whatever - an emphatic extension of what (implying perplexity or surprise) + what for? - for what purpose.

to take a rise out of - to cause others to laugh esp. scornfully about someone by making jokes about him.

hiplength - extending to or over the hips

godmother - a female sponsor considered in relation to her god-child

reason + riso (it) - laugh.

roundabout - in a ring or circle about; on all sides of; in all directions from

tryst - to engage (a person) to meet one at a given place and time

two lips

puff = puffed - bloated, swollen, pretentious, arrogant + puff (Slang) - sodomist.

pape = pope + papa - father; The Gr. and L. words (meaning 'Father') were, like the latter, and mod. Romanic padre, addressed or applied to spiritual fathers; in the West at first to bishops generally (as in Prudentius and Gregory of Tours), but gradually confined to the Bishop of Rome (pope).

buck - to act in opposition, oppose, resist; bring, carry; to break up

assoil - to absolve from sin, grant absolution to

vestry - storage room in church + vespre (Provenšal) - evening + vesper - the sixth of the Canonical Hours of the breviary, said or celebrated towards evening; = evensong.

pursue - to sue for, to seek after; to try to obtain or accomplish, to aim at

adulterous - rel. to adultery

cocksure - marked by certainty and conviction with no doubt or reservation, perfectly sure.

rusty - Of (dark) clothes: Showing signs of age or use; shabby, worn, or faded

phiz - face, countenance

tame - subdued as by taming, submissive, meek + time flies - time passes very quickly.

Schweep's - Schweppe's Tonic Water + schwipp (ger) - nimble, pliant + Schwips (ger) - drunk.

marguerite - the common Daisy + Margaret, St - virgin martyr, swallowed by Satan in the form of a dragon. Her feast is July 20.

First Joyce wrote (on JJA 47:288, transition overlay for the FW galley printer) "Blessed Marguerite Moses!", which is typed as "Blessed Marguerite Mosses". 

Belshazzar - in the Book of Daniel, last king of Babylon before the advent of the Medes and Persians + REFERENCE

Sardanapalus - in Greek myth, last king of Assyria, who, faced with rebellion, burned up himself, wives, and palace + sourd (fr) - deaf. 

association - a body of persons who have combined to execute a common purpose.

hold hard - to pull hard at the reins in order to stop the horse; to halt, stop

latchkey - Orig., a key used to draw back the night-latch of a door. Now usu., the key of a  spring door-lock. Freq. allusive and attrib., with reference to the use of a latch-key by a  younger member of a household (esp. one who comes home from school when his parents are still at work) or a lodger.

gleisoun (Provenšal) - church

nursery rhyme 'Hushabye baby, in the tree top'

pluckless - lacking pluck, feeble in courage or moral stamina

Lancelot of the Lake - knight of King Arthur's, lover of Guinevere, father of Galahad.

dearling = darling

mean for - to intend or destine (a person or thing) to a fate


FRENCH COLLEGE - Now Blackrock College (RC), Castledawson Road, Williamstown, near Blackrock. Form called "French College" because it was founded by French and Alsatian priests of the Holy Ghost Fathers, in 1860. 

contract - to constitute marriage by contract; to enter into marriage

enchos (gr) - spear, sword + encho (Provenšal) - tap, cock + ego te absolvo (l) - I absolve you.

tengo (gr) - to wet, to moisten; to shed tears + tencho (Provenšal) - tint, ink.

please - pleasing, pleasure + phrase please God!

long - having a great extent in duration; Of a point of time: Distant, remote

loopy - a slightly crazy, 'cracked'


saver - one who saves, or rescues from death, evil, or destruction + favourite


softness - ease, comfort, mildness, gentleness

treasury = treasure

mot - motto, device, a vitty saying + Dermot + mot (fr) - word + mot (Dublin Slang) - girl.

granny - grandmother; Also used loosely for 'an old woman', 'a gossip' + Grania

pullet - a young (domestic) fowl, between the ages of chicken and mature fowl + pullet (Slang) - young girl.

gracefully - in a graceful manner, with grace, elegantly

Minthe - Greek maiden who ended up as a plant + mine

moran mo (moran mo) (gael) - much more

sh - an exclamation used to enjoin silence or noiselessness = hush

pippy - full of pips (spot, speck, protuberance) + puppy - a small dog used as a lady's pet.

lime - lime light (the intense white light formerly much used in theatre)

bigtree - a valuable evergreen timber tree

gravestone - a stone placed over a grave + grav (Danish) - grave.

hiss - to express disapproval of (a person or thing) by making this sound + hesitancy

mand - maund + mand (Danish) - man + ond mand (Danish) - bad man.

chip - to make a small sound, cheep, chirp

chirrup - to chirp, esp. with a more sustained and lively effect, approaching to twittering or warbling.

gigolo - a professional male dancing partner or escort + cigalo (Provenšal) - cicada + cigolo (Italian Obsolete) - child.

for the love of Mike - for goodness sake! + lug - ear.

passdoor - a door between the stage and the auditorium in a theater

Ich gehe dir vor (ger) - I will precede you