Taliessin - 6th-century British bard to whom the Book of Taliessin is attributed. Mr Knuth observes that Goldsmith's "Retaliation" is added on. I observe that "The Mookse and the Gripes" is Joyce's "Retaliation" against Wyndham Lewis for Time and Western Man (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake) + talis (l) - such, such like, this + Talis and Talis (l) - Such and Such.

optimally - in the best or most advantageous way + optimas (l) - belonging to the best or noblest, aristocratic.

put up - contribute, pay

free + ri (ri) (gael) - king + a three cold Irish (Slang) - three pennyworth of Irish whiskey and cold water.

casual - showing (real or assumed) unconcern or lack of interest + FDV: Or a ladyeater may have perhaps casualised to you as you tempted temptoed her a la sourdine: Of you plates? Is Talis and Talis, the swordswallower, who is on at the Craterium the same Talis and Talis, the penswiper pencrusher, no fank funk you! who runs his duly mile?

tempt - to make an attempt upon (obs.); to attract or incite to some action or to do something.

Ó la sourdine (fr) - on the sly

if you please [Lewis: Time and Western Man 77: (describes Joyce's) 'genteel decorum... with his "if you pleases" and "no thank-yous", his ceremonious Mister-this and Mister-that']. 

Tallis, Thomas (1515-85) - father of English cathedral music + tal dei tali (it) - Mr So-and-so. 

swordswallower - a performer who pretends to swallow a sword

craterium (l) - little bowl, little mixing vessel

funk - to fear, to be afraid of + thank

duly - to the extent or degree that is due, adequately, fully + Daily Mail (newspaper).

post mortem - after death + vortex - a rapid movement of particles of matter round an axis + Postvorta - "Turned-backwards": Latin goddess of childbirth; with Post and Wyndham Lewis's Vortex paintings.  

police + FDV: At a recent postvortex piece-examination of a determined case of spinosism, an extension lecturer on the Hague Ague [[who was trying seesers] Dr ' sHet Ubeleeft] asked the question: Why is this which Suchman tails qualis: and to whom Dr. Gedankje [of Stoutgirth] who was wiping his whistle toarsely returted: While you are though beast a son zoom of a whorl!

investigation + fustigo (l) - to cudgel to death + fustigatio (l) - a cudgeling to death.

determinism - the doctrine that everything that happens is determined by a necessary chain of causation.

splenosis - the presence in the body of numerous separate pieces of living splenic tissue + Spinoza, Benedict de - Dutch-Jewish philosopher, the foremost exponent of 17th-century Rationalism + spinosus (l) - thorny, pricky. 

extension lecturer - lecturer who extends the scope and work of the university, esp. by affording some of the advantages of university teaching and examination to non-resident students.

ague - an acute or violent fever (obs.); esp. a malarial fever, marked by successive fits or paroxysms, consisting of a cold, hot, and sweating stage + Bauch Spinoza, for whom space ("extension") was the physical aspect of God, lived in The Hague.

a matter of form - a point of formal procedure, a merely formal affair, a point of ordinary routine.

seer - one to whom divine revelations are made in visions + scissors

als het U belieft (Dutch) - if you please, if it pleases you + beleefd (Dutch) - polite.

borrow - to make temporary use of or to adopt (thoughts, expressions, modes of conduct) from another person, or (words, idioms, customs, etc.) from a foreign language or people. 


Macht (German) = macht (Dutch) - power + fact

Gedanke (ger) - thought, imagination, idea + dank je (Dutch) - thank you.

Stuttgart - City, capital (1945) of Baden-WŘrttemberg Land (state), southwestern Germany; Hegel was born and educated there. 

to wet one's whistle - to take a drink

coarsely - in a coarse manner

well + Weil du bist ein Sohn der Welt (ger) - because you are a son of the world;    

zoom (Dutch) - seam, hem, fringe + zoon (Dutch) - son.

whorl - a convolution, coil, curl, 'wreath' (esp. of something whirling, or suggesting a whirling movement) + whore

qualis (l) - how constituted, of what sort; of such a sort

LÚvy-Bruhl, Lucien (1857-1939) - French author who, according to The Skeleton Key, wrote La MentalitÚ primitive (1922), which says time is vague to primitives, whose speech is poor in time-words, rich in space-words + Lowe (ger) - lion + brull- (ger) - roar.

promptly - readily, quickly; directly, at once, without a moment's delay + FDV: Professor Levis in his (though, as I shall shortly promptly prove, his whole account of the Sennacherib affair and the introduction of the Mr. Shekely and Dr. Hyde problem differs soto coelo from mine is again hopelessly vitiated by what I shall now call the cash diamond and cash-diamond fallacy) Ś his talked off confession Why Am I not a Born Like a Gentilman? (Feigenbaumblatt and Father, Judapest) wholeheartedly takes off his coat and wig, honest fellow, to show us make us see how as he says 'by Allswills Allswill the inception and the descent and the ends endswell of man is temporarily wrapped in obscenity. Looking through at these accidents through the farscope faroscope of television (this [nightlife] instrument needs still some subtractional betterment in the adjustment of the refrangibility angle to the squeals of the hypothesis on the outer tinsides) I can easily believe heartily in my own most spacious modality immensity of my own most ownhouse [&] micro microbe microbemost cosm when I am quite assured reassured that the cubes of my volumes are to the surfaces of their subjects as the sphericity of the these globe globes is to the feracity of Fairynelly's vacuum. I need not antropologise for downtrodding on my foes. Professor Levis Brueller finds, because the number of square squeer faiths in weakly circulation will not be appreciably augmended by the netherslogging of a these my couple of cupolar clods. What the romantic in rags pines after & what he importunes our Mitleid for is a waste of time. His everpresent toes are always far out through his past boots. Hear him squeak! When Mullocky won the couple of bob. When we were stripped stripping in number three I will drink I prefer I would like the neat drop that would malt in my mouth but I cannot see when. (I am purposing refraining from exposing the obvious fallacy as to the specific gravity gravities of the two liquids lickquids implied. Students of mixed hydrostatics & pneumocanics pneumodipsicswill after some difficulty grapple away with my meanings) But, on Professor Levis Brueller's showing, the plea is all posh and rabbage for on a melodeontic scale since his man's when is an no other man's quandom. While, for while ought I care for the contrary?, the all is where as in love in as war and the place plane where my me art arts was were soar you'd aisy run rouse a thunder from and where I cling clingtrue 'tis there I climb tree and where Innocent looks best (pick!) there is there's holly in his ives. 

Shahnanesir and Sennacherib - Assyrian kings whose "sanitational reforms" consisted respectively of (1) exiling the Jews; (2) planning to kill the Jews. In context, this is a reflection of Wyndham Lewis' hopes for a final solution (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

sanitation - the devising and application of means for the improvement of sanitary conditions; Also spec. (the provision of) toilet facilities.

Jekyll - the name of the hero of R. L. Stevenson's story, 'Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' (published 1886), who appears as a benevolent and respectable character under the  name of Jekyll and the opposite under the name of Hyde: used allusively in reference to opposite sides of a person's character or to persons or things of a dual character, alternately good and evil.  

toto caelo - 'by the whole heaven', diametrically

Jericho - name of a town in Palestine, where David bade his servants tarry until their beards were grown; Used in slang or colloq. phrases for a place of retirement or concealment, or a place far distant and out of the way + go to Jericho (Slang) - go to an out of the way place; go to the devil; be drunk.

Coventry - an ancient town in Warwickshire + to send (a person) to Coventry - to exclude him from the society of which he is a member on account of objectionable conduct.

vitiate - to render corrupt in morals, to deprave in respect of principles or conduct; to render of no effect, to invalidate either completely or in part. 

resolve - to decide, determine, settle (a doubtful point)

diamond - the most brilliant and valuable of precious stones, and the hardest substance known.

fallacy - unsoundness (of arguments), erroneousness; a deceptive or misleading argument, a sophism. In Logic esp. a flaw, material or formal, which vitiates a syllogism.

talk of - to speak of, about, or in reference to (anything)

leonine - resembling lion, lion-like

confinement - the fact or condition of being confined, or kept in one place; imprisonment.

'Time and Western Man' says that 'Ulysses' tells us nothing about Jews and criticises Stephen for 'trying to be a gentleman'.

eatables - food

Feige (ger) - fig, fig tree + Baum (ger) - tree + Feigenbaum (ger) - fig tree + Blatt (ger) - leaf.

A[nno] M[undi] (l) - in the Year of the World (5688 Anno Mundi = 1927 (or 1928) Anno Domini (date of 'Time and Western Man').

wholeheartedly - with one's whole heart, thoroughly earnest or sincere; completely devoted.

overcoat - a large coat worn over the ordinary clothing, esp. in cold weather + gabber - to talk volubly, to jabber + gabber (Dutch thieves' cant) - comrade + William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice I.3.109: 'spit upon my Jewish gaberdine'.

draughty - artful, crafty; rubbishy, filthy

proverb All's well that ends well

inception - origination, beginning, commencement

descent - decline

endsville - the end of the road, 'the end'

temporarily - for a time (only), during a limited time

obscenity - impurity, indecency, lewdness (esp. of language); foulness, loathsomeness.

phoroscope - an instrument for reproducing a visual image at a distance by means of electricity + faroscope - far-seeing + faro (it) - lighthouse.

subtraction - Math. the taking of one quantity from (out of) another; the operation of finding the difference between two quantities, the result being termed the remainder.

betterment - improvement

readjustment - the process of readjusting (to put in order again)

refrangible - admitting of, susceptible to, refraction + angle of refraction - the angle between the refracted ray and the perpendicular to the surface of the refracting medium at the point of incidence.

squeal - a shrill sound, complain + square - the second power of a quantity + (notebook 1924): 'tin a pig's squeal' Crawford: Thinking Black 54: 'the Chicago packer's boast that everything about the pig is tinned except the squeal'.

Pythagorean proposition or theorem - the square on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides.

hypothesis - a proposition or principle put forth or stated (without any reference to its correspondence with fact) merely as a basis for reasoning or argument, or as a premiss from which to draw a conclusion.

tin - of base or inferior material, spurious + tin (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - ten.

heartily - earnestly, sincerely, really; with courage, zeal, or spirit

spacious - great, extensive, ample

immensity - immeasurableness, boundlessness, infinity