apron stage - the flat wide part of the Elizabetan stage projecting into the audience and used as a main acting area.

dovey - a term of affection, little or dear love

cuddle - to hug or embrace affectionately, to fondle

ye - you

divil = devil

tete a tete - a private conversation or interview between two persons + toot -  a note or short blast of a horn, trumpet, or other wind instrument.

hear hear - a cheer; to shout 'hear hear', to cheer

courtship - office or position at court; the action of courting, soliciting, or enticing.

territorial - a territorial military unit or its member

sot - one who commonly or habitually drinks to excess, a soaker

commission - to appoint to a certain task; to send on a mission, dispatch

nonsense + phrase commit no nuisance.

aves silvae aquae vallis (l) - birds of the wood, waters of the valley + Ave, Salve, atque Vale (l) - Hail, Good Health, and also Farewell (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence: 'four and twenty blackbirds, baked into a pie'

stile - an arrangement of steps, rungs, or the like, contrived to allow passage over or through a fence to one person at a time, while forming a barrier to the passage of sheep or cattle. 

finger - handle, identify, indicate, designate

eurhythmic - a system of rhytmical bodily movements esp. dancing exercises + arithmetic - the science of numbers; the art of computation by figures.

selftaught - taught by oneself without aid from others, self-educated

phrase in the name of God and all that's holy

mistle = missel, mizzle

song The Holly and the Ivy

hoost - a cough

ahem - an exclamation to attract attention to the speaker, or to give him time to consider what he is to say + Issy shaded into all young girls and splintered into phases of the female psyche, a mystery the writer seems to have found more intriguing as he aged. What may be involved here is something we are not yet prepared to explore, the writer's perception of the nature of sanity (Hayman, David / The "Wake" in transit).

Delia (l) - Diana (from her birth on Delos)

mina (l) - smooth

Ops - Roman goddess of fertility, agriculture, wife of Saturn 

Queenie - what Parnell called Mrs O'Shea 

Xenia ("gifts for strangers") - title of Martial's Epigrams. Heroine of Boris Godunov

Phoebe - the Moon personified, a shepherdess in As You Like It. "Phoebe Dearest" is a song.  

reformatory - an institution to which juvenile incorrigibles or offenders against the law are sent with a view to their reformation. 

goal - the destination of a (more or less laborious) journey



penancy - penitency, repentance

myrtle - a shrub growing abundantly in Southern Europe, having shiny evergreen leaves and white sweet-scented flowers, and now used chiefly in perfumery. The myrtle was held sacred to Venus and is used as an emblem of love + mortal

bells + nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence: 'When the pie was opened, the birds began to sing'.

nursery rhyme Ring-a-ring o'roses

the wish is the father to the thought

plant - to fix, settle, establish firmly as a principle, opinion or doctrine, to introduce an idea or sentiment in the mind.

poser - puzzle, a puzzling or baffling question or problem

nomenclature - a list or collection of names or particulars; a catalogue, a register.

day nursery - a nursery used by children during the day 

chaperon - a person, esp. a married or elderly woman, who, for the sake of propriety, accompanies a young unmarried lady in public, as guide and protector.

mall - a sheltered walk serving as a promenade; in some towns adopted as a proper name.

mistletoe - a parasitic plant of Europe, Viscum album, growing on various trees. This plant  was held in veneration by the Druids, esp. when found growing on the oak. It is still used in England in Christmas decorations, a bunch of it being commonly hung from the ceiling of a room or hall.

love ribbon - a narrow gauze ribbon with satin stripes

diva (it) - goddess, lady-love, 'fine lady' + Casta Diva - goddess worshipped by Norma in Bellini's opera (about Roman occupation of Britain and druidical opposition to it; the goddess is the Moon) + casta diva (l) - chaste or pure goddess + chista deva (Pan-Slavonic) - immaculate virgin, clean maiden + Dievas (Lithuanian) - God.

sundry - different for each, diverse, separate + Sunday

amour - love, affection + song 'In the gloaming, oh, my darling'.

PHIBSBOROUGH (PHIBSBORO) - District and Road, North Dublin.  

dome - a stately building, a mansion; a cathedral church (obs.); a cupola

saint Andrew - one of the 12 apostoles (patron of Scotland) + ST ANDREW UNDERSHAFT, CHURCH OF - in the City of London, at foot of St Mary Avenue. The name is apparently from the Maypole set up annually until 1517. Andrew Undershaft of Shaw's Major Barbara was a foundling named after the church. 


underworld - the abode of the departed, imagined as being under the earth

nightie - nightgown esp. for a woman or child

wonderworld - a fairylike imaginary realm

must not - (you are) not allowed to

buss (Archaic) - kiss

O'hUallachain (o'hulehan) (gael) - descendant of Uallachain (dim. of uallach, "proud") + "Is milked Dan Tollan - without indecent exposure - near Fox and Geese every Tuesday and Friday" (James Joyce, Scribbledehobble p. 55.)

facetious - witty, humorous, amusing

flanel = flannel - an open woollen stuff; nonsense, unnecessary ostentation

SMOCK ALLEY THEATRE - Built 1662 in Orange Street, later Smock Alley, now site of church of SS Michael and John (1815), Exchange Street. It was the principal theater in Ireland for over a century, until it closed in 1788.  

pouder = powder + to smell powder - to actually experience fighting.

pipetta (it) - little pipe + pupetta mia (it) - my little darling.

linguo = lingo - foreign speech or language

silenzioso (it) - silent