tristis, tristior, tristissimus (l) - sad, sadder, saddest + FDV: She tossed her hair like the little princesse de Bretagne and she rounded her arms like Mrs Cornwallis West and she smiled over herself like the image of the daughter of the queen of the emperor of Ireland and she sighed after herself, like the bride of Tristis Tristissimus.

madonna - my lady, madam (obs.) + madonnina (it) - demure young lady.

dayĺs work - the work of a day, work done on or proper to a day + FDV: But she might just as well have carried a daisy's grace to Florida.

Florida, United States (from Spanish florida: flowery, having been discovered by the Spanish during the Easter season of 1513.)

dogma - a doctrine authoritatively laid down by a particular church, sect, or school of thought + mad dog.

Canaanite - one of a Jewish sect desperate and fanatical in its opposition to the Romans: hence, a zealot, a fanatic + accano (l) - to sing to or with + canis (l) - dog + accanito (it) - dogged, ruthless + acolyte - one who has received the highest of the four minor orders in the Catholic church, being ordained to carry the wine and water and the lights at the Mass.

Queen Victoria: 'We are not amused'.

dubious - wavering or fluctuating in opinion; hesitating; inclined to doubt + bous (gr) - ox.

catholic + (Dublin boozed Catholic).

pineful - full of 'pine' or suffering, painful, distressing

obliviscence - forgetfulness + FDV: For the Mooks was not amooksed and the Gripes was painfully oblivious obliviscent.

Manner (ger) - men + FDV: You see, [my dears,] they were menner.

FDV: Night Dusk to dusk, the shades gathered along the brightening little river bans banks and it was as gloomy as gloaming could be in the west of all peacable wolds. The Moose had eyes but yet he could would not all hear. The Grapes had ears but yet he would could but ill see. And he ceased. And he ceased. And it was ever so dark dusky of both of them them both [But one thought of all how moose mooch he would say the next on the morrow and the other of all the scrapes he would be creeped out of.] So that the tears of night began to fall for the tired ones were weeping [as we weep now with them].

siss - hiss (a prolonged sound like that letter s; the noise made by a serpent); sister + "La Couleuvre Noire (The Black Snake) - French-Haitian name for the old brotherhood of Afro-Atlantean magicians. It refers to the snake goddess of outer space, the primordial creative energy. There is another order, which has its powers parallel to this type. La Couleuvre Rouge - the red snake - or cosmic serpent fire. Noire refers to ancient primordial black energy, or fundamental and elemental shakti, the source of being. Red refers to what is derived from the primordial energy." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudun-Gnostic Workbook)

whisp - a slight blast or puff (of wind)

soft - to calm or restrain (oneself), to abate intensity of pain of (an injury, sore, etc.)

ver - the season of spring; springtime + vert - everything that grows, and bears a green leaf, within the forest; (Her.): The color green (from Latin viridis: green).

grosse (ger) - large + grass.

arundo - a small genus of coarse tall grasses + The Green Grass Grew All Around (song).

Midas - king of Phrygia. Dionysus gave him power to turn all he touched into gold; he nearly starved. In a musical contest, he voted against Apollo, who gave him ass's ears. These ears were known to his barber, who whispered the secret to riven reeds, and they told the world + in medias res - into the midst of affairs, into the middle of a narrative. 

glidder - to glaze over, to cover with ice + Bertiaux: "the icy realms of nothingness called Meon" + glitter + gather.

creeping + Mookse/Gripes (motif).

glooming - dark

gloaming - twilight, dusk, the fall of the evening; shade, dusky light

Franšois Marie Arouet Voltaire: Candide: 'best of all possible worlds' [152.29]

metamnesia (gr) - beyond forgetfulness + Metamnisia (Greek Latin Artificial) - Land beyond the River + meta mnŕme (gr) - afterthought.

brune - brown + bruma (l) - winter + all soon one uniform (color&form) brown + Browne/Nolan (motif).

glaze - to polish, give a smooth glossy surface

spiano (it) - open space, plain + Under Roman administration (before Augustus), Spain was divided into 2 provinces, Citherior ("hither") Spain in the North and Ulterior ("further") Spain in the South. 

an (un) (gael) - the

Ireland + eau (fr) - water.

unamorous + nemorosus (l) - full of woods, wooded + inemorosus (l) - not full of woods, unwooded + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 71: 'Angelus nemorosus': 'Angel of the wood' (Pius V).

innumerous - without number, too numerous to be counted, innumerable

tung (Danish) - heavy

trŠt (Danish) - tired + tung og trŠt (Danish) - heavy and tired.

Ondt + never so - in conditional clauses, denoting an unlimited degree or amount.

moo - the low of a cow; an act of lowing + Mookse.

deep end - difficult situation (reffering to the deep end of a swimming pool)

profound - to go deeply into; to 'sound', 'fathom' + Wilde: De Profundis.

tomorrow + to Morocco.

scrip = script + the creeps - shiver of dread or horror + scrape - to rub over the surface of (something) with a sharp or rough instrument, to grate harshly over.

escape + FDV: [But one thought of all how moose mooch he would say the next on the morrow and the other of all the scrapes he would be creeped out of.]

grice (Archaic) - steps + grace + Greece + Gracehoper.

enough + enopŕ (gr) - earring ("Stop domb stop come back with my earring stop").

valles (l) - valley + vale (l) - farewell + Vale Maria (l) - Farewell Mary + Ave Maria.

gratia plena - full of grace + grassy plain.

dormimus (l) - we sleep + dormi! (it) - sleep! + Dominus tecum - the Lord is with thee.

adieu (fr) - goodbye

wecken (ger) - to wake up + FDV: So that the tears of night began to fall for the tired ones were weeping [as we weep now with them].

pluit (l) - rain + par la pluie (fr) - by the rain + parapluie (fr) - umbrella + REFERENCE

thither - being on the farther side from the person speaking

A Woman of No Importance (1893) - comedy by Oscar Wilde + {washerwomen come to take their washing from the river banks - Mookse is bishop's apron, Gripes is hawker's handkerchief}

chill - absence of warmth of feeling or sympathy; depressing coldness or iciness of manner + children.

hoariness - state of being hoary + holiness + (Valkyries carrying dead heroes off the battlefield).

meta- - transformation + metamorphosis (gr) - transformation + mot (fr) - word + amour (fr) - love.

hight - to be called or named (Archaic & Poetic.)

aquila (l) - eagle + rapax (l) - rapacious + aquila rapax (l) - rapacious eagle + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 97: 'Aquila rapax': 'Rapacious eagle' (Pius VII).

post hoc - after this

spit - the exact image, likeness, or counterpart of (a person, etc.) + FDV: Then there came down to the one bank a woman of no appearance (I think believe she was a Black) and she gathered up moose where he was spread and bore carried him away to her invisible cottage for he was the holy sacred spit of a bishop's bushop's apron.

bishop's + "And I'll tie my butcher's apron here. It's suety yet." [213.26]

hither - being on the side next or toward the person speaking, nearer + hither and thither - to this place and that, in this direction and in that.

all too - to a high degree, extremely

comely - pleasing or agreeable to the sight + Song of Solomon 1:5: 'black but comely' [.26]

head + "My foos won't moos. I feel as old as yonder elm. A tale told of Shaun or Shem? All Livia's daughtersons. Dark hawks hear us. Night! Night! My ho head halls." [215.36 ]

hawker - a man who goes from place to place selling his goods, or who cries them in the street

hank - a loop of string, wire, or the like, used to fasten things together, or to hang a thing up by + handkerchief

panicky - thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation + ton panike autochthon (gr) - the panic-stricken aboriginal.

autotomy - the casting off or ejection of some part or parts of the body as a reflex action peculiar to some animals when disturbed or in order to escape + tonos (gr) - stretching + autotonos (gr) - self-stretching.

angeu (Welsh) - death

limb - a large primary branch of a tree

Caryatides (l) - representations of maidens of Karyai (town in Laconia) used instead of columns in buildings + cariad (Welsh) - love + carried.

beatitudes - eight sayings of Jesus at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount; in Latin each saying begins with 'beatus' (blessed) ["her favorite Beatitude is 'Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth'"]