Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) - a famous Italian artist

fool - to act like a fool + failed

dread - to be greatly afraid or apprehensive, to fear greatly; to look forward to with terror or anxiety: of future or unknown events. 


abject - one cast off; a castaway, an outcast; a degraded person

quicquid (l) - whoever, whatever

ciondolone (it) - idler, lounger

hypothecate - to make the hypothesis of, to assume

Bettler (ger) - beggar + Mensch (ger) - man.

genteel - a gentleman; gentlemanly or ladylike in appearance; Of behaviour: Courteous, polite, obligin; liberal in money matters.

graded - divided or arranged according to grades of rank, quality, etc.

intellectual - an intellectual being, a person possessing or supposed to possess superior powers of intellect.

time is money

dogmas - pl. of dogma - the body of opinion formulated or authoritatively stated. 

The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life (1859) - work with the biological theory of Charles Darwin, concerning  the evolution of species + spurios (l) - bastards.

cheep - chirp, squeak, hint, word, sound + chips - money + James Joyce: unpublished Paris notebook, Aristotle quotation number 22: 'The same attribute cannot at the same time and in the same connection belong and not belong to the same subject' (a paraphrase of a sentence from Aristotle: Metaphysics IV.iii).

cheek - pl. the buttocks (slang); cool confidence, effrontery, impudence + to have the cheek (to do anything) - to have the 'face', or effrontery + chick - the Venetian gold coin; a young woman.

Brutus Marcus Junius - a leader of the conspirators who assassinated the Roman dictator Julius Caesar in March 44 BC + Burrus (l) - butter.

Cassius Longinus Gaius - prime mover in the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar in 44  BC. + caseous - of the nature of cheese; fond of cheese + caseus (l) - cheese.

sys- (gr) - with-, together + entangle - to twist, interlace, or mix up in such a manner that a separation cannot easily be made. 

shoulder to shoulder - in close proximity, side by side

dairy - a dairy farm, a room or building where milk is kept and butter or cheese is made + song Love's Old Sweet Song: 'Once in the dear dead days beyond recall'.

prime - best individual of a group + FDV: Burrus, let us like to imagine, is the genuine prime, the real choice, where whereas Caseous is obversely the revise of him, and in fact, not an ideal cheese at all by any meals, though the better man of the two is meltingly addicted to the more cas eal side of the arrival and, let me say it at once, as zealous over him as he passably. The old Kaeser unbeurrable from age, having always & chewly been got rid of removed the twin types are set to make their reupearance on the deserted table from age to [I could point paint you that butter if you had some wash.]

stuff - the substance or 'material' (whether corporeal or incorporeal) of which a thing is  formed or consists, or out of which a thing may be fashioned; applied to articles of food or drink + Stoff (ger) - material, cloth.

unbeaten - not conquered or defeated

regicide - one who kills a king + risus (l) - laugh + risicida (l) - laugh-killer.

obsoletely - in an obsolete manner or degree + absolutely

unadultered - pure, uncorrupted + adulterous - characterized by the practice of adultery; spurious.

whereat - in consequence of which, wherefore

obversely - in opposite manner

revise - a revision, a looking over or examining again + reverse

choose - choice

meltingly - in a melting manner + mentally

addicted - devoted, strongly inclined

casual - occurring or brought about without design or premeditation; coming up or presenting itself 'as it chances'.

arriviste (fr) - ambitious person

zealous - fervently devoted to the promotion of some person or cause, intensely earnest.

passably - tolerably, moderately + possibly

selfsame - (the) very same, very identical


six and eightpence - lawyer's fee + James Joyce: Ulysses.6.560: 'Same old six and eightpence' (i.e. unchanged).

Schott - according to Mr Ellmann, Joyce's "no 1 pupil" in Trieste. "What's he like?" "A horseface," Joyce said. In FW, Schott becomes Joyce, lectured to by Professor Jones or Wyndham Lewis.

duddy - ragged, tattered + daddy + song Polly Put the Kettle On.

put up the shutters - to stop doing business, either on one day or forever + shopper - purchaser + op (Dutch) - up.

mutti - A childish or familiar form of 'mother' (used in German speaking countries).

Suppe (ger) - soup

eheu (l) - alas

acetum (l) - vinegar

olea (l) - olive + oleosus (l) - oily.

sella (l) - chair + sal (l) - salt + salius (l) - salty + selinon (gr) - celery, parsley + sel (fr) - salt.

volatilis (l) - flying, winged

Petrus (l) - Peter; stone, rock

paprika - a condiment made from the dried fruits of certain varieties of the sweet pepper.

Salat (ger) - salad, lettuce

commons - a common table, a dining hall + to come into, be in, etc. commons - to eat at a common table.

Pfarrer (ger) - priest, parson

salmon + salmo (l) - salmon.

sprog - a new recruit, a novice; a youngster, a child

Petersilie (ger.) - parsley 

sprig - a stripling, a young fellow; a shoot, twig, or spray of a plant

thyme - a plant of the genus Thymus

murphy - potato

lettuce - Garden Lettuce, the leaves of which are much used as a salad

greensleeves - a woman wearing green sleeves; the name given to an inconstant lady-love, who is the subject of a ballad published in 1580.

handsome is as (that) hadsome does

bib - a cloth placed under a child's chin, to keep the front of the dress clean, esp. at meals.

ate - food (obs.)

There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip is an old English proverb. It implies that between the time we decide to do something and the time we do it, things often go wrong.

split - a cleft, crack, rent, or chink; a drink composed of two liquors.

pretext - excuse; to use or assign as a pretext, to allege as an excuse.

bowl - a drinking vessel; whence the bowl, drinking, conviviality

jowl - idle or malicious talk (obs.)


backward - behindhand in respect of time or progress, towards a worse state, implying retrogression, check, etc.

down to the ground - completely, thoroughly, in every respect + down to earth - practical and straightforward, realistic.

coarse - ordinary, common, mean (in the depreciatory sense of these epithets).

make away with - to carry off, destroy, kill, consume, eat + make way - to make progress.

null - to reduce to nothing, to destroy or efface completely (obs.) + Caesar Borgia's motto was: "aut Caesar aut nullus" (either Caesar or nobody; either in first place or nowhere.)