elusive - that eludes the grasp or pursuit; chiefly fig.

Antonius Marcus (l) - Mark Antony (opponent of Brutus and Cassius, lover of Cleopatra)

wop - an Italian or other southern European, esp. as an immigrant or foreign visitor in the United States

cheese + she's of all shades.

trades + FDV: The A cleopatrician in her own right she complicates the position while Burrus and Caseous are contending for her mistery misstery, by implicating herself with an elusive Antonius who would seem to hug a personal interest in refined chees of all chades while he has wags an antonine antomine art of being rude like the boor.

wag - to 'get on', associate with (obs.)

antonine - characteristic of the Roman emperors Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus + pantomime.

Wyndham Lewis: Art of Being Ruled (1926)

boor - any rude, ill-bred fellow + beurre (French) - butter + Burrus

triumviratus (l) - three man holding an office together, triumvirate: e.g. Antony, Octavian and Lepidus + FDV: The Antonius-Burrus-Caseous equation grouptriad may be said to be equate the qualis equivalent to with the older socalled talis on talis one.

equate - Math. To state the equality of (one quantity) to or with (another).

qualis (l) - of what sort, what kind of a; of such a kind, of such a sort, such as

socalled - commonly named

talis (l) - such, such like

quantum (l) - as much as + quanto (l) - by as much as + Quantum theory.

hyper- - above, super, extra

oikonomos (gr) - steward, manager of a household + arche (gr) - rule, command + oikonomarche (gr) - government by a steward or house-keeper + eikonomachia (gr) - iconoclasm.

Tantum ergo - first two words of the penultimate stanza, which begins 'Tantum ergo sacramentum Veneremur cernui' (Therefore we, before him bending, This great sacrament revere), of the hymn of St. Thomas Aquinas 'Pange lingua gloriosi Corporis mysterium' + tantum ergo (l) - so great, therefore + ergon (gr) - work.

irruminating - not ruminating; that does not chew the cud + illuminate

quantum - sum, amount (of money, payment, etc. Obs.) + quantum (l) - as much as, so much as.

urge - an impelling motive, force, pressure, etc.

whey - the watery part of milk after separation of cheese + x is to y as y is to z.

abe - be + a

boob - simpleton, fool, dope + b

caddy - young fellow, lad; a can for storing tea + caddy (golf) + Caddy [014.12] + c

philadelphus (gr) - loving one's brother + REFERENCE

athemis (gr) - lawless + athemistos (gr) - illegitimate, illicit + amethyst hued + anathematized.

down-town + low-down + Newtonian.

x legged + exlex (l) - lawless.

parasite + patricida (l) - father-killer.

green - simple, gullible, inexperienced; characterized by, or displaying, simplicity

fruitfully - abundantly, copiously; so as to produce good results, beneficially, profitably

blue - indecent, obscene

appeal - to call upon another to decide a question controverted + FDV: And this is why any simple fool you like to dress may be awfully green on one side and frightfully blue on the other which will not screen him from appearing in my eyes as a bloody blasted bleating blatant bloaten blooming blephorous idiot!  

deepsearching - that searches or penetrates deeply + grope - to attempt to find something by feeling about as in the dark or as a blind person + Lewis: Time and Western Man questioned originality of Joyce's phrase 'grey searching eyes' (Ulysses.1.86).

stronghold - a strongly fortified place of defence

Acropolis - the elevated part of the town, or the citadel, in a Grecian city

boost - to lift or push from behind (one who is endeavoring to climb); to assist in overcoming obstacles + busted - burst, broken; bankrupt or ruined.

blasted - cursed, damned. In low language as an expression of reprobation and hatred + Wyndham Lewis edited the magazine Blast. 

bleating - crying as a sheep does

blatant - bellowing as a calf, conspicuously and offensively loud

bloated - abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas 

blasphemous - impiously irreverent + blasphoros (gr) - harm-bearing.

tell - to discern so as to be able to say with knowledge or certainty; hence, to distinguish, recognize

pineapple (Slang) - bomb.

Psalms of Solomon

congregational - performed by a congregation of worshippers collectively + gregation - a crowd, multitude.

pompom - fully automatic gun with explosive shells used during the Boer war + rooms

canting - speaking in a whining tone of voice; using technical or religious terms affectedly; affectedly pious; as, "a canting rogue", "a canting tone" + canting crew - criminals and vagabonds.

crew - the company of seamen who man a ship; any small body of men associated for a purpose + 'A New Dictionary of the Terms Ancient and Modern of the Canting Crew' - dictionary of English cant and slang by a compiler known only by the initials B. E., first published in London circa 1698. Its full title is 'A new dictionary of the terms ancient and modern of the canting crew, in its several tribes, of gypsies, beggers, thieves, cheats, &c. with an addition of some proverbs, phrases, figurative speeches, &c.'

Answer to the begging question "ooh, hoodoodoo!": no (also 'the', Serbian: ne) + FDV: No. I have now said it 12 tabular times and what, if not the Word of Man, is Sacred.

topsman - a hangman, a public executioner + Tristan.  

Tarpeia - in Roman mythology, daughter of the commander of the Capitol in Rome during the Sabine War. Traditionally, she offered to betray the citadel if the Sabines would give her what they wore on their left arms, i.e., their bracelets; instead, keeping to their promise, they threw their shields on her and crushed her to death + Tarpeian rock on Capitoline Hill in Rome, from which traitors were thrown + Vico: New Science 1021: 'Under the Law of the Twelve Tables false witnesses were cast from the Tarpeian rock' + Luke Tarpey.

nefand - not to be spoken of, unmentionable, abominable, atrocious

hot stuff - som. very exciting, a girl who is very attractive + soul stuff - a hypothetical immaterial substance believed to form the 'spirit' or 'self' of each person (in some cultures also of animals and objects), and which is independent of the material body and outlives it + Sauerstoff (ger) - 'oxygen' (and alkali) + zoet (Dutch) - sweet + zout (Dutch) - salty; salt.

kill time - to comsume or spend time, so as to bring it to an end + find time.


nitric acid (HNO3) - also known as 'aqua fortis' and 'spirit of nitre', a highly corrosive and toxic strong acid + nitro-acid - a compound of nitric with an organic acid.

assets - anything of material value or usefulness + acetic acid - the special acid of which vinegar is a diluted or crude form, produced by the acetous fermentation of alcohol.

bitter - to be or become bitter; to make bitter + (tastes: sweet, salt, acid, bitter).

saltpetre - a white crystalline substance formed from nitric acid and potash (an alkali). It is the chief constituent of gunpowder.

plump - to drop, let fall, throw down, plunge abruptly (into water, etc.)

pottage - a thick soup; often with reference to Esau's 'mess of pottage' + Ulysses.17.304: 'an empty pot of Plumtree's potted meat' + potash - a hard white brittle
substance, having strong caustic and alkaline properties + (teastain).

thundering - awesome in virtue of impresive greatness, magnitude, or unusualness + Legio XII Fulminata (l) - Twelfth Legion bore Jove's thunderbolt on its shields; mauled by the Jews in the Jewish War, it took part in the siege of Jerusalem, then was posted in disgrace to a remote Syrian frontier (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

storm - to attack by storm; Mil. To make a vigorous assault on (a fortified position) + "Than there were Lightning covered with blue which closed the Door. That was the Beginning. This is The end. Everything was said and nothing was revealed." (Frank G. Ripel: The Magick of Atlantis: Sauthenerom, the Source of the Necronomicon)

tabular - entered in, or calculated by means of, a table or tables, as a number or quantity + lex duodecim tabularum (l) - law of the twelve tables: earliest Roman code, on tablets of bronze or wood in the Forum (450 B.C.), whose decay is described by Vico to be an indigenous Roman product and not a Greek importation.

edict - to publish (a law); to decree + predicted [the murder of Caesar].

merus genius (l) - pure genius + merus (l) - pure + genius - the tutelary god or attendant spirit allotted to every person at his birth, to govern his fortunes and determine his character, and finally to conduct him out of the world + Marcus Junius [Brutus].

cariosus caseus (l) - dried-out cheese + cariosus (l) - rotten + Gaius Cassius [Longinus].

morituri te salutant - the words addressed to the emperor by the gladiators of ancient Rome on entering the arena, in anticipation of their death (we, about to die, salute you) + moriture te salutat (l) - O you about to die, he salutes you. 

famous + phemis (gr) - speech, talk + phêmê (gr) - fame.

Themis - name of the ancient Greek goddess of law and justice; hence, Law or Justice personified + themis (gr, l) - law, custom + Thames horse race ["back to our horses"].

daimonokratia (gr) - government by spirits or demons

highmost - highest + devil take the hindmost - last person shall suffer the worst fate.

Abraham Tripier - first silk weaver mentioned in Dublin municipal records (1686)

diligence - constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; a public stage-coach

Solon - Athenian legislator; a famous race horse + bid so long - to say 'good bye'.

expose + exspondeo (l) - to take one's self out of a vow, to unpromise, to divorce + espouse - to choose and follow; to betroth, to promise in marriage; to take in marriage.

expound - to set forth, declare, state in detail; to explain, to give a particular interpretation to

vend - to give utterance to, to put forward, advance (an opinion, etc.); to sell (Archaic)

venerate + vulnero (l) - to wound + vulneratio (l) - a wounding, a wound.

curlew - a grallatorial bird of the genus Numenius, with a long slender curved bill

nuptials - marriage, wedding + nuptias (l) - marriage.


Solon made law that words of Homer could not be changed.

Rong - a member of a Mongoloid people, native to Sikkim; the Tibeto-Burman language of this people + wrong

rite - a formal procedure or act in a religious or other solemn observance + Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Table Talk, 12 July 1827: 'poetry - the best words in the best order'.

by rote - in a mechanical manner, by routine, esp. by the mere exercise of memory without proper understanding of, or reflection upon, the matter in question; also, with precision, by heart + FDV: Wrong Wing man in his wrong rong place right words in the right order.

ubi (l) - where + lingua (l) - language + nuncupo (l) - to define + ibi (l) - there + fas (l) - law + Ubi lingua nuncupavit, ibi fas (l) - Where tongue has named, there [is] lawful + Cum nexum faciet mancipiumque, uti lingua nuncupassit, ita ius esto - When someone makes bond or conveyance and announces it orally, right shall be given (fragment from Table VI - Property, Twelve Tables, called by Vico the great font of all ancient Roman Law).

adversus (l) - against + semper (l) - always + adversus hostem semper sacer (l) - against the enemy ever sacred + adversus hostem semper sic (l) - against the enemy ever thus + Adversus hostem aeterna auctoritas esto - Against an enemy, the right of property is valid forever (fragment from Table III - Debt, Twelve Tables) + FDV: Ubi lingua nuncupassit ibi fas Adversus hostem semper sac!

fulmen (l) - lightning, thunderbolt + full moon

peel - to strip wholly or partly of clothing 

hoyden - a rude, or ill-bred girl (or woman); a boisterous noisy girl, a romp

impudent - a person of unblushing effrontery or insolence + FDV: She that will not bear bare me preach let her be to thee as the hoyden and the impudent!

mon - man

Moses - applied allusively to some one resembling Moses, esp. in his character as lawgiver or leader + Lorenzo: The man that hath no music in himself / nor is not mov'd with concord of sweet sounds / Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils / The motions of his spirit are dull as night / And his affections dark as Erebus: / Let no such man be trusted.—Mark the music. - The Merchant of Venice (V, i, 83-85).


conquest - the gaining or captivating of the favour, affections, or hand of another; the action of overcoming or vanquishing, gaining of victory