bawl - a shout at the top of one's voice, a loud prolonged rough cry + within the bawl of an ass (Anglo-Irish) - 'as near as makes no difference'.

lowry = lowrie - the fox, a crafty person + tod lowrie (Scottish Dialect) - familiar name for the fox + FDV: and the jackasses laughed at his voice for they knew their sly toad lowry well.

rarus (l) - rare + rarum (l) - loose textured, thin, far apart, scattered + ominosum (l) - full of foreboding, portentuous, ominous + rerum omnium (l) - of all things.

mouster = muster - manifestation, exhibition, display; a specimen, example + Mousterian culture in the Middle Palæolithic period + mouse + monster + mister + FDV: I am blessed to see you, my dear mister.

sanity - soundness of mind, mental health + Santità (it) - (your) Holiness + FDV: Will you not perhaps perhopes tell me everything, if you are pleased, sir sanity?

elm + aulne (fr) - alder (an American species of holly, bearing red berries.) + "O tell me all about Anna Livia! I want to hear all about Anna Livia."

lithos (gr) - stone + lithia (gr) - fine stone, marble + (stone age).

awn - the 'beard' of cereals and grasses; own + Shaun.

luseias (gr) - may you solve, may you explain (Pronunciation 'lisias') + analyses + Issy.

miserissimus (l) - most wretched + miserandissimo (it) - most pitiful + Miserentissimus Redemptor - the title of a document issued by Pope Pius XI in 1928, dedicating the world to the Sacred Heart.

tempter - one who tempts or entices to evil + the tempter - the devil + retempto (l) - I try again + redemptor (l) - redeemer + Chiniquy: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 106: 'What woman could be nobler, purer, and stronger than Eve when she came from the hands of her Divine Creator? But how quickly she fell when she gave ear to the seducing voice of the tempter! How irreparable was her ruin when she complacently looked on the forbidden fruit, and believed the lying voice which told her there was no sin in eating of it!'

rats - 'humbug', 'nonsense'. Also as a general expression of disgust, annoyance, etc. + FDV: Blast yourself Rats!

bellow - to cry in a loud and deep voice; to shout, vociferate, roar + papal bull.

telesphoros (gr) - bringing fulfilment, bearing fruit in season, effective; gallant; sorcerer + Telesphorus, SAINT - pope from about 125 to about 136.

concionator - one who makes speeches, a preacher, haranguer of the people, demagogue + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 24: 'Concionator gallus': 'French preacher' (Innocent V) + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 33: 'Concionator patareus': 'Preacher from Patara' (Benedict XI).

Sisinnius (l) - pope 708 + Ipsissimus - Lit. 'His own very Self, the Atman of the Hindus. This, the highest grade of spiritual development which it is possible to realize, is ascribed to the First Cosmic Power Zone, Kether (Yuggoth) + sussômos (gr) - united in one body, entire + Mus (l) - mouse.

Zosimus , SAINT - pope from March 417 to December 418 + zosimos (gr) - viable, likely to survive, capable of living.

robin - the name given to various birds + Robenhausian - rel. to stage of neolithic culture (agriculture, stone tools, domestic animals).

quail - to lose heart, be cowed or discouraged; to give way through fear + FDV: roared the Mookse and the mice quailed to hear him at all for you cannot make wake a silken noise out of a hoarse oar.   

Tardenoisian - rel. to early mesolithic culture + Q: (L) Is the carbon 14 dating process fairly accurate, if not, what is its major weakness? A: To an extent. Q: (L) What is its major weakness? A: Same as yours. Q: (L) Which is? A: "Time" does not exist. (Ouija board communication of Cassiopeans with Laura Knight).

nous (gr) - mind, intelligence + mouse + noise + noose + you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear - nothing good can be made from material that is bad or of poor quality.

blast - to blow up by explosion + Wyndham Lewis edited the magazine 'Blast' + FDV: Blast yourself!

anatomy - the bodily structure of an organism + anathema.

inferiorness - the quality of being inferior + inferioribus (l) - to the lower regions; from or by the dead + "Only by going beyond the usual concepts of the body to the esoteric understanding of the body as magick, can the gnostic come to an understanding of the deepest parts of the id, that is to say, the transcendental unconscious. For in the structures and functions of the body, we are able to find the fundamental reality, which is the manifestation of the gnosis in space and time... The reason Kammamorian bodywork begins with the head and moves downward to the feet is because with each movement, it enters more and more deeply into the psyche. Finally, it reaches the feet, which correspond to the deepest levels of the soul." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun Gnostic Workbook)

no, thank you! [149.11] [150.05] [150.11] [151.35] + FDV: No, hang you!

animal rurale (l) - country animal, rustic brute + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 93: 'Animal rurale': 'rustic animal' (Benedict XIV). 

superbly - with a magnificent or majestic aspect or demeanour + FDV: I am superbly in my health supreme poncif. Rot!

supremest - superl. of supreme + supremus pontifex (l) - highest high-priest + pontifex (l) - "bridgemaker".

poncif - The meaning of the word poncif [Fr. pompous] is analogous to that of the word 'chic' + Panzer (ger) - armour + pontiff - the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

abase - to lower or depress, to throw or cast down + {The priestess abased herself before the altar}

beauty queen - orig. U.S., name given to the winner of a beauty contest + Ulysses.3.116: 'Get down, baldpoll!' (Joachim Abbas) + baldaquin - canopy over altar.

satrap - a subordinate ruler; often suggesting an imputation of tyranny or ostentatious splendour + "get thee behind me, Satan" (Matthew 16:23).

rot - nonsense, nonsensical rubbish + rots (Dutch) - rock + FDV: + FDV: Blast yourself Rats! roared the Mookse and the mice quailed to hear him at all for you cannot make wake a silken noise out of a hoarse oar. Blast yourself! No, hang you! I am superbly in my health supreme poncif. Rot!

to be obliged - to be bound by a legal or moral tie

bow - to bend the body, knee, or head, in token of reverence, respect, or submission

whine - a suppressed nasal tone, as of feeble, mean, or undignified complaint + wine

paul pry - an excessively inquisitive person + purple

FDV: — I am till infinity obliged with you, said the Gripes. I am still always having a watch wish on all my extremities. By the watch, what is the time, pace?

by the way

pace (l) - by [someone's] leave + timepiece + what is the time, please? (question the Cad asks HCE which prefigures his downfall).

pining - that pines, languishing

peeve - to irritate, exasperate; to grumble, complain petulantly

index - forefinger + index (l) - pointer, indicator, guide; table, list, summary + FDV: Ask my index!

mund - a hand or palm (as a measure of length) + Mund (ger) - mouth + mind

Achilles' heel - the only vulnerable spot (in allusion to the story of the dipping of Achilles in the river Styx) + achilleios periodos (gr) - Second Palæolithic period + heels

obolus (gr) - small Greek coin; money given to the Church

nase - the nose + Nase (ger) - nose.

serene - expressive of inward calm, untroubled, unperturbed + worship the Nazerene [Christ]

clement - mild and humane in the exercise of power or authority; merciful, lenient + Clement I, SAINT - first Apostolic Father, pope from 88 to 97, or from 92 to 101, supposed third successor of St. Peter + Clemens (l) - "Mild": name of fourteen popes.

Urban II - head of the Roman Catholic church (1088-99) who developed ecclesiastical reforms begun by Pope Gregory VII, launched the Crusade movement, and strengthened the papacy as a political entity + Urbanus (l) - "Civil": name of eight popes.  

eugenes (gr) - wellborn + Eugenius I, SAINT - pope from 654 to 657 + Eugenius (l) - "Well-born": name of four popes.

celestian - one of the sect named after Celestus + celeste (l) - heavenly + Celestius - (fl. 5th century, England), one of the first and probably the most outstanding of the disciples of the British theologian Pelagius + Celestinus (l) - "Heavenly": name of five popes.

formose  - a mixture of hexose sugars; beautiful, comely + Formosus (l) - "Handsome": pope 891-896.

Gregory I, SAINT - architect of the medieval papacy (reigned 590-604), a notable theologian who was also an administrative, social, liturgical, and moral reformer + Gregorius (l) - "Shepherdly (?)": name of sixteen popes.

humour = humor + Joyce's note: 'in merriest of humour'

what + quota hora est? (l) - what's the time? + FDV: Quote awhore! replied the Mookse in highest of humour [rapidly becoming clement urban [& celestinal]].

laudability - the quality of being worthy of praise + audability + Laudabiliter - the Papal Bull issued by Pope Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear), delineating Irish religious heresy and granting Ireland to Henry II + FDV: It is just quite about what I came for.

barbarous - uncultured, uncivilized; rude, wild, savage + Barbarossa - German emperor who opposed Adrian IV; a kind of grape; code-name for Hitler's invasion on Soviet Union + rousse (fr) - russet.

Thor (also called Orlögg) - strongest and bravest of the Scandinavian deities, the god of thunder, whose weapon was a hammer + FDV: Let there be orlog. Let here be Irene. Let you be Beeton. And let me be Los Angelos.

horloge (fr) - clock + oorlog (Dutch) - war + Orlog - personification of eternal fate in Norse mythology.

Paulinus (l) - of or belonging to a Paulus ("small"): 1) saint (353-431), bishop of Nola, writer; 2) first Archbishop of York (d. 644) + The mystic Nazarene [nase serene] faith was modified by Paul and later gave rise to Gnosticism. Iranaeus represented restricted orthodox opposing movement, previously represented by Peter. 

Irenaeus (l) - "Peaceful": saint (140-202), bishop of Lyons, attempted to prevent rupture of Eastern from Western Church + eirênê (gr) - peace.

Beeton - Mr Morse says, a town eaten up by Los Angeles.

measure one's length - to fall prostrate + (one-dimensional).

capacity - active power or force of mind; mental ability, talent + (three-dimensional).

sir + sour grapes + FDV: Ask my index! Quote awhore! replied the Mookse in highest of humour [rapidly becoming clement urban [& celestinal]]. It is just quite about what I came for. Let there be orlog. Let here be Irene. Let you be Beeton. And let me be Los Angelos. Well, sour, do you give it you up?


temporizer - one that shapes his behavior and ideas to fit the dominant pattern of his times or environment; one who seeks to gain time, a procastinator, delayer

Como? (sp) - How? What do you say?

fue (l) - fie! foh! + fuerit (l) - shall it be?

sancta patientia (l) - holy patience

culla vosellina (Italian Dialect) - (in a) little voice

raisin - a cluster of grapes, a grape + raisins (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - reasons + rhyme and reason - good sense or reasonableness; Chiefly in negative phrases used to express lack of good sense or reasonableness: "without either rhyme or reason," "against all rhyme and reason, etc." + (frozen testicles).

cannos = canous - grey, hoary + can not + CANOSSA - Village, North Italy, where Henry IV submitted to Pope Gregory VII and did public penance, 1077; hence the phrase "going to Canossa," meaning "humble submission."  

give up - relinquish, surrender

whimper - to utter a feeble, whining, broken cry, as a child about to burst into tears

wanhope - hopelessness, despair; vain hope + FDV: — I wd can never give you up, replied the Gripes with the his nethermost despair wanhope.

tumble - a fall, downfall + "The Temple of Esoteric Readings is to be found in the ontic sphere of the Teacher of the id-secrets. However, this temple must not be thought of as something unreal, since it is very real and very powerful place of operations. The Teacher of the id-secrets is the Teacher in his aspect as the guardian of the history of the student, which is locked up inside of the unconscious of the student. It is important to understand that there in that deep and very positive world, we are able to locate the exact history of the universe, because the student is the universe in its learning aspect." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun Gnostic Workbook

bullocker - a bullock-driver + laudibiliter.

stockend (ger) - hesitatingly + stocking + velocity (felicity) is two feet in one second.

in excelsis (l) - in the highest + special (spatial) index shall sieze.

ab ovo (l) - from the egg (egg was first course at Roman dinner), from the beginning + ab ovo usque ad mala (l) - from the egg to the apples, from the beginning to the end + below/above.

abler - comp. of able + FDV: My temple is my own. But I hear I can never rarely tell you how whose o'cloak you are.

Honorius (l) - "Honorable": late Roman emperor; name of four popes + holiness.