Caesar - an absolute monarch, an autocrat, emperor + Caesar (l) - "Hairy" or "Bluish": cognomen in the gens Julia, esp. of C. Julius Caesar (102-44 B.C.)

tyrant - a king or ruler who exercises his power in an oppressive, unjust, or cruel manner.

regicide - the killing or murder of a king + Among the motives for assassinating Caesar was his apparent desire to become king (rex). He was already tyrannos, so his murder was tyrannicide to forestall the necessity for it to be regicide (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

unbearable - unendurable, intolerable + beurre (fr) - butter + fromage (fr) - cheese.


let off - to give vent to

piano forte - a musical instrument producing tones by means of hammers, operated by levers from a keyboard, which strike metal strings, the vibrations being stopped by dampers; It. pianoforte, earlier piano e forte (pian e forte) 'soft and strong', occurring in 1598 as the name of a musical instrument of unknown action, and afterwards used by Cristofori in the descriptive name 'gravecembalo col (or di) piano e forte', i.e. harpsichord with soft and loud, expressing the gradation of tone which it enables the performer to produce, as contrasted with the  unvarying tone of the ordinary harpsichord + pieno (it) - full. 

furst = first

juke - a roadhouse or brothel + joke

chawle = jowl - a jaw; esp. the under jaw; pl. Jaws

batman - a military servant of a cavalry officer

soft sized - weak, ineffective

bubble - anything fragile, unsubstantial, empty, or worthless + bubble (Slang) - a dupe, gullible person.

to have stardust in one's eyes - to be 'blind' to the actual facts, to be misled by something illusory or insubstantial + SANDHURST - Royal Military College, in Berkshire, England. 

champaign - battleground; a military expedition into the field = campaign.

draw - to represent in words, describe

as flat as a pancake - often taken as the type of flatness + flop - a failure, collapse, or decline. Also, a person or enterprise (esp. a play, etc.) that is a failure +  Krieg (ger) - war.

frère (fr) - brother

bill - to enter (a person) in a list (e.g. of soldiers for service), to enroll (obs.)

knit knot - a knitted or knotted piece of work

champ de bataille (fr) - battlefield + bouteilles (fr) - bottles.

cursory - running or passing rapidly over a thing or subject, so as to take no note of details.

URAL MOUNTAINS - Mountain range, USSR; ca 1640 miles long, from the great bend of the Ural River in the South to Kara Bay in Siberia.  

hostery = hostelry + history

propper - one that props, supporter + propp (Norwegian) - cork.

numen - a presiding spirit, a local deity, genius + nomen (l) - name + propenomen (l) - almost-name.

collucta (l) - struggle + colluctatio (l) - contest + collection

prefix - a verbal element placed before and joined to a word to add to or qualify its meaning + James Joyce: Ulysses.1.394: 'collector of prepuces'.

permeating - spreading, diffusing, penetrating + permien (fr) - Permian (of or belonging to the geologic time, system of rocks, or sedimentary deposits of the seventh and last period of the Paleozoic Era, characterized by the formation of the supercontinent Pangaea, the rise of conifers, and the diversification of reptiles and ending with the largest known mass extinction in the history of life). 

cynosure - something that serves for guidance or direction; a 'guiding star' + Cannae - battle in which Hannibal destroyed the Roman army.

Caucasian - of or belonging to the region of the Caucasus: a name given by Blumenbach (a 1800) to the 'white' race of mankind, which he derived from the region of the Caucasus + coucou (fr) - cuckoo + koukkoutsi (Modern Greek) - kernel, seed.

offspring - that from which anything springs or originates: spring, fountain, source (obs.)

son of a gun - man, fellow (deprecatory) + kuk ~ pup (P/K split) + sunkuk (Elamite) - king (mentioned in Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 290n, as part of an inscription of Artaxerxes II Memnon).

sattin = satin (a silk fabric) + certain

Tobolsk - city, Tyumen oblast (province ), northwestern Russia. It lies at the confluence of the Irtysh and Tobol rivers. Founded in 1587, it was one of the chief centres of early Russian colonization in Siberia because it lay along an important river route to the east, but it declined when bypassed by the Trans-Siberian Railroad in the 1890s.

Ostiak - member of nomadic finnic peoples of Ural mountain and western Siberia + Ostiak Vogul - district in Siberia, Russia + ostia (l) - entrances + ostia (it) - the Host + Ostia della Vergina Maria (it) - (blasphemous reference to Blessed Virgin Mary).

Vogul - a hunting and herding people of the northern Ural mountains

marina - a seaside promenade or esplanade

wanton - a lascivious or lewd person

weste - desolate, waste + Weste (ger) - vest + West Point - Unated States military academy.

cheese it - run away quickly; be quiet, stop, have done!

Mordvin - one of Finno-Ugric languages spoken in Siberia + live (fr) - Livonian (one of Finno-Ugric languages) + phrase man alive!

nonsense + sne (Mordvin) - dream + onsne (Mordvin) - in a dream (example of inessive case).

inessive - denoting the place in which a thing is + in esse (l) - in being, actual + ess- (ger) - to eat + Finno-Ugric languages spoken in Ural Mountains, Russia (Mordvin, Vogul, Ostiak, etc.) have inessive case, indicating placement within an object (also called 'locative').

impassive - having the quality of not feeling pain; not subject or liable to suffering + in posse (l) - in possibility, possible.

Kase (ger) - cheese + kez (Hungarian) - hand + kezem (Hungarian) - my hand + phrase easy as kissing hands.

interlocation - a placing between, interposition; also, something placed between + inter locos (l) - between places.

con- - together, jointly + comprovocativus (l) - called forth together, elicited together + con (fr) - vulva.

hussy + Hase (ger) - hare + haz (Hungarian) - house.

husband + hazban (Hungarian) - in the house.

bethink - to occupy oneself in thought; to reflect, consider, think; to take thought + FDV: Burrus has a Caseous may think himself a thought of a caviller but Burrus has the richly rounded head of a thoftthinking fideism. He has milk and wisdom in every tooth of him. His whereas the other fellow. It was aptly & correctly stated (it is really unnecessary for me to say by whom) that his eyestretch seeingcraft was so clarety that if he were the whole borough of Saint Poutresbourg to be avalanched over him he could still make out with his eyestritch the green moat in Ireland's eye Eye  

caviller - one that cavils, a captious or frivolous objector

rounded - Of persons or their heads: Tonsured; shorn, cropped

thoft - thought

fideism - exclusive reliance upon faith alone accompanied by a consequent disparagement of reason and utilized esp. in the pursuit of philosophical or religious truth + Fidei Defensor (l) - defender of the faith.

lac - a resinous substance in some plants; lack (a defect, failing) + lac (l) - milk + lac (fr) - lake.

dent - a hollow or impression in a surface, such as is made by a blow with a sharp or edged instrument + dent (fr) - tooth.

lofter (Danish) - lofts, ceilings

onni (Finnish) - luck, happiness, fortune

Vesi - Finnish water-god + vesi (Finnish) - water.

to laugh over - to recall or repeat with laughter or mirth

lemon + linnut (Finnish) - birds.

onion + off one’s onions - mad + uni (Finnish) - sleep, dream.

hey = eye + hay (Selkup Samoyed, one of Finno-Ugric languages spoken in Siberia) - eye + hayog (Selkup Samoyed) - the two eyes.

og - a shilling + or + og (Danish) - and + oog (Dutch) - eye.

lug - ear

boohoo - to weep loud and with sobs

sem (Ostiak, one of Finno-Ugric languages spoken in Siberia) - ey + semgen (Ostiak) - the two eyes.

mand - a question + maid + manda (Russian) - vulva.


same again - another drink of the same kind as the last + Magen (ger) - stomach + Sem (fr) - Shem.

aptly - with exact adjustment, appropriately

corrigibly - capable of being corrected + corrigo (l) - I make straight + correctly

ex ungue leonis (l) - out of the lion's claw, (we know) a lion by its claws (reconstruction of whole from part) + ungula (l) - claw + leonem (l) - lion.


Petersburg + poutre (fr) - beam.

avalanche - to descend in or like an avalanche

pitchblack - extremely black

augur - to conjecture from signs or omens; to have foreknowledge or foreboding + Crampton, Sir Philip (1771-1858) - Dublin surgeon who discovered in the eye of the ostrich a muscle that bears his name. 

to see anything green in (one's) eye - to detect any signs of gullibility

a mote in the eye - a relatively trifling fault observed in another person by one who ignores a greater fault of his own + moat - a pond, lake (obs.)

younker - a yuong man, youngster, child + FDV: Let me show sell you a the fulltruth of Burrus when a younger he wor a younker. Here is in six by sevens. A cleanly thing, by the gods! A cheery ripe outlook, so help me Deusfidius! If I were to say my entire mindful about it I should call it him the Ormuzd element in our midst. Butyrum et mel comedet ut sciat reprobare malum et eligere bonum. This also will explain why Der Hansli ist ein Butterbrot, Butterbrot, Butterbrot. Der Hursli ist ein Und Kobi ist ein Schtinkenkott. Ja, ja, ja.

six and seven, sixes and sevens, etc. -  phrases originally denoting the hazard of one's whole fortune, or carelessness as to the consequences of one's actions, and in later use the creation or  existence of, or neglect to remove, confusion, disorder, or disagreement + at sixes and sevens - disordered.

cleanly - cleverly devised or deftly executed

jaw (Slang) - talk

cheery - in excellent spirits, lively; such as to cheer or enliven

ripe - fine, excellent + song Cherry Ripe.

outlook - the prospect for the future

me deus fidius (l) - by the god of truth! + medius fidius (l) - honest to God!, by the God of truth!