princeps - a first edition of a work + editio princeps - original edition.

all to the good - generally advantageous + cud - the food which a ruminating animal brings back into its mouth from its first stomach, and chews at leisure.

incompatibility - incongruity, absolute inconsistency, irreconcilableness

delusional - of the nature of, or characterized by, delusion (deception)

ambivalent - having either or both of two contrary or parallel values, qualities or meanings; entertaining contradictory emotions (as love and hatred) towards the same person or thing.

pilotism - the practice of a pilot (to guide or conduct through unknown, intricate, or dangerous paths or places, or through a difficult course of affairs);                             pivot - a cardinal or central point.

posit - to place in relation to other objects; take as actual, assume the existence of, to postulate often in absence of supporting evidence.

poole = pole; poll + poule (fr) - prostitute.

pictor (l) - painter

omber = umber (a grayling - sort of fish) + umbra (l) - shadow + other

scotia (l) - darkness, gloom + Scotia (l) - Ireland + Scotia Minor (l) - Scotland.

distribute - to deal out or bestow in portions or shares among a number of recipients.

wistfully - with expectant or yearning eagerness

cowry - the porcelain-like shell of a small gastropod + houri - a nymph of the Muslim Paradise. Hence applied allusively to a voluptuously beautiful woman. 

babbling - chattering, prating + boiling


Platonism - Plato's philosophical system; the doctrine or practice of Platonic love + platinum - a somewhat rare metal (at first named platina), of a white colour like silver but less bright, fusible only at an extremely high temperature + platinum blond(e) - (of the hair) silvery-blonde in colour.

kish - a large square wicker basket + Saul, son of Kish, went out to look for his father's ashes (I Samuel 9:3).

turn about - to alter or reverse the position of; to put into a different, or the opposite, position.

margarine - a substance made from edible oils and meat fats with water or skimmed milk + -een (Anglo-Irish) - (diminutive).

romp - to play or frolic in a lively, frisky or boisterous manner; to move, cover the ground, easily and rapidly. 

lyricism - quality of being lyric, affectation of high-flown sentiment or poetic enthusiasm.

chamber - intended for performance by a few musicians for a small audience (chamber music).

appetizing - exciting a desire or longing, esp. for food; stimulating or whetting the appetite.

entry - the beginning of the part of a performer or instrument in a canon or other musical composition; the entrance upon (a journey, work, etc.) (obs.) + entrée (fr) - dish served before the meat and after the 'hors d'oeuvre' or soup.

chest - a box + chest of viols - the set of viols (a musical instrument).

viand - articles of food; provisions, victuals + viande (fr) - meat.

plumply - directly, plainly, flatly

putting + plum pudding - a pudding of fresh plums contained in a crust.

carp - a freshwater fish, Cyprinus carpio; discourse (obs.), carping speech, cavil + phrase putting the cart before the horse.

to set, light, proffer a candle before or to the devil - to propitiate (appease) or humour him, as saints are supposed to be propitiated by a votive candle.

hor - dirt, filth, defilement, foulness + hors d'oeuvre (fr) - first dish of a meal.

distress - the sore pressure or strain of adversity, trouble, sickness, pain, or sorrow.

cream - to form a cream + song, "I Dream of Thee, Sweet Madeline".

lump - a compact mass of no particular shape

correspondent - one who communicates with another by letters

garnish - things placed round or added to a dish to improve its appearance at table.

drisheen - a kind of sausage made from sheep's blood, milk, and seasoning (suggested recipe: '1 pint sheep's blood, 1 pint milk, 1 pint water, ½ lb. chopped mutton suet').

tansy - an erect herbaceous plant, with strong aromatic scent and bitter taste. 

pawnbroking - the occupation of lending money on the security of articles pawned.

pathos - that quality in speech, writing, music, or artistic representation (or transf. in events, circumstances, persons, etc.) which excites a feeling of pity or sadness; power of stirring  tender or melancholy emotion.

shoddy - having a delusive appearance of superior quality. Also, cheap, inferior.

piece - a musical composition, usually short; a portion or quantity of any substance or kind of matter.

toast - to drink in honour of (a person or thing)

crinicultural - of or pertaining to the growth or culture of hair + crinicultura (l) - hair-care, cultivation of the hair.

streak - a thin irregular line of a different colour or substance from that of the material or surface of which it forms a part.

bowel - an intestine; (considered as the seat of the tender and sympathetic emotions, hence): Pity, compassion, feeling + bowl 

brindled - 'streaked, tabby, marked with streaks'

betterave (fr) - beetroot (the edible root of the beet)

blanc mange - a sweetmeat made of dissolved isinglass or gelatine boiled with milk, etc., and forming an opaque white jelly + blanches mains (fr) - white hands.

fullbottom - a large wig with curled sections falling below the shoulders.

signorina - The Italian term of respect applicable to a young unmarried lady.

cutis (l) - skin + cuticura (l) - skin-care.


divert - to cause (the mind, attention, etc.) to turn from one channel to another; to distract.

aria - melody, tune

in illo tempore (l) - 'at that time'; Latin formula used in the Mass to introduce Gospel + illo tempore (l) - at that time + il tempo (it) - the time.

unborn - not yet born, still to be born

heeder - one who heeds (to have a care, pay attention, take notice) + readers