up, change or arrange one’s clothes and tidy oneself

by (one’s) soul - exclamation

espouse - spouse + esposo (sp) - husband, spouse.

footballer - one who plays football

sociation - association, union + socialist

blacklead - to colour or rub with black lead (graphite)

Prendergast, Cecil - hero of Swinbunne's Sadopaideia + gast (Dutch) - guest.

fullback - defensive player

mauler - one who mauls + players

hurling - an Irish game resembling field hockey, an early form of football.

dago - a person of Italian or Spanish birth or descent + dickens

baiting - persistent annoyance, torment + waiting + baiting (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - beating.

ornery - commonplace, of poor quality + Orrery, Roger Boyle, 1st earl of (1621-79) - Irish-born British soldier, politician, dramatist for whom the ornery (illustrates motions of the stars by means of revolving balls) is named. 


ovally - in an oval manner or form + awfully - slang, as simple intensive: Very, extremely.

provencial - rel. to Provence (a region of France)

assent - the concurrence of the will, compliance with a desire + accent


admiración (sp) - admiration, wonder

belle - pretty, handsome + Prussians called the Battle of Waterloo 'La Belle Alliance', as Napoleon's headquarters were at 'La Belle Alliance' farm (French la belle alliance: the beautiful alliance).

alliance - union by marriage + (notebook 1930): 'la belle alliance'.

zeloso (Portuguese) - jealous

soso - tolerable, passable + soso (sp) - dull, insipid + do (sp) - in + todo (sp) - all.

todas (Portuguese) - all

nursery rhyme 'Come a little closer, said the spider to the fly'

delightsome - delightful, very pleasing

Romeo + jolio (Provençal) - jolly + romeu (Provençal) - pilgrim.

turkish delight - a sweet meat consisting of gelatine boiled, cubed and dusted with sugar.

(notebook 1930): 'the chocolate with a soul'

mucky - dirty, filthy, contemptible

three halfpenny - Expressing depreciation: Worth no more than a three halfpenny, of contemptible value + hairpin - a kind of pin used in dressing and fastening up the hair.

to pull one's leg - to fool someone

pu = pull = poo + pooh - An ejaculation expressing impatience, or contemptuous disdain or disregard for anything. Cf. phew, pho, phoo.

song Come Back to Erin

nudge - to prod lightly + longing   

miser - a wretched person, a wretch; one who hoards wealth and lives miserably in order to increase his hoard, a niggard.



trousseau - a bride's outfit of clothes, house-linen, etc. + trousers - drawers, or knee-breeches.

extension - the reaching or stretching (the arm, hand) out or forth + Joyce's note: 'clothes extend personality'.

trot - to run; to walk out with (as a lover), to escort

cabbagehead - a brainless fellow, a thick witted person

snappy - stylish, highly pleasing

garter - a band worn round the leg, either above or below the knee, to keep the stocking from falling down.

charm - any quality, attribute, trait, feature, etc., which exerts a fascinating or attractive influence, exciting love or admiration. In pl., esp. of female beauty, great personal attractions.

proud - pride (rare.) 

gloving - the action of putting on gloves

vermilion - of a bright red or scarlet colour


Swift had a friend, Reverend Mr Pilkington, whose wife's name was Laetitia.

quoniam (l) - since now, seeing that, because, whereas + quondam (l) - at one time, formerly; at times + quoniam (Latin Slang) - vulva. 

flesh monger - one who deals with flesh, a butcher; a fornicator; a slave dealer + fleshmonger (Slang) - procurer, wrencher.

solicit - to entreat or petition (a person) for, or to do, something; to court or beg the favour of (a woman), esp. with immoral intention.

converse - conversation; intimate association, sexual intercourse

mug - a drinking-vessel, usually cylindrical, with or without a handle; a cooling drink.

October - ale brewed in October + song Brown October Ale.

pot - a pot of liquor; transf. liquor, drink; drinking, potation (also pl.); a vessel of cylindrical or other rounded form, and rather deep than broad.

on it - (Austral. colloq.): drinking heavily, 'hitting the bottle'

creak - to move with creaking

corncrake - a hand-rattle with a ratchet wheel, used to frighten birds from sown seed or growing corn' (Jamieson); also a nursery toy making a similiar grating noise.

airman - a pilot

water wag - a kind of small boat used at Dublin

terrier - a colloquial abbr. of territiorial applied to members of the territiorial army

blazer - one who proclaims or publishes, someone who attracts attention

tickly - ticklish, ticklishly + tickler (Slang) - penis.

sall - shall

my mouth


..."May you never see me in my figure how I sleep gracefully in my birthday pelts"... (The First-Draft Version runs: "May you never see me in my figure when I'm asleep in my birthday (dress) pelts". Really entirely lost line.) (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 21.05.2002).