shieling - a hut in the hills or mountains that is used as a shelter by shepherds + FDV: And there came down to the other bank another woman (still we are told that she is comely) and, for he was as like it as blow it to a halpenny bank, she plucked down away the grapes and carried it him away with her to her little grey home unseen shieling.

de rore coeli (l) - from the dew of heaven + The Prophecies of St. Malachy no. 74: 'De rore cúli': 'Of the dew of heaven' (Urban VII).

fik uret (Danish) - was wrong (literally 'got wrong')

thoughtful - given to, disposed to, or engaged in thinking, absorbed in thought; sad, melancholy + FDV:  + FDV: And it was never so thoughtful of either of them. And there were left by their banks an only elmtree and but a one stone.  

polled - deprived of a poll, or of something belonging to the poll (said of trees having their tops cut off); cropped (hence, bald); having a poll or head of a specified form or appearance.

petreus (l) - of rock or of Peter + petrus (l) - stone + (Paul with Peter).

pierre (fr) - stone + Saint-Pierre means Saint Peter in the French language.

saule (fr) - polled willow + Paul's original Hebrew name was Saul, meaning 'asked for'. Paul means 'small'. The Conversion of Saul is a painting attributed to the Italian Renaissance master Michelangelo Buonarroti (c. 1542-1545). It is housed in the Cappella Paolina, Vatican Palace, in the Vatican City + (Pierre but Saul) + {Paul, tree, time, nagual / Peter, stone, space, tonal REFERENCE}

myriads - countless numbers, hosts (of) + Ulysses.9.768: '- A myriadminded man, Mr Best reminded. Coleridge called him myriadminded' (Samuel Taylor Coleridge: 'Biographia Literaria') + REFERENCE + FDV: Then the a little small cloud made her up [all] her [little] minds. [She reflected for the last time in her short life.]

engagements + gauze (veil).

banisters + stars + FDV: She climbed over the banisters and awd, poof!

cloudy - hard to perceive, understand or comprehend, obscure

nuee (fr) - rain cloud + ne (Serbian) - no + the: end of fw → "...and then Pablito and I jumped together from the top of the mountain into an abyss. Prior to that jump don Juan had presented a fundamental principle for all that was going to happen to me. According to him, upon jumping into the abyss I was going to become pure perception and move back and forth between the two inherent realms of all creation, the tonal and the nagual. In my jump my perception went through seventeen elastic bounces between the tonal and the nagual. In my moves into the nagual I perceived my body disintegrating. I could not think or feel in the coherent, unifying sense that I ordinarily do, but I somehow thought and felt. In my moves into the tonal I burst into unity. I was whole. My perception had coherence. I had visions of order. Their compelling force was so intense, their vividness so real and their complexity so vast that I have not been capable of explaining them to my satisfaction. To say that they were visions, vivid dreams or even hallucinations does not say anything to clarify their nature." (Carlos Castaneda: The Second Ring of Power)

eon - an immeasurably-long period of time + years had gone on.

stout - inured to fatigue or hardships; Of a person: Somewhat fat or of heavy build + stout (Dutch) - naughty + Stout and porter are dark beers made using roasted malt or barley, hops, water, and yeast. Stouts were traditionally the generic term for the strongest or stoutest beers, typically 7% or 8%, produced by a brewery.

struck - affected strongly with love, affection or fancy for

muddied - covered with mud, made muddy; Of water, turbid + married name.

Liffey + Mississippi.

singult - sob + singultus (l) - a sob, sobbing; a squirt of liquid + (end of Letter, tea stain) + FDV: She was gone. And there fell into the river the last tear & the loveliest, [for it was] a leap tear.

Krylov, Ivan (1768-1844) - Russian writer of fables + cry love.

keen on - interested in, in love with

pretty pretty - aiming at prettiness for its own sake, inanely pretty

commonplace - devoid of originality or novelty, trite, trivial + (shop assistant).

haphazard - chance, accident + Hope Bros - London department store + Harrods - London department store.

by and by - on and on, continuously

lap - Of water: to move with rippling sound like that made in lapping, to beat upon (the shore, etc.) with a lapping sound + laughing.

brooke - obs. pa. tense of break

Weh, O weh (ger) - woe is me

canna - can not + canna (l) - reed + FDV: And But the river slipped tripped between them, on her by and by, lapping as if her heart was broke brook. Why, why, why? A weh Weh, O weh How I am I's so sorry silly to be flowing but I must not no canna stay!

basta - enough! no more! + basta! (it) - stop it! + Bast - Egyptian cat-goddess of lust and sexual heat (her twin Sekhmet was depicted with head of lioness). Bast is North, night and emptiness, Sekhmet is South, day and summer heat.

Romescot (Old English) - papal tax of one penny per household

nattle - to make a slight rattling or tapping noise + rattlesnake.

diu (l) - during the day + diu durus (l) - long hard + diu cursus (l) - long race + in due course.

alla (gr) - otherwise + alibi (l) - elsewhere, somewhere else + Jupiter [152.13].

major (l) - greater (British public schools: surname for elder of two brothers in the school).

after times - future

natural born - having a specified status or character by birth ("a natural born describer with a memory for details") + FDV: As I have now successfully explained to you my own natural rations which are even in excise of my brainvault tell me I am a much more deserving case.

ration - an explanation of controlling principles, rational basis, the underlying reason

excise - a tax that is measured by the amount of business done (not on property or income from real estate) + in excuse of - the action offering an apology for a person + excess.

vaulty - arched, conclave, resembling a vault


sympathy + symbathos (gr) - together-depth, with depth + FDV:  I feel symbathos for him as an ever devoted friend and halfloafud brother (darling ____ ! darling ____ !) because he is such a barefooted robber with my supersocks pushed pulled over his face which I published publicked in my best backgarden.

Wyndham Lewis apparently used to sign letters to Joyce with "ever devoted friend". 

Half a loaf is better than none (proverb) + Alfred Lord Tennyson: The Charge of the Light Brigade i: 'Half a league onward'.

Gaius Sempronius Gracchus - Roman reformer, killed 122 B.C. Son of Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus, consul and censor + gnocco (it) - dullard + -ovich (Russian) = ović (Serbian) - son of + njakus (artificial Latin-Serbian) - braying ass (from Serbian njakati: to bray).

Jim + germ.

smallpox - the pox or pustule on the skin which form the most characteristic feature of the acute contagious disease sometimes called variola + (Wyndham Lewis apparently used to open letters to Joyce with "darling X").

khorosho (Russian) - 'good' + horse-shoe.

ambo - a large pulpit or reading desk in early Greek and Balkan churches + ambo (l) - both + Wyndham Lewis: Tarr, 284: 'He loved that man. But because he loved him he wished to plunge a sword into him, to plunge it in and out and up and down' (Kreistler, a loathsome German, looking at his Russian opponent).

bally - used as intensifier + Baile Atha Cliath (Irish) - Town of the Ford of the Hurdles (name of Dublin) + Balaclava.

Kyrrilos (gr) - "Belonging to the Lord": Cyril  (827-69), apostle to the Slavs, deviser of the Cyrillic alphabet, adapted from the Greek + awful careless or curious.

Slav - a person belonging by race to a large group of peoples inhabiting eastern Europe and comprising the Russians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, etc.

melodiousness - the quality of being melodious + Methodios (gr) - "Following the Way": Methodius (826-85), brother of Cyril, fellow-apostle to the Slavs. 

Theobald, St - anchorite, church father + Bild (ger) - picture, icon.

in charge - having the control of something + Charge of the Light Brigade - poem by Tennyson; In the Battle of Balaclava, Lord Raglan of the British staff issued two orders through an aide-de-camp, intending to disrupt a Russian withdrawal by means of an attack by the Light Brigade. A combination of circumstances resulted in a fatal confusion in relaying the final order, and Lucan sent the Light Brigade, followed by two regiments of the Heavy Brigade, toward the stronger, rather than the weaker, Russian positions. The brigade was decimated, and Lucan himself was wounded in the leg.

Tristan da Cunha - Island and island group belonging to Great Britain, in the South Atlantic Ocean about midway between southern Africa and South America. It consists of six small islands: Tristan da Cunha, Inaccessible, Nightingale, Middle, Stoltenhoff, and Gough. The population of Tristan da Cunha is given as 105 in Bartholomew's Handy Reference Atlas of the World, 10th edition (which James Joyce used). Tristan da Cunha is said to be the "most remote inhabited location on Earth."

Isle of man + overboard - over the side of a ship; hence, from on board of a ship, into the water (as, "to fall overboard").

inaccessible - that cannot be reached, entered, or got to + according to Padraic Colum (Our Friend James Joyce, 145-6), Lewis was always telling Joyce he should go to South America.

mahogany - a tree indigenous to the tropical parts of America + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodiessong The Meeting of the Waters.

rememini (l) - to recall to mind + by the way, reminds me.

exposed - displayed, disclosed to view + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 633: 'Pseudotsuga taxifolia... will not grow in exposed situations' + exposed site.

umbrella - a part of a plant resembling an outspread umbrella + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 633: 'Sciadopitys verticillata... known as the Umbrella Pine on account of the arrangement of its modified branchlets'.

shelter belt - a natural or planted barrier of trees for protection of soil from wind, storm and erosion + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 602: 'specimen trees protected up to a certain height by shelter belts'.

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 652: 'Pyrus sorbus... The True Service... Pyrus torminalis... The Wild Service'.