plight - a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one

fox and geese - a board game in which pieces representing geese are trying to corner fox. 'The Fox and Geese' is the archetypal name for an English inn or 'public house' + The Fox and the Fleas - a folktale about a fox getting rid of his fleas by drowning them.

picking + FDV: or, picking up lousies or dropping his teeth

wring - to turn and strain with violence

handcuff - a shackle for the hand, consisting of a divided metal ring which is locked round the wrist 

blighter - a worthless or contemptible person + or wringing his handcuffs for peace, the poor blighter,

pray - to ask earnestly for, beg + (playing deaf and dumb).

deaf + Dieu (fr) - God.

nostrum - a quack remedy, a patent medicine + Dominum Nostrum (l) - Our Lord.

eath - easy + for something to eat + FDV: praying the Allfight Allarmies for thomething to eath  

leapt - p. of leap (to run hastily, rush)

guffaw - to laugh loudly or boisterously; to laugh coarsely or harshly

whimper - a fretful cry expressive of complaint or grief + Quimper, town, Brittany + FDV: if he wept while he leapt and guffalled with a whimper quimper

bad blood - enmity or bitterness among individuals or groups of people + in cold blood - coolly, without excitement + FDV: made bad cold bloud above of black mund mundy & no bones without flesh flech

blue monday - a monday that is trying or depressing esp. because of return to work + Mund (ger) - mouth.

flech - flattery + flesh

kake = cake + FDV: and taking kiss kak kake or kick with a suck sigh sucksigh of or simper,

simper - an affected and self-conscious smile; an affected silly smile; a smirk + hook, line and sinker (phrase).

larn - to teach, to give (a person) a lesson (freq. used ironically as a threat of punishment) + learn.

dibble - an instrument used to make holes in the ground for seeds, bulbs, or young plants; a moustache + a 'devil to learn' and a 'devil to teach'.

lech - a prehistoric monumental stone, the capstone of a cromlech; to behave lustfully, to feel or to be lecherous + teach + FDV: a diffle to larn and a dibble to lech,

fain - glad under the circumstances + FDV: if the vain shinner begged

shinner - one who borrows money by the practice of shining; member or supporter of Sinn Féin, Irish nationalist movement, or of the Irish Republican Army (term used mainly by Loyalists and British troops) + Sinn Féin (Irish) - We Ourselves (slogan) + sinner.

peg - to pin down, nail down + begged

immartial - not martial, unwarlike + immortal + {question #11 (*V*) - would he save an exile poet's soul?}

sister soul + schoolmastered soul + mustered - gathered together, collected + shoul (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - soul.

ooh - an exclamation of pain, surprise, etc. + oh, how d'you do? + FDV: if he begged, the vain shinner the vain shinner begged you to save his immartial _____ sore skillmustered soul from the with a hoo Hoo! hoodoodoo Hoodoodoo!

hoodoo - voodoo + "Anyone can become big lucky Hoodoo once they make contact with the spirits behind Voudoo... Let me tell you more about these spirits. Long ago, there was a big island between Africa and Haiti called "Atlantis" and because of many earthquakes, it sank under the ocean called the "Atlantic." One time there was a big school of magick on the island of this same Atlantis and the magicians were very powerful. What they didn't know when they were alive they soon learned after they died. The island, as we said, just sank under the ocean and the magicians went down with it. But they didn't die, they just become spirits with fish-like bodies and frog-like bodies and snake-like bodies. They did this so they could continue their work under the ocean, in their big temple down at the bottom of the sea. They are still down there, but they are also spirits and as spirits they are able to do a lot of things. In fact they know how to do more things now then they knew a long time ago. The older they get the more powerful they get." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun Gnostic Workbook)

break wind - to expel gas from the intestine + FDV: breaking boasts boast

wile - while + that whiles - at or during that time + to whiles - during the time, meanwhile + zuweilen (ger) - occasionally.

woman + woo maid + J.H. Voss: 'wine, women and song' + FDV: breaking boasts boast that of to wile woe woem & sin he was partial, we don't think we should, Johm, we care to this evening, would you?

partial - constituent, component; having a predelection for, inclined to favor unreasonably, foolishly fond + {insinuating that to wine women and song he was partial}

blank ye - damn you! + no, thank you! + FDV: Answer: [No, blank you!] But Before proceeding to conclusively confute this begging question it would be much fitter for you, if you dare, to consult with my and consequentially attempt at my disposals of the same time-dime-cash problem elsewhere, naturalistically, of course, from the blinkpoint of a spatialist.

impulsivist - one who acts on impulse

wad + {that he has mark of the earwigs [a wig?]}

conclusively - finally, decisively

confute - to confound, render futile, bring to nought + "Also remember that the Path of Power is a path of no return, and therefore once you have embarked upon it, you will not be able to stop yourself. It is a fool's game to think that you can experiment just a little, or that you will just satisfy your curiosity. If you land up in a cult because of your curiosity there is no saying where you will end up, and if in the process you destroy your life, you will have no-one to blame other than yourself. In such a situation, know too that there is no-one to whom you will be able to turn for help. Medical science cannot help you, psychiatrists cannot control awareness that has got out of control, and the police cannot protect you from mental or emotional manipulation, which can be effected with no overt sign or proof. It takes power to fight power, and in this respect, those warriors who are dedicated to the Path of Freedom have no interest in helping those who have through their own irresponsible actions landed themselves in trouble." (Theun Mares: Cry of the Eagle)

beg the question - to take for granted the matter in dispute, to assume without proof. When one begs the question, the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place + begging - the action or habit of asking earnestly; spec. of asking alms. 

hesitate - to stop or pause respecting decision or action

consequentially - as a consequence or result; with logical sequence or consistency

attempt - to attack, to make an effort or attack upon, to try to take by force (as, "to attempt the enemy's camp")

disposal - power or authority to dispose of, determine the condition of, control, etc., especially in the phrase "at, or in, the disposal of"

dime - a silver coin of the USA, of the value of 10 cents; a petty sum of money + FDV: of the same time-dime-cash problem elsewhere,

cash - money; in the form of coin, ready money + dime/cash & time/space (motif).

naturalistically - relating to the natural order of things, as opposed to a logical order

veiwpoint - a mental position or attitude from which subjects or questions are considered + Blickpunkt (ger) - point of view + FDV: naturalistically, of course, from the blinkpoint of a spatialist.

spatialist - an adherent in spatialism; one who is concerned with spatial qualities or relations

FDV: Here you From it you will notice, Schott, upon my first remarking that the sophology of Bitchson while driven by a purely dime-dime urge is not without its cash-cash characteristics charactericksticks, borrowed for the its nonce ends from the his the fiery goodmother Miss Fortune (whom who we have had our little private brush with [,what, Schott?]) & as I could have told you behavioristically broke pailletés with a coat of honour homoid icing which is in reality a ridiculisation of the whoo-whoo and where's-hairs theories theorics of Winestain.

Schott - according to Mr Ellmann, Joyce's "no 1 pupil" in Trieste. "What's he like?" "A horseface," Joyce said. In FW, Schott becomes Joyce, lectured to by Professor Jones or Wyndham Lewis + Schotte (ger) - Scot.

sophologia (gr) - study of wisdom; wise speech

Bergson, Henri (1859-1941) - French philosopher, much savaged by Wyndham Lewis in Time and Western Man (the savaging is irrational and anti-Semitic). Lewis said Joyce was of the "time" school of Bergson-Einstein-Stein-Proust [Lewis: Time and Western Man: (of Henry Bergson's philosophy) 'Bergson had said that the intellect "spatialized" things. It was that "spatialization" that the doctrinaire of motion and of mental "time" attacked'] + son of a bitch (*C*).

Demiurge - God the Creator in Platonic philosophy

for the nonce - for the particular purpose, for the time being + nonsense + FDV: borrowed for the its nonce ends from the his the fiery goodmother Miss Fortune

fairy godmother - a fairy who acts as godmother or protector to a mortal child; also transf., a benefactress + (red-haired).



recherche - exotic, exquisite, extremely choice or rare + Proust, Marcel (1871-1922) - author of A la recherche du temps perdu (Remembrance of Things Past).

brush - a quick light touch, a fleeting momentary contact + FDV: whom who we have had our little private brush with [, what, Schott?

Dublin Bread CO. It had restaurants in Stephen's Green North, Lower Sackville Street, and Dame Street; in Ulysses, Haines and Mulligan meet in the Dame Street DBC; "We call it D.B.C. because they have damn bad cakes," says Mulligan.

behavioristically - rel. to behaviorism (the characteristic behavior of a defined organism uder defined conditions) + FDV: & as I could have told you behavioristically broke pailletés 

palette - the set or selection of colours used by a particular artist or for a particular picture + pailleté (fr) - spangled.

homicide - the action, by a human being, of killing a human being + icing - a flavored sugar topping used to coat and decorate cakes + FDV: with a coat of honour homoid icing

by chance - without design, casually, accidentally + chance - that occurs or is by chance, casual, incidental.

ridiculize - to make ridiculous + radicalization

whoo - exp. of sudden excitement, astonishment or relief history + who

history + theorics - theoretical statements or notions, theory + there's hair! - there's a girl with a lot of hair! (catch-phrase of the early 20th century) + FDV: which is in reality a ridiculisation of the whoo-whoo and where's-hairs theories theorics of Winestain.

Albert Einstein (also seen as a representative of modern 'time' philosophy in 'Time and Western Man' by Lewis).

plumbly - vertically downwards + plumbum (l) - lead + plumply - directly, plainly, flatly + clumsily + FDV: To put it all the more plumbly.

speechform - linguistic form + FDV: The speech speechform is a mere surrogate whilst the quality and tality (I shall explain this what you ought to mean by this in the subsequent sentence) are alternativamentally harrogate or arrogate, as the gates may be.

surrogate - a deputy, a delegate, a substitute + sorrow gate.

whilst - while

Talis Qualis or Tales of the Jury Room (1842), a collection of stories by Gerald Griffin. An English visitor to Ireland strays into the jury-room of a court-house in a town in the south of Ireland. Concealing himself in a cupboard to escape detection, the visitor listens while the twelve jurors each tell a story.

subsequent - existing or occurring after, esp. immediately after, something expressed

alternatively - alternately, by turns (obs.)

Harrogate - name of a borough in the West Riding of Yorkshire; a medicinal water originating  in Harrogate

arrogate - to assume, or claim as one's own, unduly, proudly, or presumptuously (as, "the pope arrogated dominion over kings") + {The writing is sorrowfully bad and the quality alternatively provincial and erroneous, as the case may be}

talis (l) - such, of such kind + qualis... talis (l) - as... so; whatever... such + tale(ability) → tality → talis + ('Such' is a word often abused by many persons) + FDV: Talis is a word often abused by many passions passim.

abuse - to use improperly, to misuse; to make a bad use of, to pervert

passim - a Latin word, used chiefly after the name of a book or author, to indicate the occurrence of something in various places throughout the book or writings

work out - to go through a process of calculation or consideration so as to arrive at the solution of (a problem or question), to solve

quantum theory - a theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta

tantalizing - that tantalizes; tormenting by exciting desires which cannot be satisfied + tantum (l) - so much, so many + tantum... quantum (l) - so much... as.

frequent - to use habitually or repeatedly; to familiarize with, to associate with (obs.) + FDV: A person will frequently say: Have Are you seen seein much of a Talis and Talis those times? meaning: Will you put up a three of irish?