whatever - an emphatic extension of what (implying perplexity or surprise) + what for? - for what purpose.


take a rise out of - to cause others to laugh esp. scornfully about someone by making jokes about him + FDV: no lovingest I'm not trying to take a rise out of you

hiplength - extending to or over the hips

godmother - a female sponsor considered in relation to her god-child + Chiniquy: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 52: 'Has not Almighty God Himself made, with His own hands that coat of womanly modesty and self-respect'.

reason + riso (it) - laugh.

roundabout - in a ring or circle about; on all sides of; in all directions from + FDV: It's because I'm only any girl and because old someone is not here

tryst - to engage (a person) to meet one at a given place and time + Tristan.

tulips + two lips + tou leipies (gr) - he misses you + lupes (gr) - sorrows.

puff = puffed - bloated, swollen, pretentious, arrogant + puff (Slang) - sodomist.

pape = pope + papa - father; The Gr. and L. words (meaning 'Father') were, like the latter, and mod. Romanic padre, addressed or applied to spiritual fathers; in the West at first to bishops generally (as in Prudentius and Gregory of Tours), but gradually confined to the Bishop of Rome (pope).

buck - to act in opposition, oppose, resist; bring, carry; to break up

assoil - to absolve from sin, grant absolution to

vestry - storage room in church + vespre (Provenšal) - evening + vesper - the sixth of the Canonical Hours of the breviary, said or celebrated towards evening; = evensong.

pursue - to sue for, to seek after; to try to obtain or accomplish, to aim at

adulterous - characterized by adultery

cocksure - marked by certainty and conviction with no doubt or reservation, perfectly sure

rusty - Of (dark) clothes: Showing signs of age or use; shabby, worn, or faded

phiz - face, countenance

tame - subdued as by taming, submissive, meek + time flies - time passes very quickly

Schweep's - Schweppe's Tonic Water + schwipp (ger) - nimble, pliant + Schwips (ger) - drunk; drunkenness.

marguerite - the common Daisy + Margaret, St - virgin martyr, swallowed by Satan in the form of a dragon. Her feast is July 20.

First Joyce wrote (on JJA 47:288, transition overlay for the FW galley printer) "Blessed Marguerite Moses!", which is typed as "Blessed Marguerite Mosses". 

Belshazzar - in the Book of Daniel, last king of Babylon before the advent of the Medes and Persians + Schoss (ger) - shot + REFERENCE

Sardanapalus - in Greek myth, last king of Assyria, who, faced with rebellion, burned up himself, wives, and palace + sourd (fr) - deaf. 

association - a body of persons who have combined to execute a common purpose + assassinations.

hold hard - to pull hard at the reins in order to stop the horse; to halt, stop

latchkey - key for raising or drawing back a latch or opening an outside door + (age twenty-one).

gleisoun (Provenšal) - church + gleesome.

Hushabye baby, in the tree top (nursery rhyme) + bawbee (Scottish) - halfpenny + Hammurabi - sixth king of Babylon (that is, of the First Babylonian Dynasty) from 1792 BC to 1750 BC.

pluckless - lacking pluck, feeble in courage or moral stamina

Lancelot of the Lake - knight of King Arthur's, lover of Guinevere, father of Galahad

dearling = darling

mean for - to intend or destine (a person or thing) to a fate

engineer + FDV: and because I hate you the very thought of the thought of you and because, darling, of course, dearest, I was always meant for an engineer.

FRENCH COLLEGE - Now Blackrock College (RC), Castledawson Road, Williamstown, near Blackrock. Form called "French College" because it was founded by French and Alsatian priests of the Holy Ghost Fathers, in 1860.

nom d'un chien! (French) - name of a dog! (expletive) 

contract - to constitute marriage by contract; to enter into marriage

enchos (gr) - spear, sword + enc˛ (Provenšal) - home + encho (Provenšal) - tap, cock + ego te absolvo (l) - I absolve you.

tengo (gr) - to wet, to moisten; to shed tears + tencho (Provenšal) - tint, ink.

please - pleasing, pleasure + please God! (phrase).

long - having a great extent in duration; Of a point of time: Distant, remote.

loopy - a slightly crazy, 'cracked'


saver - one who saves, or rescues from death, evil, or destruction + favourite

heroes + er˘s (gr) - passion.

softness - mildness, gentleness + King Mark desired Isolde after seeing one of her hairs (dropped by a passing swallow).

treasury = treasure

mot - motto, device, a vitty saying + Dermot + mot (fr) - word + mot (Dublin Slang) - girl + FDV: I beg your pardon I was listening to every word I said fell from your lips

granny - grandmother; Also used loosely for 'an old woman', 'a gossip' + Grania

pullet - a young (domestic) fowl, between the ages of chicken and mature fowl + pullet (Slang) - young girl.

gracefully - in a graceful manner, with grace, elegantly

Minthe - Greek maiden who ended up as a plant + mine

Robert Prezioso - journalist who was attracted to Nora Joyce in Trieste

moran mo (moran mo) (gael) - much more

sh - an exclamation used to enjoin silence or noiselessness = hush + FDV: Move your mouth towards me, more, more and more, don't be a, I'm not going to, no, I swear to you by all I hold secret in this world & in my underworld and in the whole wondersworld.

pippy - full of pips (spot, speck, protuberance) + puppy - a small dog used as a lady's pet.

lime - lime light (the intense white light formerly much used in theatre)

bigtree - a valuable evergreen timber tree

gravestone - a stone placed over a grave + grav (Danish) - grave + Gladstone [.35]

hiss - to express disapproval of (a person or thing) by making this sound + hesitancy

mand - maund + mand (Danish) - man + ond mand (Danish) - bad man + 'Grand Old Man' - a nickname of Gladstone.

chip - to make a small sound, cheep, chirp

chirrup - to chirp, esp. with a more sustained and lively effect, approaching to twittering or warbling

gigolo - a professional male dancing partner or escort + cigolo (Italian Obsolete) - child + cigalo (Provenšal) - cicada + Ondt/Gracehoper (motif).

lug - ear + for the love of Mike - for goodness sake!

passdoor - a door between the stage and the auditorium in a theater

Ich gehe dir vor (ger) - I will precede you