within the bawl of an ass (Anglo-Irish) - 'as near as makes no difference' + bawl - a shout at the top of one's voice, a loud prolonged rough cry.

lowry = lowrie (the fox, a crafty person) + very

well + FDV: for they knew their sly toad lowry well.

rarus (l) - rare + rarum (l) - loose textured, thin, far apart, scattered + ominosum (l) - full of foreboding, portentuous, ominous + rerum omnium (l) - of all things.

mouster = muster - manifestation, exhibition, display; a specimen, example + mister (also in FDV)

sanity - soundness of mind, mental health + Santità (it) - (your) Holiness + FDV: Will you not perhaps perhopes tell me everything, if you are pleased, sir sanity?

Ana + elm + aulne (fr) - alder (orth temperate shrubs or trees having toothed leaves and conelike fruit).

Livia + lithos (gr) - stone + lithia (gr) - fine stone, marble.

awn - slender bristles in barley, oats, wheat...; own

miserissimus (l) - most wretched + miserandissimo (it) - most pitiful.

tempter - one who tempts or entices to evil + the tempter - the devil + retempto (l) - I try again + redemptor (l) - redeemer.

rats - 'humbug', 'nonsense'. Also as a general expression of disgust, annoyance, etc. + FDV: Blast yourself Rats! roared the Mookse and the mice quailed to hear him at all for you cannot make wake a silken noise out of a hoarse oar. Blast yourself! No, hang you! I am superbly in my health supreme poncif. Rot!

bellow - to cry in a loud and deep voice; to shout, vociferate, roar.

telesphoros (gr) - bringing fulfilment, bearing fruit in season + Telesphorus, SAINT - pope from about 125 to about 136.

concionator - one who makes speeches, a preacher, haranguer of the people, demagogue + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 24: 'Concionator gallus': 'French preacher' (Innocent V) + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 33: 'Concionator patareus': 'Preacher from Patara' (Benedict XI).

Sisinnius (l) - pope 708 + -issimus (l) - -est, most- (superlative suffix) + Mus (l) - mouse.

Zosimus , SAINT - pope from March 417 to December 418 + zosimos (gr) - viable, likely to survive.

robin - the name given to various birds + robenhausian - rel. to stage of neolithic culture (agriculture, stone tools, domestic animals).

quail - to lose heart, be cowed or discouraged; to give way through fear.

tardenoisian - rel. to early mesolithic culture

you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear - nothing good can be made from material that is bad or of poor quality + nous (gr) - mind, intelligence.

blast - to blow up by explosion

anatomy - the artificial separation of the different parts of a human body or animal (or more generally of any organized body), in order to discover their position, structure, and economy.

inferiorness - the quality of being inferior, inferiority + inferioribus (l) - to the lower regions; from or by the dead.

animal rurale (l) - country animal, rustic brute + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 93: 'Animal rurale': 'rustic animal' (Benedict XIV). 

superbly - with a magnificent or majestic aspect or demeanour

supremest - superl. of supreme + supremus pontifex (l) - highest high-priest + pontifex (l) - "bridgemaker".

poncif - stereotyped or conventional literary ideas, plot, character etc. + Panzer (ger) - armour + poncif (fr) - unoriginal artistic subject.

abase - to lower in rank, office, condition, or character; to humble, humiliate.

beauty queen - orig. U.S., name given to the winner of a beauty contest + James Joyce: Ulysses.3.116: 'Get down, baldpoll!' (Joachim Abbas).

satrap - a subordinate ruler; often suggesting an imputation of tyranny or ostentatious splendour + "get thee behind me, Satan" (Matthew 16:23).

rot - nonsense, nonsensical rubbish + rots (Dutch) - rock.

to be obliged - to be bound by a legal or moral tie + FDV: — I am till infinity obliged with you, said the Gripes. I am still always having a watch wish on all my extremities. By the watch, what is the time, pace?

bow - to bend the body, knee, or head, in token of reverence, respect, or submission.

whine - a suppressed nasal tone, as of feeble, mean, or undignified complaint + wine

paul pry - an excessively inquisitive person + purple

by the way

pace (l) - by [someone's] leave

pining - that pines, languishing

peeve - to irritate, exasperate; to grumble, complain petulantly

index - forefinger; the nose; the face + index (l) - pointer, indicator, guide; table, list, summary + FDV: Ask my index! Quote awhore! replied the Mookse in highest of humour [rapidly becoming clement urban [& celestinal]]. It is just quite about what I came for. Let there be orlog. Let here be Irene. Let you be Beeton. And let me be Los Angelos. Well, sour, do you give it you up?

mund - a hand or palm (as a measure of length) + Mund (ger) - mouth + mind

Achilles' heel - the only vulnerable spot (in allusion to the story of the dipping of Achilles in the river Styx) + heels

obolus (gr) - small Greek coin

nase - the nose + Nase (ger) - nose.

serene - expressive of inward calm, untroubled, unperturbed

clement - mild and humane in the exercise of power or authority; merciful, lenient + Clement I, SAINT - first Apostolic Father, pope from 88 to 97, or from 92 to 101, supposed third successor of St. Peter + Clemens (l) - "Mild": name of fourteen popes.

Urban II - head of the Roman Catholic church (1088-99) who developed ecclesiastical reforms begun by Pope Gregory VII, launched the Crusade movement, and strengthened the papacy as a political entity + Urbanus (l) - "Civil": name of eight popes.  

eugenes (gr) - wellborn + Eugenius I, SAINT - pope from 654 to 657 + Eugenius (l) - "Well-born": name of four popes.

celestian - one of the sect named after Celestus + celeste (l) - heavenly + Celestius - (fl. 5th century, England), one of the first and probably the most outstanding of the disciples of the British theologian Pelagius + Celestinus (l) - "Heavenly": name of five popes.

formose  - a mixture of hexose sugars; beautiful, comely + Formosus (l) - "Handsome": pope 891-896.

Gregory I, SAINT - architect of the medieval papacy (reigned 590-604), a notable theologian who was also an administrative, social, liturgical, and moral reformer + Gregorius (l) - "Shepherdly (?)": name of sixteen popes.

humour = humor + Joyce's note: 'in merriest of humour'

what + quota hora est? (l) - what's the time?

laudability - the quality of being worthy of praise + Laudabiliter - the Papal Bull issued by Pope Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear, the only English pontiff), delineating Irish religious heresy.

barbarous - uncultured, uncivilized, unpolished; rude, rough, wild, savage + Adrian crowned Frederick I Barbarossa as Holy Roman emperor in 1155, after Frederick had captured and handed over to him Arnold of Brescia, who had led a revolt in Rome + rousse (fr) - russet.

Beeton - Mr Morse says, a town eaten up by Los Angeles

Thor - strongest and bravest of the Scandinavian deities, the god of thunder, whose weapon was a hammer + there (FDV also)

horloge (fr) - clock + oorlog (Dutch) - war.

Paulinus (l) - of or belonging to a Paulus ("small"): 1. saint (353-431), bishop of Nola, writer 2. first Archbishop of York (d. 644). 

Irenaeus (l) - "Peaceful": saint (140-202), bishop of Lyons, attempted to prevent rupture of Eastern from Western Church.

to measure one's length - to fall prostrate

capacity - active power or force of mind; mental ability, talent

sir + FDV: Well, sour, do you give it you up?

temporizer - one that shapes his behavior and ideas to fit the dominant pattern of his times or environment; one who seeks to gain time, a procastinator, delayer.

Como? (sp) - How? What do you say?

fue (l) - fie! foh! + fuerit (l) - shall it be?

sancta patientia (l) - holy patience

culla vosellina (Italian Dialect) - (in a) little voice

rhyme and reason - good sense or reasonableness; Chiefly in negative phrases used to express lack of good sense or reasonableness (without either rhyme or reason, against all rhyme and reason, etc.) + FDV: — I wd can never give you up, replied the Gripes with the his nethermost despair wanhope. My temple is my own. But I hear I can never rarely tell you how whose a 'cloak you are.

raisin - a cluster of grapes, a grape + raisins (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - reasons.

cannos = canous - grey, hoary + can not + CANOSSA - Village, North Italy, where Henry IV submitted to Pope Gregory VII and did public penance, 1077; hence the phrase "going to Canossa," meaning "humble submission."  

give up - relinquish, surrender

whimper - to utter a feeble, whining, broken cry, as a child about to burst into tears.

wanhope - hopelessness. despair; vain hope + FDV: replied the Gripes with the his nethermost despair wanhope.

tumble - a fall, downfall + FDV: My temple is my own. But I hear I can never rarely tell you how whose o'cloak you are.

bullocker - a bullock-driver

velocity + felicity.

two feet

second + stockend (ger) - hesitatingly.

in excelsis (l) - in the highest

ab ovo (l) - from the egg (egg was first course at Roman dinner), from the beginning + above + ab ovo usque ad mala (l) - from the egg to the apples, from the beginning to the end.

abler - comp. of able

Honorius (l) - "Honorable": late Roman emperor; name of four popes