vituperate - to blame, speak ill of, find fault with, in strong or violent language + VITERBO - City, 55 miles North-West of Rome, Italy. Viterbo became a papal residence in the 13th century. In the mid-16th century the "circle of Viterbo" around Cardinal Reginald Pole was denounced to the Inquisition for heresy + verberare (l) - to beat.

canis et coluber (l) - dog and serpent + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 98: 'Canis et coluber': 'Dog and serpent' (Leo XII).

Wyndham Lewis: Tarr (1918)

lash - to flog, scourge; to break out into violent language, rebuke, vituperate

pissasphalt - a semi-liquid variety of bitumen, mentioned by ancient writers [The Encyclopędia Britannica vol. II, 'Asphalt', 768a: 'The solid or semi-solid kinds of bitumen were termed asphaltos by the Greeks; and by some ancient writers the name of pissasphaltum (pissa, pitch) was also sometimes employed' (from Greek pissa: tar, pitch)].

unicorn's horn - a horn regarded as or alleged to be obtained from the legendary unicorn, but in reality that of the rhinoceros, narwhal, or other animal, freq. mounted or made into a drinking cup and employed as a preventive of or charm against poison + unicornuus (l) - the unicorn + chorn (Irish) - horn + un corno! (it) - fuck you!

ungulatus (l) - having claws or hoofs + ungula (l) - hoof, claw + ungallant.

ovaloid - resembling an oval, imperfectly oval + ubh (Irish) - egg + uvula (l) - grape.

usquebaugh + becco (Italian) - beak, cuckold.

volleyball - a game in which a ball is struck from alternate sides of a high net without touching the ground + Joyce's note: 'Volley ball' + (echo).

novelette - a brief novel, romantic novel + nuvoletta (it) - little cloud + Nuvoletta - the Dubliners story 'A Little Cloud' was translated into Italian as 'Una Nuvoletta' (1935) ['I met some of the old gang today,' said Ignatius Gallaher. 'O'Hara seems to be in a bad way. What's he doing?' 'Nothing,' said Little Chandler. 'He's gone to the dogs.'] + nouvelles lettres (fr) - new literature.

night dress - a night-gown or other dress intended for wear during the night + (dress of) light + FDV: There was a little cloud Cloud in her lightdress looking down on them, listening all she could. She was alone. All her nuby compinions were sleeping asleeping like the squirrels.

16 + In the Sistine Chapel the ceiling, Michelangelo's masterpiece, looks down on awed visitors.  

shimmer - a shimmering light or glow; a subdued tremulous light

banisters = balustrade - a row of balusters, surmounted by a rail or coping, forming an ornamental parapet or barrier along the edge of a terrace, balcony, etc.

shoulders up + G.R. Schjelderup - pseudonym used by Wyndham Lewis in a 1935 radio broadcast.

Glaube (ger) - belief

hoch (ger) - high + Hochzeit (ger) - wedding + (raised sky-high his walkingstick).

walking stick - fashionable stick used as support in walking + welkin - firmament, sky.

overclose - to cover over or shut in so as to hide, to cover up + overcast.

knees + (knobbly kneed).

swivel - to turn or rotate as, or as on, a swivel + Zweifel (ger) - doubt + drivel.

acting the mick (Slang) - playing the fool + making&acting.

fool + pulse + Paul.

nubes (l) - a cloud + nubi (it) - clouds + nubo (l) - to be married + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodiessong 'Tis the Last Rose of Summer: 'All her lovely companions' + (Rainbow girls).

mivvy (Slang) - woman + FDV: Their mither mivver, Mrs Moonan, was away scrubbing the back steps at no 28.

Mooney, Mrs - landlady in the Dubliners story, "The Boarding House," whose daughter waits upstairs while argument rages + moon.

off - to go away, depart

Moon displays four main phases: new, first quarter, full, and last quarter + erst (ger) - first. 

scrub - to clean (esp. a floor, wood, etc.) by rubbing with a hard brush and water


"...the black and the white, the two extreme contrasts, are shown to be the sources of the 14 kalas, thus making 16 in all. As Spare observed: 'all magick is colourful'. The sun and the moon are the basis of these 16 emanations. In the human organism they are the male and the female. Their energization and polarization produce the kalas that flow from the female genital outlet at specific stages of the dual lunation which constitutes the 28 day cycle of the lunar month. To each of these days is allotted a particular vibration represented by a deity having a characteristic kala." (Kenneth Grant: Outside the Circles of Time)

sun + skandinav (Danish) - Scandinavian.

Norwood - district of London

bar-parlour - a small room adjoining the bar of a public-house + soda parlour.

blemish - a defect, imperfection, flaw, in any object, matter, condition, or work; a moral defect or stain + FDV: And as for the fur fuvver he was round up in Norwood's Sokaparlor eating oceans of ice.

constellations + Latria - the supreme worship due to God alone (from Greek latria: adoration) + tria (gr) - three.

emanation - the action or process of issuing from a source (in Kabbala, the ten Sephiroth are referred to as emanations of Ain-Soph (or God)) + REFERENCE + "And perhaps one night, when the entire world trembles and stars and planets are against a background of flaming suns, you shall see him standing out upon all this like a black shadow which gazes at you implacably [Of Great Shub-Niggurath and His Thousand Young]. (Frank G. Ripel: The Stellar Magick: The True Necronomicon)

adiaptotos (gr) - infallible + FDV: She listened as she listened reflected herself and she tried all she tried to make the Mooks look up at her (but he was far too farseeing) and to make the Gripes hear how quiet she was (but though he was not much too auricular about him self) but it was all love's cloud's labour lost.

farseeing - looking far before one, forecasting; shrewd, prudent

schismatodes (gr) - of the nature of a cleft, division or schism + systematikos (gr) - like an organized whole + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 36: 'Corvus schismaticus': 'Schismatical crow' (Nicholas V, antipope).

auricular - addressing, affecting, or employing the ear only + auricular confession.

ens - something which has existence, a being, entity; essence + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 12: 'Ensis laurentii': 'Sword of Lawrence' (Gregory VIII).

moist - that which is moist, moisture + William Shakespeare: Love's Labour's Lost.


nuvoluccia (it) - little cloud + Lucia Joyce, Joyce's daughter + *J* + (a cloud of white smoke indicates the election of a new pope).

gnosis (gr) - knowledge + noses + take notice of - to give heed, bestow attention + FDV: [Not even her reflection would they take their notice noses off.]

intrepid - fearless + interpide (l) - undauntedly, without trembling + interpidefide (l) - with undaunted faith + fide (l) - by faith + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 105: 'Fides intrepida': 'Intrepid faith' (Piux XI, pope 1922-1939).

curia - Papal court + boundless curiosity.

conclave - the assembly of cardinals met for the election of a Pope; any private or close assembly, esp. of an ecclesiastical character + conclavo (l) - to nail together.

Heliogabalus - (sun-god) the adopted name of a 3rd century Roman emperor, famed for folly and profligacy, notorious for debauchery and perversion of the state religion.

Commodus - a 2nd century Roman emperor. He changed his name soon after he became ruler, from Lucius to Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus. He gave Rome a new name, Colonia Commodiana (Colony of Commodus), and imagined that he was the god Hercules, entering the arena to fight as a gladiator or to kill lions with bow and arrow.

Enobarbus - one of the names of Nero, 1st century Roman emperor + Aenobarbarus - Roman general who became one of the chief partisans of Mark Antony after Antony defeated the assassins of Julius Caesar + Enobarbus - traitorous character in William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra

cardinal - fundamental, chief, principal, of special importance + The Curia (Lat, "court") Romana comprises the administrative and judicial institutions of the Roman Catholic Church. Popes are elected by a "Conclave" or electoral assembly of cardinals; each day the smoke of burning voting papers from a Vatican chimney signals to waiting crowds that there is no election yet. The news of an election is announced from a balcony by the Cardinal Deacon.  

dickens - the deuce, the devil + Cardinal deacons preside over various functions in a papal electoral conclave [.24] [.26-.28] [.32]

Dampf (ger) - steam + Rauch (ger) - smoke + Inconclusive ballots failing to establish a two-thirds majority in a papal electoral conclave are burned in damp straw to produce dark smoke [.24] [.26-.28] [.32] + Budge: The Book of the Dead xxii: 'both prayers and ceremonies must have been traditional and were, no doubt, primarily designed to protect the dead from the attacks of wild animals, damp-rot, dry-rot, and decay'.

papyr = papyrus

Buchstabe (ger) - letter, character

spiration - an inspiration, a spiritual influence + spiratio (l) - breath.

duumvirate - the position or office of the Roman duumvirs; the joint office or authority of two + duipario (l) - to two bear, to give two-birth + duplicate (separate) her queendom.

perty = party + third party - a party or person besides the two primarily concerned.

such or such - this or that

proceeding - action, course of action, conduct, behaviour

wonsom = winsome + FDV: She tried all the ways whilyways the four winds had taught her.

sfumata (Vatican Italian) - the dark smoke indication an inconclusive ballot in a papal electoral conclave (from Italian sfumato: hazy) + stella (it) - star. 

petite - little + la princesse de la Petite Bretagne (fr) - the princess of Brittany + LITTLE BRITAIN - French Bretagne or Brittany, North-West France; aka Armorica. Tristram died there; Amory Tristram, first Lord of Howth, was born there, or so James Joyce believed. The Matiere de Bretagne is the mediaeval Arthurian cycle. Ptolemy called Ireland "Little Britain".

mignon - delicately formed, prettily small or delicate + Isolde of the White Hands was princess of Brittany (Little Britain) and eventually Tristan's wife. 

Cornwall - county sw. England [Mark of Cornwall was a king of Kernow (Cornwall) in the early 6th century, famous for his appearance in Arthurian legend as the uncle of Tristan and husband of Iseult, who engage in a secret affair behind his back] + Mrs Cornwallis-West (Mrs Patrick Campbell) - 19th-20th century British actress.

(Isolde of Ireland)