microcosm - the 'little world' of human nature; jocularly used for 'body'.

ratio - Math. The relation between two similar magnitudesin respect of quantity, determined by the number of times one contains the other (integrally or fractionally).

Kepler's third planetary law - the square of the period in which a planet orbits the Sun is proportional to the cube of its mean distance from the Sun.

cube - the third power of a quantity

volume - a separately bound portion or division of a work; one of two or more portions into which a work of some size is divided with a view to separate binding; one of a number of  books forming a related set or series.

surface - fig. usually denoting that part or aspect of anything which presents itself to a slight or casual mental view, or which is perceived without examination; outward appearance.

subject - that which forms or is chosen as the matter of thought, consideration, or inquiry; a topic, theme; the theme of a literary composition; what a book, poem, etc. is about.

sphericity - roundness

globe - a body having (accurately or approximately) the form of a sphere

pressing - earnest, warm

parliamentary - enacted, ratified, or established by Parliament

deleteriousness - harmfulness

decorousness - corectness, literary or dramatic standards, beauty deriving from fitness

morbidize - to make morbid

mand - Final element of com)mand, de)mand, etc.; skinner's term for an utterance aimed at producing an effect or result + man + manda (Russian) - vulva.

feracity - fruitfulness, productiveness + song Sweet Molly Mallone: 'In Dublin's fair city'.

Farinelli - celebrated Italian castrato singer of the 18th century and one of the greatest singers in the history of opera.

apologize + FDV: I need not antropologise for downtrodding on my foes, Professor Levis Brueller finds, because the number of square squeer faiths in weakly circulation will not be appreciably augmended by the netherslogging of a these my couple of cupolar clods.

unintentional + ob - - in direction of, towards + obintentio (l) - straining for.

neo Italian

Parisian - of or pertaining to Paris

schola (l) - school

tinker - a craftsman (usually itinerant) who mends pots, kettles, etc.; vagabond, tramp + singers

spangler - one adorned with spangles + Spengler, Oswald (1880-1936) - German author of The Decline of the West. Wyndham Lewis attacks him in Time and Western Man.  

parce que (fr) - because + queue (fr) - tail.

revulsion - a sudden violent change of feeling; a strong reaction in sentiment or taste + Volsci (l) - powerful people of Latium, hostile to Rome.

Romanitas (l) - Romanism; the Roman way or manner

tread on someone’s toes - to offend a person esp. by saying something that is against his opinions.

brullo (it) - bare

SAXE-WEIMAR-EISENACH - Former grand duchy, largest of the Thuringian states, South-East of Prussia. 

him + hin (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - hen.

Nuremberg egg - an early and bulky portable timepiece (watch), globular in shape.


cauldron - a large kettle or boiler

apan = upon

ostensibly - avowedly, declaredly, professedly: distinguished from, and often implicitly or explicitly opposed to 'actually', 'really', and so = under mere profession or pretence.

the pot calls the kettle black - Said of a person who blames another for something of which he himself is also guilty.

square - solidly or firmly constituted, free from flaw or defect (obs.) + Squeers, Mr - educator in Dickens' Nicholas Nickleby

appreciably - to an appreciable extent, so as to be appreciated

augment - to make greater in size, number, amount, degree, etc.

nother - other + slogging - hard drudging work, hard beating, plodding perseveringly through a task or career against difficulty or opposition.

cupolar - cupola like + popular song - song whose form appeal to or are favoured by people generally.

clod - a coherent mass or lump of any solid matter; applied depreciatively to the human body as being a mass of 'clay'.

to pine after - to long eagerly, to languish with intense desire + FDV: What the romantic in rags pines after & what he importunes our Mitleid for is a waste of time. His everpresent toes are always far out through his past boots. Hear him squeak!

Tompion, Thomas (1639-1713) - English watchmaker, inventor of the dead-beat escapement. 

haunt - to resort habitually; to stay or remain usually (in a place)

crevice - a crack producing an opening in the surface or through the thickness of anything solid; a cleft, rift.

deadbeat escapement - In a watch or clock it is the mechanism that controls the transfer of energy from the power source to the counting mechanism, and in which the escape wheel remains stationary when not moving forward.

escapement - the act of escaping; In a watch or clock, the mechanism which intervenes between the motive power and regulator; O. W. Holmes Aut. Breakf.-t. (1865) 73 'Death alone can silence at last the clicking of the terrible escapement we have carried so long beneath our wrinkled foreheads'.

het - heat; hot + he + het (Dutch) - it, the.

importune - to ask for (a thing) urgently and persistently; to crave or beg for.

Mitleid (ger) - compassion, pity

in accordance with - in agreement or harmony with; in conformity to + Cornish - the ancient language of Cornwall, a member of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages; it became extinct in the latter part of the 18th c.

mortadella - a large spiced pork sausage; Bologna sausage

common or garden - common, ordinary

overpast - that has come to an end, past

to take heed - pay attention, take notice

swallower - a voracious eater or drinker + loos-wallah (Slang) - rascal, thief + Waller, Lewis (1860-1915) - played the role of "Satan" in the stage version of Marie Corelli's Sorrows of Satan. Joyce's sad Satan is Stephen Dedalus, a young man much criticized by Wyndham Lewis. W. Lewis, Lewis Waller, and Lucifer are combined in "looswallawer." (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

bolos (gr) - a throw, cast + bolo the bat (Slang) - speak the language.

bat - a spree or binge

tyro - novice + Tyro (gr, l) - daughter of Salmoneus (king of Elis), mother by Poseidon of Neleus and Pelias + tyros (gr) - cheese.

hurray - a shout expressive of approbation, encouragement, or exultation

mullock - rubbish, dirt, a state of confusion + mullo (Gipsy) - dead man, dead + FDV: When Mullocky won the couple of bob. When we were stripped stripping in number three I will drink I prefer would like the neat drop that would malt in my mouth but I cannot see when.

clod - a copper coin (usu. in pl.) + Thomas Moore: Let Erin Remember the Days of Old (song): 'When Malachi wore the collar of gold' (an encounter between Malachi (the Monarch of Ireland in the tenth century) and the Danes, in which Malachi defeated two of their champions... taking a collar of gold from the neck of one, and carrying off the sword of the other).

strip - to divest (a person, body) of clothing, to undress + sleeping

neat - Of liquors: Pure, unadulterated; spec. not mixed with water, undiluted.

drop - a small quantity of drink or intoxicating liquor

malt - melt + to melt in the mouth - said of articles of food that are extremely tender.

purposely - intentionally, deliberately + FDV: (I am purposing refraining from exposing the obvious fallacy as to the specific gravity gravities of the two liquids lickquids implied. Students of mixed hydrostatics & pneumocanics pneumodipsicswill after some difficulty grapple away with my meanings).

refrain - to hold back, restrain (a person) from something, esp. some act or course of action.

expound - to explain (what is difficult or obscure), to interpret, comment upon.

fallacy - erroneousness, delusiveness (of opinions, expectations, etc.)

as to - as it regards, so far as it concerns

specific gravity - the degree of relative heaviness characteristic of any kind or portion of  matter; commonly expressed by the ratio of the weight of a given volume to that of an equal volume of some substance taken as a standard (viz. usually water for liquids and solids, and   air for gases).

deglutible - capable of being swallowed

lapsus linguĉ - a slip of the tongue + loquor (l) - to speak, talk + liqueo (l) - to be fluid or liquid.

royal - noble, splendid, first-rate. Also used as an intensifier, freq. with ironic force.

gorge - the internal throat (now only rhetorical) + Royal George - British ship that sank with 800 persons in 1782; The Royal Gorge is a canyon in Colorado. 

hydrostatics - that department of physics which treats of the pressure and equilibrium of liquids at rest.

pneumodynamics - that branch of physics which treats of the forces exerted by air or gases  (esp. in motion); pneumatics + pneumatodipsesis (gr) - air-thirst, spirit-thirst.

grapple with - to try to overcome (a difficulty, etc.); to try to solve (a problem, etc.)

Meinung (ger) - opinion

merde alors (fr) - expletive (coarse slang) + merde - dung, excrement.

Cambrian - Welshman, Welsh

brull- (ger) - roar + Brille (ger) - eye glasses + FDV: But, on Professor Levis Brueller's showing, the plea is all posh and rabbage for on a melodeontic scale since his man's when is an no other man's quandom. While, for while ought I care for the contrary?, the all is where as in love in as war and the place plane where my me art arts was were soar you'd aisy run rouse a thunder from and where I cling clingtrue 'tis there I climb tree and where Innocent looks best (pick!) there is there's holly in his ives ives.

plea - an argument or reason urged by or on behalf of a litigant or party to a suit, in support of his case.

posh - rubbish, bosh (pretentious nonsense, absurd talk)

rubbage - worthless, ridiculous, nonsensical ideas, discourse, or writing + phrase stuff and rubbish.

melodeon - a wind instrument, furnished with a keyboard, the bellows being moved by means  of pedals worked by the feet of the performer music hall + melodic

quando (l) - when + candour - openness of mind, freedom from malice, favourable disposition, kindliness + proverb One man's meat is another man's poison.

dank je (Dutch) - thank you + denk je? (Dutch) - do you think?

for aught I care - as far as I am concerned

all is fair in love and war