bole - the stem or trunk of a tree + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 635: 'Taxus baccata... Yew trees are a feature in many of the old established demesnes such as Muckross, Castlemartyr 54' x 7'11" with a clean bole to 20''.

beech - a well-known forest tree indigenous to Europe and Western Asia, having fine thin smooth bark, and glossy oval leaves + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 646: 'Fagus sylvatica... var. pendula... There are beautiful examples of the Weeping Beech at Curraghchase and Rostrevor'.

picea (l) - pine + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 621: 'PICEA' (the genus Spruce).

tilia (l) - lime tree + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 655: 'TILIA' (the genus Lime).

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 610: 'Abies venusta... This tree has an extremely limited range in the wild state' ('wild state' appears several more times in 'The Trees of Ireland').

cricket bat - the wooden implement with rounded handle and flattened blade used to strike or 'bat' the ball in cricket + Cricketbutt Willowm - William Grace + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 654: 'Salix cocrulea... The Cricket-bat Willow'.

nursery man - one whose occupation is the scientific cultivation of trees, shrubs and plants + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 643: 'Corylus colurna... a tree was planted by Robertson, a nurseryman at Kilkenny'.

genus - Zool. and Bot. A classificatory group comprehending a number of species (sometimes a single species) possessing certain common structural characteristics distinct from those of any other group.

inexhaustible - incapable of being exhausted, consumed, or spent

refloat - to set afloat again + afloat - borne on the water, adrift + reflect

butternut - White Walnut-tree of N. America + nat (Dutch) - wet; moisture + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 647: 'Juglans cinerea... The Butternut'.

sweet gum - a N. American tree + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 648: 'Liquidamber styraciflua... The Sweet Gum'.

manna ash - the tree Fraxinus Ornus + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 646: 'Fraxinus ornus.. The Flowering or Manna Ash'.

red cedar - a North American species of juniper + etc + edera (it) - ivy + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 636: 'Thuja plicata... The Western Red Cedar'.

prevalent - of frequent occurrence, extensively existing

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 643: 'Crataegus monogyna... the common native hawthorn in Ireland'.

curragh - a marshy waste ground + karakaxa (Modern Greek) - magpie, ugly woman + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 646: 'Fagus sylvatica... var. pendula... There are beautiful examples of the Weeping Beech at Curraghchase and Rostrevor'.

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 649: 'Platanus acerifolia... The London Plane... is by far the commonest of the three planes in cultivation'

lodge pole - a pole used to support a North American Indian tent + lodge-pole pine - a pine native to mountainous regions of north-west America + as plain as a pikestaff - quite obvious and unmistakable (the pikestaff was the staff carried by pilgrims) + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 626: 'Pinus contorta... The Lodgepole Pine'.

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 597: 'the oldest introduced tree in Ireland is an English Elm still standing at Howth Castle' ('introduced' appears several more times in 'The Trees of Ireland').

Pentecote - island of Vanuatu, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, 60 miles (100 km) southeast of Espiritu Santo island. Volcanic in origin, it occupies 169 square miles (438 square km) and has a central mountain ridge that rises to 3,107 feet (947 m). Many permanent streams flow down the eastern slopes into fertile valleys, where copra and coffee are cultivated + pinacoteca (it) - painting-gallery (especially, that of the Vatican) + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 599: 'After 1840 conifers became the fashion... many pineta were established'. 

Vernet - 3 French painters + verni rubeus (l) - russet-leaved + vernirubens (l) - spring-reddish + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 651: 'Populus vernirubens... remarkable for its brilliant red leaves in early summer'.

Rubens, Peten Paul (1577-1640) - Flemish painter + Paul Rubens (1875-1917) - composer of "Under the Deodan." 

deodar - a large tree closely allied to the cedar of Lebanon + Adeodatus (l) - "Given from God": Augustine's son + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 612: 'Cedrus deodara... The Deodar is an important timber tree in the western Himalayas'.

picture - to represent in a picture, or in pictorial form + pingere (l) - to paint

stand - a standing growth or crop (of wheat, cotton, etc.); spec. one of trees. Also applied to natural assemblages of plants, esp. when only one species is present or considered + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 605: 'Abies balsamea... is found in pure stands or mixed with other conifers'.

habit + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 611: 'Athrotaxis laxifolia... has a habitat similar to A. cupressoides'.

self sown - sown by itself by dropping seeds + seedling - a young plant developed from a seed, esp. one raised from seed as distinct from a slip, cutting, etc. + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 615: 'Cupressus macrocarpa... Specimens have been measured at... Muckross 52' x 2'11", with self-sown seedlings beneath'.

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 597: 'The mildness of the Irish climate makes possible the cultivation of a wide range of tree species' ('species' appears several more times in 'The Trees of Ireland').

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 611: 'Araucaria araucana... splendid avenues of these trees at Powerscourt and Woodstock, the largest individuals being 64' x 7'4" and 61' x 6'5" respectively'.

olivet - a place in which olive trees are grown + olivetum (l) - olive-grove + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 616: 'Cupressus nootkatensis... In its southern range it occurs mostly between 2,000 and 5,000 feet elevation'.

conna (Cornish) - the neck + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 634: 'Sequoia sempervirens... Good specimens are at... Old Conna Hill'.

hillock - a little hill + Conachail (konakhil) (gael) - Firewood-cliff, Co. Cork.

acacia - a genus of leguminous shrubs or trees + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 654: 'Robinia pseudoacacia.. The False Acacia'.

sally = willow + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 654: 'Salix caprea... The Common Sallow'.

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 611: 'Athrotaxis laxifolia... is tender'

vox populi - the voice of the people; expressed general opinion; common talk or rumour + nux (l) - nut + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 650: 'POPULUS' (the genus Poplar).

hickory - a North American tree of the genus Carya, closely allied to the walnut + nursery rhyme Hickery Dickery Dock + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 642: 'Carya alba... this Hickory was introduced in 1629'.


arbor vitae - (tree of life), Popular name of several evergreen shrubs + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 636: 'Thuja plicata... The Western Red Cedar or Arbor vitae'.

root - Of plants: To take or strike root

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 640: 'Aesculus carnea... planted as a roadside tree'

awn - to hang as or like an awning (a roof-like covering of canvas or similar material, used as a shelter from sun, rain, etc.) + aune (fr) - alder.

alum - a whitish transparent mineral salt, crystallizing in octahedrons, very astringent, used in dyeing, tawing skins, and medicine, also for sizing paper, and making materials fire-proof.

alderman - a person of rank or authority + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 640: 'Alnus glutinosa... The Common Alder'.

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 652: 'Pyrus aria... The Whitebeam'

daikyo (Japanese) - scoundrel

Daniel - a hebrew prophet captive in Babylon, famous for his interpretation of  Nebuchdnezzer’s dreams; an exemplary judge.

Jonah (Hebrew Yonah, dove-the Latin form is Jonas) - Old Testament book and prophet. Reluctant to preach to his fellow Jews, he was three days in a whale's belly - Dolphin's Barn is a kind of kenning for the belly.  

billow - to rise in billows (a great swelling waves of the sea); to surge, swell.

barefooted - with the feet bare or naked, without shoes or stockings on.

rubber - an extremely inquisitive person; tourist; one who rubs in any way; slang. A contraceptive sheath made of rubber, a condom.

public - to make public, to publish

laetificaton - rejoicing, making joyful

sidero - - star + sidereus (l) - starry + dromos (l) - race; race course + dromeus (gr) - runner + sidÍrodromos (Modern Greek) - railroad + siderodromeus (l+gr) - starry-runner.

un-English - not characteristically English + FDV: You will say it is most unenglish and I hope you will be right. But (will you come over and let us moomor to each other under far beneath our vocies). i am being underheard underheerd by all old billfaust. wilsh is full of corks. the coolskittle is full of dublinite deblinite. mr west wist is thereover beinind beyeind the wantnot. wilsh and wist are as thick of each other as faust and a the deblin deblinite. And from the point of fun which I am crying to arrive you at they are all as foibleminded as you can see they are fablebodied.

husky - the Eskimo language; dry, as a husk, without natural moisture, arid (lit. and fig.)

come over - to visit casually, drop in

closely + murg - variant of marg (short for Margaret) + Moore and Burgess - blackface minstrels whose troop, Mr Athenton says, came to London in 1862. One of their catch-lines was "Take off that white hat."  

vice - depravity or corruption of morals; evil, immoral, or wicked habits or conduct.

under here

Belfast + Bill Faust.

corks + (notebook 1924): 'Walsh is full of corks'.

coal scuttle - a receptacle for holding a supply of coal for a fire [James Joyce: Ulysses.15.2261: 'behind the coalscuttle... the bearded figure of Mananaun MacLir'].

Philip - a man's name


thereover - over that, above, in a superior position


thick and thin - adherence to some course, principle, or party, under all circumstances + thick as thieves - very familiar and involved with each other (from thick: associated on close terms; "a close friend").

S estas preter la tapiso malgranda. Li legas al si en sia cambro (Esperanto) - S is beyond the small carpet. He reads to himself in his room.

Kelkefoje funkcias, kelkefoje srumpas sultrojn. Hodiau kiel vi fartas, mia nigra sinjoro? (Esperanto) - Sometimes functions, sometimes shrinks shoulders. Today how are you doing, my black sir?

on all fours - in exact correspondence

feebleminded - mentally deficient, foolish, stupid + foible - weak.

fable - a fictitious narrative or statement; a story not founded on fact.

readers + FDV: My heeders will recall with leisure how in the beginning before trespassing on the space question where even michelangelines fool so dread I proved to myself & your satisfaction sotisfiction how his abject all through (the quickquid of Professor Ciondoloni's too frequently hypothicated Bettlemensch) is nothing so much more than a mere cashdime however genteel he may want us to feel about it (I am speaking of us in the second person) for to this grade of intelleckuals dime is cash and the cash system (you must not be allowed to forget that this is all contained, I mean the system is, in the origen of spurious) means that I cannot now have & nothave a piece of cheese cheeps in your pocket at the same time times & with the same manners as unless Burrus & Caseous have [or have not] simultaneously soldened to soldend selldear to soldhere once in the dear dairy days of by & by.

recoil - to retreat, retire; to spring back + recall

leisure - free or unoccupied time + pleasure

outbreak - a breaking out; an eruption; an outburst of feeling or passion, of hostilities, of disease, of volcanic energy, etc.

trespass - to intrude on or upon the rights or domain of