roulade - rolled slice of meat; a series of rapid musical notes or tones in musical composition.

colpo di glottide (it) - a burst from the glottis, glottal stop

Maas, Joseph (1847-86) - English tenor who sang Des Grieux to Marie Roze's Manon. 

recline - to lay down, or make to lie down (properly on the back)

overdo - to do too much, to do excess

dead beat - a beat or stroke which stops 'dead' without recoil

cluse - close + nursery rhyme 'Close your eyes and open your mouth and see what I will give you'.


contratici - a woman singer

arouse - to stir up into activity

valour - the quality of mind which enables a person to face danger with boldness or firmness; courage or bravery, esp. as shown in warfare or conflict; valiancy, prowess.

troubadour - one of a class of lyric poets, living in southern France, eastern Spain, and northern Italy, from the 11th to the 13th centuries, who sang in Provençal (langue d'oc), chiefly of chivalry and gallantry, sometimes including wandering minstrels and jongleurs.

architectual + orchis (gr) - testicle + dektikos (gr) - fit for receiving, capable of receiving + orchidecturalis (gr) - of or pertaining to receiving testicles.

Among James Joyce's favorite Zurich resorts were the concert hall, the Tonhalle + Tonhalle (ger) - concert hall.

Brief (ger) - letter + proverb One man's meat is another man's poison.

lunger - one who is diseased or wounded in the lungs; one who lunges (Fencing. To make a thrust with a foil or rapier; Boxing. To deliver a straightforward blow; to make a sudden forward movement).

planner -  one who plans or makes a plan + man's

argon - a colourless odourless gas occurring in very small quantity (less than 1 per cent.) in the air, used in 'gas-filled' electric light bulbs, etc. 

emolument - reward, remuneration, salary + moment

rung - step, grade, degree + round - Pugilism. A single bout in a fight or a boxing-match.  


bi - - two

goulash - a stew or ragout of meat and vegetables highly seasoned

marge - margarine

needlewoman - a woman who works with the needle, a sempstress + needlewoman (Slang) - harlot.

ornate - to ornament, adorn, embellish

cruetstand - a stand or frame, commonly of silver, for holding cruets and castors at table + NATIONAL GALLERY - In Trafalgar Square, London. From its completion in 1837, its architecture was ridiculed as "The National Cruet Stand" because of the appearance of its "pepperpot" domes. The adjacent National Portrait Gallery contains portraits of about 3000 notables, induding Lewis Carol and James Joyce.

genre - a style of painting in which scenes and subjects of ordinary life are depicted; a particular style or category of works of art; esp. a type of literary work characterized by a particular form, style, or purpose.

portraiture - portrait; verbal description; appearence, form, shape.

evoke - to call forth; esp. to summon up (spirits, etc.) by the use of magic charms.

torse = torso - the trunk of a statue, without or considered independently of head and limbs; also, the trunk of the human body. 

bush soul - a man’s second soul believed to inhabit a wild animal of the bush.

wallop - a violent, heavy, clumsy, noisy movement of the body

bound - an elastic spring upward or onward

zealot - one who is full of zeal


teal - a small fresh-water fowl + tail

hatbox - round luggage for carrying hats

compose - to put together, make up

rhomb - Geom. A plane figure having four equal sides and the opposite angles equal.

trapezoid - Geom. A quadrilateral figure two of whose sides are parallel + TREBIZOND - City, Turkey, on South-East coast of Black Sea; from 1204 to 1461 AD it controlled the South Black Sea and was noted for its luxury. Princesses of its royal family were sought as wives by both Christian and Mohammedan princes. When the Fourth Crusade (1204) turned horribly wrong, one branch of the Byzantine dynasty fled to this town, and proclaimed an Empire of Trebizond, supported by the great Queen Tamara of Georgia, to whom they were related by marriage. They only ever ruled the coast, what is now the eastern part of Turkey's Black Sea coast, and a little bit of the interior, but they generally maintained friendly relations with neighbouring Ottomans and later Mongols, surviving as a valuable trade route. But after supporting a conspiracy against the Ottoman Emperor, the little empire was crushed on 16 August 1461 and the whole dynasty later put to death. Nevertheless it outlasted the Byzantine Empire itself, which had fallen in 1453.

excelsus (l) - high + in excelsis (l) - in the highest.

comprise - to contain, as parts making up the whole, to consist of (the parts specified).

climatic - of, pertaining to, or relating to climate (condition (of a region or country) in relation to prevailing atmospheric phenomena, as temperature, dryness or humidity, wind, clearness or dullness of sky, etc., esp. as these affect human, animal, or vegetable life) + climax (gr) - ladder, staircase + klimakogramma (gr) - ladder-picture, ladder-diagram.

fondly - affectionately, lovingly, tenderly. Also, with show of affection, caressingly.

mode - a prevailing fashion or conventional custom, practice or style; esp. one characteristic of a particular place or period.

superimpose - to place in a covering position, overlay

layer - a thickness of matter spread over a surface; esp. one of a series of such thicknesses; a stratum, course, or bed.  

Eocene - The epithet applied to the lowest division of the Tertiary strata, and to the geological period which they represent (70.000.000 years ago).

Pleistocene - Epithet applied at first to the newest division of the Pliocene or Upper Tertiary formation (as containing the greatest number of fossils of still existing species), also called Newer Pliocene; afterwards to the older division of the Post-tertiary or Quaternary, also called Post-Pliocene (20.000.000 years ago).

morphological - of or pertaining to the history of form; hence simply: as regards form.

ébahi (fr) - astonished

ahuri (fr) - flabbergasted

philadespoinis (gr) - mistress-loving, Empress-loving

blue butter = mercurial ointment - ointment composed of metallic mercury triturated with lard.

coup de grace - a death blow (to end the suffering)

neatly - cleverly, in a nicely finished way

boite (fr) - box + boîte à surprises (fr) - box of surprises.

pour (fr) - for

patent - open to general knowledge or use, public; open to view, exposed to sight; hence, exposed to the mental view; clear, plain, evident, manifest, obvious.

foolproof - guaranteed to operate without breakdown or failure under any conditions.

pry - an act or the action of prying; a peeping or inquisitive glance


to be out for - to have one's interests or energies directed to, to be intent on (something).

roof (Slang) - hat

deductio ad dominum (l) - a leading away to the lord or master + deductio ad domum (l) - a leading away to the house + reductio ad absurdum (l) - proof of falsity by demonstration of absurd consequences.

de facto - actually, in fact, in reality + de tactu (l) - from a touch, from touch.

mobile [movibile] tectu (l) - moveable by means of a roof; by a moveable roof + tectum (l) - roof + mirabile dictu (l) - wonderful to say (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

slide off - a downward turn + slade = slide + Slade - London art school.