bowery - a shelter or covered place in a garden made with boughs of trees or vines twined together

St Nicholas-without-the-City-Walls - highest and oldest part of Dublin, where the original Viking settlement of the ninth century had been laid + "I shall tell you what Nyarlathotep did when the great Chaos was, and the universe was manifested as such. He, the Voice of the Gods (Voice of the Old Ones), believed in strength and in wisdom, and meant to obtain the terrible secret hidden beyond the stars. Nyarlathotep came to the base of the Mountain of Farthest Midnight; He asked for a sign, and a threefold sword forged in steel came rolling down from above and plunged at His feet. Strengthened, he began the ascent. And, once on the summit, He found Nuhr and Nuhr responded to Him. (Frank G Ripel: Sauthenerom)

secund - arranged on or directed towards one side only (esp. of flowers) + according + secundum (l) - in accordance with, according to + Sekunde (ger) - second.

111th + The Prophecies of St. Malachy - a collection of 111 or 112 Latin phrases supposedly describing all the popes from Celestine II to the last pope and attributed to Saint Malachy O'Morgair.

amnis (l) - river + amnis limina permanent (l) - the bounds of the river remain.

boggy - swampy + bogey - an evil spirit + "The subconscious mind is the repository of all images, all ideas, all concepts. Communication with it is possible only through
symbols, and in order to traffic with it a symbolical language is necessary. The only magically effective symbols are those charged with the peculiar vitality of subconsciousness. (Kenneth Grant: Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God)

colline (fr) - hill + colleen (Anglo-Irish) - girl.

take one's rise - to begin, to start, to origin, to begin with (in narration)

daub - to coat or cover with adhering dirt; to soil, bedaub. Also fig. + dubbing

Ninon - nickname for Anne + Lenclos, Ninon de (1615-1705) - 17th century French courtesan + nun ôn (gr) - ever present (Pronunciation 'nin on') + REFERENCE

brown - duskiness, gloom; brown ale

narrow - a contracted part of a river + FDV: It was little and it was brown and it was narrow and it was shallow.  

rinn- (ger) - to flow + rinn (Irish) - point, edge; star + FDV: And as it ran it dribbled [like any-lively purl-it-easy]. My, my, my! Me, me, me! Little brown dream don't I love me?  

dribble - to flow down in small quantities or in a small and fitful stream, to trickle

donn (doun) (gael) - brown + 'Ha, ha, ha, He, he, he, Little brown jug don't I love thee' (song).

parch - to shrivel up with heat + perched + FDV: [And, I declare! Who was there on the yonder side of the stream, parched on the a limb of the olum but the Grapes.]

limb - a main branch of a tree

elm + ulmus (l) = olm (Dutch) - elm tree.

bolt upright - in rigidly erect or stright backed position, perpendiculary + "The Great Deep One, the Great Illusionist of Shape, had not been shaped still, for he existed after the nothingness of the Naxyr. Later, he was called Yog-Sothoth, the shapeless Demon, who is master of all shapes. He is the reverse thirteen [Tree of Death, constituted of 13 spheres of Yog-Sothoth], the inverted triangle, the Nemesis of life which is not unlife. (Frank G Ripel: Sauthenerom)

gripes - a covetuous person, a miser, a usurer + grapes + "I learned the deeper regions of the mind, where I could unite myself with the elemental self and thus appear different in my physical body, in the world of space and time. For it was by means of what the mind does in the deepest regions of the unconscious, or what we call "ultra-consciousness," that the physical mutation of the outer self, both body and soul, occurs" (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun Gnostic Workbook

dried - p. of dry, to be thirsty, to thirst + (grapes dried into raisins) + fit to be tied - extremely angry, hopping mad, furious.

have joy of - to be highly pleased or delighted with + Joyce + FDV: The Grapes no doubt he was fit to be dried for why had he not been having the juice of his time?

"At the end of this chapter we have to mention master work of Carlos Castaneda who made public existence of Dreaming Body and Time Body... As for Time Body we can say that it is actually Physical Body but transfigured in Time Matter. We already mentioned that Intersection is formed via meeting of Three Time Currents [Past, Present, Future]. In that Space there is no space Matter but Time Matter. In fact, it is still our Space, although it transformed from Spatial to Temporal (Spatial conception of Time). Theoretically, one who succeeds in opening Dimensional door and Physically enter Intersection, would exist only in Present time. And one who succeeds in transfiguration of Physical Spatial Body into Physical Time Body would exist in Intersection, i.e. in all Three Times. It is not allowed for me to reveal more since those are Mysteries of highest Grade of the Order of the Golden Star which at that level develop into darkest Atlantean Cult (Cult of the Black Temple of Atlantis). (Frank G. Ripel: The Magick of Atlantis: Sauthenerom, the Source of the Necronomicon.)

pip - the common name for the seeds of fleshy fruits, as the apple, pear, orange, etc. + (His peeps [eyes] were tear-filled) + FDV: His pips had been nearly all drowned on him,

pulp - the fleshy succulent part of a fruit + polpa (it) - flesh, pulp + Artist's rendition of Nyarlathotep + FDV: his polps were charging odours every older minute,

change colours - to become altered in colour; spec. of persons, to turn pale, blush, etc. + Michael Bertiaux: "Space is unconscious until it is awakened by color... Color necessarily implies space and space implies levels of consciousness, so that in the Gnostic universe each color is communicator." → Time changing odours?

every other minute - every minute


dresser - one who dresses (in various special and technical senses), one who attires another; Theatr. One who helps to dress an actor or actress.

design + disdain - a feeling of contempt and aversion.

flyleaf - a blank leaf at the beginning or end, but esp. at the beginning, of a book + FDV: he was quickly for getting the dresser's designs into on the flypape flypage of his frons

frons - forhead, face (of insects) + frons (l) - branch, bough, foliage.


bailiff - an officer of justice under a sheriff, who executes writs and processes, distrains, and arrests

distrain - the legal seizure and detention of a chattel, originally for the purpose of thereby constraining the owner to pay money owed by him or to make satisfaction for some wrong done by him, or to do some other act (e.g. to appear in court).

backside - the reverse side or 'back' of a document, page, book, etc. + FDV: and he was quickly forgiving for giving the bailiff's distrain on the balkside of his cul de pompe.

cul de lampe - "bottom of the lamp" - an ornament placed below the text matter of the page, a piece added on at the end + cul de pompe (fr) - pompous arse.

specious - having a fair or attractive appearance or character, calculated to make a favourable impression on the mind, but in reality devoid of the qualities apparently possessed.

heave - to put forth effort, endeavour, labour, strive + spacious heavens. 

Jupiter gained a new force and meaning at the close of the early Roman monarchy with the building of the famous temple on the Capitol, of which the foundations are still to be seen. It was dedicated to Jupiter Optimus Maximus (i.e., the best and greatest of all the Jupiters).

Dublin + FDV: In all his specious heavings, as he lived by Optimus Maximus, the moose had never seen such a scapegrapes his brooder so near a pickle. 

brother in law - the brother of one's husband or wife; the husband of one's sister + broeder (Dutch) = Bruder (German) - brother. 

pickle - vinegar, plain or spiced, used for preserving vegetables, fish, etc. + be in a pickle - to be in disagreeable position, to be in a condition of embarrassment, difficulty, or disorder + "The Toltecs upon Ruta, by then hopelessly addicted to the black art, brought about another cataclysm in 75,000 B.C.E., destroying both Ruta and Daitya, and heaving up die large island that was to become known as Poseidonis. In 9,564 B.C.E., Poseidonis also met its fate as it sank beneath massive tidal waves..." (Theun Mares: Return of the Warriors)

Pope Adrian IV

nous (gr) - mind, intellect + [Time: Present (Intersection)]

assumption - the taking upon oneself of a form or character + assumptionomen (l) - taken-name + assumed name.

stick - to stay put (in a certain place) + stuck (stood) still + stucco - fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces or molding into architectural decorations. + FDV:  "Woe, He stood before the Grapes and looked all in an outfit of Aurignacian. "Fie, sour!" said he to the scapegrapes "Have you not a shambleful. Our Father...'' (Joyce never completed the last sentence on p. 217 b. On p. 218 b he makes a new start.)

vis-à-vis (fr) - face to face with, opposite, towards + phiz - countenance.

accessit - an honorable mention + accessit (l) - he [she, it] approached; in a papal electoral conclave, the switching of one's vote to a candidate approaching the necessary majority.

Aurignacian - of or pertaining to the Aurignac cave of the Pyrenees; belonging to the Aurignac era or period, that indicated by the remains and works of art found in the cave + indignation.

mood - to reflect moodily (obs. rare) + move.

all roads + All roads lead to Rome (proverb).

eastward - towards the east + auster (l) - the south wind, the south + East or West.

hic - exp. of sound of hiccup + hic (l) - here; this + FDV: He saw sor a stone and on that stone he sate his seat like where which it filled [to] the full fullest justotoryum and whereupon with his unfallable upon his in alloilable and the pederect he walked with his fresherman's trop blague Bellua Triumphans he was looked the last laical likenesses of Quartus V Quintus the Sixth [taking giving alinight sittings to] Leo of the Faultyfinth. 

sor = sir + tsor (Hebrew) - stone, rock, flint.

singularly - to an unusual degree or extent; specially, particularly, unusually

illud - to evade, elude + illud (l) - that one + old + Singulare Illud - the title of a document issued by Pope Pius XI in 1926, proclaiming Saint Aloysius Gonzaga a patron of youth.

hoc (l) - here; this one, this thing + that

Saint Peter + Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church' + seater - as second element, designating a vehicle or article of furniture having a specified seating capacity, as two- (three-, etc.) seater + seter (Hebrew) - secret. 

satt - to sit + satt (ger) - full, satisfied + seat

huc (l) - here; to this place, hither + he

sate (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - seat + FDV: and on that stone he sate his seat

preposterously - unnaturally, irrationally; perversely; absurdly + Popo (ger) - buttocks + pope.

acclamation - in a papal electoral conclave, the spontaneous hailing of an obvious candidate + acclimatation - acclimatisation.

justitium (l) - court vacation, legal holiday + Kipling: Just-So Stories + Tory [.36] + FDV: like where which it filled [to] the full fullest justotoryum

whereupon - upon which, whereon

unfallible - not liable to fail in its action or operation + FDV: and whereupon with his unfallable upon his in alloilable

encyclius (l) - belonging to a circle + infallible encyclical (papal letter).

all-oilable [body] + Wilde on fox hunters: 'The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable'.

diu (l) - by day + petreus (l) - of rock + petriarches (gr) - father of a race + dieu (fr) - god + duo patriarchikos (Greek) - with double patriarchal authority + (thou art Patrick).

Wuste (ger) - desert, waste + ouest (fr) - West.

athemis (gr) - lawless + athemistos (gr) - illicit, illegitimate + amethustos (gr) - not drunk, sober + amethyst - a variety of crystallized quartz, of a purple or bluish violet color, of different shades. It is much used as a jeweler's stone.

pederectus (l) - foot-erected (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake)

Deusdedit, SAINT - pope from 615 to 618. + Deusdedit (l) - "God has given" + {his amethyst sprinkled staff dubbed 'God did it'}

jowel - one of the piers or supporters of a wooden bridge + cheek by jowl - side by side; in the closest intimacy.

fisherman - one whose occupation is to catch fish + frisch (ger) - fresh + Fisherman's Ring - pope's ring of investiture.

blague - pretentious falsehood, 'humbug' + blaque (French) - pouch + blague (French) - joke + blago (Serbian) - treasure, wealth + bag + FDV: his fresherman's trop blague Bellua Triumphans

belua (l) - beast + triumphus (l) - victory + Belua Triumphans (l) - The Triumphing Beast: part trans. 'Spaccio della bestia trionfante' (Bruno's book) + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 86: 'Bellua insatiabilis': 'Insatiable beast' (Innocent XI) + phanos (gr) - white, brilliant; torch, candle

everyway - in every manner or way + every day

addetto (it) - assigned (to a service) + added-to.

wallat = wallet + Wallace collection of paintings, London (in Hertford House).

collectio (l) - a collectig together

yea - a word used to express affirmation or assent

Summe (ger) - sum

haul - the act of 'drawing' or making a large profit or valuable acquisition of any kind; concr. The thing or amount thus gained or acquired + Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Micah - the sixth of the twelve minor prophets, who was active during the last half of the 8th century BC. + Mishe [Michael].

laic - of or pertaining to a layman or the laity + laicus (l) - pertaining to the people + FDV: he was looked the last laical likenesses of Quartus V Quintus the Sixth [taking giving alinight sittings to] Leo of the Faultyfinth. 

Quartus V, Quintus VI, Sixtus VII - imaginary popes (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake) + Quartus (l) - "Fourth": proper name + Quintus (l) - "Fifth": a Roman praenomen + Sextus (l) - "Sixth": proper name

Leo I, SAINT - pope from 440 to 461, master exponent of papal supremacy. Consecrated on Sept. 29, 440, as successor to St. Sixtus III.

forty-fifth + fault-finding.

appetite - to fulfil the desires of, satisfy + bon appétit (fr) - a salutation before eating; literally 'good appetite' + FDV:Good appetite How do you do it, Mr _____ Sir Mookse?

cheep - to make a small sound, squeak

wherry - a light rowing-boat used chiefly on rivers to carry passengers and goods + very

wiggy - wearing a wig; sometimes implying 'extremely grave, formal, or ceremonious' + Whig [.26] + FDV: cheeped the Gripes [in a wherry whiggy voice]

Magdalenian - rel. to the Lower Palæolithic culture represented by remains found at La Madeleine + maudlin

woice = voice

jackass - a male ass; applied opprobriously to a stupid or foolish person