crust - Geol. The outer portion of the earth; a more or less hard coating, concretion, or deposit on the surface of anything; an incrustation.

plase (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - please

deletery - deleterious, noxious, poisonous

dressy - having more or less fancy or formal details

affair - loosely and familiarly of things material, in which use affair freq. serves merely as a  peg to support an epithet, 'a poor affair,' etc.

ethel - ancestral land or estate, patrimony; native land

instep - the upper surface of the human foot between the toes and the ankle

muffin cap - a flat woollen cap

tone - to make harmonious in color, appearence or sound

angelskin - a dull waxy smooth finish, a fabric with a smooth waxy face

ostentatiously - in a way calculated to attract notice, with boastful parade or display

hem - to border, to finish with a hem

apologetically - in apologetic manner


avidous = avid - ardently desirous, extremely eager, greedy

'it' (Slang) - sex appeal (Clara Bow)

Ovid (43 B.C~-A.D. 17) - Roman poet whose Metamorphoses is quoted at the start of Portrait of the Artist + evidently

thrilled - affected by a thrill of emotion

dolly - attractive, fashionable (usu. applied to a girl); babyish

pram - a hand-carriage, with three or four wheels, for one or two young children, pushed from behind.

movie - a cinema

mixed - compounded of (different ingredients)

childe - a child or youth wellborn or of noble birth

chaplain - the priest, clergyman or minister of a chapel + Chaplin, Charlie - English comedian. Lucia Joyce had an admiration for "Charlie Chaplain" (see Letters, 111,88), wrote an article in praise of him, did imitations of him. Wyndham Lewis, however, felt Chaplin the apotheosis of the "child" cult, otherwise represented by Anita Loos, Gertrude Stein, Proust, James Joyce. In Chaplin, Lewis says, the emancipated woman sees her little child hitting his bullying Dad.  

verge (Slang) - penis (literally 'rod')

gutter - a hollowed channel running at the side or (less commonly) along the middle of a street, to carry away the surface water.

bobbedhair - with bobbed (cut short and even all round) hair

toddler - a young child

domestic - a household servant

aspire to - to have a fixed desire, longing, or ambition for something at present above one; to seek to attain.

shover - Jocular alteration of chauffeur

butler - a servant who has charge of the wine cellar and dispenses the liquor

sectary - a member of a sect + secretary

pule - to cry in a thin or weak voice, as a child + paulus (l) - small, little


post - a station or position to which a person is assigned

little man - a young male child

board of education - a number of persons in council for the management of business, trust, institutions, etc.

voted - vowed, devoted; established or assigned by vote

disciple - one who follows, or is influenced by, the doctrine or example of another; one who belongs to the 'school' of any leader of thought.

infantulus (l) - a little baby boy

publicly - in the presence or with the knowledge of people generally; in public, openly.

seducens infanta (l) - misleading infant girl + seducente infanta (it) - seducing infant + sedicente (it) - so-called, would-be.

flaunt - to walk or move about so as to display one's finery; to obtrude oneself boastfully, impudently, or defiantly on the public view. 

frivol - frivolous, of little account, paltry, not worthy of serious attention

finery - beauty, elegance, dressy clothing

tota mulier (l) - all woman, complete woman

musculus (l) - muscule + muscula (l) - a little fly + musculus (l) - a little mouse.

verum (l) - truth + virilis (l) - manly + verus vir (l) - a real man.

parturience - the action of giving birth

maitre (fr) - master + matres (l) - (Acc. pl.) mothers.

micturate - to urinate + mictorius (l) - urinative

mite - a very small living creature, as a tiny child

stand over - to await consideration or settlement at a later date

tackle - to attack; encounter (a person) physically; to try to solve (a problem)

tickler - a person difficult to deal with or understand; a teaser

hussy - an ill-behaved, pert, or mischievous girl; a jade, minx

alack - exp. of sorrow or regret + FDV: Margareena she's very fond of Burrus but, alick and alack! she velly fond of chee. The [important] influence on everything of this eastasian import has not till now been fully favoured [, but we can distinctly taste it here]. I shall come back for more in after a short brief space. The A cleopatrician in her own right she complicates the position while Burrus and Caseous are contending for her mistery misstery, by implicating herself with an elusive Antonius who would seem to hug a personal interest in refined chees of all chades while he has wags an antonine antomine art of being rude like the boor. The Antonius-Burrus-Caseous equation grouptriad may be said to be equate the qualis equivalent to with the older socalled talis on talis one. And this is why any simple fool you like to dress may be awfully green on one side and frightfully blue on the other which will not screen him from appearing in my eyes as a bloody blasted bleating blatant bloaten blooming blephorous idiot!

velly - A representation of a Chinese pronunc. of 'very'; also used joc.

cheese + Joyce's note: 'Mary Ann she is very fond of flirting, Mary Ann she is very fond of tea'.

butyrum (l) - butter (said to be Scythian word, but probably Greek. Butter was an exotic to the classical world, but common to Asian nomads O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake

flavoured - mixed with some ingredient used to impart a flavour

tay (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - tea

Cleopatran - pertaining to or characteristic of Cleopatra, a famous queen of Egypt.

contend - to strive in rivalry with another (for an object)

implicate - to involve (a person) in a charge, crime, etc.; to bring into actual connexion with.